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  • Stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps.
  • Slinky Jr. is made of silver metal for long lasting wiggly-jiggly fun
  • Comes boxed and perfect for presents, party favors, Easter baskets, grab bags, prizes and stocking stuffers


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Comes boxed and perfect for presents, party favors, Easter baskets, grab bags, prizes and stocking stuffers

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Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 9.53 cm
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Customers reviews

370 Reviews Write a review
  1. Sripoorna

    Value for money

    Item was of the most ace quality! Attractive packaging. Delivery was glorious. Would buy from again.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I remember them being bigger

    Seems smaller than my childhood days. But my kids love it

  3. KLT


    Purchased only for nostalgic reasons…I loved these in my childhood years, so much fun then.

  4. Jeanne

    Won’t go down the stairs……… so sad.

    Sent these to 3 different household with stairs…. it wouldn’t travel past the 2nd step at any of them. Disappointing.

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  5. JAC

    Grandkids loved.

    Grandkids loved.

  6. tia

    Good slinky

    It’s a good slinky but it does not go downstairs very well

  7. Jonny

    iPad’s are great, but…

    My six year old loves her tablet, but it can’t descend stairs or be expanded/stretched. Slinky solved this problem.Bonus points; no blue light! Great pre-bedtime fun!

  8. Rozanna Perry

    Squirrels hate it!

    I bought this to keep squirrels from climbing the bird feeder pole, and it’s doing the job.

  9. Savvy Shopper

    It’s a slinky !

    Who doesn’t love a slinky ? These were great Easter basket additions and well received by my granddaughters.

  10. Kristen R. Jones

    Item just as promised.

    Item was just as advertised. Fast shipping.

  11. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to use as a plastic bowl lid holder.

    I like that when joined end to end and taped together, it makes good slots to set your flat, plastic lids in.

  12. Nancy B.

    Bird feeder squirrel preventer!

    I actually purchased this to help with squirrels going after birdseed in the new feeder that I had recently made. I saw a video where someone used a slinky on their pole to deter the squirrels and thought I would try it. After two attempts, I got it right and have had no issues with no squirrels since. I saw 2 try to climb the pole and the slinky snapped them right back onto the ground and they’ve never tried again.

  13. Dreco

    Fun toy

    Amazon had these on sale for $2..Of course I had to buy this classic ttoy..I bought 3 of them.. 1 for me and one for my 2 neighbors kids..This is the original Slinky.. So it’s made with great quality and not like the knockoffs I had as a kid.. LOL

  14. karen sefcik

    best squirrel deterant

    I hung this from a shepards hook where my bird feeder is hanging…the squirrels tried many time to figure out how to get of the shepherds hook with the slinky hanging down from it…was fun to watch them jump on the slinky and end up back on the ground….squirrels no long try to get to the bird feeders…

  15. Jennifer A Gallegos

    Qualify is good

    My 6 yr old grandson loves it. Easy to use & did not break or tangle

  16. Bryan Price

    Smaller than thought

    It seems smaller than it looks like in the photo

  17. Amazon Customer

    Fun toy.

    Jut like I remembered it. I had one when I was a kid when they first came along.

  18. Samuel

    Incredibly durable and rust resistant

    I used this for my bird feeder rod, keeping squirrels from climbing up. It hasn’t rusted even slightly and maintains its tension perfectly months later.

  19. Roi d.

    Old nice toy

    My son loved it, but it didn’t last for more than a week until it got tangled

  20. Guy from the South

    Smaller than I remember

    The package was in very poor shape, but the slinky was good to go. I was hoping to have it go down the stairs like the old commercial, but it was far too small. Still a good toy.

  21. Cheryl C

    Great item

    I use these to keep squirts and chipmunks off my bird feeders. Have not noticed the critters lately.

  22. mike estes

    Did not work like the heavier original.

    Did not work like the heavier Originals

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  23. Michele

    Everyone loves slinky

    Love it

  24. Jennifer S

    Handy for keeping some squirrels away from eating from a birdfeeder

    Although I enjoyed the slinky as a kid, I saw that some people use them as a deterrent to squirrels who like to eat from the birdfeeder. For the more persistent squirrels, the birdfeeder is still accessible as some squirrels have learned to slowly climb up the slinky. For the more timid squirrels, one attempt to climb the slinky makes them run away — so overall, the slinky has paid off!

  25. Wink

    Better than plastic

    I use mine to give the squirrels are free ride to the ground from my bird feeder. Unfortunately their persistance has lead them to figure out how to reach within the gaps to resume climbing. Spray lubricant has stop them for the present.

  26. Anne Jones

    Disappointed it would not walk my stairs.

    Would not walk my stairs to show my great granddaughter. It’s ok for nostalgia .

  27. Jen


    Just like what I had as a kid. Great!

  28. JustOverBroke

    It’s A Slinky! What Can I say!

    Great price for a slinky. Always fun. Always limitless time killer.

  29. Amazon Customer

    So cool and fun.

    A classic. I love it.

  30. Lindsey Katherine

    Great OG slinky!

    Arrived in perfect packaging with no dents! Slinky was in perfect shape and not at all twisted or carelessly packaged. My son struggles to keep the plastic slinkies for very long, so I’m excited to see how this OG slinky holds up! He loves using it on our hardwood stairs!

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  31. Paul Voorheis

    Using to deter our squirrels from getting the bird seed.

    Works great. Hung this around the stand that holds our bird feeders and now every time the squirrels try to climb the pole our Slinky expands and they fall off. Slinky 5. Squirrels 0.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Great transaction

    My Granddaughter loves it

  33. Christina Murphy

    Great deterrent for squirrels

    I’m using this as a squirrel deterrent on my shepherds hook where I have two birdfeeders. I’m so tired of the squirrels trying to eat all the birdseed so I attached the slinky to the top so every time they try to climb up the pole to get the feed it’ll bounce them back down. Saw in the video and it does work.

  34. Anna Renee

    Just like my childhood

    This is like the exact same as my one from when I was a kid. It says 5+ but a 3 year old is more that capable of safely playing with it. I absolutely recommend this toy.

  35. Timothy Rathburn

    Still the same toy with the same feel.

    This is the thing; still acts and feels like they did 40 years ago. And for the reason I wanted them, they are perfect!

  36. spt

    Great gift for kids!

    I’d forgotten how much fun a Slinky is! It still bends and warps easily, but it’s great fun. And, yes, it still walks down hardwood stairs!

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  37. Barbara

    Great stocking stuffer

    Cute retro stocking stuffer

  38. Amy L.

    What did I expect?

    Nostalgia got the best of me, but just like when we were kids, my daughter had it tangled by the end of day 1. Still, the sound a Slinky makes is as nostalgic as a VW engine, am I right?

  39. Albert

    I had PART of a slinky. But I straightened it.

    I bought a bunch of “retro” toys for my kids recently. Slink is one of the few toys that haven’t been changes, made on the cheap, ruined…It’s a slinky. There’s not much to it. Don’t expect it to captivate kids in 2021. But it’s fun to play around with and show them all kinds of different toys.The metal ones don’t kink nearly as easily as the plastic ones – but why do slinky’s ALWAYS kink?

  40. Kathleen Schmitz

    Just like the ones I remember as a kid.

    Needs to relax a bit before walking down stairs. Good purchase.

  41. A. Kall

    Tried the slinky on a bird feeder pole

    can’t blame the slinky for not doing its job. After placing the slinky underneath the feeder, the idea was that the squirrels would jump up on the pole, get startled by the spring and jump off. That did not happen. They instead use the spring to climb up the pole with ease. All the feed is gone.

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  42. Jim R.

    It can keep squirrels and raccoons from climbing your birdfeeder pole!

    This is the original slinky so it is tuff! Am using this as a guard of sorts for a birdfeeder pole that was an easy climb for squirrels and raccoons. It has been in place about three weeks now and the birdfeeders have been unapproachable from below!!!

  43. Erin G

    5 year old obsessed

    My 5 year old son wanted a slinky terribly after we moved into a new house with stairs. He was thrilled to get the slinky and played with it nonstop. He was able to “walk it down the stairs” perfectly and had great excitement doing so! As this was his first slinky we tried warning him that sometimes a slinky can get tangled up. I was very impressed with the quality and heaviness of the slinky. Unfortunately this one got tangled in a few days after excessive use and no longer folds all the way up.

  44. Tricia Mills

    Always fun

    Stairs are essential

  45. Tchesai


    The problem with this Slinky is that it isn’t the Slinky I grew up with. It will not walk down stairs. I think it may be shorter. Once again, a product has been changed. I believe to make it less durable. Seems that’s the way of the times.Other than that it was fine. My grandkids loved it just like Ioved those superior ones of yesteryear!

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  46. JBtrees

    The original Slinky!

    I bought this last Christmas for my son who was 8 years old at the time. He had been asking me for a slinky. He had some cheap plastic versions in the past that didn’t work well and tangled very easily. I was delighted to find the original Slinky on Amazon! It appears to be the same brand and quality as the slinky I had when I was a child! It’s held up great over the past year! It rarely gets tangled, and when it does it’s been easy to separate. I’m very pleased with this purchase!

