Slime Gitter 5.5Oz Jar


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  • Squeezing and squishing the slime will improve their fine motor skills by improving finger manipulation.
  • The slime provides strong visual and tactile input which helps children improve their sensory processing skills.
  • Comes packaged in resealable 2.5-inch x 2.75-inch jar container for easy transport and convenient storage.


48 in stock

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Toysmith Glitter Slime is a jar of soft, colored, squishable goo, ready to play right out of the jar. Mold it, stretch it, twist it, swirl it. Glitter series of slime is lightly translucent, shimmery mixed with glitter, and has gooey-like texture. So light and gooey, yet fully satisfying moldable slime. All kids and young-at-heart grownups love slime, the stretchy, squishy material that’s endless fun to handle and squeeze into all sorts of shapes.