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Note: The item comes with a single pack only

This is a Booster Pack for the Pokamon TCG Sword & Shield – Battle Styles expansion pack.


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This is a Booster Packs for the Pokamon TCG Sword & Shield – Battle Styles expansion pack.

Be a titan full of power, or strike with impossible speed, it all depends on your martial mastery! Channel the power of Pokemon V like Mimikyu V, Tyranitar V, Empoleon V, and more. You will also find a handful of impressive Pokemon VMAX, including Gigantamax Urshifu in both Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles! Unleash epic smashups with the Sword & Shield’s Battle Styles expansion!

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Dimensions11.43 × 13.34 × 8.89 cm
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Customers reviews

255 Reviews Write a review
  1. James Casteel

    Got very lucky with this box!

    Came faster than expected and had tons of great pulls! Even an alt art Zapdos

  2. Marco

    Beat purchase

    The media could not be loaded.

     Shipped fast and quickly all the other reviews are lies nothing has been modified no reselling everything perfect condition love it

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  3. Hugbell

    A+ Product, Shipping was iffy box arrived battered.

    A+ Box, came wrapped in official Pokemon seal. One side appeared questionable if the heat seal had been tampered with but box was fine and pulls were amazing! Shipping could use a little help there was nothing to fill the void between the booster box and the box it was packed in so ended up a little munched but didn’t affect the cards thankfully.Pulled 1 gold card, 1 special art, 2 vmax cards, 4 v cards, 6 holos – which seems to be about typical numbers for any booster box that I’ve had past and present. Very pleased with this would buy from amazon again (vendor was also amazon for those wondering). Would make a great gift for anyone looking to build decks, or just add to their collection with a greater chance of pulling ultra rare cards.

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  4. Heather

    Cute lunch box

    Love the old school lunch box. It came bent on the lid. Like someone laid something heavy in it

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  5. John A.

    Just… EXCELLENT!

    Met my expectations AND more

  6. Amberrose312

    AMAZING customer service – very happy!

    AMAZING customer service and great product! I had purchased this for my husband and ended up not getting what I requested and once I contacted customer service they took care of it right away beyond my expectations, SO happy and would recommend this store hands down, above 5 stars!! Thank you again Shay!!

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  7. Mitch Jamison

    Seller was: Services LLC and got a good box!

    I encourage others to comment who the seller is as I think that makes a huge difference in whether or not it’s repackaged. My seller was: Services LLC and I received a box in decent condition (corners of the box were slightly pushed in, but this was mostly due to the packaging it arrived in). Got decent pulls, including a Galarian Articuno alternate art, a Celebi V full art, as well as the secret rare Rugged Helmet. Nothing was repackaged or anything. Please double check who the seller is before ordering!

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  8. Preston R Brown

    Trustable product

    This booster pack box came in great condition and was original. I pulled a rainbow rare, gold card, 2x VMax, and several V cards. It was a blast to open! I had reservations about these boxes coming repacked, but it wasn’t.

  9. AbrahamFernand


    Tin was damaged, got a lucario one like most people in the reviews and didnt pull anything noteworthy.

  10. Shay Rowland

    Amazing Pulls Great Value

    I ended up pulling several chase cards from this set including a secret rare snorlax! Came undamaged and I regret nothing.

  11. Mel L.

    Plastic wrap seems legit

    Upon opening the well packaged box, this seems to be legit. I wanted to shared the plastic wrap before I opened it to make sure nothing was tampered with.

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  12. Dee

    Got exactly what I purchased 100% legit no questions asked

    I was skeptical at first but once I received my box it was unopened and legit, i see a lot of reviews that say they got fake cards or opened packs but this particular purchase was exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t be happier

  13. danielle peterson


    I got concerned after reading a lot of negative reviews stating that the seller opened and resealed the packs. But I ended up getting the red box and everything was sealed up well and I got a bunch of decent cards and a couple rares. So glad I didn’t waste my money!

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  14. Ali El Ezzy

    Chilling Reign booster box

    The package arrived as mentioned and in good condition. The product is authentic from the seller. Very good

  15. crystal

    My packs weren’t resealed

    I was skeptical after reading all of the reviews of resealed packages but I’m happy to say that my box was legit. All 4 packs were in the box and all 4 were untouched. I gave the product 4 stars because the packaging wasn’t too great and my box was a little smashed. But other than that I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

  16. Aaron

    Seemed sketchy at first but overall great product!

    After seeing some of these reviews I was concerned and when the box arrived the sealing of the plastic wrap seemed off and there was some damage to the box, which I assume happened during shipping. Once I opened the box I checked the packs. All were in perfect condition. When all was said and done about half of the packs were hits and about half of those were really good cards and the print quality was top notch as well! Overall I’m elated with this product and would buy again!!

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  17. Jesenia

    Great job!!

    than you!! It came in and I opened it up with my kids. 20 years later and I got all the feels and emotions of my first pack came back lol. Only this time I got to share it with my kids.. and great pulls btw

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  18. Chaz Arreta

    The real deal!

    I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about customers receiving tampered/re-sealed Pokémon card items, so was hesitant, at first. Product came sealed completely in cellophane. I removed it and opened the box to inspect the packs for any signs of tamper/reseal and everything looked perfect!! Brand new!!Also, the photos and description didn’t mention the +6 bonus cards, which include reverse holographic Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Rapidah(non V). It was such a lovely surprise!!Very happy with my purchase

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  19. Caleb

    Great Booster Box

    Well worth it, pulled some really great cards.

  20. The_curator

    Legit and sealed.

    Long time collector and can safely say this is legit and I had some really good pulls!

  21. Billy Bullard


    Exactly what I ordered. Factory sealed and no tampering.