  47. Phillip McCloud

    As Advertised

    Thus created a deja’vu moment for me. Just like it was when i was a young lad in the early 60’s.

  48. victoria j fisher

    My grandson loves it

    My grandson is so happy to have it. He loves slinky’s.

  49. Kayla

    Great service, good slinky, not like the original though

    Got this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Wanted her to have the classic walking toy! While it does not walk really I still like it. You get that same feel when you shift it in your hands. She loves it l. Seller was super fast too! Thanks for that as it was tike sensitive! Not what I remember it being but this is the BEST and closest one I have found so buy it!

  50. Makai F

    The OG

    The original slinky toy that everyone grew up on and loves!

  51. Erich

    It’s shorter than it used to be

    The Slinky Original, well, isn’t. They’ve lost roughly 1/3 of the height, which means it won’t go down stairs. But, if you’re anything like me, that’s ok, since I could never get the [swear word] thing to go down stairs even at full size.Otherwise, it’s a Slinky, and you really can’t go wrong with one. I’m 48, and just had to order my wife her own Slinky, since she keeps playing with mine. They’re fun, they’re noisy, and they do much more than go down stairs.

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  52. Diana Weathers

    great squirrel deterrent

    I git this to put on the bird feeder pole to keep squirrels from the feeder – works great!

  53. Happy

    Keeps squires off feeders!

    Great to keep off bird feeders.

  54. E27

    It doesn’t stop squirrels

    I bought this to thwart a squirrel, but no luck. I did however find a plastic dome from Amazon that does. I guess I’ll have to gift it to someone.

  55. Really



  56. sharlotte kelley

    It works for it’s intended use.

    I used the slinky on my Shepard’s staff to keep the squirrels out of my bird feeder. It works!

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  57. Michele


    Classic toy at a great price

  58. Marcus Smith

    It was fun

    The 10 year old girl loved it.

  59. Shawn Faulkner

    Takes Me back to my Childhood!

    Wonderful price and product it perfect! Just the way I remember them! So Nostalgic!

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  60. Debbie Lynn

    Perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

    Used for a stocking stuffer. The circumference seems smaller than I remember but maybe that was because I was just a kid and it seemed larger. We’ve tried to get it to walk down our stairs but it’s not working. But the kiddo still enjoys using it.

  61. Amazon Customer


    I bought thisnto hang on my bird feeders so the squirrels couldn’t eat allllll the bird food! Works great for that! Haha

  62. R&R

    Best squirrel deterent out there

    I’ve been in a battle with the local tree rats for the better part of two years.I’ve tried everything to keep them out of my bird feeders. I understand that they need to eat as well but, when there are 5 of them trying to get in the feeders at any given time, they leave nothing for the birds.On my main feeder, I installed a piece of aluminum vent, which worked wonders.I’ve had to take down feeders that were hanging from my house because they climb up the siding.That left just the suet feeders on a shepherds hook to be dealt with.Nothing worked for longer than a day or so. I’ve tried cooking oil, and though it was amusing to watch them pole dance, jump up, slide down, jump up, slide down, it only lasts for a day.I’ve tried habanero oil , and that lasts only until the seed get wets.Bring in the slinky!In order to get it on the double shepherds hook, I had to open it up like you would put a key on a key chain, and keep turing it until around and around until it was on the pole. I then made sure to leave a 4-5 loops around the top of the hook because I knew those tree rats were gong to put the slinky to the test.It isn’t 100% squirrel proof, as they do get lucky now and then and manage to get up the pole but I’m going through less bird seed than ever before!Totally satisfied!

  63. Kattarina

    A CLASSIC!!!

    My 3 grandsons loved this toy – as I did 60 years ago!!! CLASSIC!!!

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  64. TRON-ja-307020


    Absolutely happy with my buy. Went in knowing that it would only work on one set of stairs in my house. For anyone who doesn’t know, stairs use to be very narrow steps. New houses/stairs are MUCH deeper and will fit your full foot on them(unless you have very big feet) where as older stairs fit about 1/2 to 2/3 of your foot. That said it works amazing on the stairs that are original to my house(built in 1931) and as expected flops a single step on the newer ones. If you have new stairs look for a larger slinky(giant one might work) if you want it to go down stairs.

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  65. Kathy Ianno

    Great old school toy

    Love it awesome


    Squirrels laughed.

    Didn’t help with my squirrel issue with bird feeders. Didn’t even slow them down.

  67. Abraham

    As a slinky lover, I’m satisfied

    I bought this for my personal use. I have my own slinkies collection. This is as good as the other pricy ones I have but for a cheaper price. Highly recommended. Worth your money.

  68. Amazon Customer


    Bought for DH while recovering from lung cancer.We both enjoyed it.Very nostalgic and fun!

  69. Lisa A. Hawkins

    Great for bird feeders!…yes, you read that right.

    Sooo….we did not purchase this as a toy. We bought it to wrap around the pole that holds our bird feeders. The squirrels love taking over our bird feeders, and we wanted something that would prevent them from eating all the bird food. Well, this works like a charm!We wrapped the slinky around the top of the “T” shaped pole and let it hang down the pole about halfway. When the squirrels run up the pole and climb onto the slinky, they get an elevator ride to the ground! It does not hurt the squirrels, and it saves the bird food for the birds. We have been using the slinky in this manner for a week and so far the squirrels have not figured out a way around it.I enjoyed playing with a slinky as a kid, and now I enjoy it just as much as an adult :)UPDATE: We have been using the slinky on our bird feeder for a few months now and not a single squirrel has made it to the feeder. I’m uploading some pics so you can see how it works.

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  70. matthew

    A kid favorite

    It’s a great gift for kids. After all these years and the computer age the slinky still makes a great gift. I bought one for my 5 year old and he loves it. You could call this thing the ultimate fidget toy as well. It just keeps them entertained.

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  71. Robert Kozenko

    It’s a slinky

    It’s a slinky, how could it not be rated 5 stars?

  72. Joseph Onesta

    Smaller than I Remember

    The product was fine. Of course I bought it out if nostalgia. In that sense it was great having one again. I like the metal. It’s exactly the toy I remember but smaller and not as easy to control. Bigger hands? Buy one for nostalgia and enjoy.

  73. V.E.

    Classic Toy

    The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy, Metal Slinky, Fidget Toys, Party Favors and Gifts,- love this toy, perfect for all ages; so happy I could get the original version of this, and not a plastic one. Highly recommend.

  74. Angel cruz

    Its fun

    Its fun to play with but it has a smell of like metal but its okay for the amount it is

  75. Jacky


    Great and basic top for kids.

  76. Adi

    !The best

    My kids can play with it for days

  77. Monique Spaulding

    Not satisfied

    Not like when we were kids

  78. veronica o.

    I used this to get rid of squirrels and it worked.

    It’s made well and the squirrels hate it. I love it.

  79. DT

    It’s a metal slinky

    It arrived unscathed and was as slinky as I remember it from growing up.

  80. Angela Roberts

    Great toy

    Works to deter squirrels

  81. AGuyWhoReads

    Nice looking, but like slinkies didn’t last

    Kids are hard on these things, so take that with an understatement. The kids had a blast while it lasted, and brought up fond memories for me. Was good for the price.

    3 people found this helpful

  82. Mindy

    Great idea for bird feeders

    Great for keeping squirrels from climbing poles to bird feed!

  83. Chris

    Seems like these aren’t as good as they used to be.

    We can’t get it to go down stairs. So it’s more just slinks…

  84. Jerry White

    Fun for kids

    Fun for kids

  85. Shauna

    Used as a baffle in a bird house pole

    Cheap solution to keep a snake out of the birdhouse.

  86. Dennis Jones

    It’s a slinky

    It will keep you busy for hours on end.

  87. Kendra Breyfogle


    I started a nostalgia curio in my room! Boy does this bring up memories!

  88. Leticia Vela


    It really speaks for itself! It’s the classic slinky I grew up with! There are so many versions but nothing compares! Highly recommended!

  89. Terry Daniels


    Great fun classic slinky that everyone grew up playing with!

  90. AS

    Easily bent

    Metal is easily bent and it never goes back to the way it was. Plastic would probably be better.

  91. Ken T

    Great nostalgic bye

    It’s great that the slinky is actually still made the United States and it’s made of metal not like the fake plastic ones you see

  92. Travis Eades



  93. YJ

    Cutest fun nostalgia kiddos gift

    Christmas giftsI hope they have as much slinky fun as I did as a kiddo.

  94. Ms. Jaguar


    loved them!❤️

  95. W Barne

    Half the fun is untangling it

    Nostalgic. It does tangle, but it’s a metal slinky so that’s expected.

  96. mkabel

    Great for keeping squirrels off bird feeder pole.

    Great for keeping squirrels off bird feeder pole.

  97. K. Brown-Azzarello

    The Real Deal!

    I learned recently that my grandchildren had only ever played with a plastic Slinky. I was grateful to find the original metal version, and added these to their Easter baskets. They really thought they were cool. The sound, the feel as the weight shifts from left to right while you’re playing with it in your hands. Then, the ‘walking down the stairs’ trick… the kids didn’t believe it could work, and when it did – we all laughed! One negative note… as the originals do, they can get “sprung”, and twisted onto themselves. But…. they are just so great before any mishaps.

