Magic The Gathering Kaldheim Draft (1 Pack)

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Magic The Gathering

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Each Kaldheim Draft Booster Box contains 1 Kaldheim Draft Booster pack.


In stock

Each Kaldheim Draft Booster Box contains 36 Kaldheim Draft Booster packs.

Magic: The Gathering fuses playing cards and trading cards, players face off with decks they’ve built by selecting cards from a larger pool. That customization means every game plays out a little differently, and makes Magic the deepest strategy card game there is. At every step, players must draw on their critical thinking skills to calculate the perfect strategy, predict the oncoming attack, and outwit their opponent. And it’s more than cards. It’s stories. It’s art. It’s a community twenty-five years in the making, with players, fans, and artists from all around the world united by a love of the game.

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Magic The Gathering

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  1. Billy Harrod

    Nothing new to add

    Liked everything

    Billy Harrod

  2. Luis M. Sosa Trava

    Buen precio la expansión no tanto

    El precio y la calidad del producto es exelente dado el poco tiempo de salida del producto pero la expansión no lo es tanto.

    Luis M. Sosa Trava

  3. Sydney Kennedy

    Very giftable

    Package was still sealed and in great condition!

    Sydney Kennedy

  4. Eojfish

    Arrived on time great condition

    Great set great cards


  5. Amazon KundeAmazon Kunde

    Würfel bestenfalls B-Ware | Booster & Karten unversehrt

    Ich habe mich sehr auf das Set gefreut. Es kam ungeöffnet an. Alle Booster sind unversehrt.Das war schonmal gut.Nur leider ist der Würfel, auf den ich mich so gefreut habe, qualitativ nicht gut unterwegs.Die Farbe ist teilweise verschmiert und kleine Teile sind abgeplatzt. Wäre es nur eine Würfelseite, wäre es nicht schlimm für mich. Man findet aber überall an fast allen Seiten große und kleine Macken.Sehr schade.Zu dem weiteren Inhalt kann ich noch nichts sagen, da ich die Karten und Booster noch nicht geöffnet habe.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon KundeAmazon Kunde

  6. Elaine

    Good quality.

    Good quality but has multiple copies of the same thing if you’re looking for different cards would recommend trying a different type of booster pack. Though you do get a card holder and a counter. There is also a lot of different lands.


  7. Sara Skiba

    That Die Though!

    It’s magic cards. The die is really cool!

    Sara Skiba

  8. Javier Romero

    Rápido y en perfecto estado

    Sin problemas de arribo y tal como estaba descrito el producto.

    Javier Romero

  9. Kianne

    Great pack, worth it.

    Great pack with cool art, box was undamaged. Totally worth it.


  10. Micheal

    Get what u see

    Little pricy for why I got out of it but all around it was good . Sealed item and arrived quickly .


  11. Kacper

    Good item for collectibles.



  12. Brandon

    Great gift set

    It’s a great product as a gift or for somebody who is just starting out


  13. Korvo_XVII

    One of my favorite sets!

    Used it to create an Elf deck and I love it. Also quick and trustworthy delivery.


  14. Norma

    Excelente producto

    Bastante bueno por el precio. El dado está simplemente genial (el mejor que han sacado, en mi opinión) y las tierras son bonitas. Sin duda una excelente introducción al nuevo set.


  15. Jordov

    Super item

    J’ai acheter cette item avec la peur que se soit déjà ouvert .( Car je l’aii lu dans dans d’autres boite de carte du même genre )Mais tout était parfait ! Merci.


  16. Aaron M.Aaron M.

    Not bad for the price .

    Got some good pulls out of it.

    Aaron M.Aaron M.

