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Find out why Taboo is called “the game of unspeakable fun”! Try to get your teammates to guess a word, while you’re not allowed to say the words most closely associated with it. It takes creativity and quick thinking to win!


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Play Taboo, and find out why it’s called “the game of unspeakable fun”! The objective of Taboo sounds easy – get your team to guess a word while you try to describe it to them. It’s like word charades, right? There’s just one catch – each word has taboo words that you’re not allowed to say, and you can bet they’re the first things you can think of! With a timer counting down, how quickly can you get your friends to guess “Brain Freeze” without saying “Ice Cream”, “Headache”, “Eating”, “Cold”, or “Fast”? See what we mean? Now the pressure is on!

Taboo Board Game includes 162 cards, squeaker, sand timer, score pad, game-changer die, and instructions.

This fun and creative game is great for parties, and can be played by 4 or more players in 2 teams!

The current version of Taboo is the 2013 edition, and has completely new content from the older version.

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