  22. Jamie

    Good box would recommend to others.

    Booster box came inn great shape!! Also got some pretty epic pulls from it so you could say I’m a happy camper. Will be buying again need a few more pulls for the collection. Great for anyone new into hobby or veteran.

  23. noone

    Good enough for gifting

    Duplicates cards it’s really for beginners but not for collectors

  24. danielle peterson


    I got concerned after reading a lot of negative reviews stating that the seller opened and resealed the packs. But I ended up getting the red box and everything was sealed up well and I got a bunch of decent cards and a couple rares. So glad I didn’t waste my money!

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  25. Trey Tamez

    Love it!!

    Exactly what I was hoping for. Love it and can’t wait to get home and see what I get. Also read the title of the item. It’s random draw so you only get one box. Not both.

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  26. Dave Sanchez

    Real product

    Pulled maybe 60 dollars worth of cards out of one box. Other boosters from stores haven’t been kind either. Not sure about this set.

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  27. Kindle Customer

    Great box

    My husband and I pulled 9 ultra rares out of this box.

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  28. TabbyTai

    Authentic and Factory Sealed

    Factory sealed and legitimate. We got great pulls and we’re very happy with this purchase. It is as described.

  29. John R. Everette

    No funny business

    Came perfectly sealed – I pulled some of my biggest cards ever in the box I purchased – some really great Alt Full Arts like Blaziken and Tornadous. That told me there was NO chance these were ever tampered with.

  30. Jennifer

    Cards are ok, too many trainers/energy cards so kid feels ripped off

    There were way too many trainer/energy cards in the package. My son felt ripped off because he has gotten better card deals in the past from different packages. The packages have gotten “cheap.”

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  31. Jessica Lingelbach

    Wasn’t resealed like some

    My son got some good cards

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  32. Sarah Victoria


    I was literally a nervous wreck waiting for my box to arrive after reading the mixed reviews on this product. It’s my first time buying a booster box and I was so nervous my box would be resealed or tampered with.Great news: NOT SO!TOTALLY SEALED, BOOSTER PACKS WERE DEFINITELY NOT TAMPERED WITH.I examined everything extremely well before tearing open my packs. I have collected pokemon for the better part of three years and am very accustomed to what packs should look like and what to look for when looking for resealed packs. They were 100% untampered with and fresh.I pulled full arts, trainers, VMAX, and several V cards. Every pack had cards in correct order with a reverse Holo in every pack along with code card.Totally satisfied and glad I decided to take the gamble. Happy hunting everyone!!

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  33. William Medford

    Great Box

    Exactly as advertised. I was a little worried when it shipped in a bubble envelope instead of a cardboard box, but there was no damage to the product itself.

  34. Cody White

    Happy With The Order!

    Don’t be alarmed by the other people claiming they were ripped off – I was skeptical about it too, but after getting the pulls I thought otherwise. Honestly, I think people are just saying all these things to deter people from buying, so THEY can buy more to “RESELL”.All the whining and false claims is all part of a larger game – Don’t be fooled and buy!

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  35. David Budwick

    Was not opened

    Got them two days after with prime , plastic wrapped sealed , not opened at all was not resealed packs got good cards made most the money back from cards , over all good product

  36. M.Harris

    Legit Packs. Fast Shipping. Highly Recommended

    True sealed packs. Good pulls. Solid packing. Fast Shipping.

  37. Abdi M.

    Great for what it’s worth.

    Definitely worlds better than attempting to buy directly from the source like Pokemon Center or somethin’. Had to wait a couple of days for it, bit I blame the holidays for that. Worth the wait regardless.

  38. levi

    Don’t listen to the bad reviews!

    I’ll admit I was concerned looking through all of the poor reviews saying the packs had been tampered with.All I know is that ours got here on time and in perfect condition. All packs were sealed as well as the box itself.A few things I noticed people complaining about are perfectly normal such as the crimp on the seal at the top and bottom. This does not mean the packs have been opened and resealed, it is clearly where they have crimped the flap down to the pack in the back and is located in the same spot on every pack.My best guess is there are some upset collectors looking for specific cards and when they don’t get what they want they throw a fit and make up any number of excuses to try and get their money back.We personally got some really awesome pulls from this box and we are only half way through opening it.I wanted to post this to assure that when buying this you need not be concerned as we have had a great experience and plan to purchase again in the future!

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  39. VanBooven,

    Came intact, exactly as described. Pulled a gold card in the first pack.

    Great product and great price

  40. BlockBound Boss

    Great product and seller; horrible shipping

    Son loved the expansion. Shipping could have been better. A box instead of plastic bubble wrap envelope. Product was damaged but not too bad at least.

  41. KaZax Sunezpi

    Great International Only Product For a Great Price(Pre-Price Increase)

    I don’t know why people give these lower than four stars. An international only product for $27 USD which retails goes for like 15-17 GBP and then you would need to add almost the same amount for shipping. The pulls were great, the product was in great shape coming all the way from Australia. I cannot complain about this and I will be buying more soon.

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  42. Steven Maldonado


    Perfect. I’ve already opened some. It’s too fun!

  43. ManlyTWO

    You have to be lucky

    Good price for a set of 36 packs.

  44. Matthew

    Mine were real and had some nice pulls!

    The media could not be loaded.

     As described,Seem to be factory sealed and cards in good condition,Pull rates where as expected and was happy with outcome

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  45. Zabs


    In good condition all the cards were there and SEALED no one opened them. Thank you

  46. jhonnyboy

    Awesome pull

    I opened it, everything was sealed and new it was great I even pulled this bad boy out of it. To me it was worth it.

