Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa

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Feel the tension in Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa, a new and extremely competitive map for the award-winning railway series!


In stock

Feel the tension in Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa, a new and extremely competitive map for the award-winning railway series!

Ticket to Ride is a train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries and continents. This family-friendly game is simple to learn, and provides tons of replay value. But don’t let simplicity fool you — Ticket to Ride requires strategy, good sense, and a touch of luck to win, making it one of the most popular specialty games of all time.

Venture into the Heart of Africa to build routes through some of the continent’s most remote and desolate locales. Will you bolster your terrain surveying skills and local knowledge to try and establish more valuable routes – or dare to dash across the continent in a mad race to cut the game short?

Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa expansion includes a map of the heart of Africa, along with related destination tickets, new terrain cards, and rules.

Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa requires a full version of Ticket to Ride to play – either the original Ticket to Ride, or Ticket to Ride: Europe.

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  1. hsunshineinaz

    Great game

    So much fun


  2. Eric DiPier

    Adds some interactivity to 2-player games

    We almost always play TTR with just 2 players, and while we both enjoy a nice relaxing game, we’re not against mixing it up a little bit. On some maps, that can be hard to do; if your routes don’t overlap, it’s pretty much just two players playing two solo games.We found that the terrain cards add a level of interactivity that we really enjoyed. You can’t use terrain cards unless you have as many as your opponent… so stockpiling terrain cards can be a viable strategy as a way of blocking your opponent from doubling her score.

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    Eric DiPier

  3. Amazon Customer

    Another great Ticket to Ride

    Another great edition to the Ticket to Ride collection. The twist of terrain cards is fun and makes a person change playing tactics.

    Amazon Customer

  4. tj gi

    Five Stars

    I hate this map cause I can’t win against anyone I play.

    tj gi

  5. Kate Anderson

    Good edition!

    This is a fun edition!You do need the original ticket to ride to take in this expansion. This only comes with the map and associated play cards. Fun!

    Kate Anderson

  6. Texas Grammy

    Tons of fun, had the whole family playing.

    Tons of fun, it is a bit more complicated than the original Ticket to RIde.

    One person found this helpful

    Texas Grammy

  7. Joe Franklin

    Excellent addition to the “ticket to ride” game series!

    We love ticket to ride and own both Europe and America editions. Make sure you have either one of those before buying Africa edition. We throughly enjoy playing them and look forward to other editions being added.

    Joe Franklin

  8. Adriann

    Game changers for TTR lovers

    I love this board. Totally different than the other TTR’s. The terrain cards can and do change the way this game is played. LOVE it


  9. Rebecca Moreau

    Ticket to ride Africa

    Fun game but not easy to learn

    Rebecca Moreau

  10. Katy Mowers

    Five Stars

    Another great board! Love the addition of the different route types.

    Katy Mowers

  11. Daycare provider

    Love this game

    Love this game! My daughter has one and we r big game players! We just watched the video we found on the internet that was about seven minutes long and found that much easier than reading the directions! Much easier to follow! Not difficult to learn!

    Daycare provider

  12. Edgar Mena

    Nueva forma de jugar

    Ideal para jugadores experimentados que buscan nuevos desafíos

    Edgar Mena

  13. Lee Anna Mitchell

    Great game for every age!

    We bought this for our 7 year old grandson, but we enjoy playing it as much as he does!

    Lee Anna Mitchell

  14. Miranda

    Five Stars

    We love all Ticket to Ride games, this one adds a fun component without getting too complicated.

    2 people found this helpful


  15. john kares

    Don’t forget to add on kit

    Love this game play daily

    john kares

  16. karen gray

    This is a GREAT game

    Our family loves this extension!

    karen gray

  17. Thomas W. Whitson

    New Twist

    This addition has a new twist and strategy, so we have really enjoyed it.

    Thomas W. Whitson

  18. Kidd

    So much fun

    This is such a fun and sime game. I play this game at every family gathering and get together. It’s a simple concept of connecting cities from a route card. But it requires thinking since you have a limited number of trains and limited ways to get there. And if someone cuts you off, you’re screwed. Get this game! It’s a great board game.

    One person found this helpful


  19. Cira Fear

    Obsessed with these games!

    Ticket to ride is our family’s favorite game! We have started collecting all the different versions and this one has been a lot of fun so far. I still prefer Europe and America over the others but this certainly didn’t disappoint. If you don’t have any of the games yet I would start with Europe or America before this one.

