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Funko Pop! Animation: Bleach Ichigo

85 Reviews Write a review
  • Ichigo Kurosaki slashes his way into your Bleach collection!
  • AAA Exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure!
  • Features Ichigo wielding his powerful, pitch-black blade.


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GTIN: 889698561167
Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions7.62 × 7.62 × 9.53 cm

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Funko Character

Customers reviews

85 Reviews Write a review
  1. Bishop

    Pick the right seller

    Ordered the chase set 3 times. The first 2 did not arrive in good condition or was missing one of the 2. The last set was ordered through Good Juju. They packed them great, though no pop protectors, and arrived early. Love this pop and can’t wait for the last arc to be animated.

  2. Jesus Salas Galindo

    Excelente producto y atención

    Tienen excelente atención y el producto es de lo mejor!!!

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  3. Emma Comer

    Box got smushed, figure is low quality

    Got here fast but the pops I ordered were all smushed together in the box with too much bubble wrap so it damaged the boxes. There’s a smudge on Ichigos face and the paint on the edge of his coat is messed up.

  4. Jesse Ferguson

    Fantastic pop – slight damages

    The actual pop is fantastic and I am super happy with my overall purchase, also the Item arrived within 6 days which is awesome.A few things to note: There was slight damage to the Funko Pop box which drops the value as it’s an exclusive pop. I think the packaging would have benefitted by wrapping the pop box in bubble wrap first as is was packaged loosely in a box (Slight damage to the Viewing plastic and edge damage to the Funko Box). Also it seems as though the pop may have been opened due to the small tears on the top and bottom of the box.Other than that I am really happy to have this Pop in my collection.

  5. Seth Lewis

    Almost Mint

    Chase came in pop protector so it would have been mint but one top corner is mashed with a slight tear and the common has a dent in the bottom. For the money I paid for these pops I expected a little more care to have been taken.

  6. Tonya

    Excited until I opened box

    I am a collector so was excited to get Ichigo. Box they came in was looking good and no other items were damaged. Snagged the first one and the box was a little damaged, then I grabbed the second and boxe was thrashed. So the picker grabbed 2 clearly damaged pop boxes and sent them out. Disappointing.

  7. Jellycookie

    Amazing detail

    Great looking funko pop, and is a must have for any anime fan.

  8. Alex A

    Great looking Pop, but came with Box Damage

    Packaging:Arrived in a cardboard box without any obvious signs of damage on the outside. Inside it had a small thing of bubble wrap against the face side of the Pop. The Pop box had no protector and had lots of wiggle room inside the shipping box.Quality:The edges of the Pop box were damaged during Shipping unfortunately due to the lack of packing material inside the box. Pop itself looks great inside, is authentic, and the box came with the chase and AAA Anime Exclusive Sticker.Rated a 3 star because I collect for perfect (or even decent) boxes and this pop was very clearly not packed properly and little care was given.

  9. Maria O.

    Me llego rápido pero no en perfectas condiciones

    Me llego rápido pero no en perfectas condiciones, si fuera un juguete de juego no me importaría pero es para coleccionar y ahora tengo una figura 8/10

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  10. Kyo

    A must for bleach fans.

    Great product.

  11. Phillip Westervelt

    Awesome funko

    Came with an extra protective sleeve for collectors

  12. Brandon Yuzon


    Came in on time!! Good condition, Double Bubble Wrap, Came In A Pop Protector

  13. ITGUY

    Very bad conditions, not for collection

    The product has many flaws, the hair has traces of paint, I don’t know if it’s trying to cover a scratch, the cheek has some black shadows, the clothes have been painted with something that looks like black nail polish, the clothes also have some white dots and the box arrived wasted, bent, broken. It’s a shame I was really looking forward to this funko. This is definitely not a new item nor would it even qualify as a used one in good condition.

  14. Shadery Dumas

    Very Good

    it came fast and it is as described.

  15. nike

    Box came damaged!

    I bought 4 pops and all of them came damaged. The Ichigo pop came in a wrap and the box was really damaged in the bottom and on the front there are cuts on the side and top.