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  47. Aiden


    I haven’t opened any packs yet, but everything checks out so far. The coloring is right, the plastic is neat and tight, and the logo is the right size and texture. Can’t wait to see what I pull!

  48. Amazon Customer

    Best packaging

    Man I got 2 of these from 2 different places and this place hands down did a better job with shipping, packing and making sure that the product I paid for came in mint condition. Unlike the other place which I’m gonna leave a bad review. The cards were great a few super rare.

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  49. Danielle N

    Quality, Lower cost booster box

    Arrived wrapping in tact and undamaged. Card pulls were decent. Would recommend as one of the cheaper booster box options these days

  50. cyndy welter

    They liked them!

    My grandsons ages 6 and 9 yrs, LOVED the cards! Worth every penney!

  51. T. E.


    Received a day before estimated delivery and was exactly what I ordered.

  52. Ashlee hopkins


    Loved it. Good for collection and art

  53. Keely Peden


    Ok, my bf and I have an addiction to Pokémon cards. These didn’t disappoint.

  54. Vincent Dabenciano

    Wasn’t blastoise thats forsure

    Thanks I guess

  55. Brian Turay

    Ok over priced

    i got what i wanted but just now that I think about it I didn’t get anything good.

  56. Alan

    Heat crimps at top NOT RESEALED. Got 6 full art pulls.

    packs with heat crimps at top are not sign of reseal. I opened mine and they were just fine. I got six full arts and some rainbows.

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  57. Christos E.

    Bight four boxes, had 2 or 3 hits and 4 really big hits

    Took a risk and blight four boxes hoping they were not resealed returns. As luck would have it all were brand new. Two boxes produced rainbow rates, one box a golden secret rare and the last box a trainer, along with a few V cards it was some great hits

  58. Jose Manuel Pelayo

    On time

    What was expecting and very easy to obtain

  59. Pokeboy

    What happend

    The media could not be loaded.

     There where so other things noticed but not worth the mention the messing with packs are really bad if something is done to fix this problem my review could change this arrived really quick and nicely packaged put the main attraction was temperd with

    35 people found this helpful

  60. Matthew Morgan

    Not a scam

    I was mostly worried about the box being tampered, but too my avail I had a great box with 7 full arts and a rainbow SR. I would definitely go this route again!

  61. Andrew

    Was scared but relieved!

    Got a very good haul! Was surprised honestly that my booster box wasn’t a repack after seeing all the negative reviews, but they were all in different countries so I still went through with this. A few packs looked suspicious but one pack was completely sealed and it proceeded to blast me with new card smell. Seriously spent $120 on this and came out with $101 worth of rare card pulls. Seriously was a lot of fun as this was my first time doing something like this and I had a BLAST. Cannot wait to start building my deck and playing again!

    One person found this helpful

  62. Rock Band Goddess

    As expected. Timely.

    As expected. Sealed packs. Online code works for the packs I’ve opened. Arrived within a couple days.

  63. Chris & Kendra

    Happy Kiddo

    My child ordered these with their own money and although the shipping was delayed a bit, we received them in perfect shape. Happy kiddo!

  64. Vicky

    I did get urshifu v

    I Mean it is a pretty good price. no booster pack were missing there was a little damage. There was glue. none of the the booster pack were opened but did pull Urshifu V

  65. James world

    A plus

    I had good pulls, all packs looked and felt sealed correctly and was very happy with what I got

  66. Aj


    Pulled a lot of vmax card and even a secret rare card

  67. USF44


    Bought this directly from Amazon. Packs were not opened upon arrival and packs contained good cards.

  68. Kindle Customer

    Pokémon Awesome

    Just what I was looking for to add to my collection.

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  69. Sunny

    Pokemon gift✨

    I was skeptical on buying this because of the reviews online; because we all know how hard it has been to find Pokémon cards recently… anyways, my box wasn’t opened or tampered with! The only bad thing is that there’s a small rip on the bottom of the box, but other than that, nothing was wrong with it! I can’t wait to give it to my sister for our birthday ✨

  70. Paul Singleton

    It is probably for beginners

    Well this is very good for beginner pokemon collectors because it has like 5 to 6 pokemon booster packs, it comes with a guide, some dice, and other stuff. So its kinda like a starter pack ya know?

  71. Bethany

    A New Twist in Pokemon TCG

    The Battle Style expansion while it might not have quite the value for money in the cards themselves, it does bring a new style of play thanks to the new rules.

  72. Patrick

    Box came perfect but the pulls were weak besides one

    Only had 2 white code cards but I did pull a secret Rare but still

  73. Amazon Customer

    Product as described – poor shipping

    The product was as described. However, it was not properly protected when shipped causing damages to the box which severely hurts its collectible value.

  74. Heath

    It came in good shape

    It was in great shape

  75. Vicente Herrera

    Came with a few dents

    Dented on the side. Don’t recommend if you’re looking for a mint condition product.

  76. Debra Barrett


    Not a booster box only one min tin

  77. Elizabeth Roberts

    Kids are happy!

    Kids were happy with it.

  78. Samantha

    Had fun

    For the most part I got my money’s worth had fun

  79. Bailey Brouwer

    Mediocre Product

    Box came slightly damaged, crushed in on one of the corners. The items inside were undamaged, but the box itself is something I wanted to keep. Also, this is a pretty expensive way to buy packs, so make sure you actually want the other items included. I managed to pull an Empoleon V Alt Art, which made this purchase a huge win in my book, but the overall quality of the product is a 3/5 in my opinion.

  80. Laura Boudreau

    Expensive, but worth it

    This was base price for me and totally worth the cost with the shortage, took forever to open them all and got a bunch of good cards! Would buy again!

  81. Aarav Baphna


    It’s a good product with great packaging. I highly recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  82. Austin R.

