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5 SURPRISE MINI BRANDS S2 (Colors and Styles may vary and will be picked randomly)

150 Reviews Write a review
  • There are over 70 miniatures of your favourite brands to collect
  • Enjoy the thrill of unboxing as you unwrap
  • Package comes with 5 balls with 5 surprises in each ball.


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GTIN: 193052016294

There are over 70 miniatures of your favourite brands to collect, including Lunchables, Kool Aid, Jell-O, Heinz Ketchup, BabyBel and more! Enjoy the thrill of unboxing as you unwrap, peel and reveal 5 different surprises! Can you find the rare metallic and glow in the dark minis? There are super rare GOLD minis to collect too. 6 miniature shopping accessories for storing and displaying your collection! Collect baskets, carts, shelves, cash registers and paper bags to create your own miniature shopping world! Check off the miniature brands you find on your collector’s guide shopping list! Package comes with 5 balls with 5 surprises in each ball.

Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions7.62 × 7.62 × 9.53 cm
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Customers reviews

150 Reviews Write a review
  1. eric elsner

    Could be not glued together correctly

    The front part was not glued on so it made it hard to open but other then that its like the ones you get in the stores.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Hold it together

    Works nice for holding mini brands but only certain ones fit in it.

    2 people found this helpful

  3. Calondra

    Just what I wanted

    My niece loves the mini brands and wanted them for her birthday. She was obsessed and really enjoyed the case

  4. J.C. Keller

    Cute miniature brands

    My grandkids love these miniature brands. This storage container is a fun way for kids to collect them. It gives them a place to store them. The little items are adorable small replicas of real brands. These are fun for kids to use with their dolls. We are not fans of the horrid little shopping carts that are too tiny to hold anything and won’t stay together.

    One person found this helpful

  5. Shea B.

    Great buy!!

    Great gift for those mini brand fans!!

  6. Emella

    My kids loved it

    Great product

  7. tampa03cobra

    Case seems a littl

    I ordered 6 collector cases and 3 of them were broken. The backs were not attached to the case. Ripped completely off. They are sending me 3 new ones. Other then that they are great!

  8. reggie m. mojica


    My kid loved this

  9. Andres Avalos

    Great gift

    These were the perfect gift for someone unique.

  10. Deborah D.

    Good but misleading

    Got only a 4-star because there are not five items in the carrying case only 4 stop saying that there are five surprise items… is misleading although I see the picture now shows 4 inside that’s false advertising. Otherwise very cute.

  11. Coleen Ludvigson

    Best Gift to Give

    I sent these to my granddaughter and she loved it.

  12. Megan Beall

    Great price

    Perfect price for what you get. I wish it had all the spaces for all series 2 mini brands but it doesn’t

  13. M. Bogucki

    Flimsy made

    Flimsy made but serves its purpose

  14. Traci Miller

    Exactly what my daughter wanted

    My daughter loves these!

    One person found this helpful

  15. Bri Montgomery

    She loved it

    My daughter loves these!! The items look real and the diaper felt like they were real too from what I am being told lol. This is a repeat request so I would say they are a hit.

  16. Brandy Johnson

    Mini Toy collector

    These aren’t made very well so the plastic will come off the paper board but you can crazy glue it back without issue. I love mini brands and I’m so happy to have the first series case to complete my collection.

  17. Deana Fleming

    My grandson loved it!

    My grandson was thrilled with the items and carrying case. Super cute and arrived on time!

  18. Rhonda James

    Read the description before leaving a negative review!

    All the low star ratings and negative reviews come from people not reading the descriptions clearly. It states very clearly if it has 2 or 4 surprise items inside. It’s a storage case for SERIES 2 Mini Brands. It’s not made for dolls or doll toys but could be used for that. Just because someone made the wrong assumption of this item doesn’t warrant a bad rating. I personally love it. If you buy it for it’s intended use it works perfectly. The only thing I don’t understand is what another reviewer stated about the picture listed on Amazon is NOT the one they send, which is a bummer because the case only holds 30 Mini Brands and Series 2 has more than 30…what do I do with the rest of the collection? It would be nice if the had enough cases for ALL Series 2 and sent the picture listed on Amazon.