  17. Amelia-Rose Francis

    like cracking packs? great product

    like cracking packs? great product

    Amelia-Rose Francis

  18. Nathan P

    Good value for casual or beginner players

    You’re always gambling with packs, but the bundle is a good value if you want to experience a draft or sealed environment with three or fewer players. With three players, just draft three packs per player and use the tenth pack as a prize (or draft it too!) With two players, build a sealed pool with 5 packs per player.Specific to Kaldheim, in addition to the packs the bundle will give you a very cool 20-sided dice, a card storage box and a pack of foil basic lands for bling. While I can’t recommend this as a better value than a booster box, for the casual or beginner player who just wants a fun play experience with a smaller price tag it’s a great product.

    Nathan P

  19. Nick L.

    Great box! Got some good pulls and awesome artwork

    I just got back into MTG (haven’t played since Ice Age!) and I loved this set. I got some good pulls out of this pack and the box came in perfect condition.

    Nick L.

  20. Tom Green

    A Great Gift

    My nephew loved this set. I would highly recommend it for any magic fans out there.

    Tom Green

  21. Seb

    Great value

    Good value for money as you get 10 booster packs each containing 15 cards whereas if you buy the £9.99 set of boosters you only get 3 packs. This also comes with a handy box for storing the cards

    One person found this helpful


  22. Mr Man



    Mr Man

  23. Khristopher

    Fun set

    I really like the special dice included with this item. All 10 packs were fun to open. I Pulled an awesome FOIL Phyrexian Vorinclex! Overall, Kaldheim is a fun set to open and one of my recent favorite MTG sets.


  24. Timothy

    Sweet D20

    Competitive price.


  25. Alejandro EM

    Magic cards – As described.

    Origial pack of Magic as described. Quick delivery. When I bought it had a good value for the money as it was in the release date of this edition.

    One person found this helpful

    Alejandro EM

  26. Adam


    Good for the money 🙂


  27. Arnaldo Bueno da silvaArnaldo Bueno da silva


    O produto chegou bem antes do tempo previsto gostei bastante, cada vez mais tô gostando de comprar por aqui na Amazon.

    Arnaldo Bueno da silvaArnaldo Bueno da silva

  28. Jagan_Eye3


    Arriving earlier than expected but not complaining


  29. JustALittleBirdJustALittleBird

    Buy it

    Mine was sealed. I opened them up and got a mythic and two gods! Excited and happy. Plus I love the dice. Great art too!


  30. Dobic

    Another magic product

    I like to get the bundle boxes for organizing my cards for each set


  31. PedroPedro


    Chegou tudo em perfeitas condições, antes do tempo, tal e qual como diz na descrição, adorei!

    2 people found this helpful


  32. Matt Fisher

    Very nice product

    Arrived in an actual shipping box so it is displayable

    Matt Fisher

  33. Rowan

    Cards are absolutely gorgeous

    The nordic & metal aesthetic looks great. Some of these cards I want to display on my wall just for the art and design.


  34. Robert Masse

    for Christmas gift

    these are items the Grand child choose for items wanted for christmas

    Robert Masse

  35. Cecy Camberos

    Excelente regalo

    Este paquete lo compre como regalo de navidad para mi hermano, espero que le guste. 🙂

    Cecy Camberos

  36. Tim Francis

    A great way to fill your collection

    Always loved these fat packs. An easy way to get some packs, land, and storage. I love using the boxes to easily identify what set is in what box and can store them away when sets rotate out of standard.

    Tim Francis

  37. Christian


    Wie immer alles Top. Kam vollständig und heil an.


  38. Alex Iglesias

    Todo prefecto

    Está todo en muy buen estado y cumple las expectativas.

    One person found this helpful

    Alex Iglesias

  39. Misa

    Valhalla here we come!

    Bought this as a gift for a friends birthday.I helped open his packs and holy crap was it amazing!!!! We got 6 legendaries along with two or there’s copies of them. Snow lands were also in some packs so not so bad on that. The dice was lackluster tbh. Overall he was in love with the goodies he got from this.