    One person found this helpful

  98. Aderonke Shoyemi

    Just as expected

    Used it before so it’s perfect as I wanted

  99. Rachel

    It’s nice

    She remembers it’s gifting and still has it today.Only it’s got a kink in it now.

  100. Joy

    Squirrel proof

    Someone told me if you wrap the bottom of the fruit tree with the slinky keeps the squirrels away. So far so good

  101. Eddie Ohio

    Gave it for a gift

    I heard that it wouldn’t work

    One person found this helpful

  102. Amazon Customer

    Kids love it

    Kids of all ages enjoy this! Also, it’s not cheap like the other ones so it’s lasted longer

    One person found this helpful

  103. M Rood

    Hard to believe it’s identical to Original Slinky

    This makes it down only 2 steps. Not the Original slinky I had as a kid. Very disappointed.

    2 people found this helpful

  104. WBBCoop

    It’s a slinky..

    I mean..I don’t know about you guys..but back when they first came out they were..well..a toy!IT’s a fidget toy..not a device that shows extraordinary physical prowess. I never did try to crawl them down stairs or off a 4’ table (although I did try some extremes back in the day).For what it’s just simple physical fun.As with all things, don’t try to press it to the max and expect any longevity. Play it with your hands. It’s a toy..treat as such..and you will get what you paid for.

  105. Terri


    I purchased 3 Original Slinky toys for my grandchildren, ages 16-6. It was so much fun watching them rip open the package and the puzzling look when they opened the box. I told them how they could make their slinky walk down the stairs- the 16 and 6 year old RAN to the stairs where they spent the next hour racing slinkys down the hall steps. A great toy that even if for a short time gave them as much fun as I had when I was a kid.

    One person found this helpful

  106. Jeremiah Ferguson

    the original slinky

    what more can be said its a slinky. takes some wear and tear to make it work on steps but very sturdy and well constructed but don’t think you wont tangle it if your not careful

  107. Kathy F., Peoria

    Squirrel-Repellng Slinky

    We bought several Slinklies to secure onto our shepherd’s crooks to keep squirrels from climbing the poles and getting on our suspended bird feeders. We had seen a Slinky used for this purpose in a Facebook post. The Slinkies work! We’ve actually never seen a squirrel try to climb one of the poles since the Slinkies have been installed. We don’t know if they tried and failed (while we weren’t looking) or if the squirrels are creeped out by the sight of the Slinkies. Anyway, they serve our purposes, and we will continue to use them!

    3 people found this helpful

  108. Joshlyn ovitt

    The original slinky!!

    Super excited to gift my kids these for an upcoming holiday! They always get the little cheap ones that twist and tangle, the original slinky is so so much better!!! Can’t beat the price on Amazon PLUS the super fast shipping i mean come on!

  109. Sarah Washington

    My kid absolutely loves his slinky

    I felt like this wasn’t the original slinky but it has been too long for me to actually remember so it totally could be…I thought they were bigger in diameter and longer but I was a little kid so it totally would have been bigger and longer! Anyway sorry for the crappy review! Maybe I should have just left this: My two year old son loves his slinky! This was one of his favorite Christmas gifts this year.

  110. richnbeck

    Great Toy & Squirrel Exerciser

    Bought one to cover the pole for my bird feeder–was told it would keep squirrels off the pole. Nope. Now the squirrels get an aerobic workout before their smorgasbord.

  111. Dee Bee

    Ok’ School

    This toy is still one of the Greatest inventions!

  112. Susan Martin

    Just like we remember

    Just like ones we played with as children.

  113. Gail Moore

    Thwarting squirrels

    I used these slinkies to keep squirrels out of my bird feeders they worked for a few weeks but then ninja squirrels learned to jump from the trees right onto the bird feeder. It was pretty hilarious before they figured it out. Totally worth the $$$. A slinky and a baffle will keep them out of most feeders unless it’s jumpable.

  114. Kendra

    Love it

    Great quality metal slinky!

  115. K

    Great slinky

    I gifted this slinky to my little cousins for there birthday. They loved it. It is a great quality metal slinky. It doesn’t get all tangled up. Great slinky.

  116. Amazon Customer

    F’in rad!

    What more ca. you ever want!? Slinky’s are Rad!

  117. Trisha

    Not only a toy

    So I have 5+ squirrels that come and eat all my suet cakes within hours of putting them out. They are no longer afraid of the dogs in the window, they actually sit there and taunt my poor boys. While looking for squirrel deterrents, I saw a slinky to put on a shepherd’s hook. So, I bought this because it was much cheaper. I hung out a large suet cake with nuts for the woodpeckers and I am happy to say that it’s been 1 week and it’s still there……only the birds are at it. Who knew!!

    4 people found this helpful

  118. Dan

    Close to the original slinky.

    It does seem smaller than the slinky I had as a kid, but I understand that memories fade over time. According to the info I’ve seen, this is just a little shorter than the original by a little under 1/2″. That being said, I can verify that it does not “step” down stairs like the old ones. It may do one of two and then just rolls. Maybe the stairs are different now too. Anyhow, for the money, it is a great gift.

    One person found this helpful

  119. D. D.

    Slinky is a Slinky

    Nice little gift

  120. Rachel

    Parental review

    Ok/good product.Well made has a nice weight to it. If handled gently could last longer but it did not survive more than an hour in my toddlers hands before it was destroyed. I have to say my kids had an absolute blast playing with it. When stretched completely out it is very long but does unfixable damage as expected when a toddler is on each end fighting for it. Fun toy very nostalgic. Limited play time with less than careful user. Giftable and good value price.

  121. Sarah McKay

    What’s not to love?

    Who doesn’t love a slinky? My 6 year old nephew requested a slinky and was very excited to receive this one. It’s metal so it’s durable. He’s had it for two weeks already and it still retains it’s shape and spring.

  122. Mary Rightsell

    I had one when I was a kid

    Brought one for my granddaughter and she loves it plays with it all the time.

  123. Christine


    Yes it’s really fun

  124. Purplehayes2

    Unexpected use in battling counter surfing cats

    I bought this to keep squirrels from climbing the shepherds hook that holds my bird feeders. So far it seems to be working. I did find an unexpected use for one of them. I had purchased 2. Of course I had to play with one before putting it on the shepherds hook…it brought back some fond childhood memories. While bouncing it from hand to hand I noticed my cats running in terror from the noise. They were afraid of it! I slowly approached them trying to alleviate their fears while I was holding the slinky still. Nope- they took off like a shot. I realized I could use this to my advantage. The second slinky now resides on my countertop. I’ve unfolded it so both ends are touching the counter in the iconic upsidedown U shape. For the most part it has kept my cats off of the counter. If I see them up there all I have to do is jiggle it to make some noise and they run in fear. Not saying this will work for everyone who has a counter surfing cat but for me it is another option to be used in our counter surfing battles.

  125. Margie Woodard

    It performs very well

    It performs well

  126. Kim Rusch

    Works but not on stairs

    I bought this for grandchild. It does not do steps because when it falls off edge it doesn’t land close enough to edge of power step to continue.

  127. Trish

    No more squirrel problems

    I put them on the bird feeder poles and they cannot climb up and steal the bird food anymore!! Works perfectly in our yard!!!

  128. Paul Brooks

    It’s very nostalgic I love it ❤️

    Love it

  129. Donnell Hurkman

    kids loved

    I bought this cause we moved to a place with stairs. I showed my kids how to do it and it kept them interained for at least 30 mins. It also gave us some fun family time. and some memories

  130. Robert A.Jordan

    These are great but aren’t long enought for most stairs.

    They’re as I remembered, but smaller. Yhey don’t work well on stairs.

  131. Amanda M. McMahon

    Doesn’t make it down steps

    This wasn’t long enough for standard indoor steps. Good for flipping back and forth in hand and that’s about it.

    One person found this helpful

  132. Fenuzio

    It’s such a wonderful toy!

    Used it to keep the squirrels from climbing the shepherds hook for bird feeders. They don’t like the ride.

  133. Tina Huck

    Keeps squrriels out of bird feeders

    I was so tired of trying just about everything to keep the squrriels out of my bird feeders. Well this is the perfect solution.

  134. ali khan

    I wish they were little bigger

    You must have narrow steps to make it work.

  135. Slowalkintexan

    It works expected,, what else can I say about a decades old toy?

  136. KMSB

    Real deal!

    Nice slinky – Easter basket filler!

  137. Tammy

    Should have waited.

    Gift for a child. Seems the same compared to the same ones years ago. Price was ridiculous but had other items ordered wanted all sent together.

  138. Aria


    I know the Slinky has been around for 75 years. However, I didn’t realize I was ordering one from 75 years ago. I bought this to give as a birthday gift for a perfect little boy I know turning 6 on March 11th. The box is so beat up I’m embarrassed to give it to him. And it’s too much of a hassle to return it. I’m still going give it to him. Just not for his birthday. Or at least not as the only gift, which means now I have to figure out something else! The price was phenomenal though.