    3 people found this helpful

    Cira Fear

  20. Tony

    Adds some nice strategy and replayability to already fun game

    We’ve been playing a lot of TTR lately, so I decided to buy all of the map collections. This on is another great addition that works very well with two players.The Heart of Afria adds terrain cards. You get one terrain card with your for train cards at the beginning of the game, then you can pick them just like you would pick a train card (so you could pick two train cards, two terrain cards, or one of each on your turn). You can spend one matching terrain card to double the points for a route of the same color that is 1-3 long, and two terrain cards to double the points for a route that is 4-6 long. After a few plays it appears there are multiple ways to win (focusing on doubling route points, focusing on tickets, etc.). We were very happy to see this as it is possible that circumstances might be such that you will not be able to double the value of a route every time you want to.Otherwise, it has the same luck and more strategy components than TTR USA. In fact, we rarely play the USA map these days… mostly play this one, India and Switzerland, and are looking forward to giving Asia a try.

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  21. will jackson


    Love it

    will jackson

  22. JJ Christensen

    Aggressive board! Definitely watch a video before playing

    I don’t know about any of my peers out there who love this series, but this is ONE AGGRESSIVE BOARD! Because so many tracks have just ONE track (no doubles!!! yikes!!!) except the ones on the borders, it makes it incredibly difficult to travel to your destinations.Having said that, I think that’s part of the charm of this game: as a world history teacher, I would say the continent of Africa is definitely cut-throat. I say that in the most positive way possible. The charm of Africa’s geography and history is its aggressive, vibrant and diverse nature, and IMHO, this game definitely gives that vibe.

    2 people found this helpful

    JJ Christensen

  23. Micah B.

    It’s a game!

    This ticket to ride is a very cut throat game. Beware of blocking and just not getting the path you wanted. Don’t throw cards at each other. Lol it’s a game. That’s all I’m saying.

    Micah B.

  24. Bob Dewalrus

    One of our favorite maps

    Don’t be dissuaded by descriptions of the special rules. When I first read about the terrain cards I thought, “Oh, great, a crappy gimmick for doubling your route scores.” I was wrong. The terrain cards actually add a fun and easily grasped dynamic to play, giving this map a unique identity while maintaining the core that makes Ticket To Ride a classic. This is an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing variant on the game. There’s no second map on the back, though.

    10 people found this helpful

    Bob Dewalrus

  25. Martha

    Great gift for avid Ticket to Ride fans!

    This is a great rendition of Ticket to Ride for seasoned players. This game is more about point strategy and less about developing one long route that fulfills multiple ticket destinations. We love playing this version even if it’s just the two of us. The gameplay is more challenging and there are several new rules that add to the experience. FYI, you will need to already own Ticket to Ride USA or Europe to play this version. Africa does not come with train cards or train pieces.


  26. Jeremy Lawson

    Great family game

    My son and daughter in law purchased us this game and WE LOVE IT. Super fun to play. It never gets old.

    Jeremy Lawson

  27. Alayna

    Adds Extra Strategy to the Original Game

    This is a fun expansion. The terrain cards definitely add an additional layer of strategy to the original gameplay. I enjoy Ticket To Ride because it’s simple and doesn’t require too much thought, but my husband loves strategy so he really appreciates the new opportunity to rack up extra points. I also love getting to learn more about the geography of Africa. I’d recommend this extension to anyone who is looking for some extra variety from the original gameplay.


  28. Freya

    Great expansion pack. Everyone loves it

    Loved the game. Highly recommend


  29. A. Renee Shelfer

    My grandson and husband love it.

    We bought our first Ticket to Ride game for Chrismtas 2011. Since then, we have ordered ALL of the games and additions. My grandson and husband love playing them. The games are made to last……….all of the pieces are sturdy and sealed in zip lock bags for storage. The colors are bright . The cards are thick and coated……..not flimsy to split. The games cost a little more than the average games but they are worth every penny. Where else can you learn geography and stratagy and have so much fun? The games last a maximum of 1 hr. Each game has something different to give them a “twist”. The box isn’t huge – the boards fold twice. A couple of the games have a separate game on each side……..so you get 2 games for the price of one and it makes storing them easy. They are planning a Ticket to Ride marathon during spring break. Our grandson was 9 when we started with the first. He has learned so much about world geography. Nana and Papa highly recommend them!!!Amazon makes it easy to order and since joined Amazon Prime………..free shipping. They always arrive ahead of schedule.