  16. Omekia payne

    Good place to shop

    We love it and get coming in early

  17. Christina

    It’s Ichigo!

    Arrived with a protective covering and no damage what so ever! I couldn’t be happier! I now have Ichigo’s shikai, bankai and hollow mask Ichigo!

  18. Steven

    Came in damaged

    I mean it’s no biggie Really for the price but you know looses the luster, might just open it

  19. cory

    Revived a damaged product

    The funko I received the box was damaged

  20. Gabriel Vega

    Missing the chase model and damaged product case

    I ordered the regular + chase bundle and only received the regular Ichigo Funko Pop. I am not satisfied with the handling of the package and missing the other half of the order after paying $66

  21. Amazon Customer

    Condition was not as good as expected

    I was expecting a new Pop figure but it definitely does not look it. There is a big crease down the front and a rip on the top panel (both pictured) and to a collector, condition is extremely important.

  22. Lisa Crichlow Helly

    Ripped box!!!

    I’m pissed the face on the box is ripped

  23. Brenda

    Great Condition.
  24. Travis

    Item as specified but box damaged

    Everything that came was correct but the box the pop came in looks like it has been thrown around. Smashed side and corners.

  25. Jessica

    Product was damaged

    Was so excited to get this for my husband. But to open my package to see the contain the pop was in irritating. I’ve ordered plenty of pops and never have I had an issue but this one actually had a hole in it! Highly Disappointing wish I could give it no stars

    7 people found this helpful

  26. Paul Castro

    I got it, but

    The shipping took almost a month when it was supposed to 1-2 weeks for me.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Raquel taylor


    My husband loves these!!.. definitely worth it if you are a huge anime bleach fan!

  28. Layza

    Llego a tiempo ,mi hijo quiere la colección.

    Fue un regalo para mi hijo .

  29. William

    These guys are legit

    My Ichigo POP came very quickly and smoothly!This rating would be 5 stars but the figure came with dirt smudges on the face and some manufacturer deformities in the character’s cloak and figure. Definitely recommend ordering from these guys, hoping my next figure is in better condition from the factory.Yes I went through the process of verifying if the character was fake, doesn’t appear to be (for those wondering).

  30. Noël PB

    Très belle figurine mais 11€ de douane pour la récupérer…

    Très belle figurine mais 11€ de douane pour la récupérer. J’apprends ça par la factrice devant chez moi. Bravo la surprise !

    One person found this helpful

  31. LAP

    Great POP

    My son is a massive anime and manga fan so he was really pleased to get this.

  32. CJ Schuster

    Pretty cool, just a little dinged up

    The media could not be loaded.

     Super cool pops. The common was in very good condition, just the chase seemed to be a bit more scuffed up on the plastic of the box and on the pop itself. Overall pretty good value, maybe just a factory defect

  33. Shantrellia

    The boxes of the funko’s is damaged.

    These are limited edition and it’s really disappointing that they were damaged before they were put in the box. They shouldn’t have been sent or sold at a discount. They are collectables and they lose there value if the box is damaged. I will be returning. This was a birthday gift and now I have to send them back not happy.

  34. faraz

    Box was damaged/opened

    Opened my Amazon box and the funko pop box was damaged from the bottom. This was going to be one of my gifts to my friend but now it won’t

  35. Wilfrido Hernandez Acosta

    No trae el sticker AAA

    Viene en perfectas condiciones pero sin el sticker AAA

  36. legallydeaf

    Perfectly fine if you don’t collect the case

    I am picky and keep all my pops in their cases and as pristine as possible, unfortunately with this pop tossed into the rest of my order with no protection it is damaged. The pop is fine however so if you take yours out of the case this would still be fine for you.

  37. SClin

    Good Purchase!

    This was a good purchase all in all, a lot better priced that a lot of what Amazon has for sale. Wish they didn’t take advantage on other ones like they do!

  38. Cliente de Amazon


    Me encanto

  39. Cross

    Buen detallado

    Excelente el funko y vino con un buen protector para su cuidado

  40. azars

    Chase looks great

    I was able to get the chase in mint condition. Great item.

  41. Eric

    Es simplemente perfecto

    Tenía tiempo buscándolo y al fin lo encontré es perfecto ya le puse protector de acrílico para protegerlo mejor.

