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World’s Smallest Blower (Style May Vary)

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  • MALL STUFF, BIG FUN – Yes, they’re that tiny. And yes, they actually work! Adorable, ergonomically-designed power tools/gadgets are perfectly portable and ready to help keep your small spaces clean and tidy, all without the need for batteries.
  • HANDY BLOWER – World’s smallest blower is a miniature black and orange tool of the pros. It features an extra long USB cable and surprisingly strong air power for blowing dust off your keyboard at the office or dashboard in the car.
  • FINGERHELD VAC – Tiny white vacuum also boasts an extra long USB cable, reusable filter, includes two mini attachments and has excellent suction for effectively sucking up crumbs from a desktop or kitchen counter.
  • TINY KEYRING TOOL KIT – Mini handled red box contains the right tools for big little jobs. It contains measuring tape that goes to 3 feet and two itty bitty screwdrivers, and features a clip that attaches the box to your keys so you always have it handy.
  • USEFUL GIFT – World’s Smallest 6″ Blower, Tool Kit or Vacuum makes a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa present for the messy family member or co-worker in your life, ages 6+.

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World's Smallest Blower
World's Smallest Blower (Style May Vary) $16.99 Original price was: $16.99.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.
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Yes, they’re that tiny. Yes, they actually work. From a surprisingly strong blower that dusts off your keyboard to the micro vacuum that sucks crumbs off a desktop to a micro toolbox that holds a measuring tape and two screwdrivers, each is the right tool for big little jobs. Plastic. Ages 6+. Choose 6″ Blower, Tool Kit or Vacuum.

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68 reviews for World’s Smallest Blower (Style May Vary)

  1. MamaLa05


    The blower keeps shutting off. The cord won’t stay connected.

  2. Roberta Hogan

    Blower for paint pours

    I purchased the item to use on a rylic paint pours. I had read reviews previously so had an idea the blower wouldn’t be strong enough for what I needed and that was true. But its a fun toy and does work on small items enough that I don’t feel it was a waste.

  3. Madeline gehrlein

    It works OK but not as good as other mini blowers.

    It is the perfect size it’s really cute but it doesn’t work as well as some of the other blowers that just have a little bit more blowing power. It’s still a great product it just doesn’t work as well on what I needed to do as some of the others.

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  4. KimberlyKimberly

    Blowing away my blooms!

    I love this little blower! Perfect tool to help me create my coasters for my acrylic bloom technique in fluid art! Just love it.

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  5. Eyvonne

    Works good

    The problem is it is USB cord powered only. Which is not always convenient.

  6. Ttomes

    The volume of air produced is not acceptable

    It doesn’t produce much air.

  7. Crafty Vic

    Doesn’t blow as well as I would have liked.

    The size is great; but I should have realized that it wouldn’t have much blowing power. Won’t blow out paint.

  8. JasonJason

    Great for candles

    Bought for my father’s b-day to blow out candles, so there wasn’t spit on the cake. I installed standard batteries and it worked fine except for the switch had difficulties going from on to off. Eventually it shut off but it can be bumped on easily, when stored.

    4 people found this helpful

  9. Bpretty55

    Not truly Dual Power

    Yes.. this is battery operated.However.. if you want to “charge” this with a USB cable.. that will NOT happen! The USB cable has to be continuously connected to the device in order for it to work..I gave it 3 Stars because it Does Blow.. a little.. Which was all that I wanted..

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  10. Dianna French

    Great for the pantry!!!

    Love it…. Does great to blow off crumbs on the shelves in the pantry!

  11. Diane Schneider

    Doesn’t come with power cord

    I put batteries in & it doesn’t blow very hard. I found a power cord that fits and it blows perfectly, but the cord doesn’t stay in very well. Is a bit of a hassle but worth it because it’s just the right thing for the job. I use it for acrylic pouring to create blooms and it’s perfect for that. If I want more air I plug it in & if I want a little less, then just unplug it & use the batteries only.

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  12. TizzyLiistic

    error with off switch

    this is perfect for paint pouring. The only issue is the glitch with the on/off switch

  13. Adele Morris

    I question if this is stacked up to be used for crafts

    Painters use this to blow soft lines. I thought I ordered the orange but got the green. I understand for some reason the orange one blows stronger than the green and the green proved to be weak when I got it. Not worth them money for me but hopefully if you want it for crafts you get the green one 🙂

  14. Annette Morris

    It’s perfect for Acrylic Pouring blow outs

    I used it for a dutch pour blow out and it works perfectly. Even on low, my hairdryer was too powerful so this is a blessing.

  15. Cyndy Thomason

    Just ok

    Breaks easy but ok.

  16. Deirdre WhisenantDeirdre Whisenant

    Newbie -Great for Paint Pour – Blooms ect..