    66 people found this helpful

  19. Megan Schumacher

    Same as store bought


  20. Melissa Heinig


    Kids love it!

  21. Rivera

    For kids

    My daughter loves it

  22. Lydia

    Granddaughter will be happy!

    This is a gift so not sure quality but is a name brand.

  23. Ms. Young

    Reading is Fundamental

    I got this product, not really reading that it was a case. This is a case for mini brands but it does come with 4 products. My daughter is happy and wants more to fill it completely. She also was super excited to get a rare item.

  24. Alexi chaney

    Cute but cheap

    Very cheaply made

  25. kimberly h walker

    This is a lightweight plastic

    This was a gift to go along with the brands. It is lightweight plastic.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Tabbetha Sheler

    Not much to it

    Not much to it. I think it’s a bit over priced but as long as my little girl is happy with then so am i.

  27. Celly


    Disappointed because i got the same items in every box, and i ordered three of them

  28. Amy A.

    Swapped out usual toys

    I knew what 2 items should come in the package- but I did not get one. A discontinued item was replaced with a common 🙁

  29. Josie

    Handy storage case

    My granddaughter loved it! Keeping 30 of her mini brands organized for whenever she wants to play with them.

  30. M. Bogucki

    Flimsy made

    Flimsy made but serves its purpose

  31. Yonna


    My Daughter loooovvveeessss this! It was worth the money!!

  32. Cora

    Amazing! Please read description of products!

    Obviously those who give low stars did not read the description.. everything was perfect!!! I am so happy with my purchase. Everything came in perfect condition.

  33. Amazon Customer

    My review

    My item arrived , sealed and in great condition. I am happy with my purchase. This item only comes with 4 mini brands, like it is supposed to. People should not give bad reviews because they assumed something different without reading. The point of the case is to go out looking for the rest to fill it in.

  34. I spend too much money on Amazon.

    Only 4 come in and it seems as if there is space for way more.

    Only 4 mini brands came in. I didn’t read the reviews before I bought these. Go buy the actual balls. There better.

  35. Jonokie

    Cute adorable

    Was a gift for my niece she love it

  36. Matthew

    Great storage case

    Great storage case that comes with the standard 2 mini brands. My case did separate from the cover but doesn’t bother me, it still holds my mini brands like it’s suppose to.

  37. Kimberly ONeil

    not what it’s cracked up to be

    wasn’t what I expected. Thought it was going to be a little more sturdy.

  38. Kris Sexton

    She likes it

    It was pretty cheap and flimsy. Not a lot to it. But does hold her stuff.

    One person found this helpful

  39. Monica Rivera


    Just what my granddaughter needed

  40. Miranda Benson

    Just as advertised

    I noticed a lot of people are upset that this isn’t a filled case. However, it is just as advertised. It is empty with 2 minis and then you fill-up the rest of the case with your own minis that you have gotten from the Mini Brands balls. Obviously!Anyways, Just as advertised, still have a ways to go to fill mine completely but almost there.

  41. Jen

    Bad quality..

    Product arrived broken… front and back are ripped off the case…

  42. Samantha Siegfried

    Priced as it should be!

    This was a gift for my daughter. Came as advertised, had a super rare A1 included. She loved it and I loved the price!

  43. Valerie Dean

    This was a great buy, love it!

    I love this Mini Brand case! I am definitely go to fill this up! Great buy, fast shipping!

  44. Gina Gibson


    Was a little disappointed. Bought two, thinking we would have different items. Both were identical.

    2 people found this helpful

  45. Amazon Customer

    Save your money

    I was expecting this to be a little bit better for the price. It reminded me of the packing for an item rather than a storage case

  46. Kimberly

    Small items so watch around smaller kids.

    My daughter loved these. Use them to put on her birthday cake.

  47. Denise

    Great collectors case

    I like these a lot . I just don’t understand why they don’t have different ones available for all the collectibles. I have so many that just sit around because they have no case for protection. But , these cases are awesome for protecting the ones that go in there. I have one for each series. They are sturdy and good value

  48. Martha Thomas

    I love these as much as my granddaughter does!