    On time and faculty sealed

    The cards showed up on time and factory sealed so you know you have a good shot at finding great cards!

  83. Matt

    Son loves it!

    My 10 year old was VERY satisfied with the cards he got out of the box!

  84. Ryuu

    4 full arts 1 secret rare 5 V

    Awesome pulls from Amazon global! At first I was like idk about this but now I’m like I’m so glad I did.

    One person found this helpful

  85. Duck

    Awesome service

    Booster box arrived well secured. I got lot of hits ! Cards are in great condition

  86. Matthew

    Very great quality

    Excellent product, excellent packaging. Great fast shipping. Lots of negative reviews that are straight up BS. Product is legit. Some people do anything they can to get free stuff and it’s quite petty of them. Perfect product. Thank you so much!!!

  87. 1Greenmonster

    It’s was nice .

    I just buy them to collect andodt likely give th toy daughter one day she loved Pokemon, in her 20’s.

  88. Shelby

    Great buy

    Tin was slightly dented but I’m sure that’s because my mail person is a bit rough with packages. Great card pulls and no duplicates which is always nice! Overall definitely worth the money.

    One person found this helpful

  89. Diego Rodriguez


    Brand New! Sealed! Original! I keep on opening packs. Will be buying more.

  90. Mike

    Legit- Ships/Sold from

    Made sure to buy directly from Paid a bit more ($119) at the time, but wanted a bit of security. Cards were legit, kids had a blast opening the packs. Pulled A few VMax, a few Vs and a couple secret rares.

  91. Casey G

    Exactly as advertised

    It was exactly as advertised and the box had no signs of tampering.

  92. 761Matty

    Un opened

    Showed up and was unopened and in great condition. The cards in the packs were good cards and there was zero evidence of tampering. I would buy again.

  93. Orlando


    My box came perfect. Not tampered with. Got some good pulls even for battle styles. Love these chests

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  94. Tyler Albright

    Good for collectors

    Chilling reign was a great set to open but cards had minor damage

  95. Kevin G.

    Resealed or not….Made money back and them some.

    Honestly, I just like going to the store and picking these up while I buy a case of beer. Did the math and decided to buy the bulk as it would cost the same amount when I’d eventually buy these at Target when I’d be able to find them. So far, i think 9 packs in, I’ve made my money back according to TCG. (shoulder shrug emoji). Bought them for nostalgia purposes so I’m satisfied. I know some people are upset, but a famous man once said: “Life sucks and THEN you die” – Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    One person found this helpful

  96. Maurice L. Dyer

    Not a reseal

    Received exactly what I was expecting and got some decent pulls. The thing about pokemon cards are they are a lot like loot boxes. Your not guaranteed to get what u want. So u take that chance and hope for the best. I was pleased with mines thanks.

  97. Zulupunk

    Real box?

    I seem to have got an untampered box 9 ultra rares including a full art card. Secret rares are not guaranteed. The crimp seems heavy near the flap but there’s no evidence of the packs being opened and proper shrink wrap from what I can tell.

  98. Randy

    Great value

    My son loves these cards

  99. Sinh Tri

    Factory Sealed

    It made for a great gift, and the recipient was happy with his pulls. Confirmed that it was untampered and factory sealed.

  100. David

    Not a Bad buy

    Packaging was good but could’ve better. I also got supper lucky and pulled alternate art blaziken 🙂

  101. Molly

    Worth it

    This was money well spent. It came still factory sealed and got some good cards out of it

  102. Angela Contreras

    Well the entailing on this order says 13 tins I only received one tin

    The media could not be loaded.

  103. Megan Smith

    Not worth it

    Hate to get one random at such a high cost. Also packing was beat to heck.

  104. Mohammad Khan

    Not happy with the pulls but guess u can’t always get lucky


  105. Meredith Robles


    I read the reviews thinking it was going to be bad but to my surprise it was one of the best pack openings I’ve ever had! Nothing was resealed and the box was in perfect condition

  106. Deven

    Decent condition almost like new

  107. Barbara A. Vaters

    Awesome purchase for my grandson!

    My 9 year old grandson absolutely loved this card set. According to him there were rare cards included.

  108. Emmanuel Perez

    Came in very good condition

    Loved what I was able to pull from this selection

  109. Katherine Hoffman


    We’ve had issues with resealed packs or items missing. This one had everything in them and was factory sealed

  110. Mike

    Idk how to feel

    My chilling reign booster box was 100% poorly factory resealed. Real packs tho possibly weighed? Still pulled a blaziken vmax alt art so idk how to feel.

    One person found this helpful

  111. Jorge

    Definitely recommend

    Great value, definitely was not tampered with

  112. Matt Glispie

    Legit factory sealed booster box

    Thanks dude ! Actually a legit booster box that was sealed from Amazon.

  113. Beth

    This item is what it says

    Galarian Rapidash box set. No tampering, perfect condition, clean crisp box edges, can see that everything is there.

  114. Dave Rodrigues

    Great booster packs !!

    I got 2 Vivid Voltage packs, base sword and shield, and breakpoint ! got a full art umbreon !

    4 people found this helpful

  115. Another Guy

    Choose sellers wisely

    I must have chose the wrong seller (regulater sales). Cant say for certain if its resealed or not, but by far the worse box thus far. Had a really strong chemical smell when opened.

  116. John

    Good pulls, not resealed

    Factory resealed, got some good pulls. Will buy again in the future

  117. Christine Marshall

    My son was very happy!

    My 7 year old son got the Venusaur box for his birthday and he was so ecstatic with the cards he received in the 4 packs. He got a V, and a gx and a rapid strike and other good cards in the packs in addition to the Vmax venusaur! The box came in perfect shape and no tampering and on time. I’ve had too many recent experiences with ordering a box of Pokémon cards from other vendors only to be told that it is now out of stock after I already bought and paid for it! I am glad I bought from a trustworthy seller.

