Sea Monkey Instant Life

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This classic Sea Monkey Ocean Zoo set comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets! Pour water into a jar or tank, add Sea Monkey eggs, and these hybrid brine shrimps seem to hatch instantly!


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1 in stock

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This classic Sea Monkey Instant Life kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets! Pour water into a tank or jar using the included purifier that removes all the harmful chemicals. Add Sea Monkey eggs, and these unique laboratory created hybrid brine shrimp seem to hatch instantly! As the weeks go by the Sea Monkeys will grow up to 20mm long, with no mess to clear up! Kids will find it fascinating (adults too) and it introduces younger children to the responsibilities of “looking after” animals.

The Sea Monkey Instant Life set comes with water purifier, Sea Monkey eggs, growth food, plastic food dispenser, and a magnifying glass!

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