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  • This slick recreation is a 1:12 scale replica of the real deal.


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Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 1:12 RTR Electric RC Car before this awesome deal drives away!


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Customers reviews

70 Reviews Write a review
  1. Muhaned O.

    Nice but kinda of cheap

    It’s okay

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  2. M. Singri

    Expensive but nice

    My puppy loves when this car moves he chases it growling and jumping. It’s so cute to watch. Worth every penny.

  3. Amazon Customer

    For the price you can’t find better anywhere

    For the price you can’t find a better rc car anywhere. Easy AA battery car and controller, works great and batteries last quite a while. Perfect replica of the real car

  4. shabana

    Not the color I’d hope for

    It looks more red than orange. My nephew wanted an orange car and I thought hmm why not a remote control one. Not too happy that it’s not exactly orange. The quality for the price is okay. The box looked nice but it’s just a thin regular cardboard box. The picture looked like a case.


    anice r c car

    I like the subject. I thing the sian is one of the most beautiful cars i’ve seen.and its an RC cars also.

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  6. Arisdelssy Corralez

    Fast car

    The design on the car is cool and it’s fast

  7. TechieFish

    Great looking lambo

    I collect miniature sports cars of cars I can’t afford. I just loves their style and engineering. This mini lambo is slick looking. It’s the yellow color and looks almost exactly like the lambo I saw in the showroom. The body is low and close to the floor. Great attention to details. I did pop in some batteries and had fun driving around my hardwood floor. But this one is going to my glass cabinet for show.

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  8. alma

    My husband dan loved this

    so awesome my husband loved this ❤

  9. J Barrette

    It’s a GREAT RC car

    This RC car was bought for my 7 year old because he loves Bezgar RC cars. Below are his observations and review of this car.I like this car because it is easy to turn on, it drives nicely and has great steering. The battery life to power this car is good. I like that it uses AA batteries, it is easy to change the batteries in this car. It is a great RC car for indoors, it is even pretty good driving on carpet.I gave this car 4 stars for the remote because the remote control does not have a power switch or high speed setting.Overall, I love this car. I showed my friends and they got Bezgars too so we make tracks to race our cars.

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  10. irishbronco

    Fast and Quiet!

    Normally little RC cars like this are louder than they should be but this one is nice and quiet. Works well, responsive to remote as long as it’s in range.

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  11. Spooky

    11 year old had fun with it

    It works good, it’s best on hard floors. It goes fast and so has difficulty turning on carpets.

  12. Madeinis



  13. Cordell S Viehweg

    Great RC car for young children

    This is the second purchase I have made from Bezgar and I would buy from them again. Their products are as described and arrived on time and functional. The products are excellent for the price paid. The first RC Truck I purchased was for an older grandson who is very hard on his RC vehicles. The truck is holding up exceptionally well. It even offered a free accessory for registering (II selected batteries). They too arrived on time and as described with NO hassles from the seller! This latest purchase was for a much younger grandson. Make no mistake, this Lamborghini is not a hobby level RC car, but it has many great features for an RC car of its class. The first is that the transmitter and car pair on a channel and multiple 2.4GHz vehicles can be operated at the same time as long as the Tx and car are paired properly. This is GREAT because I have previously purchased two of an item ((when on sale) for my grandsons only to find out they both could not use them at the same time. The tires are soft rubber (or rubber material) not hard plastic. The car can hold its traction even on smooth surfaces. The lambo though is not proportional, i.e. it is either full turn right/left, full speed fwd/reverse or none. Not good as a hobbyist, but OK for young children who tend to fully move the controls anyway.. I have given the seller 5 stars because I am pleased with their products and would buy from them again – and plan to.

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  14. angela s.

    Nice RC Car

    My 6 year old loves playing with this car. We race against some of the bigger models and it keeps right up. Nice starter RC car for the money.

  15. Prateek Mohta

    So many details

    I can’t believe how detailed is this rc car. The speed is just fine for the indoor use, I don’t think it is made for outdoor usages.I bought black Bugatti and this thing sits on my computer table all the time, my kids love it.The rc control is pretty precise too.I wish there was rechargeable batteries included but that would have come with a cost so I am good with it.My one year old boy threw it a few times but it tolerated a the crashes.

  16. Joseph H. Callaway

    Great body

    Like the body

  17. Ruby Clark



  18. Z+P

    Great Little Car for Around the House

    Car looks great and performs as expected. It’s perfect for driving around the kitchen or even over carpet. Handles pretty good outside too (even with being so low to the ground), making it over cracks and things on the sidewalk. If you want a little bit more of a challenge while driving the car, wrap pieces of electrical tape (or any smooth tape) around the back wheels for a little drift/spin out action =DOnly negative to the car is that there is no on/off switch for the remote. Not sure how much drain it puts on the batteries when the unit is stored, but I just pop them out when we’re not using it. A little annoying but not a huge deal.