    I love these as much as my granddaughter does!These are extremely realistic miniature replicas of every day grocery products and toys. They are fun to place and arrange in a store. My granddaughter loves pretend shopping with them. I would highly recommend them.

  49. bzyhajlo

    Cute little case

    People need to learn how to read before they jump on the internet to bash someone and something when they are the ones that are obviously missing a few pieces . Noowhere does it say its filled with the mini brands . It clearly states that it includes 2 of them. And the 5 is part of the company logo. Its a awesome little case for the kids who are collecting these like my step daughter. She absolutely loved it and filled it up with the mini brands she already had. Im upset that it doesnt have room for everything in the mini brands ball that u get . I wish there were more cases to put the rest in. But its a cool little case . So for all the illiterate people make sure u read things before you buy them and then post online making yourselves look bad.

    193 people found this helpful

  50. Shannon

    Happy kid

    Happy with this product. Only complaint we have is that we ordered two and they were identical. No big deal, child was still happy.

    2 people found this helpful

  51. Laquisha Cassells

    So excited!!

    These were great. I got things I wanted. I made the mistake of thinking the case came full of mini brands, but with 4 exclusives which is not the case but that was my bad! I am still very happy bc I have a case for the rest of my mini brands. I will probably repurchase to see if I get different exclusives and to have more space for my others!

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Valeri Hemming

    Given as a gift

    this was given to my grand daughter as a gift

  53. Sonia McKnight

    Mini Brands CASE

    Perfect collector case as advertised. If you are into mini brands and can READ descriptions this was exactly what was expected

  54. owenwu

    good quality

    i think it is ok and adorable to collect

    One person found this helpful

  55. Rhonda Dodds

    Only recieved 4 of 5 promised Mini Brands.

    I am extremely disappointed. So far three of the four boxes have had only four not five as advertised mini brands.

  56. Ms. Young

    Reading is Fundamental

    I got this product, not really reading that it was a case. This is a case for mini brands but it does come with 4 products. My daughter is happy and wants more to fill it completely. She also was super excited to get a rare item.

  57. molly cole


    Daughter loved them.

  58. mariah aguilera

    My son loves mini brands

    Got this for my done for Christmas he loves mini brands and has been asking for mini brands

  59. Melissa Showers

    Flimsy “case”, but niece loved gold piece

    My niece loved the special gold piece and that’s all she cared about. I wasn’t happy that the “case” is flimsy plastic and it was completely crushed, with a piece broken off when the package was opened.

  60. Carrie westphal

    Great gift

    My daughter loved this as it was a gift

  61. Barbara Scott

    Grands girls and boys

    Gave to grands as a just because gift . They collect the toys for fun , they are cute, some pieces are fragile but 6 and 7 year olds are careful if they are into collecting.

    One person found this helpful

  62. Lizz

    Didn’t get much in it

    There was this huge holder with 4 items. Just wish there was more for what I paid

  63. Kim

    ok gift

    got this for my daughter for her birthday. as soon as she opened it the side ripped off. she liked the 2 surprise mini brands that were inside. but was upset it broke.

  64. AA

    Worth the buy!

    This case is perfect for what it is used for. It’s not super hard plastic but it is thick enough to not break when putting the mini brands inside. I purchased 2 and will be purchasing more.

    9 people found this helpful

  65. Steven C

    What Kids Want!

    Yes, a rediculous price for bits of plastic, but this was a nice set at a good price.

  66. Karen

    Great buy

    I bought this as a gift for my 6yr old niece she loves them and the case she can keep them all together. Great buy for the money

  67. Victoria



  68. TR

    Big case only 5 mini brands

    This brings only 5 little toys inside, it has many spaces for you to collect other ones, it took forever to arrive and got delayed as well but for the price 5 mini brands is not bad.

    5 people found this helpful

  69. Michael

    Glad I got it

    product as advertised. I’m glad I got it My daughter absolutely loves these mini brands. But some of them are very small and very fragile and this is the way to go

  70. Annie1s Guess

    Purchased 2 – identical items.

    I actually found these at half price and purchased 2. My granddaughter loves these and has a little “supermarket” when they’re all displayed on shelves. Both packs contained identical items. She was so disappointed! I don’t know if they’re supposed to all have these same items, or if we just got unlucky, but be aware that you may not be getting different items if you buy more than 1 of these.

