The Game of Things Card Game

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Start the party off with a light-hearted ice breaker like The Game of Things Card Game. Uncover more about your friends and family than you could ever want to know about.


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16 in stock

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Learn more about your friends than you might ever want to know with The Game of Things Card Game. This small card game can be played as it is, or you can add these brand new topic cards to the full version of The Game of Things. Enjoy a night of laughter and shocking secrets with your friends and family.

Players take turns picking a topic card and reading it out loud. Everyone then writes down an answer and hands it in to the reader. The reader reads the answers out loud while everyone laughs and tries to figure out which answer belongs to whom.

The Game of Things Card Game comes with 107 all new topic cards, a response pad, one hard shell card case, and instructions.

The Game of Things Card Game is a light and fun party game for 4 players ages 14 and up. Gameplay is approximately 25-45 minutes.

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