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  19. Nicole

    Kid loves it

    It’s not as big as I thought (check the specs). It’s not that fast either, but my kid loves it and that’s what matters lol. I do like that it’s not made with flimsy plastic like most $20 r/c cars are, seems durable, and it looks cool.

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  20. Lindsay Marshall

    Great car, solid speed

    My 9 year old loves this car. He loves it drifts and now my 13 yo is buying one so they can play real life rocket league!

  21. Amazon Customer

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my grandson and he loved it!

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my grandson and he loved it! Good battery life and long range remote control capability.

  22. KPR987

    Great car for around the house

    My 8 year old loves playing with the car around the house, only had for one week so far no issues. Worth the money.

  23. Parker

    Great Value

    The cars work great, and the price is tough to beat.

  24. Amazon Customer

    My grandson likes this car very much

    Grandson ordered it – likes the styling & ease of control

  25. Khamsouk Sooksumphun

    Nice remote car

    Nice remote car

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  26. Elain

    happy with purchase

    I bought it as a gift for 10 y.o. , he loves it , nice racing car , different options.

  27. EmillyKnotts

    Good size and durable

    My daughter likes how fast it is and that it can drift lightly. The battery hatch is a little difficult to remove, but construction is a quality feature.

  28. Nathalie I.

    Nice little rc!

    Works awesome! We love it very much it is good quality!

  29. N. Canalita

    Great beginner RC for the money.

    Ive had this little car for 3 days only, but my little 5 year old loves it. For the money( $30)…..cant beat it. Its really only a small child beginners RC, but i think thats who its meant for. Its alot smaller than i thought it would be, but for the money and for who it was intended. Its great. But know, obviously by pics; its a flat paved road car only. Not off roading / bumpy tracks. Great car for what intended though

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  30. Penny C Miller

    Birthday gift for grandsons friend

    This was a birthday gift for my grandsons friend

  31. Katherine B.

    Smaller than expected

    Kids like how fast it goes. I thought it would be a little bigger

  32. Jerry c.

    Good customer service

    Had a issue with the first one, good customer service on the replacement

  33. Trish K.

    Great little car, but very little ground clearance

    My son really likes the car. It is pretty fast on the hardwood floor, but slows down significantly on the carpet. It has problems going over anything with much height. He has expressed frustration with that and I told him that’s a drawback of sports cars. I think he would prefer levers instead of buttons. The car lasts a long time on the batteries and he has a lot of fun with it.

  34. Jaquan Hodges

    Looks cool

    Only good for the looks

  35. HC

    Makes a good gift item

    Very compact.

  36. esmeralda chun.

    Muy pequeño,.

    En la foto se ve grande, pero realmente es muy pequeño,.

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  37. VH in PA

    Exactly as shown

    I gave this as a gift. The car is exactly as pictured. The wireless remote works great. Battery life seems good. Very happy with this purchase.

  38. JT

    Remote control

    Pretty cool lil toy to have and run in the house when the weather is bad

  39. Greg H.

    The size is a great for inside the house!

    I wanted a remote control car for inside the house. The size was perfect, it wasn’t really big and at the same time large enough that the kids still liked it. We let them drive it around the house for fun on rainy days!

  40. JenH

    It looks like a cool solid made RC Car

    I like how the car is built solid. They were smart and made the mirrors out of rubber so they won’t brake if they are hit even though they stick out on the sides. The car drive nicely.The turning radios is very small so if you driving it in a small room that can be problematic.When it goes back the motor makes a noise but drives like it supposed to.Over all it is a fun rc car to drive and looks really cool as well.

  41. Troy

    Excellent Small RC Car

    The media could not be loaded.

     Excellent small, sporty car to run indoors; the kids love them. It’s only been a few days, and they are getting a lot of use inside. The remote control is small and simple which assist with ease of use and young kids. Plus, there’s no interference with two vehicles operating at the same time.

  42. Angie

    I was expecting a larger car

    Too small

  43. VishalM

    Great little car

    My 9 year old is having fun with this car more than I expected. Works great indoors, haven’t tried it outside.Good choice for introducing RC cars to kid.Would definitely recommend if the kids like Lamborghini cars.

  44. gtran


    I didn’t expect much but it was better than I thought. It was easy for my son and daughter to play with. Quality is great for the price.