  71. Gina Juarez

    Good finish product

    Really nice delivery fast loved

  72. Dawn

    Would buy again

    Great deal, just as described and I didn’t even have to go inside a store lol !!

  73. Lorie M.


    Holds all my minis perfectly, love it.

  74. JT

    Doesn’t hold whole collection

    I bought the Series 3 advent calendar and this collectors case for my kids for Christmas. When I got the case I was disappointed to see that it was just cardboard and cheap plastic…not worth $10. Never the less, I was happy the kids would have an organized way to store their collection so we wouldn’t have loose pieces everywhere. The kids are slowly opening their advent calendar and finding that there is no designated spot for the items. What I’ve learned since buying is 1) there are only 30 slots in the case and more than 30 items in the collection. 2) Even though you buy a series 3 toy, it could include “favorites” from past series. The kids still love it, but this did not solve the organization and storage issues I had bought it for.

  75. michelle

    As described

    A must have for any mini brands collector

    One person found this helpful

  76. Hall Family

    Gift for my mom

    I purchased this during Black Friday sales for an inexpensive amount. My mom loves miniature things so I knew she’d like the mini brands.

  77. Clarence G.


    Grad baby love it

  78. Ash Franco

    Just somethings to say

    Just a few things: 1.) my item came broken though I did call customer service right away and the lady was very nice and I’m being sent a replacement. 2.) a lot of people clearly don’t read the description and think they are getting the whole set when it CLEARLY says you aren’t getting the whole set just (4) “exclusive” collector items. 3.) the case is clearly not well made and isn’t worth the money

  79. Mymy A.

    Perfect for collectors

    Very cute and tiny. My kid loved this for her collection

    One person found this helpful

  80. J H Marlowe

    great product for kids

    he loved it and received some good prizes

  81. Julie Sheets

    Kind of cheap

    I didnt realize this was just a plastic container. You can only store specific items so its not that useful unless you have only those items.

  82. Wayne Hall

    Granddaughter loves them

    My granddaughter enjoys collecting them

  83. Kitaannaa

    Mini brands are life

    The container came cracked, but I read it in the description it would come like that . I got a golden ketchup, unicorn Mac and cheese. Thai coconut milk. And the mustard. 10/10 recommend

  84. Angie thai

    Mini brands

    This came with 5 mini brands! Cute way to store and collect mini brands. I still have a few more spots left to fill

  85. tonya m freemantle

    I got 4 different ones and they were all the same!

    All 4 were the same

  86. Heather D Bergstrom


    Kids love

  87. Julie C.

    Cute gift! TINY pieces

    Grabbed these as a gift for my great nieces. I know they love them, but not so sure their momma does! These pieces are way too small for little kiddos. Choking hazard for sure. Great price. They seem to be made well and hoping they hold up for a long time. Looks like they will

    3 people found this helpful

  88. CMB

    Brands good/Display stand poor

    My great-niece loved the surprise “brands” received in the package but the “display stand was crushed in shipping.

  89. HEATHER R.

    Not a great case but also not horrible

    This is nice but only holds certain ones. My child did love getting the rare ones that came with it. It is not the sturdiest pretty thin plastic so don’t leave it on the floor.

  90. Kaelyn wojcik

    Good product

    Product met expectations

  91. Mackenzie Lilly


    For the money I spent purchasing this, it came damaged. The cardboard front and back were not fully attached to inner plastic part. Only about 1/4th of it was attached and I had to glue it back together myself. A little disappointed considering the price.

  92. Catherine M

    So cute

    It is really fun and it comes with two mini brands it came with a mini brand that I didn’t even have It has a lot of stuff to put your mini brands in and it even has this little thing inside the case with a bunch of mini brand pictures on it for and it will tell you where the mini brands go

    One person found this helpful

  93. Mark R Ridgwell


    My kids loved it!

  94. Liana

    Not worth the money

    As a person obsessed with mini things I heard about this company and I wanted to check it out. So I purchased this item. The items were done very well and it’s not a bad product, however, it was not worth the price that I paid. I would not recommend this as a gift. The packaging is deceiving because there are only 4 mini items in this package. The rest of the packaging is a collector’s container. So essentially you are paying for the extra packaging. It’s not worth it.

