North Pole Camouflage


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Stay cool with this logical mind-challenging game. Arrange the six transparent puzzle pieces so that the animals are camouflaged in their correct environments. Set-up a new challenge in seconds, just place a challenge card on the game board and you are ready to play.


Out of stock

From SmartGames, the worldwide leader in single player puzzle games, comes Camouflage North Pole. Arrange the arctic animals on the included challenge cards so that the polar bears are on the ice and the fish and whales are in the water…but don’t cover the eskimos! From simple challenges for beginners to complex puzzles that will challenge experienced players, Camouflage North Pole is a fun way to develop logic and problem-solving skills.

  • A fun, unique twist on puzzle games…put the arctic animals in their natural habitats!
  • Game board doubles as a storage container for pieces.
  • 48 Challenges, including Starter, Junior, Expert and Master levels
  • Early challenges are great for beginners
  • Helps develop logic and spatial reasoning skills

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