  139. Sandman

    Take that squirrels!

    Got tired of squirrels hanging off our shepherds pole and eating all the bird food out of the feeders. I put this over the vertical pole and the squirrels can no longer climb to the feeders.

  140. Linda Bailey

    Grandkids loved them

    I bought 3 slinkys. The kids loved them but they do seem to be a little downsized from what I remember as a kid. All three boxes were beat up some ( less giftable) but the kids didn’t mind. It’s printed on the box made in the USA so I was happy about that. Even though they are original nothing today is made as good as it was years ago. But the main thing is that the kids liked them.

  141. Butchy Boy

    I was expecting a full size slinky

    Received a small version. Probably my fault though for not reading the entire description. Still, the edges where the Slinky is trimmed were sharp as was both end pieces. I don’t remember losing any blood playing with a Slinky as a kid but I think I would playing with this one. Back in the box it goes and onto the shelf with the rest of my pop icon play toys from the 60’s and 70’s

  142. Jesse Schutz


    My little nephew loves it it’s incredible I ordered it shipping was fast the item is high quality I’d recommend this for any youngster

  143. Paul H Martinage, Jr.

    Keeps most of the squirrels out of the feeder

    Bought this to put on a pole for the bird feeder. I saw that is good at keeping the squirrels from climbing the pole. Works well, but there is always 1 or 2 that figure out how to get by it.

  144. Britt

    Get what you pay for

    This was no match for my son lasted maybe 4 days

  145. Amazon Customer

    It slinks

    It slinks…like a slinky. I like to ride it down the stairs.

  146. WorkFromHome

    Squirrel Guard

    Slid it around the bird feeder pole. Zipped tied one end to the top of the pole and the rest stretches out down the pole. Totally frustrates squirrels trying to reach the bird feeder.

  147. Maruchy

    Good for the price

    It’s ok

  148. Jake

    As others have said… Meh

    I got a slinky a few years ago and it’s great. Recently my gf played with mine and thought she’d like one. However this slinky is not as good as mine.Pros:The metal seems of decent qualityIt does behave like a slinky for the most partCons:The ends of the coil are not linked back, leaving a sharp end that will easily tangleIt seems shorter than my slinkyDoes not seem to walk down the stairsWinding seems inconsistent, leaving a bumpy profile rather than a smooth one

    One person found this helpful

  149. JMDH

    I used this to wrap my birdfeeder pole to keep the squirrels from climbing up

    I used this to wrap my birdfeeder pole to keep the squirrels from climbing up it WORKS!

  150. QuietU2

    Classic Toy

    Classic toy that never grows old, but to those of us who played with it as children cannot say the same.

  151. Dana

    Gray gift

    Gray gift! Cheap and fun

  152. Vee Vee

    Fun to have

    I got this for my kid. He loves playing with it. It brought back memories of my childhood. Definitely reccomend.

  153. Roadmapmaker

    Just like the original

    I used this slinky to keep squirrels off my bird feeder pole and it’s quite entertaining also.

  154. Meg

    Great stocking stuffer!

    Satisfied with this slinky! Great for stuffing my stockings this christmas for kids!

  155. Marcus Weston

    Awesome and fun.

    Got this for my 5 year old. She loves it.

  156. Melissa Turner

    Get stocking stuffer for the grandkids!

    I ordered six of these for my grandkids as a little present for them when they all got together this summer. They enjoyed playing together with them so much!

  157. Tammy O

    It’s a Slinky… What Else is There to Know?

    It’s a Slinky… What else is there to know? It’s perfectly great as a slinky toy. I like that it’s metal like the ones I played with when I was a little girl. I gave it 5 Stars all the way for its “intended purpose” as a toy.What I’m about to say has no bearing on my review but I thought I’d share a little added info about the Slinky’s alternative use as a critter / squirrel deterrent since I thought there may be others who have decided to purchase a Slinky for that same reason I did. Let me just say it was a TOTAL FAILURE and total waste of money as a squirrel deterrent and I’m glad I put out only one of the two Slinkies I bought. Don’t waste your money if you are expecting to use it to keep the squirrels away from your bird feeder. Mine worked the first day. In fact, I took pleasure witnessing a squirrel trying to climb up my feeder pole and he immediately took that elevator ride straight down to the ground floor and ran away. I thought to myself, “Yay, this is going to work!!”. 😀 HOWEVER, it did not take long for the squirrels to stop being afraid of it and they started climbing it anyway. Also, I’m not so sure that raccoons weren’t climbing up the pole at night because the Slinky became extremely stretched out so much so I think something really heavy was climbing. Either way, it was destroyed in less than a week. : ‘-( I haven’t removed it yet and the squirrels just ignore it and climb straight up the pole and hang upside down on my “squirrel proof” bird feeder for their daily buffet.So to summarize…. it works great for its intended purpose as a toy but a total failure as a critter deterrent at the bird feeder. I gave 5 STARS for being a toy!

    8 people found this helpful

  158. John Gerry

    What’s not to Love about a Slinky???

    It’s a slinky, it works, what the hell else is there to say.

  159. Carol Berndt


    This product went to my three grandkids who love slinky’s.

  160. Valdryn


    Wish they were still made this way,so much better than the crappy plastic ones.

  161. Tasha Thompson

    Old toys, yes!

    My kids had the plastic ones but they just would get tangled up all the time. We purchased this and it was perfect! Great choice. Not to expensive!

  162. Daniel Hammer

    Great gift

    Purchased for a 6 yr olds bday. She loved it

  163. Mayte arceo

    Fun item

    This item brought childhood memories


    It’s a slinky!

    I use this on my shepherds hooks plant stand. Not perfect but does help keeping squirrels and chipmunks off my bird feeders. Mostly works.

  165. Lisa

    Great Slinky

    This is for sure the real deal! This slinky is made good and is heavy duty! It differing a true Sliniky

  166. Morcego Vermelho


    Is okay

  167. Chr1s

    Life changing!

    It’s fun for a girl or a boy!

  168. Amazon Customer

    Items as described.smooth transaction

    Items as described. Stocking stuffers for grandchildren for Christmas. What kid doesn’t like slinky? . I’m sure they’ll love them.

  169. Theismann

    Love it!

    I use those to calm my nerves, think in the mindset of a fidget spinner. It’s durable, hasn’t broken nor bent since having it. Caught it on sale so the value is there. Would definitely buy again if needed.

  170. Dr. Sleuth

    It’s for everyone!

    Great long-lasting fun for everyone. The price is right. My three grandsons all love their slinkies.

  171. Darryl Murphy

    It’s a slinky.

    Did you not have one as a kid? It’s brand name. It’s great.

  172. Ms Sensitive Skins

    Great nostalgia item the kids loved these!

    We used these as accents for my mom’s 90th birthday party. Everyone adored them, and wanted to know where I got them. We gave them out with old fashioned candy and cookies as party flavors afterwards!!

  173. Mac C.

    Just like the original

    Other than the box itself, this slinky was just like the original one. It’s not the cheap plastic version they sell now, and has a little weight to it. Unless someone sets out to specifically damage it, this slinky won’t break or wear out like a new version. I got it on sale, so it was well worth the price.

  174. Joyce C Leathers

    Great toys

    My grandkids love doing “walk down the stairs” with the slinkies. They love them!!!

  175. Zane Mcphetridge

    Worth the money!

    Very durable!

  176. leahsnotes

    Smaller but real slinky

    The slinky I had 50 years ago was longer and larger. Longer so it could go down stairs..this one cant..and it’s just not the same old slinky but it is the smaller size one for sure..better then the plastic ones .

  177. Tiff

    Not like when we were kids

    I’ve gotten two of these hoping they were like I remembered having when I was young.. my daughter played with them and both of them when attempting to slinky them down the stairs (like we did as kids) a portion of the slimy bent and now no longer is usable.. stinks they just don’t make them the same.

  178. Truthly

    Value for the money

    This is awesome product for the priceStrongly recommend

  179. Detroit1701

    detector squirrel a aswork Doesn’t

    Didn’t distract squirrels from climbing the bird feeder

  180. Mildred Brown

    A toy that keeps on giving

    I’m using this Slinky as a surprise giftOf Christmases gone by at the annual Christmas party.

  181. Amazon Customer

    Great toy but I wanted it to store tubs lids in kitchen: that failed

    I saw someone using a plastic slinky for tub lid storage but the metal one was a fail for that.

  182. Tinuwiel


    I used this on my long bird feeder pole. It has been around 2 months and squirrels still couldn’t get to the feeder.

  183. Wife/Mom/Warrior Goddess

    It’s a slinky.

    Came as described, works as intended.

  184. Sheila Graudons

    Great gift

    These were purchased for my grandsons Easter baskets. They are aged 4 & 7. They play with the Slinky almost daily. Once they saw it in their baskets, they lost interest in the candy & other items in their baskets. This was a terrific gift!

  185. David M McLean

    Old school toy

    What’s not to like about a Slinky?

  186. Corleonev

    Squirrel deterrent

    Works well as squirrel deterrent on single shepherd hooks. We were not able to figure out how to get it to work with double shepherd hooks.