  45. Cliente Amazon

    already dying

    when i got this rc car, it was fast but i hardly used it but when i used it recently it was not fast at all. i installed new batteries and it was just not the same. needs a tune up and maybe super unleaded gas, you think?

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  46. Gig Harbor Mom


    Great product for the value

  47. Jason

    Excellent quality and looks great

    Excellent quality and range. Looks great and drives perfectly.

  48. Todd Gillert

    Great car for kids.

    This is a very nice looking car and great for kids. Not too fast, and uses AA batteries.

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  49. Tela

    Small, but works great

    Much smaller than I anticipated. But maybe I should have read the description to get the size. But it works great and provides fun for the kids.

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  50. Sunil

    Great model RC car

    It runs smoothly, very fast and high power, and smooth acceleration. One to 24 scale ratio model is very precise.

  51. Ramesh

    Issues to play on Carpets

    Getting stuck on Carpets

  52. syl

    Very nice looking

    Our 10 y.o. grandson asked for this for his bday . He was so excited when he got it ur it took us about 15 minutes to get the remotes synced to the car . I thought it was broken . Once it did sync , the car took off like lightning . Super fast! I don’t think this would be something for smaller kids because of the speed and the likelihood of the car crashing into furniture .

    4 people found this helpful

  53. alfhit135

    Fun for the money

    Not the best or the most expensive, just the right balance of fun and affordability.The steering and throttle are all or nothing, but it’s good for the price (more fun would cost twice as much).

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  54. brian farmer

    Cheap fun car.

    Its a cheap car for the price. Toy grade but looks amazing

  55. JuJu

    good price

    Got this as a christmas gift for my nephew. I think its a good price for the quality. Since he has yet to play with it I can’t speak on durability.

    2 people found this helpful

  56. Ricky Valadez

    Review Update

    Previous review: I’m not happy with my purchase I don’t know if this car was defective but it doesn’t even launch it just goes centimeters aways not happy at all expected better don’t buy it wouldn’t risk it doing the same thing mine does.Updated Review: After being Reached out by the company they really wanted to make things right for me the person I spoke to names Shirley really helped me out and we came to conclusion that this issue was a Factory issue and not all cars come like that maybe just a bad batch however I’m very pleased by the customer service and although my car doesn’t move it is still a really nice car and designed well I will ultimately maybe give this another chance in the future however based on other reviews the car seems to work and run we’ll definitely makes a great gift!

    One person found this helpful

  57. Roxanne Hawk


    Suitable for a rowdy 6 year old

  58. Amazon Customer

    My grandson loves it

    A Christmas gift

  59. Robert Schimek

    Wishing i was a young boy again !

    I received the item in good condition. This is my first time purchasing a car from this company, i thought that the body would be metal but it was plastic, making it more of a toy for a young boy. I’m a 62 year old man. Thank you, Robert Schimek

    One person found this helpful

  60. Mickey

    Fun little car to drive

    We have played with this little thing for a few weeks now, and it has been a gem to play with. Sometimes the little tires come off but that’s no big deal. Just pop them back on and go zooming around again. Very easy to use. Battery life seems to be holding up just fine as well. Would buy again.

  61. Mohammed Yacoobali


    Good small car for little kids great on hard wood floor drifting.

  62. JImmy


    Great remote car, great for children

  63. mott mott

    remote control race car

    my grandson4 years old,just right for him.

  64. Andleeb sheikh

    nice toy for kiddos

    Nice car that while is smaller than what I originally thought runs pretty nice and kids have a great time. Also while it needs 5 AA batteries, they run quite a decent amount of time.

  65. prolaserman

    Slot car

    Car was bought and immediately dismantled and converted to a slot car

  66. eileen janes

    Great car and product support!

    My 10 year old couldn’t be happier with this RC Car! He takes it everywhere we go. It seems pretty durable, he is tough on toys and we have had it about a week and it’s still alive! I also love that they offer a warranty!

    2 people found this helpful

  67. P. Turner

    Lamborghini Excellent product

    Don’t totally know that yet

  68. MP

    Great for the price, regular batteries

    Got the car for my son. Works well, its great for the price. Works on regular batteries. I’ve owned a few other cars from Bezgar, they are great on customer service. Had an issue with the remote on another car and they resolved my issue very quickly without any hassles.

    One person found this helpful

  69. Guy

    Was under the impression that there was some assembly to do with my son…disappointing

    Dislike the lack of assembly to do with my son

  70. Ali E.

    My picture and this little car I think they are both equally fantastic!

    One person found this helpful

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