Plasma Ball 8″ Green

SKU: 64776

  • ‍ INTERACTIVE – These 8″ sound Plasma ball night light have two
    different interactive modes. The 1st mode is a touch-sensitive show of
    multi-colored lights and the 2nd mode reacts to your touch and sound!

  • ‍ EFFECTIVE AND FUN – With Tradeopia sound activated plasma ball
    light you can experience the power of static electricity with your,
    friends, and family. And you can share the charm of this lightning
    plasma ball on your social accounts with a video.

  • GREAT FOR DECORATION – This sensorymoon plasma ball is a great
    piece of decor for your bedroom, kids room, living room, office, or
    anywhere else! It’ll create a super cool science like atmosphere.

  • EXCITING GIFT SURPRISE – If he/she is full of curiosity or likes to
    explore science, they will absolutely be attracted to this steampunk
    plasma ball sound sensitive. Such a special gift will definitely make
    them feel excited and interesting.

  • ‍ EDUCATIONAL TOY – With Tradeopia genius Plasma ball lightning
    sphere you can learn about noble gases and their interaction with
    electricity plasma ball! The Tesla coil in the center emits high voltage
    alternating electric currents through the plasma, composed of noble

159 in stock


159 in stock

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Did you know that plasma is the most common form of matter in the universe? Now imagine not only being able to generate a plasma storm at the flick of a switch, but also being able to interact with it using both touch and sound!

This 8” Green Plasma Ball will have you and your friends captivated for hours. First as one of the only safe ways to interact with plasma up close, and second as the perfect centerpiece for your next get together or party.

When you touch the plasma ball with your fingertips, the plasma inside reacts and is drawn to that spot, allowing you to feel the high frequency vibrations of the plasma through the glass. When you flick the power switch to the audio-sensitive mode, the plasma will move to the sound of your voice and even dance to the beat of your favorite song!

Simply plug it in and enjoy an unforgettable light show that will keep you and your friends smiling.

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Weight1.80 lbs
Dimensions21.00 × 21.00 × 36.00 in


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