    One person found this helpful

    A. Renee Shelfer

  30. Amazon Customer


    A quality addition to the Ticket to Ride franchise. The whole family loves it.

    Amazon Customer

  31. Ke’ Ellise

    Really fun variation of Ticket to Ride

    It has more to it than Ticket to Ride, so it is more of a challenge. But our grandchildren had no problem learning the rules. Fun place names.

    Ke’ Ellise

  32. Art Lover

    Five Stars

    Learn a little geography while playing a truly fun family game.

    Art Lover

  33. Barbara Yerke

    LOVE the Ticket to Ride series

    We have many of the Ticket to Ride games and so far, my 9 year old granddaughter likes Africa the best. We like the bonus points when you use the special cards. LOVE THE GAME. We play it at least 10 times a week. What great family time.

    Barbara Yerke

  34. That Guy

    Another great Ticket to Ride addition

    First off, this is an expansion. You need to have Ticket to Ride US or Europe in order to play this one. Since you are already familiar with those games then this one is pretty much the same. Like all expansion they try to add a little more depth to the game. This one brings with it terrain cards. Similar to the train cards you can pick up you can instead grab a terrain card. These can be used to double the points of a route. It adds more strategy to the game. If you prefer the typical game, the terrain cards can be left in the box.The other issue we had playing are with the routes. The colors of them seem to dominate certain sections of the board. Which means at times you are just looking for a bunch of one color and it can take quite a long time to get that color. If they’d spread the colors out more like previous versions it would ease that card drawing frustation.

    16 people found this helpful

    That Guy

  35. Douglas J. Paulsen

    If you like the original and looking for some variation, a good choice.

    I like that every Ticket to Ride game after some sort of gameplay variation, and Ticket to Ride Africa is no different. I also like that there are a huge variety of route cards, as opposed to the original where things got predictable. Recommended.

    Douglas J. Paulsen

  36. Christopher

    Very different spin on the usual Ticket to Ride.

    This expansion is a tight board that will be difficult for 4 or 5 players but is well designed for 2-3 players. The inclusion of new terrain cards gives a new way to score and play the game with big rewards and high penalties if you can’t complete your routes.


  37. Gail Blake

    Five Stars

    bought it as a Christmas list and she loved it. She has other Ticket to Ride games, also.

    One person found this helpful

    Gail Blake

  38. Beach Grandma

    Ticket to ride junkie

    I bought this as a gift and all those ticket to ride junkies really enjoy playing this game. It takes skill and luck to play. This is a really fun way to learn your geography. Fun for young adults and adults to play together.

    Beach Grandma

  39. ANJI

    Highly recommend!!!

    You can not go wrong with any Ticket To Ride game. Highly recommend them all! Beautiful quality and extremely durable for lots of gameplay.


  40. Lee

    Another awesome version!

    Our family loves this game! This is another version with a few different rules as each of the versions do. Always start with the original U.S.A. game.


  41. Tamara S.


    We wanted to buy all the different boards! They are fun, but for the price it should include trains, cards and pieces!

    Tamara S.

  42. Cliente Amazon

    Well package

    Good game

    Cliente Amazon

  43. Desiree Burton

    Love this game

    Love this game

    Desiree Burton

  44. Dinkleberg

    Fun game

    We love the ticket to ride games! And this one does not disappoint. Great family fun.


  45. Russell A. Comer

    Game Night!

    I have other review(s) on TTR games, we have great Friday game nights but expect congestion and upsets, just remember, it is a game, learn from it, but love your family!

    Russell A. Comer

  46. D. Friedland

    A fun twist!

    A great addition to the Ticket to Ride line!The rules are slightly different from the main board, just enough to keep you on your toes and be a fun twist on the same old game.This game gets very challenging very fast if you play with more than three players, since there are no double routes within the interior of the map. Our first five-player game got cutthroat very quickly.That said, several of us wish that the board had modern names. I know they’re going for a vintage aesthetic, but the names are distinctly colonial (Livingstonia?).

    One person found this helpful

    D. Friedland

  47. James Bolen

    Great Product

    Great Product!! Thank you very much!!