  42. Dreamiet

    Perfect condition

    They (two Pops – Ichigo in hollow mask and without) arrived in bubble wrap with both boxes in excellent condition. I was very happy. As soon as I received I put them in protector cases.

  43. mBtomioka

    to the seller and or customers wondering if they should buy lol

    Ok well to the seller this is great n all but u realize this pop goes for 60 dollars even just the og Bankai ichigo not the chase lol it’s also authentic I got it checked u could def sell these for more Well the non chase one the chase is about the price at Funko lol but great product and if ur lookin to buy go ahead it’s worth it

  44. Kris

    Came in amazing condition!

    I order this pop for $71 shipped and expected it to be damaged and all this other stuff but it came in amazing condition

  45. Ralph solorio


    Cheap box and item came out damaged

    One person found this helpful

  46. paula

    Did not receive a chase

    The media could not be loaded.

     I ordered two of these, expecting two chases and two commons as stated in the product description. All I received were two commons and the rest of the box filled with bubble wrap.

  47. Savannah Butler

    great gift

    brother loved it for his birthday

  48. G. Malpartida Jr.


    I loved the series, and to finally have this form was worth it. Sturdy, stable, and just cool

  49. KENDRA

    Great buy

    Came super protected in packaging, even had a pop protector on the pop box itself which was a nice bonus! This pop runs for 170$ in the collectors app so im very pleased that its authentic and not damaged!

  50. Guillermo Jauregui Rivera

    Ya no es la versión AAA

    El funko todo bien, pero deberían actualizar el título e imágenes que el que me llego viene con la etiqueta de edición especial. Esperaba la de AAA como dice el título.

    4 people found this helpful

  51. Jazmin

    Great Buy

    Came in even earlier then expected! Love it

  52. sean sargeant

    Ichigo pop scratched and Chase Ichigo not sent.

    I ordered Anime Bundle Ichigo. Ichigo came with the viewing window scratched up and I did not receive the Chase Ichigo.

  53. aidan

    Legit. Came in great condition!

    Came quicker then expected, great condition and looks great next to my Grimmjow.

  54. Amy


    The Funko pop itself is fine but the box came dented on the sides.

  55. Thomas Lawrene

    Minty fresh

    Pop came extremely fast, about a week or so early, packaged pretty well and in mint condition. 10/10 satisfied with the seller and pop 🙂

  56. Sammy B


    Product came as described. Ichigo was safely packed with 2 layers of bubble wrap in the box. It came quick and am very happy. Definitely recommend.

  57. Ricky Robles



  58. Dominick Omes

    Great Product, Great Service

    My granddaughter loved her birthday present.

  59. Aidan miller

    It came damage

    Really cool pops but wish they did not come damaged

    One person found this helpful

  60. Harold B. Evans

    Exactly what I ordered.

    Exactly what I ordered

  61. jessica

    Purchase this one specifically

    Was skeptical due to reviews of people getting 2 commons, instead of getting 1 common and the chase version.So I opted to avoid there being a mix up and just chose to buy the chase by itself and hoped they wouldn’t send me the common instead. And sure enough my hopes were confirmed and I recieved what I paid for in Perfect mint condition. Go this route if you forsure want to get your chase Ichigo. And came all the way from NYC all the way to California in about 5 days ordered Sunday got here on Friday through USPS. Got it way sooner then what was projected. Highly recommend!

  62. Luis Hernandez

    Only received one

    I ordered the common and the chase and all I got was the common. Not sure how to go about fixing it other than just shipping it back. Waste of money and time. Very disappointed.

  63. beatriz elena lopez leyva

    muy bueno

    excelente calidad en el servicio

  64. Chris&Amber Skelton

    Very well packaged

    It shipped fast and very well packaged. I was impressed. Not one mark in the Funko Pop box.

  65. SSJPlatinum

    It is beautiful… I have no words!!!!

    What’s crazy is that it got delivered 4 days earlier than it was suppose too, which is a huge plus, but they look amazing. No dents, no holes, no mess up and the best part. They even gave me a box protector for my chase ichigo. Literally made my day when I arrived home, thank you so much!!!