  187. Adam H.

    Love 8t just dont give ot to a 5 year old…

    Love it just get it for yourself or or a kid older than 8 yrs old my 5 year old destroyed it

    2 people found this helpful

  188. Michelle Turner

    Everyone Loves A Slinky

    I only scored this a 4 on durability because I have yet to meet one person that doesn’t tangle and bend one of these. But if you’re careful it can fulfill its toy destiny. Totally worth it!

  189. Mugwhamp

    Do not give this to a 5 year old

    My favorite 5 year old really wanted the metal original Slinky. I have no idea how he even knew such existed. In any case, the metal slinky is no match for a 5 year old. I think he got about an hour of happiness until it was bent beyond use.

  190. Jay D Dodson

    Not like the Slinky I had growing up

    Within 10 minutes it was bent and not usable. Wont buy again

  191. Serena

    Still Fun After All These Years

    I purchased these to include Operation Christmas child Shoe Boxes. They seem to be the same slinky that have been around forever.

  192. Ruben Hernandez


    Ami hijo le.encanto

  193. Amazon Customer

    Came in handy

    My husband actually used this to keep squirrels off our bird feeder! And it works.

  194. Kristen R. Jones

    Item just as promised.

    Item was just as advertised. Fast shipping.

  195. Michael Roberts

    It’s a slinky

    Got this because of the latest squirrel deterrent videos going around. Lately have a squirrel that’s going crazy with the free food I put out. So got this to attach the pole. Seems to work. The food is lasting much, much longer. As far as other reviews, nothing was broken on it and no sharp edges. The end of the spiral should be clamped so the end doesn’t cut anyone which mine was. But as far as the box, I do agree this would be hard to gift. Amazon is cutting corners by using basically paper bags to ship things now. This Slinky box doesn’t stand a chance. It was severely squashed which made it looked like used. Didn’t matter to me since it was for me and the bird feeder poles but if you’re trying to wrap this up and give as a gift, might not look so nice.

    One person found this helpful

  196. KLT


    Purchased only for nostalgic reasons…I loved these in my childhood years, so much fun then.

  197. shannon

    A kids toy

    If you want to buy this for a bird feeder to keep the squirrels off don’t waste your money it doesn’t work

    One person found this helpful

  198. DeniseY

    Who wouldn’t give the original Slinky 5 stars?

    What’s not to love about Slinky? It appeals to the senses of sight, sound, and touch in a variety of ways and often altogether. It’s a great fidget device, and it promotes problem-solving skills when learning how to make it “walk” down the stairs. As a high school teacher, this is a favorite desktop piece of mine. It often sparks conversation with coworkers and students.I gave these to my adult children and their spouses as stocking stuffers for Christmas–it evoked genuine smiles as they opened them and played with them on the spot. I wondered how they might respond as adults, but they were very happy to receive them.

  199. Tucker

    not as fun as when you are a kid

    brings back memories.

    One person found this helpful

  200. nick

    great toy

    gifted this to my younger brother since it was so cheap. just your average slinky. great price

  201. Toni H.

    Squirrel proof

    We were having trouble with the squirrels climbing up the bird feeder pole and eating all the seed. My husband attached one end of the slinky over the top of the pole and let it drop down. The pole on the inside and slinky on the outside. Worked like a charm. The squirrels can’t climb the pole with the slinky wire in the way. The birds are happy and so are we.

    One person found this helpful

  202. james chance

    It does not work like old slinky not long enough for today’s stairs.

    ou know that video where someone has a slinky on their tall pole bird feeder and the squirrel keeps dropping down to the ground and can never get into the bird feeder? IT WORKS! After I “laced” this around the pole of my bird feeder, a squirrel happened by a few minutes later, and he took a few looks at the slinky, and ran off without attempting it! I bet anything there’s some neighbors who have done similar!Yes, it rusts when exposed to the elements, but if it’s only being used outside and not for kids, then it makes no difference to me! The birds can enjoy their feed and suet without the pesky squirrels!

    One person found this helpful

  203. Marge

    Works awesome for diy peanut holder for blue jays

    I used this and a 10 inch craft ring & zip tied the slinky around the circular frame and stuffed it with peanuts. $6 compared to buying almost exact same thing for $20. Birds don’t care. They love it. Have to have it on a squirrel proof pole or they just shake all the peanuts out of it. Blue jays, cardinals & woodpeckers love it.

    One person found this helpful

  204. Jeanne M.

    Keeps squirrels away from bird feeder

    Just a basic slinky but so far keeping squirrels away from bird food

  205. fedaykin

    Typical Slinky

    Bought it thinking it would be a blast for my daughter….but then I remembered how terribly slinky’s actually work.

  206. SA

    Poor product and broken in 2 days.

    Poor product and broken in 2 days.

  207. Barbara King

    Good pretty

    The child is very happy with this gift

  208. Amazon Customer

    Not as durable or functional as it was in the past

    I was excited about getting the slinky for my kids so they could enjoy the same toy that I did growing up. Bought both the big and the original versions with same results. Both easily bent out of shape with stretching and both do not walk down longer steps that are common in newer homes built in the 2000s. Overall fun while it lasted but not as durable or functional for the 2020s.

    2 people found this helpful

  209. No More Books

    More than a toy

    I purchased Slinky not as a toy but to wrap around the shepherd’s hook I have my birdfeeder hanging on to keep squirrels out of the seed. It works! No more squirrels climbing up and gobbling the seed before the birds know it’s there. I did have to use a pair of pliers to disconnect one end of the Slinky so I could attach it to the pole. I’ve had it there for several months and have not noticed any damaging effects such as rust yet.

  210. Wayne L Fox

    Keeps the squirrels away

    Squirrels can’t climb on a pole with slinky attached

  211. Cape Codder

    Spring into action …

    Back to the “Fifties” … The original Slinky is still available

  212. Michael

    Not your parent’s slinky.

    If you are buying this as a nostalgic toy, you are going to be seriously disappointed. Compared to the slinkies of old, the metal is not as thick, the sides are not as smooth, and doesn’t perform the way the old Slinky is did.If you are buying this to keep squirrels off your bird feeder, you’ve got a great product.

  213. B P

    It’s smaller than the original

    I was so excited to show my son how to make it go down the stairs like I used to as a kid. Unfortunately, the “original” slinky is much smaller than the original size back in the day.

  214. Chicago Gurl

    Squirrel deterrent

    Bought two and watch squirrels go for a ride. My birds say thanks.

  215. Percy M

    Me regresó a mi niñez

    Es el original de acero, muy por encima de las versiones baratas de plástico. Lo he regalado a varios amigos mayores y todos lo han recibido con una sonrisa en la cara, también se le di mis nietas y les encantó. Sigue siendo tan divertido como siempre.

  216. Sandy

    Bought these to deter squirrels from bird feeders

    Bought these to deter squirrels from my bird feeder. Attached the slinky to the top of the pole, wrapped it around the pole to the bottom. Attached the slinky to the bottom. No more squirrels climbing up and eating all of the bird seed.

  217. Cheryl Sinisi

    Perfect to deter squirrels

    This is the original Slinky and is perfect for keeping the pesty squirrel away from bird feeder.You simply slide it down Shepard hook. The curve of pole holds slinky in place while the rest hand down pole. When squirrels come they grab on but can not hold on because of spring back motion of slinky!!!! Best trick ever so far to keeping them away and keeping birds happy!!

  218. Rev

    Fun !

    Work great as a squirrel deterrent on a birdfeeder pole

  219. Rxlunatic

    It’s fun it’s fun everyone knows it’s slinky

    It walks down stairs alone or in pairs. It makes a slinkity sound. Classic toy for classic fun.

  220. Jamsmith

    Classic Slinky

    This toy is the classic slinky. It’s extremely well made and a great toy. It makes a great fidget toy and is perfect for sending down stairs.

  221. Amazon Customer

    Many uses

    The media could not be loaded.

    One person found this helpful

  222. Carl J. Mistlebauer

    Use These In The Garden

    I use slinkies in my garden to keep squirrels from climbing up the Shepard Poles that hold my bird feeders! Works!

  223. Gamers Guide

    It’s fun for awhile

    It’s a good slinky it was kinda durable. The one I bought for my brother broke kinda easy and got bent easily too. But that’s because I was tugging on it so if I had to say if you play with it normal and don’t yank on it it’ll be fine because my other one I bought (I bought 2 at once) didn’t break. It’s work they money Not overpriced and it’s worth it. It’s really gif table because o gave one to my 6 year old brother and he loved it. I do recommend but it does makes a lot of noise.

  224. Gigi413

    Not usable on steep stairs.

    This was a stocking stuffer for my 10 yr old grandson. Their house is 2 story, but apparently the stairs are too steep for the slinky to work properly. So, obviously the reason he wanted one was that it could go down the stairs. I guess back in the day most homes had deep enough stairs, but their house doesn’t. So, it will probably wind up going in a yard sale or given to a charitable organization. The good thing is it’s the original slinky I used to see advertised on TV.

  225. PaisleyP

    Kids still like it

    Bought this as a filler item for an order, but turns out to be a great buy for the kids. They love to play with this old school toy.

