Bicycle Fyrebird Playing Cards

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145 in stock

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Since 1885, Bicycle has been the trusted authority on cards and card games.

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Based on 78 reviews

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  1. Kevin

    Cards and design are great quality!

    Everything I expected. Cool cards!


  2. Everett Lier


    I love birds, I love playing cards. These in particular are very nice quality, they just need a little breaking in, like any other card set. Would recommend!

    Everett Lier

  3. Patricia

    Perfect for indoor quarantine

    Too cute! Perfect for our quarantine days playing rummy!


  4. Michelle D

    Great quality cards for the price

    We just replaced our old cards with this set. This is such a pretty set and the colors and the design beautifully matched our theme!

    Michelle D

  5. B

    Love them!

    Beautiful set of cards! Smooth to play with, and gorgeous colors.


  6. Legendary Gary

    Every bit of the quality you’ve come to expect from Bicycle, with nice stylish flair on top of that

    I love the look and feel of this deck. The cards are easy to shuffle and have the genuine quality of Bicycle cards. The gold leaf accents on the box make it something special, and the golden swirls in the background of the cards is another nice touch.

    Legendary Gary

  7. Mike


    Awesome looking cards made by the best.


  8. TeaLady

    Beautiful cards!

    Easy to read and different from regular playing cards. I love the art design and colors.


  9. AmazonianAmazonian

    Just beautiful! (Review)

    These cards are beautiful!+ the design is mesmerizing+ the feel is premium- that foil accent is not on the cards just the box which is a bummer. I hope they make a deck with the metallic foil in the cards aswell.I’m glad I bought 2 sets and you will too. Hit that buy button!!!

    9 people found this helpful


  10. Gavin

    cool looking cards

    they look dope. bicycle has quality products.


  11. London


    My new favorite deck of cards


  12. ninny8


    The gold color on the box is shiny. The pattern on both sides of the cards are so pretty and I love the colors. Feels like I’d expect a deck of cards to feel. Wish they were cheaper, but I do like them.


  13. Alex Justin

    Great cards

    Aviary deck is easily the most unique of this year’s lineup

    Alex Justin

  14. LIsa F.


    These cards are great, the design is beautiful and the color is rich. Durability is what can be expected, depending on how much they are played.

    LIsa F.

  15. M

    Very cool.

    Reminiscent of computing in the 90’s. Cool theme. Color scheme can be a bit off-putting at first but it’s better for your eyes in a dark room…


  16. Ryan Rampersad

    Just fun cards

    I wanted something to fiddle with at my desk. These work fine for that purpose. I bought these early 2022 and daily fiddling has added ware to them, but I appreciate a good worn card.

    Ryan Rampersad

  17. Karks

    they are cool

    They have a cool design on the face and back side of the card. And I love the color blue so it was up my alley. They also felt nice and of good quality.


  18. SaidIt

    Great Cards! Love the Purple Set!

    Bicycle Cards are Always Great. I was Excited that they Came in My Favorite Color Purple!


  19. Susan R.

    Sea King-Gorgeous Cards! One of my favorites!

    These cards are just beautiful and I love playing with them. To me, the design on the cards is pretty to look at and not distracting at all. And no, the cards don’t look like the box–I find that most of the non-standard designs are like that–the boxes are really pretty, but the cards do not have all the metallic on them. Still, these Sea Kings are my top favorite!

    Susan R.

  20. JDSJr

    The birds add a nice “one off” to regular cards

    Very nice cards! I really enjoy the original art work on the face cards. The birds create a different look without making the face cards unrecognizable…if that makes sense to people.


  21. Kassandra Goins

    They’re cards alright

    Pretty set of cards. My boyfriend’s family taught me a bunch of games, during the holidays. I decided I should get my own deck and this is where I landed. No regrets.

    Kassandra Goins

  22. Rami Ramos

    Nice item

    Great playing cards

    Rami Ramos

  23. JLCVT

    Great cards for a bird lover

    We play solitaire and I bought an architecture set for my daughter. I wanted a deck for myself! The feel and quality are what you’d expect from the best Bicycle cards. The designs are beautiful and I just love them. The one thing to note is that the red and black are not as stark as in a traditional set. They are still easy to tell apart (unlike the architecture set which don’t have prominent suit markings) but the red is a bit more faded burgandy than the classic. I love them and highly recommend.

    10 people found this helpful