    I’m a beginner in the art world. I also deal with asthma so when it came to trying the bloom technique I had trouble. I bought the blower hoping ir would help and it did. Very easy to use and lasts awhile on battery.

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  17. Monica Faye Gabaldon

    Cute but not functional!

    I like how small it is, but disliked the fact that I have to use with a USB cord batteries alone didn’t work!

  18. Amazon Customer

    Everything they say, but doesn’t hold a charge.

    I have to keep this plugged in until I need it because it won’t hold a charge. It has decent power for fluid art but I find myself just using my luminess makeup airbrush instead of bothering with this.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Okay Product

    This product had the perfect air flow for blowing blooms on pour paintings, HOWEVER, it could not be used without being plugged in. It was difficult to use blowing out blooms and holding the cord to stay plugged in, which was difficult to keep it plugged in and to keep the cord out of the paint at the same time. It was just okay.

  20. Anna Marie Davis

    The great unknown

    No charging cord, unable to get screw out of back to put batteries in and attempt to use. Will probably never get used

  21. Barbara Sanford

    So cute

    I bought this because I thought it was the cutest thing ever

  22. Erica3168

    Great for blowing acrylic painting

    It’s so cute and just what I need to blow my acrylic paintings. Works with AAA batteries or plugged in. I had a little trouble getting the battery cover off but I got it and it works great. If you don’t want to use AAA batteries, you can power it using a USB charger. There’s no chargable battery so you have to have it plugged in while using it.

  23. Mark G.

    The air is. It strong enough …

    And yes it is small …

  24. Pixie

    Not very strong

    It’s the perfect size for smaller painting projects but the paint has to be REALLY FLUID in order to be moved by this blower.

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  25. Donna G


    Good when you first put batteries in it. Then kind of poops out within half hour of using it in my painting pours. Reviews said it was decent, and it is, not super tho that’s why the 3 stars.

  26. vallen

    You get what you pay for

    I bought this for acrylic pour painting. Not much power. It does not come with a cord for charging, but you can use most phone cords. I found when I had three AAA batteries in it and plugged in, it had more power, but kind of defeats the purpose of “cordless”. Had it a couple of weeks and it stopped working. Returning it and getting another one. We will see if the new one will last longer than this one.

  27. Jacqueline M Wahler

    Not quite what I expected

    Did not come with a USB cord. Blower not as powerful as I expected from what I had seen in videos from other users.

  28. Debra Hart

    I love it just wish it blew a little harder

    Not enough blow power

  29. Nikki aka DD

    Sad performance

    Didn’t work well with batteries and cord kept coming disconnected…

  30. Melaniedawn

    Not great for blowing acrylic pour paint

    I purchased this to use in acrylic paint pouring. It works best with fresh batteries and this item uses a lot of battery power quickly. The amount of air and the blowing power doesn’t offer much for my purpose. But of course it’s easier to use this than continuously blowing through a straw as you’d get dizzy lol. I was hoping for a little more power. That said, it’s a cute toy and it has usefulness.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Very small, its a toy.

    This is defenstely a toy. It is smaller than expected, and the air it blows is less than a hair dryer.

  32. Becca

    So small

    I like that is is small for many uses.

  33. lamplighter777

    Cheap and inconsistent

    Cheap plastic, USB connection is hit or miss. Works more consistently with batteries, though. I don’t think I would buy it again.

  34. Floyd Pierce

    Good concept…..

    Had hopes for this to use for dutch pour, not enough power for big scale

    One person found this helpful

  35. Amazon Customer

    Not a strong blower

    Wasnt a strong enough blow.

  36. Ann Buchanan

    Yes it actually works.

    Works around the edges of acrylic poor. Cute and actually works

  37. Ben Satur

    It blows

    It’s just a little weaker than i anticipated, but it does the job. Blows dust out of those hard to reach places

  38. DebraD

    Its a cheap plastic arcade type toy

    Bought this as sort of a novelty gift for our 13 year old grandson’s birthday thinking it would also have a practical use for blowing dust out of his computer keyboard. It doesn’t have enough power to even move a crumb across a table top let alone blow dust out of a crevice. Its cute, seems to be somewhat well made for what it is, but it is not functional at all.

  39. Tenia Briseno

    Worlds Smallest Blower

    I am giving 3 stars for a couple of reasons. I did not like that it didn’t come with a power cord. I do not have one that fits so as yet I have been unable to use it. It seems kinda cheap, the blow tube keeps falling off. As I have not used the product yet due to no power cord, once I get one that fits and I am able to try it out I will review product. Hopefully it will be a great tool in my art.

    One person found this helpful

  40. Nette

    Good Find

    This little machine works really well. I used it to clean my keyboard and my paint pouring it works great!

  41. Shirley Hawkins

    Little blower

    The worst thing is you have to leave it plugged in yo use it

  42. Dee Dee

    Cute but not what I expected, thought it would have a bit more power.