    One person found this helpful

  226. Belinda

    These work great keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders!

    These are amazing at keeping squirrels out of my bird feeders! Just coil them around the branch going towards your feeders:) They work great!!

  227. I love helpy



  228. Christopher caster

    Old fashioned slinky

    Always one of my favorite toys thank you for a great product love it

  229. Amazon Customer


    I bought thisnto hang on my bird feeders so the squirrels couldn’t eat allllll the bird food! Works great for that! Haha

  230. KAM

    Good For Older kids/Adults

    Not as durable as I remembered as a kid. Make sure you gift this to an older child or adult. (Bends out of shape easily)

  231. heidi l.

    Great to play with

    It is always a great toy to entertain the kids when they come visit. It also helps deter the squirrels from climbing up on the poles that I hang bird feeders on. It has held up well. I have bought 3. I did cut one in half to shorten it and it still works well for the bird feeders

  232. bob amos

    The original is still the same

    Wow!! They still make these and exactly like they originally were made. I had one as a kid and had so much fun with it. It’ll walk down the stairs or a slope and, as a kid, it entertained us for hours.But today we are not playing with it. It has a job to do and will be a “working” toy. Oh, I did play with it for short while though. Who could pass up a chance at remembering their childhood? I certainly couldn’t. It is going to be a deterrent for the squirrels. They tend to climb up the pole and get at the bird feed. It is actually quite entertaining watching them trying to get at the bird food. So, I guess a slinky is still an entertaining device. But if you are looking for a toy for kids, this is still a winner.

    2 people found this helpful

  233. evamarie imler


    Childhood favorite

  234. Connie of GA

    Blast From the Past!

    Happen to see the slinky while selecting gifts for the children. Immediately ordered it for my husband just for a laugh. It immediately got the desired reaction. I told him to put it in his office and to use for Stress Relief.

  235. Monica

    Cool toy

    Strong and way cooler than a regular slinky

  236. David McMurray


    I put this over the post of our bird feeder and the squirrels don’t get to the feeders anymore

  237. lynnanne1

    It’s a slinky

    It’s a slinky. It’s heavy and sturdy. Like all slinkies, if you pull it too hard it will become misshapen- which is what my son did- but it was exactly what I expected.

  238. Amazon Customer

    Wish it was longer

    The slinky is awesome and is just as advertised. It would be better if it were longer so it could actually walk down the stairs.

  239. DatGuy

    Just Like the Original

    Box states that it is the original Slinky and it truly is. A trip down memory land for those of us who remember the 1960’s. Fun toy then and still is today. The plastic substitutes were a major disappointment so it’s nice to have the metal one back. For the money, this is an excellent purchase. Amazingly, it’s American made so that’s one more reason to buy.

  240. Wendy

    The Original

    This is exactly what I looking for to give as small gifts. Can’t wait to play with them with my kids!! Brings back childhood memories!!

  241. JG


    I attach it to the birdfeeder pole so that squirrels can’t climb up and eat. I give them other food to eat but I want them to stay off of my feeders so I have a slinky on each pole… And they work!

  242. art stefans

    Poor quality

    the slinky does not go down stairs or does not work very eell

  243. Delta Sgt.

    It’s a mother effin slinky! What else do you need to know?

    Does it walk down stairs without any cares? Does it make a slinkity sound? Is it a favorite of girls and boys? Yes, yes, and yes! Mike drop!

  244. Tonya Thompson

    Had to show the new generation how much fun and competitive you can be with this fun toy

    I love this brand have had it for over 3 month and still like new

  245. Troy

    Can’t beat it for the price.

    It is a bit small and a bit easy to bend out of wack on accident. Doesn’t seem to be able to be used on standard sized stairs to have it automatically go down them.

    One person found this helpful

  246. Madgolfer1



  247. Tanner Preza

    My daughter loves it

    It exercises the flexibility of the hand

  248. Catherine Pillmore

    Very disappointed

    Nothing like the slinky I grew up with. Had to throw away after two days

    One person found this helpful

  249. L Dudley

    Toys I grew up with

    Just like arnhem I was a kid. Grandkids live it.

  250. Kathleen Hanson

    Easily lost shape of one or more coils

    Gift t for granddaughter. Easily lost shape to – or more coils. Don’t remember it being so fragile. When I was a. Child. I had to replace.

  251. Eric M

    Great toy for the neighborhood squirrels.

    I finally had enough of the squirrels eating all of my bird seed from the feeders on my Shepard’s hook so I decided to get the toy that everyone recommended that squirrels love…and man, does it work. Haven’t had to replace my bird seed in the feeder in over 3 days (which is a record) because the squirrels are too busy playing with the slinky instead. I may need to order a few more and place them on my cabinet handles for my kids!

    One person found this helpful

  252. Amazon Customer

    Boxes damaged, disappointed

    Bought 3 for gifts. Slinky itself is fine but all the boxes were damaged. Hard to give as gift. Seems like everything you order these days come in damaged boxes! Disappointed.

  253. Amazon Customer

    Too short

    I know the price reflects what we got, but it’s generally too short for stairs

  254. Christin Rubino

    Better than I remember

    I’m buying more for Christmas this year!

    One person found this helpful

  255. Uncle Stubs

    It’s a little smaller than I remember.

    It’s a slinky, what’s not to like?

  256. Amazon Customer

    Very durable

    We use our Slinky on a pole that holds bird seed suet cakes. We threaded it down the pole to keep squirrels from climbing up and eating the suet cakes. It has stayed outdoors for a few months now & despite the rain & heat, it has lasted with no complaints!

    One person found this helpful

  257. Karen Taylor Fry

    Didn’t work for my intended purchase

    Slinkies we’re fine; my squirrels are smart. Once they were dumped on the ground a few times they just rode the slinky until it stopped and headed up to the bird feeders.

  258. Amazon Customer

    Not what I remember

    I remember my original Slinky would go down the stairs without an issue. I believe these new Slinky models must be smaller than the original. It only goes down 2 stairs, before it stops. Ace Ventura(2) would not approve of this slinky model!

  259. Robert

    Used in my war with the squirrels.

    I’m using the Slinkys in kind of an unorthodox way. Attached them around the poles my bird feeders and suet blocks hang from. It is the first thing I’ve tried that has been successful in discouraging the squirrels from shimming up the pole. It’s been about a month and so far, no squirrels up top.

  260. Tonya Thompson

    Had to show the new generation how much fun and competitive you can be with this fun toy

    I love this brand have had it for over 3 month and still like new

  261. Desiree Peterson

    Not the original.

    This is not the original Slinky. It is only about 2/3 the size and weight as the original slinky. It’s still fun, but does not walk or move like the larger, heavier original slinky. I have 2 originals from 20 or 30 years ago, 1 still in the box, and they work much better. I bought 2 of these for my 2 grand daughters and was disappointed when I saw them, but I guess since they don’t know the difference they’ll still enjoy it. If you are looking for the real original, this is not it.

  262. Amazon Customer

    Squirrel Deterrent

    We have found if you use these on your birdfeeders the squirrels aren’t able to climb up the pole and eat or destroy the feeder. Has some application with raccoons too. Now the squirrels have to rely on the birds to drop seeds to the ground. They only last about one season as they are outside all year and will rust but inexpensive enough to buy every couple years.

  263. frank

    I love it !

    I am 62 years old,it reminds me of my first time I had one I was 10 years old.

  264. D. Owen

    Love Slinkey

    I love my Slinkey! I had one when I was a child, loved to play with it. Well, I must be going through my second or third childhood, lol, because when I saw this little beauty, I just had to have it! My dog likes it too.

  265. M

    A slinky but doesn’t go down stairs well, not toy

    I liked the product as a sconce demonstration tool in my classes. Tried on stairs to get it to walk down them like the toys I remember. Not same metal formula, circle to small.

  266. Luis Morales

    Worth the price

    awesome price

  267. Teleca

    Filled my need

    I used this to prevent squirrels for getting on my bird feeder ! Perfect

    One person found this helpful


    Squirrels laughed.

    Didn’t help with my squirrel issue with bird feeders. Didn’t even slow them down.

  269. Amazonian fiend

    Great to keep the squirrels away!

    So I know what a Slinky is supposed to be for but when you can’t keep the squirrels away from climbing up your shepherd’s hook and eating the bird food, this is just the tool to stop that. attach it near the top and bottom of the hook and BAM, the squirrel can’t climb up any longer and the birds get what’s intended for them. Life hack and cheap fix in one!

  270. TSnyder

    Bought the Slinky to repel squirrels!

    My brother-in-law gave me this hack to keep squirrels from climbing up and eating all the seed in the bird feeder. Works great! We call it the “Squinky”!

  271. Kerry M.

    Didn’t last a week

    This is the real metal slinky. Bought for my 4 year old because we though it would be more durable than the plastic variety. It was not. Disappointed that it didn’t last through a week of play times.

  272. Luna Dunn

    i think it would of been good

    it did come but i was asleep so im pretty sure my parents took it and i now i was asleep wen it came because my boots were on the porch .

