Pressman Toys Tri-Ominos Domino Game


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  • Classic triangular domino gameplay with added strategy
  • Players score points by matching numbers on the three-sided playing pieces, and bonuses for making bridges and hexagons!
  • Contains 56 lightweight triangular tiles, making it versatile for home or travel
  • This game makes a great addition to your family’s classic game collection
  • Easy to learn, fast paced gameplay is great for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up


In stock

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Break out a classic and enjoy a quiet game of careful placement and tricky maneuvers with Tri-Ominos Original. Use your wits as you challenge your friends to this easy-to-learn game of strategic tile placing.

Players take turns placing their tiles so that the numbers match up with the other numbers in play. Players score points based on the number on their tile, but they can also earn bonus points to completing things like hexagons and bridges. The first person to 400 points win the game and becomes the ultimate victor!

Tri-Ominos comes with 56 plastic playing pieces, a durable tin case, and instructions.

Tri-Ominos Original is a quick and fun tile placement game for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up. Gameplay is approximately 30 minutes.

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