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R/C Flying Ball

  • DESIGNED FOR BEGINNER – This fly orb boomerang spinner drone is
    designed to use by both boys and girls. Among all remote control flying
    toys for kids, this flynova flying spinner is designed for use indoor
    and outdoor.
  • EASY TO CHARGE – This fly spinner toy or fly ball after 15-20 minutes USB charging can fly for around 10 minutes.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – This magic mini drone with LED colourful lighting
    of flying ball is like a fairy’s beautiful butterfly. It is the perfect
    combination of pearl shape and airtime hand-controlled flying
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – You can handle this rc flying ball easily without
    any operational skills. Just push a button and a magic flying ball fly
    from your hand. The wings of this fly nova drone are unbreakable so do not
    worry if you could not operate it your first time.
  • UNBREAKABLE – This spinning flying toy is made by unbreakable
    materials, so after remote flying you shouldn’t have any concerns about
    anything but your flying skills.


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GTIN: 759959813710

R/C Flying Ball

Have fun with this incredible R/C Flying Ball drone! Motion-sensing technology allows you to control the action with your hands, feet, body and more! Amazing crystal ball illuminates with bright flash coloured LEDs for awesome light effects perfect for flight day or night, indoors or out!

This LED helical is USB rechargeable with the included cable.


Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20.00 × 15.50 × 6.00 cm

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