    8 people found this helpful

  118. Eduar

    It’s great for a gift

    I bought this booster box seeing it was a steal for $75 so I bought it was here in 2 days and came to check the way it was packaged and it surprised me and for knowing it’s real yeah I checked it by ripping one of the cards and the durability was great so worth for the deal but not any higher

  119. Amazon Customer

    Better to open than to store

    The package came as described. It was a pre-order at the time I had purchased it so it did run slightly behind, the company reached out and notified me which was super amazing. Sent tracking info and kept me up to date with where my package was and when they had shipped it. However as a collector of Pokemon, I had bought this to keep sealed. The factory seal on the product at the front has 2 tear in it, the only tears it has(thank god). Nevertheless it still was torn, I believe it is the way they ship it, if added cushion the product wouldn’t move around as much inside the box. Overall great buy, with the tears might debate opening it or finding a way to preserve it before the tears get worse.

    2 people found this helpful

  120. Amazon Customer

    Broken seal and bar code sticker

    Overall I can’t complain too much because this specific booster box had the best pulls I’ve gotten out of chilling reign. But, I bought this box to add to my sealed collection and it came torn and with a bar code sticker on it. So I’ll have to buy another one somewhere else. If you’re buying it to open, it’s no big deal and the packs/cards were legit. If you’re looking to add to a sealed collection I’d look elsewhere just based on the bar code sticker.

    One person found this helpful

  121. Adrian Olson

    Thought it was a scam but it wasn’t

    I got all the cards in the binder minus the two snorlaxes. But I did end up getting 4 full arts witch was a lot more than I expected after reading some of these reviews. The only other thing I have to say is that it could have been shipped better 🙂

  122. Dylan L.

    Untampered and Great Pull Rates

    Packaging was tight and sealed, which is all I could ask for. Seems like a decent set and so far pulling V/VMAX cards every other pack.

  123. Cade

    Sketchy box but satisfied pulls

    After a day of waiting for my box I started reading reviews. A lot of reviews were negative saying box was resealed. When I got the box I was starting to get my hopes down. When I opened it, it looked like it was definitely resealed. But my pulls said otherwise and made me satisfied with my purchase. Still a sketchy looking box tho for anyone looking to buy.

  124. Alex

    Be Careful

    I ordered the blue box, but I received the red box. I know it says random draw, but I didn’t know that meant it would be a completely different box. Good cards inside though.

  125. Brenda Bennett

    Brand new great quality

    Awesome box got quite a few cards that I really needed and I’m in love with how Good the rapidash v cards look.

  126. Brandon Geist

    Great pulls

    I was skeptical cuz reviews said about tampered packaging. However my son is about halfway thru and we’ve already got multiple great pulls. I don’t kno A lot about the cards but my son knows some and he’s very happy so far. Jus got a Vmax last night.

  127. Brenda Martinez

    Great for collection, not so great pulls.

    Ordered a few different booster packs this last week. For 4-5 different other sets this one was definitely the least favorite. Out of the 36 packs, I pulled about 3-5decently good cards but not the best. A MAJORITY of my cards ended up being trainer cards which was also disappointing. There are better booster packs out there. Bad luck on this one I guess. Pulled two slow king V cards, two trainer full arts and a blaziken V dynamax.

    2 people found this helpful

  128. Noah Kormann

    Bad Pull Rates

    The Pull rates were absolutely abysmal. The best cards that I pulled from the whole box were a Golf Exp. Share and a Full Art Rapid Strike Urshifu VMax

  129. lizbeth l.

    Great trusted seller

    Very nice ! Fast shipping and got a lot of rare cards !!

  130. Phil

    Not a repackaged product

    I was worried about repackaged products. The buyer J&M Collectibles sold us a genuine product. Pros-My wife was happy- The promo card is pretty cool- Not repackaged-Had a reasonable amount of hits-Fast deliveryCons-price could be lower- Found it cheaper elsewhere after ordering

  131. E3N


    Do not buy this if your trying to fill your battle styles set! I didn’t notice until it was too late that there were only two battle styles booster packs instead of what seemed like 4. Normally this wouldn’t be a concern but the packs that weren’t battle styles were complete trash! Base set sun and moon aswell as a darkness ablaze. Darkness ablaze isn’t that outdated but base set sun and moon is really old and not that great in my opinion. But if your just trying to pull rare cards then this shouldn’t matter. In my case though I’m pretty disappointed.

    4 people found this helpful

  132. Another Guy

    Choose sellers wisely

    I must have chose the wrong seller (regulater sales). Cant say for certain if its resealed or not, but by far the worse box thus far. Had a really strong chemical smell when opened.

  133. Orlander Offord

    Got what I ordered!

    Got my Chilling reign booster box and am happy with it! Got a couple more packs and hoping for some good pulls

  134. WSLefever

    2 happy grandkids!

    I ordered 2 of these tins, and I got 2 of the same,which was fine. My grandkids are 7 and 10, and this way they didn’t fight over which one they each got! The price was great,quality of the cards was really nice. All that matters to me is I got 2 very happy grandkids! Definitely worth the price.

    3 people found this helpful

  135. Christopher Jamorabon

    Good cards

    Good cards recommend

  136. Judy Thomas

    Outer Box is Cool.

    I liked everything about these boxes ( I ordered 2) except the cards. 1 good card per box kind of sucked and the packs looked a bit sus on the seals like some may have been sealed twice.

  137. M CAR

    Good packs, but seal on box not good.

    Good packs, but seal on box not good.

