Ticket to Ride Nederland Board Game EXPANSION


    Pick up Ticket to Ride: Nederlands for a challening new map with a never-before-seen mechanic! With a beautiful map filled with bridges, managing money and bridge tolls becomes a main strategic point.

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    Ticket to Ride: Nederlands
    Ticket to Ride Nederland Board Game EXPANSION $29.99
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    Pick up Ticket to Ride: Nederlands for a challening new map with a never-before-seen mechanic!

    Ticket to Ride is a train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries and continents. This family-friendly game is simple to learn, and provides tons of replay value. But don’t let simplicity fool you — Ticket to Ride requires strategy, good sense, and a touch of luck to win, making it one of the most popular specialty games of all time.

    Amsterdam’s numerous canals make it the Venice of the North, but all of Nederland is filled with waterways. A rail journey in this low-lying country – where 20% of the land is below sea level – crosses countless bridges. Spend too much time admiring the beauty and you’ll spend your money in bridge tolls!

    This beautiful map includes an ingenious new twist. On the many double-track bridge crossings, grab the first route and pay a price in Bridge Toll Tokens to the bank; claim the second route and the tokens go to the player who claimed the first route! Score bonus points based on the total value of Bridge Toll Tokens you own at game’s end.

    The Ticket to Ride: Nederlands expansion includes the Netherlands, as well as Destination Tickets, new Bridge Toll tokens, and rules for new game mechanics.

    Ticket to Ride: Nederlands requires a full version of Ticket to Ride to play – either the original Ticket to Ride, or Ticket to Ride: Europe.

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    68 reviews for Ticket to Ride Nederland Board Game EXPANSION

    1. Benjamin Fournier

      Great new map!

      If you love Ticket to Ride, then you already understand the basics of the game. This version has some new wrinkles that add new dimensions to the framework. My group has played games in this series a lot, and we all enjoy this one so far.

    2. Heather

      Five Stars

      Very fun game. We played it several times just the first week!

    3. Ana in Michigan

      Love this game

      We have pretty much all of the other versions, including Africa which I love. The app is a wonderful game as well. We have a son living in Amsterdam so this was our Christmas game and was played and played by the guys and teens during the holidays! Usual high quality board/box, cards. Everyone learned some more about where he lives! Doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to games.

      10 people found this helpful

    4. Joshua

      Great family game

      Little confusing at first but once you catch on it is a blast to play!!

    5. Suzie McDaniel

      Might be my new favorite!

      Great game, i own all the ticket to ride expansions and this one might be my new favorite. Great new element to the game, played quickly and added lots of new fun. Recomend to anyone looking for a new holiday gift for any ticket to ride fan!

      9 people found this helpful

    6. Samantha Stowers

      T2R Nederland

      Our family loves the Ticket to Ride game and Nederland is another great addition to our T2R game collection!! We really like the added competition of the tokens and maybe having to take a loan 🙂

    7. Francisco Torres

      Probably the most underrated of the Ticket to Rides

      Don’t let the fact that this Nederland expansion is just a one sided board keep you from picking this up. In my opinion this one is better than the Legendary Asia, India, Switzerland, and UK maps

      3 people found this helpful

    8. Two Turkeys

      Easy to play, great fun, good for small groups

      We love this game! Great family game for up to 5 people. Goes fairly quickly. Each round takes 30-45 minutes so we can play a few times over a weekend and not get tired of it.

    9. tj gi

      Five Stars

      great as expected

    10. Amazon Customer

      Great packaging

      Received without any damage.

    11. Cira Fear

      Fun game

      If you are familiar with Ticket to Ride this is a great addition. If you don’t have any of the other games I would start with America or Europe first.

    12. Chemnitz

      Of all the TTR sets, PURE EVIL is how I would categorize this set.

      We own TTR USA, Europe, Nordic Countrries, Switzerland/India and Netherlands. First let me say that while we love this game, a buddy of mine and I have come to the conclusion that this game is PURE EVIL. I have yet to ever win at this game and yet to figure out how to. It has become the joke in my family, which is why everyone else wants to play this version.*Joking Aside* I would not suggest this game if you are new to the Ticket to Ride collection. Try USA or Europe as a starter. This is a bit more advanced as you have to keep track of tokens to pay for each route to the bank or other players and collect them other players. This game play is quite different from the other sets, but don’t let my misfortune and aggravation towards this game sway you from buying this game.

      12 people found this helpful

    13. Amazon Customer

      Great Add On Game

      This a great add on to the original Ticket to Ride game. The bridge tokens add a fun and optional twist to the game. The destination tickets are large cards instead of the smaller ones that come with the original as well.

    14. JustaReview12222

      Fun addition to the Ticket to Ride collection

      I thought the introduction of the toll feature would be interesting–that’s the main reason for buying this game. While it is very difficult to pronounce the names of the cities, it is still a pretty fun game and goes faster than the original (primarily because it’s better to claim your routes sooner rather than later in this version). Worth the price.

