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Ravensburger Echoes The Cursed Ring Audio Murder Mystery Game

  • 6 illustrated chapter marker tiles, 18 illustrated item cards, and a free companion app.
  • Using the free echoes companion app, you will trigger spine-tingling sound clues with your phone by waving the camera over the chapter tiles and item cards.
  • Perfect Solo or for Game Night  Solve a mystery on your own or play with a group of gamers, mystery lovers, or true crime enthusiasts.


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In echoes, a highly immersive audio mystery series from Ravensburger, players use a deck of illustrated cards and spine-tingling sound clues to complete a story and solve a mystery. A mysterious heirloom places a young woman in danger. Is the ring cursed?

Listen to echoes from the past to discover the truth. Playing echoes Players will need a free companion app to play echoes. Install the app and use your camera to scan cards and play the audio clues associated with each illustration. Each echoes story is comprised of six chapters. Each chapter starts with a chapter marker tile followed by three story cards. Players solve individual chapters first, then work together to put the chapters in order.

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