  138. Mama Bear

    Happy with purchase

    My kids are into pokemon big time, and I got this as a future gift. The price was great!I got this 4 days faster than I was expecting. Very pleased!

    2 people found this helpful

  139. ora eisenhauer

    Great expansion

    The Chilling Reign set has some really cool cards. Even got some good pulls!

  140. robert

    ordered 3

    got two mew, so not the whole set but, nice to actually get a pokemon order from amazon and not have it too overpriced. Shipped from a different country has yet to be released in mine and shipping was free, helps me feel better about the price. Box destroyed but no dents on tins

    8 people found this helpful

  141. Javier Luevano JR

    Great Birthday Gift

    My little Niece loved it …..

  142. Trees #A

    Got okay hits but dissatisfied by my own luck

    At the beginning of the opening, it was real rough and the only things we were getting we holos. Near the end, now we got 6 hits with Vs and VMAX cards. I’m satisfied with my purchase.

  143. prieto_101

    Not tampered

    Was afraid to buy because so many get tampered, but Kings Games seems to be a reputable seller. Had a blast opening it and got some nice pulls

  144. scott mcclellan

    Just check the seller !

    Received a perfectly sealed box , was shipped great and got some awesome pulls , 1 gold card + 3 Vmax + 8vs + full art trainer + 6 holos

  145. Amazon Customer

    Awesome purchase

    Bought for my boyfriend, he’s a collector. All of the packs had really good pulls, he was very happy

  146. Amazon Customer

    Everything was legit and I got some great pulls!!!

    I had a great time opening my booster box with my friend! We are collectors and we pulled some amazing cards from the booster box we got from this seller! I will be buying again!

    4 people found this helpful

  147. JordanF68

    Was legit

    Package was rough but nothing was damaged, the packs were all sealed and original. Many decent pulls.

    One person found this helpful

  148. Anastasia Dukes

    Great collectible

    Came in on time and for a collector it was a fair price. I absolutely was and still am very happy with the package and most definitely will buy from this seller again. Nothing bad to say at all. Only thank you!!!!!!

  149. William Swanson

    Weird packaging but packs seem fine got secret rare

    Pulled a couple ex and 1 secret rare. Seems fine to me.

  150. linda d.banas

    Love the box not the pulls

    It was a good mix of sets but the pulls were poo poo.Just bad luck i guess

  151. Thomas Olson

    Good Packs

    Exactly as advertised. Got some great draws from the packs. If you can afford it, give it a shot.

  152. Kat&Rob

    Kept their word on delivery time.

    Great ! Kept their word on delivery time. Pulled some great cards.

  153. jessica

    Good pulls, not resealed.

    Don’t like scalpers but it was perfect condition had quite a few good pulls and one great pull. Seen a lot of reviews about resealed packs but mine was not resealed

  154. Ryan

    Seller = Awesome, Set = Ehh

    MTGbiz were kind enough to throw in a nice little plastic holder for a deck with the purchase. Set is really alot of a miss on decent pulls so far, though this sellers packaging and delivery were excellent.

    4 people found this helpful

  155. Bethany

    A New Twist in Pokemon TCG

    The Battle Style expansion while it might not have quite the value for money in the cards themselves, it does bring a new style of play thanks to the new rules.

  156. 1Greenmonster

    It’s was nice .

    I just buy them to collect andodt likely give th toy daughter one day she loved Pokemon, in her 20’s.

  157. Alan E. Felicia

    Better than Average Pull

    Booster Box was factory sealed as advertised and individual wrap were normal (not tampered in any way). Pulled 15 rare out of 36 packs (top 3 were Caitlin Secret, Flannery Secret, Shadow Rider Calyrex V full art) as I read & heard from others that its very hard to pull rare cards. Anyway great buy and thinking about buying again from this seller.

    10 people found this helpful

  158. Candice Foy

    Legit sealed box with great pulls too

    Legit, factory sealed box. Great pulls too, got some great cards! Before you buy, check the seller that’s selling the box, and keep checking until you find a seller with great reviews.

    3 people found this helpful

  159. Samuel Martin

    Rainbow rare and secret rare!

    So I see a lot of negative feed back recently so I wanted to leave this review. This is the second time I have ordered from here and both have had amazing pills. Didn’t have pictures from the first time but did the second time. I pulled some good cards and no damage to the cards or box. Haven’t had an issue with anything. Just wanted to let you all know and hope this helps. Will definitely buy here again

    2 people found this helpful

  160. Amazon Customer

    Unopened tin.

    Got a vmax morpeko in the first pack. Tin was sealed in plastic and unopened. I’m happy.

  161. Lori Gronas


    Great gift idea for kids or adults

  162. Robert D.

    Good cards

    Factory sealed no funny business, good pulls and was very happy with cards.

  163. Luis A. Torres

    Got a Shiny Card

    I got 2 packs of Shiny Fate. These Cards are a Nightmare to try and Find. The price is High, but this are the times we live in.

    10 people found this helpful

  164. Michael peroutka

    Packs possibly sus, saucey

    Packs are sus, saucey, seal looks messed with but besides that rest seems ok get some cards but weird how I got 2 of the same Holo in a pack but my kid just gona ruin them anyways good thing I kept my originals

  165. Paul Singleton

    It is probably for beginners

    Well this is very good for beginner pokemon collectors because it has like 5 to 6 pokemon booster packs, it comes with a guide, some dice, and other stuff. So its kinda like a starter pack ya know?