      One person found this helpful

    15. deborah bliss


      Best one yet!

    16. Diane Myers

      fun game1

      this is a fun update to the original games!I recommend it to anyone that has fun with any of the others in the set

    17. James Basham

      Fun game!

      Truly, this is a great addition to the board game collection!

    18. Natasha

      but I still love it. I love having a new map to …

      I feel it is the most complicated of the Ticket to Ride games, but I still love it. I love having a new map to play on.

    19. RedGale

      Great game

      If you like the regular Ticket to Ride, this is a fun additional game to have and it’s different enough from the original to keep things interesting. The only problem is the font makes the names of the cities really hard to read.

    20. Sharon R. Dady

      Great game!

      This is a great game for the whole family! And educational too! It’s a fun way to learn the geography of the world.

      One person found this helpful

    21. Ramona Powers

      Loved it

      I’m originally from the Netherlands living in the U.S. and got to play it with another friend who is from the Netherlands as well. We had a lot of fun playing it. The only issue was the Americans we were playing with had a bit of trouble finding the towns since they weren’t used to the names and didn’t know where they were on a map.

      8 people found this helpful

    22. KL

      Love it!!

      Great game! We really enjoy the Ticket to Ride games. This is just as good as the others. I received the order quickly and in excellent shape.

    23. Lynds

      Fun twist on traditional gameplay

      My play style usually involves hoarding cards at the beginning, then building heavily in the late game. The bridges in Nederland forced me to rethink the way I play. They add pressure to build routes first, so I was less inclined to hold onto my cards.

      2 people found this helpful

    24. NAS


      Love this game very fun for whole family. Not super long to play but really challenges you. Bought other tickets to ride also.

    25. Sarah Gardner

      Five Stars

      Amazing addition to our ticket to ride collection.

    26. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      great game, everything as described

    27. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      We love this game and the other Ticket to Ride games.

    28. Fiona Khoo

      A great addition to the franchise

      My son has wanted to play this game over and over again since he opened the box on Christmas Day. The toll tokens add a new layer of strategy. It’s a nicely designed board with lots of alternatives to complete your routes. We are very happy with this game.

    29. carina jansen

      Ticket to ride

      I love these games- between my brother and I we own nearly all of them now and we are orgnaising a tournament with all the boards! awesome!!

    30. PamelaS

      Different twist to an old favorite

      We started TTR with the Europe map and loved it. We moved to US next and learned how to do without stations; next we tried Switzerland and one-on-one games; then Asia and the really big mountains. When we played Nederland this Christmas we all enjoyed the new twist of tolls. We appreciated the tip to not hoard train cards in this version and are looking forward to developing our expertise with canals.

    31. Lauri

      Love it

      We play this game quite a bit. We have almost all of the different variations of this game.

    32. C.w.

      Fun game with extra challenge of adding tolls during game

      Fun game with extra challenge of adding tolls during game. Wish Ticket to Ride games were set for 6 players though.

    33. C. Williams

      We’ve only played twice – the use of bridge tokens …

      We’ve only played twice – the use of bridge tokens adds an interesting level of difficulty as we tried very hard not to overspend.

    34. Lauren Van Arsdel

      Five Stars

      We love this game and all of the Ticket to Ride games!

    35. Amy F

      Great addition to our Ticket to Ride collection

      We own all of the ticket to ride games and think the rules that make this board game unique from the other TTR games are a lot of fun. We have played it with both 2 and 3 players.

      8 people found this helpful

    36. Mary (Peggy) Mitchell

      Five Stars

      Each game gets better and better. Whole family loves TTR.

    37. Matthew Hiller

      Great addition to the collection

      I’m a huge Ticket to Ride fan! I have several editions between me and some friends. We have really enjoyed the Netherlands! The “tolls” are a fun addition and make this board move quicker than some others. If you like TTR, you’ll enjoy this edition!

    38. DarianNox

      Great game

      Great game when you want something easy to learn but more interesting than monopoly.

    39. Preston

      Trolling for Tolls

      The added twist for the tolls has added another layer of strategy on building your routes. Have been buying the TTR games for many years. The family enjoys this version as much as all of the other versions we have bought. Like many others have stated you can have astronomical high scores with this version.

    40. Erin E. Amsberry

      Five Stars

      My son loved it!

    41. Hardworking Mom

      Great addition, but not the full game.

      Super fun. We added it to ticket to ride Germany edition.

    42. Valentina

      Super fun expantion pack.

      This was super fun to play with my Dutch husband who lives with me in the US. The cities aren’t only of the Netherlands though. Some are Flemmish and others are German I think, but either way, it was fun to try and pronounce them all, which he found funny. It’s an expantion pack of Ticket to Ride which is a great game.