  95. Jessica Queen

    So much fun!

    My daughter loves these mini-brands. She plays with them daily. They are a lot of fun.

  96. Melmoy

    Container was broken- but daughter loved the mini brands that were inside!

  97. billy c.

    Great service

    Great item received quickly will do business with again

  98. Janice

    As expected

    As expected

  99. Melissa Richardson


    My granddaughter collects these

  100. Shannon Glasscock

    There is a difference between reading and comprehending

    Let me see if I can help others that buy before they read: series 1 case comes with 2 minis included, series 2 and 3 come with 4 minis included. THE POINT OF THE CASE IS TO BUY THE BALLS, COLLECT THEM AND FILL THE *case* WITH YOUR COLLECTION! It is not going to be full of minis because what’s the point of the surprise balls if you don’t buy and open and collect?!?! Sheesh people! Read before you buy!

    13 people found this helpful

  101. RaquellAnn


    Mine came in damaged it was falling apart so I had to glue it closed

  102. Veronika

    Great organizer but it won’t hold everything

    It’s nice! Cool little keeping storage box. But unfortunately it doesn’t house all the pieces. Only thing that sucks.

    One person found this helpful

  103. StevenBunch

    Item need a lil improvement

    Its great for what its meant for my sister wanted it. It sucks it doesn’t hold all the series 2 items. Yall should really make a case that hold every item that exist for the series and keep the price the same.

  104. Anita Byars

    Great case for Mini Brands!

    My granddaughter loved this and the fact that she got some gold metallic mini brands inside were thrilling to her. Now she needs more of these cases to keep all her minis in order.

  105. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what you get in store

    Nothing special about buying these. Same as if you bought them in store I don’t even think there was a price differe. We at the time just could find any in store.

  106. Jason Adams

    Don’t order more than 1

    I ordered two of these and they were both exactly the same. I had a very disappointed child.

  107. Tina

    Better than I thought

    Considering the price it was pretty good for a Christmas gift

  108. Lalena Heidenreich

    Great surprise

    Really cute and daughter loved them

  109. electr1fy


    My daughter loves these surprises but the case really isn’t worth it. It came smashed in the box so she didn’t really get much use of it. Price could be a little cheaper.

  110. nac

    Great Gift for the Kiddo

    Will make a great storing present along with the mini brands.

  111. Amazon Customer

    Mini brands

    Not what we expected

    One person found this helpful

  112. Kenadi Williams

    It’s alright.

    It was good.

  113. Sarai Sanchez


    It came broken in different spots. I probably wouldn’t purchase again from the seller. But it does hold most of my pieces. I also got some cool exclusive pieces. Overall, I’d rate it a 3/5.

  114. Michael J Wootton

    Super cute

    Awesome so fun to collect!!

  115. Book Lover

    They loved it

    This is adorable and a great way to keep all their little items organized. Yes I recommend.

  116. Hayley

    Beware of packaging

    It came to me all busted but I liked the collectors pieces inside so I kept it…I’d say case is pretty cheesey!

  117. shampayle

    I’m in love with these mini’s!

    These Mini Brands are just so cute! I got this case and three balls for my son as he’s into them a whole lot. He uses them as accessories for his Ken dolls and Ken-sized action figures. Keep up the good work!

    3 people found this helpful

  118. carmor

    Mini brands

    Great toy very portable

  119. Karen

    Great buy

    I bought this as a gift for my 6yr old niece she loves them and the case she can keep them all together. Great buy for the money

  120. Mom of 1

    Be aware

    Maybe it was just me, and not having purchased these in the past, but you only get 4 items in these big boxes!!! I was very disappointed for the amount for only 4 baby items. 5 surprise was way cheaper and you got 5 of them.

  121. Janice

    As expected

    As expected

  122. Amazon Customer

    Granddaughter was disappointed


  123. cheryl

    Very cute and helps keep organized

    This was a great little surprise for my little one and I love that they come with some of the minis included. Great value for price. Great to help keep them organized.

