Bicycle Aviary Green Playing Cards

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  • #1 Playing Card in North America *
  • Rooted in expert craftsmanship, beautiful design, and high quality.
  • Environmentally-conscious products and processes.

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129 in stock

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Since 1885, Bicycle has been the trusted authority on cards and card games.

Based on 78 reviews

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  1. Alex Justin

    Great cards

    Aviary deck is easily the most unique of this year’s lineup

    Alex Justin

  2. Amazon Customer

    Nice design and quality

    I love the design, which you could see on the site. They have a nice coating to protect the paper from much play. I would buy these and other designs again.

    Amazon Customer

  3. Amy

    Very beautiful

    The cards are the same amazing bicycle quality. The designs are beautiful and the Kings, Queens, and Jacks all have a slightly different design from each other in the different suites, which is a lovely touch. Great set over all


  4. Kassandra Goins

    They’re cards alright

    Pretty set of cards. My boyfriend’s family taught me a bunch of games, during the holidays. I decided I should get my own deck and this is where I landed. No regrets.

    Kassandra Goins

  5. Michelle D

    Great quality cards for the price

    We just replaced our old cards with this set. This is such a pretty set and the colors and the design beautifully matched our theme!

    Michelle D

  6. LauraLuLauraLu

    Nice cards

    Nice design on the card backs. Also like how the aqua is carried through into the face cards. Light tan pattern on background of card faces. Great quality and shuffling.


  7. EL

    Love these!

    I love these cards. They’re so pretty. My sisters and I play a game that require everyone to have a different deck. These are easy to read and fun.


  8. Susan R.

    Sea King-Gorgeous Cards! One of my favorites!

    These cards are just beautiful and I love playing with them. To me, the design on the cards is pretty to look at and not distracting at all. And no, the cards don’t look like the box–I find that most of the non-standard designs are like that–the boxes are really pretty, but the cards do not have all the metallic on them. Still, these Sea Kings are my top favorite!

    Susan R.

  9. Hillary Jones

    Pretty design with a classic feel

    Snazzy for lady card night!

    Hillary Jones

  10. Mike


    Awesome looking cards made by the best.


  11. Sarai Nerey

    Nice cards.

    Very beautiful art! I’m in love.

    Sarai Nerey

  12. Chris

    Go for it

    I have no gripes with my purchase. I haven’t used them a lot but they seem good so far. No issue shuffling. No defects noticed. If the design is your taste, buy them.


  13. Rami Ramos

    Nice item

    Great playing cards

    Rami Ramos

  14. MS


    Very beautiful detailed cards. Easy to shuffle.


  15. 1dawoman

    Bicycle is THE best playing card brand for cardistry or card games

    A terrific gift for the cardiac in our family


  16. eking_ssloboeking_sslobo

    Beautiful cards

    Absolutely gorgeous cards. So smooth and well made. I just love bicycle cards and wouldn’t trust another brand.


  17. Karen

    Beautiful playing cards!

    These cards were not only a great quality, but so pretty! The blue is beautiful without being distracting.


  18. Michael Fritz

    I would bye them again !!!

    Great cards they are by bicycle !!!

    Michael Fritz

  19. ninny8


    The gold color on the box is shiny. The pattern on both sides of the cards are so pretty and I love the colors. Feels like I’d expect a deck of cards to feel. Wish they were cheaper, but I do like them.


  20. Nicole Pohl

    Unique look.

    Hard to see at night but nice looking card.

    Nicole Pohl

  21. Jan

    The best

    Nobody makes playing cards like Bicycle. They are the best. The only thing I could ask for is some pretty floral designs as opposed to the ones that are all so similar that they provide.


  22. Gavin

    cool looking cards

    they look dope. bicycle has quality products.


  23. Big Rando

    Bicycle -The King of Cards!!!

    Can Never go wrong with the KING of playing Cards…Bicycle has always been tops on my list…loving the cool new designs they are putting out…..the only issue ive seen that really isn’t a quality issue..but rather a presentation the nonsensical printed app badge the ruins the tuck case on Standards and some Rider Backs…keep the tuck cases clean!! and let us view the artwork the is so iconic of Bicycle….you already have the add and app cards inside….Thanks.

    2 people found this helpful

    Big Rando