  40. Danilo


    Non si tratta di un normale disappunto sulle carte trovate nella confezione, ho trovato 4 mitiche full-art su 10 buste, una anche foil. Nessuna di è considerata giocabile al momento, non sono l’unico a cui è capitato e proprio per questo sono convinto che il bundle sia non SEALED ma RE-SEALED


  41. Alexis E.


    La caja venia en buenas condiciones, llego antes de lo mencionado, venia todo lo que decía que traía, la caja venia planificada así que no estaba abierta.Y lo que traía adentro, me salieron cartas interesantes y mas o menos buenas (eso ya es depende la suerte de cada quien), el dado la verdad vale muchisimo la pena.

    One person found this helpful

    Alexis E.

  42. Leonardo Barriguete

    Todo bien y gran experiencia

    Disfrute mucho abriendo este producto.

    Leonardo Barriguete

  43. Thomas Narcisi


    Baddest dice released yet!

    Thomas Narcisi

  44. Jessica G.

    Very satisfied with the variety

    Super satisfied with this! very few repeats. my color/card break down:White: Common-16, Uncommon-2, Rare-1, Mythic Rare-1(special print)Blue: Common- 18, Uncommon-3, Rare-1, Mythic Rare-1Black: Common-19, Uncommon-3, Rare-1, Mythic Rare-1Green: Common-22, Uncommon-2, Rare-3 (one special print)Red: Common- 18, Uncommon-4, Mythic Rare-1Mixed Color: All Uncommon, Legendary Creatures- 6 (one special print), Sagas-5Artifact: Common-7, Uncommon-1, Rare-1Lands: Snow- 7 basic, 2 mix color, Effect-4 (all Uncommon)Tokens: Treasure-2, Elf-1, Dwarf- 2, Troll-1Really happy about what I got. Highly recommend. The spin down is beautiful too!

    6 people found this helpful

    Jessica G.

  45. Chelle


    They are magic cards, same as usual, sonIs happy with them


  46. Victor

    Excelente producto

    El dado con diseño diferente al del resto de los Bundle hasta ahora.


  47. Rodrigo

    I love bundles

    Bundles are the best for me, good price had lands special art card and the gigantic spin dice is my favorite this one in particular is the best of all.


  48. matt

    These are the real deal

    I got really good cards and they are the real deal


  49. Dirk Malinke

    Alles wie erwartet

    Bundle wie gewünscht keine Probleme mit dem Produkt oder dem Versand alles Top!

    2 people found this helpful

    Dirk Malinke



    Ottimo package e art delle carte


  51. Nezzy

    Great way to purchase cards

    Love the new set out. Will definitely purchase again. Arrived a few days ahead of time.


  52. David Simmonds


    works well

    David Simmonds

  53. Cliente de Amazon

    Buen valor

    Es buen valor por el producto y puedes usar la caja donde viene para guardar tus cartas, más si estas empezando tu colección

    One person found this helpful

    Cliente de Amazon

  54. TheMagicMan

    Makes me want to run around with an axe while listening to some Iron Maiden

    What an awesome series from WOC and the MTG team! I’ve started collecting cards for the art more than the actual gameplay (though I do still play as well), and the full art cards or the Nordic/Viking art boarder cards are things of pure bad*ssery! You get everything in the descriptions and the boosters had a pretty good spread throughout them, only about 2-3 duplicates at all. The box itself is stylish and sleek, and the outer sleeve is actually a mini-poster which has the heavy metal styling of the “Kaldheim” logo. All in all it’s a great gift for any MTG player or collector and it makes a wicked addition to any collection or any deck. Might have to come back and get 2 more for some friends. Definitely worth the wait with the preorder!


  55. Joel Black

    Absolut zufrieden

    Schnelle Lieferung, Originalverpackung. Ware absolut in Ordnung, gerne wieder!

    Joel Black

  56. kristy carver


    I bought this as a gift for a magic fanatic. He was impressed by the cards that were in the package. I will definitely buy another one!

    kristy carver

  57. Tori

    Legit buy

    Dont know why thickness or stretch is on this but ok…. the box came factory sealed and untampered, not the best drops in my set but not horrible either. Overall a good buy


  58. andrea506

    great product

    great product my son was so happy he loves these cards will buy again



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