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Lego Art Modern Art Build and Display 805 Pcs

  • Explore your creativity and artistic side by building and displaying your own piece of abstract art home decor with this LEGO Modern Art (31210) building kit.
  • Assemble the collection of colorful and differently shaped accessories, including rectangles, triangles and circles.
  • There are limitless possibilities to what you can create with this abstract art building set. Remember, there are no wrong ways to build: just have fun and experiment


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Unleash Your Creativity with Lego Art Modern Art Build and Display. Are you ready to embark on a journey of artistic expression like no other? Dive into the world of modern art with this exquisite 805-piece Lego set. Once your creation is complete, it’s not just a Lego set; it’s a statement piece of art. Use it to decorate your living room, office, or studio. It’s not just a conversation starter; it’s a piece of your soul displayed for the world to see.

Weight 1.24 kg
Dimensions 38.2 × 26.21 × 9.4 cm

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