  273. MEiKO

    its super fun to use

    girl this slinky is so fun, i dont usually like slinkys because i break them within 4 minutes. but this slinky lasted me 3 whole days before my sisters cat dragged it under her bed.

  274. Ruben Hernandez


    Ami hijo le.encanto

  275. Ever de J. López Aguirre


    Buen producto para el estrés!

  276. JFK

    Good ol’ product….just like in the 50s!

    Great memories using one of these. Fun!

    One person found this helpful

  277. Greg Roberts

    Product was exactly as advertised.

    I actually used it as a deterrent to squirrels getting on my bird feeder. It works! They can’t climb up the post to get to the seed.

    One person found this helpful

  278. MOE

    Does not look like those years ago

    Easy to bend and get out of shape

  279. Robyn

    Cheapest anti-squirrel device!

    I decided to feed the birds. With nowhere to hang a feeder I bought a pole. Then I watched a squirrel take down my new feeder (which in itself is squirrel proof) and by the time I got out there it had taken off the lid and quaffed a good $5 of bird food. The problem seemed unsolvable until Google said I should try a slinky. After watching (and laughing at) squirrels unable to beat the slinky, I decided another $4 on top of the $60 I’d just spent was worth a try before I consigned the feeder to the back of the garage. It works!! They can’t jump straight onto the feeder as it really is squirrel proof while it’s hanging, and the slinky stops them climbing the pole to knock it off. Score!

    2 people found this helpful

  280. BBMAmazon Customer

    Not as long as the original slinky

    Unable to comment on durability since it was bought recently. It feels like a shorter version of the original slinky. This takes away from the delightful feeling of passing it from one hand to the other. I doubt that it could “walk” down steps because of being shorter.

  281. Sadaf rana

    Good priced product with excellent delivery time!

    Perfect toy for my 2 year old daughter. Definitely worth the money. Nothing beats a baby’s happiness and with delivery speeds like this, I would recommend this product and service to all parents. Thumbs up from me any day!!!

  282. Mark

    Good slinky but bad packaging

    Good slinky but don’t plan to give this as a gift because the packaging might be busted. I will likely buy another in store to gift to my cousin and return this one.

  283. michael courtemanche

    no squirrels on bird feeder!

    Yes, its a slinky and its a wonderful wonderful toy. BUT…I attached it about 3/4 up the pole where my birdfeeder hangs and they can’t get up! My pole is about 10′ so if a shorter one put it higher up so it doesn;t hit the ground. I have not seen it in action but also have not seen any squirrels up there!

    One person found this helpful

  284. Edsel Buglar

    Not so fun for squirrels

    Well, maybe the squirrels are having fun trying to get to the bird feeders but their still hungry. These make a great anti-squirrel hack

  285. Elyk

    Just Like the Original

    It’s the best slinky you can buy. Buy it, don’t hesitate, great value for your money.

  286. Dustbunny

    OK for squirrels, but the racoons stretch them out.

    These are well made metal slinkys, a lot like I remember. Good price. I got these to try on my bird feeder after seeing slinky mentioned several places. Yes, they frustrate the squirrels immensely. Lots of fun to watch. But the nightly fat racoons keep pulling on them until they’re stretched out. 🙁

  287. Amanda Miller

    Great toy, reminded me of my childhood!

    Very durable, slinky was a gift for my 10yr old rambunctious boy, and it’s holding up very well!

  288. JB

    Nice, but my kids ruined it within few minutes

    Nice, but my kids ruined it within few minutes

  289. Chris S.

    Either it’s not “original” or my memory is faulty

    I’ve had dozens of these over the years, and this one seems to be both smaller in diameter, and stiffer than I remember

  290. YogaGuy

    It’s slinky, it’s slinky.

    Works as avertised.

  291. Terry Daniels


    Great fun classic slinky that everyone grew up playing with!

  292. R. C. donahue

    Not just for kids or other humans but more uses

    Kids love it but the squirrels hate it. I put the slinky on the bird feeder pole and it gives the squirrels a ride back down. works great as a baffle for them.

  293. Corleonev

    Squirrel deterrent

    Works well as squirrel deterrent on single shepherd hooks. We were not able to figure out how to get it to work with double shepherd hooks.

  294. Diane Jennings

    just like I had as a kid

    using it to repel squirrels from a bird feeder.

  295. Amazon Customer

    Squirrel deterrent!

    My husband saw a video using the Slinky to place on a pole that holds one of our bird feeders. This keeps the squirrel from climbing the pole to get to the food!

  296. Noah

    man its a slinky wtf you expect

    i had 5 bucks on an old gift card so i bought a slinky and when it was the delivered i was so shocked that they send me a slinky. it was metal in a spiral shape that slinked

  297. Long john


    Excellent squirrel deterrent for bird feeder poles!

  298. Bob

    Great Slinky value!!! Using it as a squirrel baffle!

    GREAT price; overnight delivery; quality item…. Non-traditional use; not using it as a toy. Instead, I’m using it to prevent squirrels from climbing the pole housing my bird feeder. Works great!!!! Drives them crazy!!

    One person found this helpful

  299. louis ayala

    Very nostalgic, warps too easy

    Bought this for my ten year old , loved it , one day of playing and it was stretched and wouldn’t go back again . This was from simple slinky play , not stretching it to the limit .

  300. Sarah Annen-Stephan

    Wonderful product, wish it could have lasted longer.

    I love the slinky. My son however is destructive and had it all twisted out of shape within two weeks after it arrived. Its a good product, just didn’t last long.

  301. Margarita R.

    Childhood memories

    This was my toy when I was young, I enjoyed it so much that I had to purchase it for my grandson.

  302. Diane Pope

    Love the original slinky

    I was so excited to see these for sale that I bought several and passed them around at Christmas time. My ADHD friends were very happy to have one. They work just like the ones I had as a kid.

  303. Brittany

    Best squirrel deterrent!!

    So I actually bought this slinky to use not as a slinky. I have a bird feeder on a Shepard hook and the squirrels are constantly climbing the pole and spilling the bird seed everywhere, so frustrating!! I decided to buy a slinky and hang it from the pole and guess what….no more squirrels!! They get up the pole to where the slinky is and are forced to grab it and it drops them right back down to the ground!! I love it, best $3 I’ve spent in a long time!!

  304. Joy


    Much smaller than it felt like it should be. Or maybe that’s just how toys are now?

  305. Monica A. Pokorny

    Just like me.

    Just like me. Not good for much, but fun to have around. What can I say? It’s a slinky and it’s tremendous!

  306. Mikurie

    Failed stair Trick

    What is one of the best things to do with a Slinky? Watch it slink/step down the stairs. But this one fails that test. It is too small. But my son still enjoys it for a 3 year old.

  307. elboncoop


    As expected

  308. Amazon Customer

    Really fun and classic toy

    At about $2-$3, this was a fun blast!

  309. Amanda

    Original slinky

    My 7 year old’s 2nd one but she was around 4 when I got her one. This time she is older and she loooves slinky’s so this Christmas gift will be worth it.

  310. Mya Jones

    Smells like metal but why wouldn’t it?

    Love playing with the slinky, it’s a classic. When you’re done with it, your hands will have a kind of metal scent on them but it is a metal slinky.

  311. nancy arnold

    Like the slinkies from way back.

    Will leave it here for chrildren to play with.

  312. Heart O’Mine

    Oh, why not – good cheap fun

    Instantly recognizable – Just like you recall it – ‘walks’ down stairs, and clinks enticingly from hand to hand ….

  313. Brenda Theriot

    Fun for 3 year old

    A fun tactile gift for our grandbaby. Encourages imagination.

  314. Linda Curry


    Cheap metal. My 5 yr. Old grandson bent it.

  315. AD Glover

    Kids love it

    but the cats love it more

  316. Daniel Rowe

    Not just a kids toy!

    I use these to deter squirrels from climbing our bird feeders – they do work in conjunction with using a baffle as well as making sure the little greedy critters don’t have a solid launching pad close by. What I do think is a little bit of a joke is the price for a wire spring! Well at least it lets our birds feed happily.

  317. Ethan W. Newman

    Great for the money.

    Though I don’t recommend this for small kids, I say this is much better than plastic ones. Great buy and great value.

  318. Karin H


    I got this to keep the squirrels off my bird feeder and it works great. I got a big laugh as they attempted up the pole and failed!

    One person found this helpful

  319. Amazon Customer

    Grandson didn’t play with it

    I bought for a 2 year old

  320. Chris Harkins

    Was pretty good

    Just a toy it was good overall

  321. Terra

    Great toy

    Great price Great toy . These have always been fun and one of my faves

  322. Anirban Chandra

    Fun Product but got tangled so quickly!

    Bought this product so kids can have some fun rolling these over the stairs.The fun is same as ever but it got tangled and bent within a couple of days. The product quality needs to be made more robust for sure.We did try to untangle it but doesn’t come back to the same shape as the original.Now its wobbly. Disappointing quality.

  323. Jason Steffens

    As you would expect

    Well made and heavy, my 8 year old son Broke it in the first day but it made it a solid 8 hours, which was more then I expected to be honest , would recommend.