    James Bolen

  48. Benjamin Orem

    We like this version

    We have played several different continents, countries and regions. We like this version. You really should play it several times to get to know the region. The first time we played a couple of us took too many long distance destinations and ran out of trains. After playing a few times we got the hang of it. Stay with it, it’s a fun version.

    Benjamin Orem

  49. Joshua Gonzales

    Must Have Addition

    This is a great game already and even better with all the additional maps that are available. The Heart of Africa map is definitely worth getting and highly recommended!

    Joshua Gonzales

  50. Amazon Customer

    Second favorite expansion board

    The Swiss board is still our favorite expansion, but I love the addition of the terrain cards. It makes for high scoring games which is important to my kids (okay, it’s also important to me).I can’t recommend the Ticket to Ride series enough to anyone who likes board games. They teach strategy, geography and are just plain fun.

    Amazon Customer

  51. An Amazon Customer

    some interesting twists

    I’ve only played it once, but the game has some interesting twists. First of all, the board can get very crowded very quickly, even with just three players. You can almost count on being blocked more than once and, possibly, having to do a long and costly detour. Another challenging element is the way that colors are clustered on various parts of the board. You can find yourself only really needing three or four of the six colors throughout the whole game, and if those cards don’t come up and everyone needs those same colors, everyone is always picking off the top of the pile and amassing a handful of worthless cards. It comes down to who got blocked the least. As for the desert, jungle, and mountain cards, I’m not really sure how much they add to the game, although they do add kind of an “act now or wait?” intensity. I don’t think the instructions mention how the ferries in the game work, so if someone only has the original game, he or she may be confused.Anyway, it was fun, and I look forward to playing again to see whether my first impressions were completely on target.I know some of the versions in the past have been made in Germany, and these were always of high quality. This game was made in China, and the quality seemed a bit lacking. For example, the six-panel board didn’t fold completely flat–it was sort of “sprung” on one side.

    3 people found this helpful

    An Amazon Customer

  52. Creative Traveler

    … have 3 tickets to ride and this one is terrific. Love that you can add points with the …

    We have 3 tickets to ride and this one is terrific. Love that you can add points with the extra card. Helps strategy a lot. Great addition to our collection. Youtube it to see how to play fast. Not hard to learn. Need regular set for pieces. Not a stand alone game.

    Creative Traveler

  53. fourwalls

    This is a great addition to the Europe game

    The African expansion is a great addition to the European game. It’s a nice change from the other game and it has a different feel. The game board and cards are well designed and thought out. Highly recommend this expansion set. Get it now!

    3 people found this helpful


  54. Ryan

    Favorite Ticket to Ride Version

    We typically buy the game of the year (Spiel des Jahres) and this has been our favorite in our collection so far. We’ve played 4 or 5 versions of Ticket to Ride and this seems to be everyone’s favorite, especially for the price. Faster pace and set-up than some of the other boards.

    One person found this helpful


  55. Kiddo

    Great new edition

    For those who love Ticket to Ride, but are a bit tired of the same old strategies, this one definitely shakes things up. It took us a few games to get the hang of the strategy and knowing how and when to double the value of your routes, but figuring that out is key to winning. As noted in the rules, routes do get snapped up quickly in the middle of the continent, resulting in many unhappy players (‘Nooo, I can’t believe you just took my route!’) and need to rethink how you are getting to Windhoek…


  56. M. Miller

    Five Stars

    Fantastic addition to the Ticket to Ride game! Well made, well packaged and one of the best games around.

    M. Miller

  57. Amazon Customer

    Love it!

    I love it! One thing to note is this is an expansion game which means you needs the cards and pieces from the original game to play. It’s so fun! Love it!

    Amazon Customer

  58. P. Raymond

    Five Stars

    I will get anything in the Ticket to Ride series.

    One person found this helpful

    P. Raymond

  59. englishlitfan

    Fun and engaging but doesn’t take hours to play

    The whole family loves the Ticket to Ride board game series. Fun and engaging but doesn’t take hours to play, it also helps to review some geographical locations and become familiar with cities around the world. Great for anyone over age ten definitely!


  60. Orochi

    One of the Best

    If you want some more meat on your Ticket to Ride bones, Heart of Africa is for you. Collect and turn in terrain cards to double any and every segment you complete. The scoring possibilities are jaw-dropping.



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