    Use it on my art work, but has poor air flow.Cute and great conversation piecelove the color

  43. Kim Reeves

    Just get an airbrush

    Wish it were battery chargeable. The USB outlet that powers the blower malfunctioned, and now it won’t work at all.

  44. Kris

    Works ok

    Package was very obviously a return, horribly taped and repackaged. Works alright when plugged in, you have to use a lightning cable I believe, but haven’t tried it with the batteries yet. Cute for the office though

  45. xdelamuertex

    You must use 3 aaa batteries

    It looks like you plug it in, but it does take batteries. Sounds and looks like a leaf blower, but does not produce much air. Still a cute lil gag gift.

  46. Ellen

    It’s ok..for the money

    Its green not orange as they blows ok..nothing special..not that powerful as they have stated

  47. Deborah

    A tiny blower my hand can hold. Not heavy.

    Great value for your money. I use this mini blower for my art work. Durable and quiet. The air it blows is just perfect for my project.Amazon was fast with my order. Thank you for your speedy delivery.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Not as powerful as I hoped

    Nothing specific I used it for my paint pouring.

  49. laura balai

    Not as powerful as I thought it would b

    Thought it would have a little more of a blow to it but we will see if it’s sufficent

  50. Thomas E. Froehlich

    Blows really well

    Nothing but great for your blowning needs

  51. Elly

    It gas no blowing power.

    Using the batteries did not make it blow good.Is there a wire that needs to be attached? Let me know.

  52. Mendy

    Not much power!

    Go to Etsy and purchase! Took a bit to figure out how to get this to work. Doesn’t work well plugged in, must have batteries in it. I do Acrylic Fluid Art, hardly moves the paint at all. Wouldn’t recommend

    3 people found this helpful

  53. RNH-ARK

    Used for crafts

    Not much power and that is why I wanted it for crafts. Pleased with the purchase

  54. Tina

    Waste of Money

    Don’t Waste Your Money!!! This blower is poorly made. It was hard move the back to put the batteries in. You can’t use the cable port because it doesn’t come with one.

    3 people found this helpful

  55. Valerie Giglio

    Not suitable for Fluid Acrylic Pouring art

    I bought it for fluid acrylic pouring artwork. I expected a lot more power, and was disappointed. Maybe it’s defective, as I can get better results using a silicone straw. Would not recommend this. Buy a hair dryer that has a small air outlet so you get power blowing out, and that would do better for a Dutch Pour than this was.

  56. Fran Duke

    It’s not worth it

    The media could not be loaded.

     It has little no blowing power. Even using it to try to blow out dust in my PS4, I kid you not when I say that nothing moved. Absolutely no dust was bothered by the blowing from this. Not even when I got super close up to it with the thing. I even took the black part off if to try and blow directly from the main thing and still it didn’t do anything. It’s not powerful at all. It’s definitely a novelty item. I don’t think it was really intended for actual use. It’s just kinda cute. I ended up giving it to my 4 year old nephew because I have no use for it.

    5 people found this helpful

  57. L

    The World’s Smallest Leaf Blower

    I use this for Dutch pouring painting and 2 have already died on me in less than a week!!It’s really cheap quality, but when it does work, it helps me. So I would say, if you’re lucky and it doesn’t die on you, it’s better than using a hair dryer because you have SO much more control of the paint for blow-outs.

  58. Sandra B.

    Great quality


  59. Rachael Rieken

    Save your money

    VERY LOW POWER!Not worth it.

  60. SAMS

    Not that strong

    Wanted it to move paint around on a canvis, not really strong enough to do this right

  61. Tia

    Not powerful at all

    Low power. Died quickly. Pretty useless

  62. Marilee L Holyfield


    Was cute miniature and works

  63. Misty

    Mine only worked twice and never had much power

    I liked the size but it only worked a couple times and then I had to fiddle with connection to work. Batteries didn’t work well either. Shame because I liked the size

  64. Amazon Customer

    This item sucks!

    I had an orange one and loved it! It worked great for about a year until I got it clogged with paint from my aryclic paintings. So then I bought this … I used it about 3 or 4 times and it just stopped working! WTH!! Right in the middle of a painting. I have neck problems and bending to blow with a straw is not an option. Bring back the one that works! This one wS a waste of $$! Can’t even it a star for giftable or durability, does not deserve even one star.

    2 people found this helpful

  65. RonsgirlNV

    Idea is cute but not worth the money

    The ad implies it would work to blow key pad clean but this barely blows at all.

  66. martinfan611

    Not powerful enough for my needs

    I bought this to blow the dust out of my PC, it doesn’t really blow any dust out

  67. Carolyn Lowry

    Grandson’s Christmas gift

    He wanted this as a funny but useful way to clean his keyboard

  68. Amazon Customer


    Not as powerful as I thought it would be.

    One person found this helpful

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