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Can you guide a group of mediums to help solve the mystery of your death in Mysterium? Easy enough, but you’re only allowed to communicate to your friends using cryptic vision cards, and all you can do is watch as your friends struggle in confusion.


71 in stock

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A group of renowned mediums have been gathered to hold a séance to help a restless, amnesic ghost discover its murderer in the delightfully cryptic Mysterium. Play as either the ghost or one of the mediums and work together with your friends to try and solve the classic mystery of who murdered someone with what weapon in which location. With only seven hours (turns) will the mediums be able to decipher the visions and have the ghost pass peacefully, or will it forever be cursed to haunt the planet?

In Mysterium Board Game, the ghost will provide each medium with various images to help solve the crime; however, things are never that easy. The player playing the ghost is not allowed to communicate with the mediums in any way other than the images on the cards, and each medium has his/her own suspect, weapon, and location to find. The mediums can communicate and help each other out, but be careful not to confuse your fellow mediums more than they already are.

Once each medium has discovered their set of suspect, weapon, and place, the ghost provides just three more vision cards. Based on the three cards, the mediums must then deliberate and vote on who, what, and where they think is the murderer, weapon, and place. If the majority of players vote correctly, then the ghost gets to pass on peacefully.

Mysterium is a hauntingly entertaining mystery game for 2-7 players ages 10 and up. Gameplay is approximately 42 minutes.

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