  324. Retired Tech

    This smaller diameter version is disappointing

    Way better than any plastic one of the SAME diameter, but if you want them to walk down a staircase you’ll need to get the larger size, which as memory serves (old guy here) is the same as the actual original Slinky from the 1960’s. Grandchild’s larger plastic one walks the stairs, this smaller one doesn’t.’Spring’ past this less fun one and get the larger diameter model.

  325. Sandi H.

    Its a slinky

    Came quickly and its just as expected

  326. K

    This is the original slinky

    The original sturdy slinky

  327. Nancy Bowden

    My grandson loved it

    It didn’t last long, but he had fun..

  328. Yesenia Dhanraj


    ITS A CLASSIC…. I love it!!!!!!




  330. MOHAMMAD F.

    Great old fashion toy.

    Love the old fashion Slinky. No fads, no super heros, just a great toy.

  331. Crystal Brennan

    Deters squirrels

    After snaking the slinky over my shepherds hook for my bird feeder, if has deterred squirrels on my bird feeder since they can’t hang onto the pole.

  332. Amazon Customer

    It’s as durable as the ones made in the 60s.

    My grandsons enjoyed them and they’re reasonably priced.

  333. Purple Tooth


    My grandkids 10 & 15 couldn’t make it work. I showed them how, but it didn’t work for me, either. Thenmy son tried…he can make anything work, but he also didn’t have any luck. So this happy, fun gift was a total bomb. I felt bad, and I felt embarrassed.

    One person found this helpful

  334. Charles McKnight

    really good

    its nice but, is hard to make it walk on the stairs,and its very easy to break as well

  335. LWJ

    Not a walking spring

    Tried on different depth of stairs, only works if it’s less thank 5 inch deep. But any house stair is about 1 foot, makes it useless

  336. KBC in Oregon

    New use for Slinkys

    Using Slinkys on bird feeder poles to prevent squirrels from climbing up and eating bird feed. Recommend by a pest control company. Slinks are great!

  337. Aubri

    It as good as you’d think.

    These are not like the slinkies of old! They aren’t long or heavy enough to do the stair trick, which was the reason I purchased them. Its a bit disappointing.

  338. Synergy1837

    Is really good for kids

    This one is made of metal, not plastic. Plastic ones are easy to break by kids. This one not so much.

  339. M. Ross

    Classic Toy

    This is the classic Slinky toy of your childhood. I have fond memories of hours spent with my slinky as a child and I just got my daughter one recently. For those of you who don’t know what a Slinky is, it is basically a coil of thin, flat metal, approximately three inches in diameter and three inches or so tall, when placed on its end. Other than having fun holding it with both hands and bouncing it back and forth, it walks down flat inclines and stairs, end over end. Perhaps it’s not something you would spend hours with day after day for weeks, but it is fun and entertaining and I’ve been surprised how much my daughter likes it.Unlike so many toys I remember from my youth that have diminished in quality and durability in their modern iteration, this slinky is exactly as I remember it and – astonishingly – still made in the USA. It is too bad that I don’t have my old one to compare, but this new one has so far avoided the kinks that appeared in mine from overuse and stretching. I don’t recall whether the box listed appropriate ages for this, but I reckon ages 3 – 99 about covers it. The Slinky makes a great toy, stocking-stuffer, or nostalgia gift for the older crowd (such as myself) who are still young at heart.The price on this one was very reasonable, I thought, and really has provided a lot of bang for the buck. Very fun, inexpensive, and well-made… and easy to give this five stars.

    One person found this helpful

  340. Otaku Madre

    Classic! Why not??

    Timeless fidget toy!!!

  341. Jerome Kendall

    Empires come and go, but Slinkies stay the same

    The Slinky was the best thing that ever happened in 1945; well, ALMOST. I think I got my first one in 1960, which was before 98.1238% of you were even born. I suppose that it has actually changed 147 times in the years since Mr. James invented it, but you’d never be able to prove it since it still works exactly like it always has. Sort of a precursor to what hipster dudes now refer to as “fidget toys”. Better buy several if you plan to give them as gifts to the most destructive force on the planet: Little Boys; they WILL find a way to permanently decoil it, so make sure you show them how it is supposed to work before they have an opportunity to follow their natural instincts. I used to try to figure out how far away from a brother or sister I needed to be so that I could “shoot it out” at one of the little blighters without actually hitting them, if you don’t count the 25 practice shots. I seem to recall that at one time plastic Slinkies were available and may still be. Would you buy plastic tennis balls? Would you buy a plastic hammer? Get the real thing; still reasonably priced after almost 77 years.

  342. kelley mcmullen


    Box was messed up!

  343. Soop

    Great classic slinky but not gift able

    Purchased these to add to some children gifts but the boxes were smashed, ripped, and crushed when they arrived. I was hoping to gift them in the box

  344. sandy beau



  345. Court Ney

    Yes it’s the slinky you’re looking for

    What more do you need to know?

  346. Skip


    Just like the original

  347. Amazon Customer

    Works great

    My daughter loves it

  348. Edsel Buglar

    Not so fun for squirrels

    Well, maybe the squirrels are having fun trying to get to the bird feeders but their still hungry. These make a great anti-squirrel hack

  349. Robert

    Missing clips

    Just happen to watch a documentary on the slinky. There are little clips that slinky places on the ends of the wire attached to the last coil. They are missing in the slinky I received might just be a fake. the box was rather weathered as well. Strange.

  350. Hernan Gomez


    Tenia mas expectativas con el producto, llego en optima condición, pero me gustaría que se realizara un tratamiento de pintura o cubrimiento, ya que por su fabricación en acero después de algunos minutos usando, quedan las manos impregnadas con olor de acero.

  351. Carissa


    Based on the pictures I thought it was bigger. However, my 1 year old loves it and thinks it’s the coolest thing.

    One person found this helpful

  352. Lee

    It’s a surprisingly useful tool!

    Everyone loves a Slinky!I purchased this item not as a toy but as a tool and it worked!I have a bird feeder that hangs from a basic wrought iron pole from the garden center.The squirrels were climbing up the pole and eating all the seeds.Then one of my friends told me to hang a slinky over the pole and IT WORKED!Not only does it keep the squirrels out of the feeder, it’s incredibly funny watching them trying to get past the slinky.One final FYI: This size slinky is too small to go down stairs on it’s own. I tried.You need the bigger model for stair walking unless the stairs are very narrow.

    3 people found this helpful

  353. Linda H.

    Old fashioned slinky

    Everyone loves a slinky.

  354. V. Stroh

    Worth the money

    Does what I slinky should do.

  355. Rachael

    Its Slinks

    Does the job.

  356. Jason Smith

    It’s a Slinky

    I mean, it’s a Slinky. I’m not sure why you’re even reading this. It goes down stairs, alone or in pairs, Everyone knows it’s Slinky. Works as advertised. Gave one to my 3 year old niece, even though it says 5 and up. She understood the idea, and she loves it.

  357. veronica o.

    I used this to get rid of squirrels and it worked.

    It’s made well and the squirrels hate it. I love it.

  358. Ivan S.

    Go slinky Go

    Isn’t it incredible? Its gotta be some kind of a record! Everyone loves a slinky, you gotta get a slinky, slinky slinky go slinky go! Oh do you believe it? It was right there! Can I do it one more time?

  359. Jackie

    Very fun

    My daughter loves this and still plays with it

  360. Lauren Yates

    Bird feeder accessories.

    We are using slinky’s on our bird feeders to detour the squirrels. They are mostly working so we can feed just the birds instead of just the squirrels.

  361. E. L. Bennett

    Slinky, slinky What a wonderful toy.

    I got it for my son, but it’s not like the original. I remember when the original came out. It had no issues going down the stairs. The new one, wouldn’t even go more than one stair.

    3 people found this helpful

  362. Amazon Customer

    Great buy. Original fidget

    Great fidget toy for my 13 yr old

  363. Amazon Customer

    These are for our Christmas shoe boxes.

    The slinkies are for our Christmas shoe boxes and I did not open them. Carried them to our church where they will be put in the boxes for children.

    One person found this helpful

  364. Demetrius Gresham

    Brought back memories. However, the slinky never did work.

    Love the look but it doesn’t work like in the old commercials.

  365. Controlled Chaos

    Another old time perfect toy

    For the price this offers hours of constructive amusement. Children love it and it’s simple enough for parents to get involved with.Every child / person loves these. Get one!

  366. Nicholas

    Held up longer than we expected!

    Very durable, until it met our strong little one! We actually were able to hot glue it back together and it still works! Great gift for kids that need a break from technology!

  367. Alma

    Did The Job

    The media could not be loaded.

     Bought this slinky for our Squirrel problems here in PA and attached it our bird feeder- that they were getting into. They can be such a nuisance. Anyway! For me, this item for this reason was an awesome buy! Thank you!

    19 people found this helpful

  368. Brittany


    Didn’t last as long as I had hoped with my kid, but it’s ok.

  369. William G.

    Wonderful classic metal slinky

    You can’t go wrong with the slinky! Classic metal slinky with the unmistakable sound that brings me back to childhood. I bought it for a gift and kids still love them!

    One person found this helpful


    It’s small

    It’s ok

    One person found this helpful

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