    43. EVB


      Ordered for my son for Christmas because he’s become a big fan of trains and at 8 years old can handle the gameplay. Chose the Netherlands version because we’re Dutch and I thought it would be fun for the kids to learn the city’s of their homeland. HOWEVER, he opened for Christmas and this version is not a stand alone game. The only thing missing are the trains. You’d think they could add 50 cents worth of plastic trains to make it a stand alone game but no. Now I’m taking apart little mini wooden cloths pins and painting them for “trains.” Super disappointed. I bought in August because I’m an early Christmas shopper and it’s been too long so I’m not able to return.

      One person found this helpful

    44. CR

      This game is a lot of fun. You do need pieces from the original Ticket …

      This game is a lot of fun. You do need pieces from the original Ticket to Ride which we already have.

    45. Jim

      Five Stars

      My family loves all of the ticket to ride games.

    46. Busy Bee

      Really fun.

      The media could not be loaded.

       My family loves this game. It is a good addition to the other Ticket to Ride games. One of the best games I have.

    47. angela geisberger

      High scoring game

      I have all the different ticket to ride extender packs. The new ticket to ride Nederland game is one of my favorite. The use of money in the game gives a great new twist. It gives a new dimension to the game that increases the strategy level.

    48. AshleyC

      Really fun game!

      We love Ticket to Ride games so when we got a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands we had to get this game! The artwork is really beautiful and we have enjoyed playing it!

    49. kraem

      Love Ticket to Ride

      My husband and I love playing ticket to ride. We wanted a version we haven’t play before and this deliver. I would highly recommend to any ticket to ride lover to add the Nederland board to your collection.

    50. Katherine R Mintzmyer

      Keep the boards coming

      Nederland is a solid board and I like it that they are adding on some new optional rules for those of us who have played ttr a lot it adds a new twist

    51. Megan Saler

      New challenges, same fun

      I like this new ttr because it adds something to the game without overly complicating it. I got it for my dad for Christmas and we have played it twice. You do have to be not active about taking tickets.

    52. Mickie

      I am in love with all of the Ticket to Ride games

      I am in love with all of the Ticket to Ride games. They are all a little different, which makes it more fun to play them.

    53. Robert F. Tobey

      Very challenging and fun

      It is a great expansion, that requires a little different strategy than the other ones before it. Very challenging and fun!

    54. Deb P.

      Ticket to Ride wins again…

      We love this version of Ticket to Ride. There are several options to use while playing–it has been great fun!

    55. Brian Taylor

      Fun Game

      We enjoy TTR and this was a fun variant- the routes are generally longer so it requires more planning ahead to complete a ticket. Also, ticket values have greatly increased.

    56. Elizabeth Goswick

      Fun as all Ticket to Ride games are.

      Another awesome Ticket to Ride game. The tolls is an easy to learn addition.

    57. DRB

      Five Stars


    58. NSW73

      TTR with money for destinations

      This version of Ticket to Ride is an add-on to the original. This board has a lot of ferries (so hang on to those wild cards!). In this game, you pay to claim routes, but if someone claims track on the same route as you, instead of the money going to the bank, it goes to you (which REALLY helps). There are bonuses for having money leftover at the end of the game (lowest being 10 coins). The destination cards that are discarded are also removed from the game instead of being placed back under the deck. This is my daughter’s favorite TTR board. She likes collecting the money. 🙂 If you play with 2 people, they also have instructions on how to incorporate a third player into the game (which helps with money). You also have the option of not playing with the coins as well. Great addition to your TTR collection!

      5 people found this helpful

    59. Mike

      Love Ticket

      This game has a new twist with the tokens. We love all Ticket to Ride games. They are a great family game.

    60. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Item arrived in a timely fashion and with no damage done to it.

    61. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Great product, fast shipping

    62. S. Kosty

      Five Stars

      Easy to learn. We love the Ticket to Ride board games – we own several of them.

    63. Dora A. Maul

      Five Stars

      I love all the Ticket To Ride games! Own them all now!!

    64. Karen F

      Ferries and Tokens add an interesting twist

      This is really fun. My husband and I have been playing the US and Europe version, and the ferries and tokens added an interesting twist. It’s our new favorite!

    65. Jacoba A van Kleef

      Great extension to Ticket to Ride and very special present …

      Great extension to Ticket to Ride and very special present for my Dutch grandchildren living in the US. It arrives sooner than expected and in excellent condition.

    66. TW

      Enjoyable and expanded gameplay to the original

      We have greatly enjoyed this expansion to the original and Europe versions. It is a different, but interesting and challenging gameplay to those.This is an EXPANSION set; meaning, you must have one of the full versions (original, 1910, Europe) available for the train cars and the train cards. If you liked Ticket to Ride or one of the other versions, I recommend this expansion.

      One person found this helpful

    67. Jason

      Five Stars

      A great new twist on an already great game. An essential edition to your TTR collection.

    68. j.martin


      love all of the Ticket to Ride games

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