  166. Jonny

    Some of the best

    Not bad pulls and had fun with these

  167. Michael W. Stacy

    If you are ok with getting some good cards then get this but they do look resealed

    I got 3 V cards FlappleV Single Strike Urshifu and a VictiniV. the pack do look resealed but I got some good cards

  168. J. A.

    Good stuff

    Having trouble finding Pokemon TCG product in stores? Me too. Been searching online and feeling a little nervous? Me too! Want to take a stab at some nice pack selection in a higher-quality product than the American counterpart? I did, so I bought two of these international/UK and Australia tins. I got sent the Lucario and Mew tins, the pack selection is two Vivid Voltage, one Sword and Shield base set, and one XY Breakpoint per tin. The promo cards are nice, everything was factory sealed, the tins are deeper and of a better construction quality than the US versions I’m used to, they use paper instead of plastic inserts to hold the promo card and packs, which is all great. My pulls were decent too, I got a Snorlax VMax, Manaphy EX, Leon holo, and Amphoros V, plus some reverse holos I didn’t have yet. When I can’t find any loose packs or checklane blisters, much less nicer premium collections in stores around me, it’s nice to get a great product at a good price that isn’t fake. Much appreciated.

    6 people found this helpful

  169. Nathan M Tran

    Pretty good

    I had bought this for me and some friends to pull and it’s was a great time would recommend if you have enough saved

  170. Nigel


    Ordered for my son’s birthday and it arrived right on time.He got some rare cards in the set and is happy that he received this for his birthday.Will definitely order again!Thanks!

  171. CNavas

    Is it resealed?

    I got lucky on my box it came in perfect condition. I got a rainbow card dont mind the japanesse cards on the side lmao

  172. Jesse Resendez

    Definitely a Good Box to Get

    At first I was a bit skeptical while buying this and opening it, as the box came a little damaged due to shipping. But everything turned out just fine. I pulled multiple good cards and everything was legitimate. This box is definitely worth the money, and don’t be swayed by the people in the reviews saying otherwise.

  173. Bradley B

    Not worth the price.

    Not worth the price or the time. Based on the fact that it’s about 6.72$ a pack. If you were getting just newer packs like shining fates or battle styles then it would be worth it. The fact that there’s an XY pack alone makes this a terrible mix. The only reason to get this is if you wanted one the face cards but it’s a 1-3 chance and I definitely did not get the one I wanted. Overall not worth the price.

    8 people found this helpful

  174. Lance A Flippin


    The shipping was incredibly fast. Product is what it intailes, authentic pokemon cards. These cards are especially not over priced.

  175. Casey Beers

    Well worth the wait

    My son loves them I enjoyed opening them up until he shut me down and said that he will do a video of the opening lol.

  176. Brian Burns

    Great Seller

    While I didn’t get any alternate art vmax urshifus, I did get some pretty cool cards like alternate art empoleon and rainbow rare bruno and phoebe. You get exactly what you ask for from this this seller; a sealed box with the normal pokemon gamble.

    One person found this helpful

  177. Amazon Customer


    Bought as a gift. Big hit!

  178. Alex

    Good looking box

    Retail is 21.99, so it it’s not bumped up in price by that much. It’s a good looking box, textured design within the box

    11 people found this helpful

  179. yngvie c.

    Comes with a lot of stickers

    Packs are legitimate cards are in the right order very happy and the price is cheaper than retail stores

  180. priddysharp

    Good pulls, untampered with!

    Was sealed and got some great pulls so I know it wasn’t messed with!

    One person found this helpful

  181. Jeremiah Rangel caro


    Got some pretty okay pulls from this very happy I see a lot of reviews saying these were re seals but every thing plus the box was perfectly sealed so I’m pretty happy

    One person found this helpful

  182. Kameron

    1st Booster Box

    I was really happy with how it came, and I got 3 Alt Art V’s! Will definitely buy again!

  183. Blaine

    I got scammed.

    Although I pulled some decent full art cards, the packs were clearly resorted AND my box came with 35 packs, not 36. Odd. Other reviews say it’s legit. Take your chances.

    39 people found this helpful

  184. Cassidy Lapp

    Good buy

    Got a rare card worth $50 and then two other good ones. Got 10 halos from the packs as well!

  185. Loc tran

    Kinda good

    Some packs had some pieces of glue on them, however no inside tampering was found, I would recommend this for gifts. They vendor was the card kids, if you wanted to know.

  186. Amazon Customer

    Better than expected

    Was not tampered with. Got a lot of good pulls.

  187. Venus

    got the one i wanted

    I got the galarian slowbro tin at random which was the one I wanted so i got lucky :~) the pulls were okay, but I got two hisuian typhlosion cards that i really wanted so it was a pleasant surprise !!

    One person found this helpful

  188. jessica lopez

    Good but overpriced .

    I was scared to purchase because of reviews saying that there’s were resealed or tampered with. But luckily mine wasn’t. None of the packets were resealed either they were all brand new. The thing is I didn’t really get any good cards but you take a gamble with any random boosters. The overall I am satisfied with the purchase for my son.

  189. Amazon Customer

    Great gift good value

    Great gift he has not stopped talking about it it’s all gibberish to me lol keeps talking about this Charizard GX from some fire and ice edition or some such telling me it’s worth thousands I’m just like awesome take care of it. come completely sealed no tampering he was very pleased and his two buddies he plays with seemed rather jealous great gift he keeps his play cards in the tin and had me put the little book up for him with his prized cards up so he is actually taking better care of his collection

    2 people found this helpful

  190. Scooba_St3v3

    Great pulls

    Pulled some great pulls from this vbox recommend

  191. Adam Graff

    Good deal

    I was skeptical cause this is a great deal. Package came sealed and undamaged. I haven’t opened all the packs yet. Probably opened about 15 packs or so. Got some good pulls I think.

  192. Linda B

    It was a gift

    It was a gift loved by recipient

  193. Allan Prescott

    Huge dent… contents unharmed

    The cards were unharmed but the tin box has a huge dent.