  124. mammaD

    As described

    Kids liked the case. It had an item they didn’t have which was a bonus.

  125. Krissy Lane

    Mini Brand Addict !

    Must have for all mini brand collectors !!

  126. Charlie

    Can’t beat the price

    Would buy again

  127. Rosie

    Love it

    Love it

  128. Jody/Susan

    These are fun!

    We live mini brands!Expensive but adorbable!

    One person found this helpful

  129. Kayla G.

    5 surprise mini brand

    Got this as a Christmas gift for my 9 year old, she is obsessed with 5 surprise mini brands currently. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it I know she is going to absolutely love it! Even better that I didn’t have to search high and low in the store as these things fly off the shelves it seems!

  130. Anna Applegate

    Waste of money

    The front and back cardboard parts came apart from the organizer inside. This is cheaply made and should not be $20 but rather $10.

  131. elle r.

    Container was broken

    Product was received with the plastic container broken.

  132. Marc G.

    4 rare minis, but crushed case.

    I have ordered many things from Amazon and I have never had something arrived damaged until now. Not sure how it happened but this arrived today crushed with the edges of the box broken. Very disappointed. But fiancé still loves the rare minis that were inside. So I guess we’ll just have to toss the case now and keep the minis. Kind of a bummer.

  133. Amazon Customer

    Make sure the kids are old enough to know it’s not real.

    The grandchildren love it for their Barbies. The youngest keeps putting the pink donut in her mouth, though. Buy a box of pink donuts to stop this.

    One person found this helpful

  134. Jacob brown

    Exactly what I was looking for

    Needed the 5 mini brands that were inside and now I’m only missing 3 to complete the box. Exactly what was pictured and what I wanted.

    One person found this helpful

  135. Kel Dub

    Case with 2 minis

    So glad I was able to get this collectors case without paying inflated pricing.

  136. Gladys

    Perfect reward/gift

    I bought it as a weekly reward for my child and it was something my child went the extra mile to earn. So worth the money plus it would make a great gift idea

    One person found this helpful

  137. mariah aguilera

    My son loves mini brands

    Got this for my done for Christmas he loves mini brands and has been asking for mini brands

  138. Michael Jaquello

    Strongly recommend for anyone with a mini brands addiction. Great organization

    Great product!! The extras included were a nice surprise!!

  139. Julio

    happy kids

    my kids love it thank you

  140. Sayra

    It was ok

    It was ok

    One person found this helpful

  141. Sunny Bee


    Meh…These are just ok, this is just a case with five little collectibles.The plastic items are kind of cool, but the cheap little boxes are a ripoff.Got them for Easter egg stuffers, but I thought it was 30 collectibles inside.That was my mistake for not reading closer, but these are really cheap.Oh well.

  142. Jon Thomas

    Fun for kids

    It’s fun for a little kids don’t ask me anything about it it’s very popular

  143. margaret shaffer

    Ability to work

    Too small doesn’t hold much

  144. E_Gee

    Made for some mini brands – will not fit all sizes.

    This is a cool case for the mini brands that fit. The only problem was I bought 3 of these cases for my child to put away all the mini brands they have. However it only fits the ones they are made for. Since some of them have the same shapes, or just different scents than you can put other ones in their place. It’s not for all of the ones they have collected. So I have to return 1 of the 3 cases since keeping the 3 would be useless since they won’t fit. The material on the case is cardboard so if it get wet it will tear and the inside is plastic. Hope this helps.

    6 people found this helpful

  145. Kayleigh McLean


    Excellent value for money, Super quick delivery to the UK and no damage at all. Highly recommend

  146. Connie Schrier

    A great birthday gift!

    My granddaughter loved it and had so much fun playing with it. It was just what she wanted for her birthday.

  147. Kindle Customer

    Great gift

    Great price and gift for my niece. She loves collecting mini brands and this case helped!

  148. Mackenzie Lilly


    For the money I spent purchasing this, it came damaged. The cardboard front and back were not fully attached to inner plastic part. Only about 1/4th of it was attached and I had to glue it back together myself. A little disappointed considering the price.

  149. Kathy A

    Held up to kid well


  150. Cherie

    Exactly as described.

    Very cute and great for gift giving.

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