ThinkFun Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Knot Tying Dexterity Game


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ThinkFun’s Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Innovative Knot Tying Game is designed as a fun way to help you exercise your brain. The 40 challenges will stretch your mental muscles, strengthening speed, focus, and memory. Just 15 minutes of play a day will reduce stress and provide a good brain workout. You’re on your way to a healthier brain!


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It turns out that tying knots is good for more than just being out in the wilderness. It’s actually a great brain building skill to have.The 40 knotty challenges in this game will have your neurons firing as you work to recreate the knots shown on the challenge cards with your rope. If you were never much of a scout, you may gain a new skill or two as you strengthen your spatial reasoning and dexterity skills!

Knot so Fast is a knot tying race game that Includes 4 color ropes, 2 rings and 40 challenges. Develops critical skills, spatial reasoning and dexterity through fun gameplay.

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