Rolife Bookstore DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert


    • Bookstore is a well-designed book nook inspired by the French famous landmark “Shakespeare and Company”.
    • It replicates the bookstore of that time. Different from previous book nooks, all parts are designed with insertion design and it can be finished in about 3 hours and no glue is needed.

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    A classic bookstore with a long history is located on a street of France. The owner is a young man now. Many people come here because they admire its fame because many famous writers held literature salons here and some of them had lived here. The owner has a secret that he haven’t told to anyone. One night when he went downstairs, he found several people were talking about their writing on the sofa. They seem to be famous writers from the last century. After a few seconds, everything became normal and the bookstore was quiet again. He couldn’t believe he actually met those people or it was just his hallucination.

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