  66. Brenda Hicks price

    great bleach funko pop

    if you like bleach anime you will love this pop

  67. Cluck

    Damaged box

    I thought the price was great. But I guess there was a reason it was so cheap. It looks like the box has been opened, and was clearly not well taken care of. Damage on almost all corners of the box with the top of the box being bent and looking awful. Definitely would not recommend!

  68. Ombretta


    Arrivato nei tempi prestabiliti e confezionato benissimo!

  69. Jordan T

    Beautiful condition!

    Nothing wrong wat soo ever with the chase! The normal 1 had a very small baby dent on the back, Like small small. So its not a big deal. Still in great condition. It also came much sooner than expected. Im very pleased with this purchase. Chase also had a very well protector!

    6 people found this helpful

  70. BsketM

    I’m not disappointed.

    I am not disappointed by this Ichigo Funko Pop. I am a big fan of the show, and I am happy to add this to my collection. The paintjob on this was slightly off, which is why I deducted a star. Overall though, it looks like the advertised product picture, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to start or continue their collection.

  71. Jessi Weintz

    Terrible condition

    Box was heavily damaged, very poor condition for in box collectors

  72. Johnny

    Loved It!

    Ichigo!! Looks so cool!! Shipping was great and came really fast! I am so happy with my purchase. Box came undamaged and perfect condition.

  73. Loren P.

    If they are fake, they’re the best fakes I’ve seen!

    After looking at them EXTENSIVLEY, I conclude these are legit pops and wonderful editions to my BLEACH collection! Well worth the price too since the Bandai Ichigo is now valued at 80$ in the Funko app. Paint job is a little sloppy but most of the paint jobs have been that way on all of the new pops I’ve gotten ( from GameStop and other official retailers mind you ). Even if they were fake, they would be the best I’ve ever seen!!

    3 people found this helpful

  74. Abner Baruc Maldonado Villegas

    Excelente pero no tanto…

    Me agrado que llegó en perfectas condiciones pero igual un poco en disgusto ya que dicen que es con el sticker AAA exclusivo y me llegó con special edition

  75. Kindle Customer

    As expected

    As expected. The seller responded promptly when contacted. My son was happy to get this pop.

  76. Kelley Widmer

    Not New

    Not New at all. It was definitely opened. Tons of box damage stickers all over the box. Really disappointed.

  77. Amazon Customer

    These are fake Chinese Knock offs

    Don’t waste your money, these are cheap fake knock offs. Paint is sloppy, box is wrong and logo is pixilated.

  78. shawn

    Love this Funko pop!

    This Funko was packaged great so there was no damage during delivery. The Funko pop was real and exactly as described. Honestly all I have is positive things to say which might make this review sound fake but it was a great product!

  79. M. Lebron

    neatly packaged

    This is a gift for my best friend, it’s her favorite character/anime.It was secured, neatly packaged and arrived safely. A++☆☆☆thank you!☆☆☆

  80. Frank Aviles Jr.

    Sorely Disappointed

    100% knock off. Came with paint smudges and very sloppy paint work on the feet. Don’t be fooled into thinking you found a gem worth $175. This is just a fake.

  81. Joshua

    Vizord ichigo looks awesome however…

    Came in a bubble wrap and protected the box but sadly the ichigo pop came with like a small scrach if it wasn’t for that 5 stars but hey not bad unlike the normal ichigo who came banged up with no protection and had something broken inside the pop

  82. Carlos M.

    Looks incredible

    Was looking forward to this pop for a good while it arrived looks incredible! I had to put it in a case right away the box looks pretty fresh.

  83. rebekka

    Came with rip

    Item came with tear, emailed and asked if I could exchange it no response

    2 people found this helpful

  84. Roberto C.

    Buen Pop pero no es el AAA

    Doy una calificación neutra ya que es un buen Pop, pero no envían el que tiene sticker AAA, envían el SE, deberían modificar el título y descripción del producto.

  85. Amazon Customer

    Good purchase

    Arrived in a second box but the box it comes in the corner was ripped open. Pop itself is in good shape.

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