Rolife Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House Kit


    • Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House presents a bakery just like a real one with well-designed scene and intricate food toys and furniture.
    • There are various types of the bread existing in the baker and many vivid decorations in the house.
    • You seem to be able to smell the aroma of the bread after finishing the assembly.

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    Rolife Cozy Kitchen DIY Miniature House Kit
    Rolife Becka's Baking House DIY Miniature House Kit $39.99
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    Rolife Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House Kit

    The bakery in the morning is filled with happiness and the aroma of baking bread. Taking a deep breath and it seems like you can forget all your worries. Watching the breads come out of the oven, arranging them in order and waiting for the customers is something Becka does every morning. Watching the people rushing to work with the bread she cooks in their hands makes her feel incredibly satisfied and happy. The story of Backa and her baking house continues.

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