  194. Emily Hensley

    Gotta Catch Them All

    Product came as shown and was happily gifted to my young cousin.

  195. Taylor


    Everything came packaged great. It was in prestige condition when it arrived. Sincerely happy with the product!!

  196. Melissa Krehemker

    As described

    Exactly what I wanted. Even shipped before the release date. Thank you!

    3 people found this helpful

  197. David N

    Great, what we expected..

    We were nervous based on some of the reviews, but we were happy to find the box was unopened and there was no sign of card pack tampering.

  198. Jerome macline 69

    Resealed packs

    I did see the reviews before purchasing. The packs were resealed but I didn’t have any duplicates in any of the packs. My son got a lot of cards that he didn’t have.

    One person found this helpful

  199. Robert D.

    Good cards

    Factory sealed no funny business, good pulls and was very happy with cards.

  200. Trees #A

    Possibly Resealed? But still get hits.

    (Exclude the Full art Slowing- part of a Trainer Box) I don’t remember what the guaranteed cards are supposed to be exactly from this set. We had gotten hits but there were traces of glue in top of the cards which resealing could’ve been possible. When I purchased it, the cards we pulled weren’t enough to put us in the green. Had fun opening them though!

  201. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Great stuff

    Idk why people are giving bad stars. We are happy with our results all though one card was slightly damaged we had 2 good pulls

    12 people found this helpful

  202. Alan Julian

    Great pulls!

    Happy with what I got

  203. Generic Customer

    Don’t listen to the other reviews

    I got the box, it’s sealed, and everything is fine. This is my third booster box from Amazon, and I’ve never had a problem.Every box is random. I do not believe you are guaranteed any amount of a certain rare card. You have a better chance of getting a good card because there are 36 packs, but it isn’t guaranteed.That being said, this box in particular was a good deal. The price at the time I bought this is quite a bit lower than what most of the other boxes are going for, and Battle Styles has some great cards. Grab one while you can!

    One person found this helpful

  204. vladi smalov

    Came sealed

    Came sealed ordered from Amazon got pretty good pulls

  205. James world

    Very legit

    I got it on time and 100% could tell nothing was tampered with… very happy with what I got even I got average pulls but not the sellers fault

  206. Wooj

    Box was a little damaged

    Box was a little damaged but the cards were not. The cards are real and i got a lot of good pulls including 4 Secret Rares (Rainbow and Gold). All in all, worth the purchase, plus fast shipping.

  207. NY Buyer

    Real but box came damaged

    I got one v card and two holos and the cards are real but the box came damaged so overall it’s okay.

    3 people found this helpful

  208. Justice Arroyo

    It arrived early and gave an amazing pull just a bit sad the tin was damaged during shipping.

    Always good for collectors but tin may be damaged during shipping

  209. cherryl caraig

    Nice hits

    Good quality and got good hits

  210. Nah

    This is a legit sealed booster box!

    I was skeptical because of seeing a few others claiming it was resealed. It definitely was not! My son was very happy with the pulls from this!

  211. Amazon Customer

    overall good – quick transaction and quick delivery.

    The packs were mostly fine, but the box was damaged slightly in transit. It was only protected by a plastic sleeve. I would have preferred better packaging.That all being said the price, the quick delivery, and the overall quality of the cards were fine. I had an absolute blast opening them with my kiddo.

  212. Amazon Customer

    No good cards.

    Not worth it I dint even get a holo!!! horrible

    One person found this helpful

  213. Kmajid1971

    Its a great gift

    The kids were thrilled to get this

  214. Jake Ryan

    Not Sealed and Smelled Like Cigarettes

    Unfortunately, the package arrived and was not sealed (one side of the wrapping was already open enough for it to have been taken out) and the packs smelled strongly of cigarettes. When I order cards, I expect them to be sealed and I expect them to be clean unless otherwise specified, so this was a bit of a let down. The package was also missing two packs, several were missing online codes, and zero ultra rares in the whole box, which I’ve never experienced. I question the legitimacy of the packs I got.

    34 people found this helpful

  215. Talon Highland

    Venusaur Vmax only comes

    This shows Blastoise Vmax and Venusaur Vmax. But when I got it Venusaur Vmax only came but Blastoise Vmax never came

  216. Emily Eaton

    Everything was just fine!

    I read a lot of negative reviews about “beware of resealed packs!!” But mine was just fine and I pulled some pretty good cards. I think I got your average box. Don’t let the scalpers make you feel like everyone is selling resealed boxes. 99.9% are legit.

    One person found this helpful

  217. C.S.

    Overpriced for pull rates but know that glue on packs in that one area are normal and from mfg

    Pokemon stuff is overpriced in general for the poor pull rates so I understand how the other reviewer feels, however, I’ve bought a lot of Pokemon and can testify that if you see glue on the top and bottom at the crimping and it does NOT go all the way across but rather is just in a small portion as shown in the pics by the other reviewer, is exactly as it comes from the mfg and has NOT been tampered with. Technically, 7 good pulls in a box of 36 is not bad…I’m usually lucky to get 1 good card in 8 packs. Don’t blame sellers for bad pull rates. I’ve actually done business with Kstamps before and they are legit. P.S. also know that it is also normal to have a little tiny opening in the corner of the packs…I’ve seen this many times too with packs I know are 100% legit, direct from pokemon. If packs are missing factory sealed wrapping, completely open, and/or you open all the packs in a booster and find nothing or only 1 good card as another reviewer did, THEN you have a tampering problem.

    23 people found this helpful

  218. XxxAmazon UserxxX

    Fast and relible

    Arrived fast, still sealed with protective film. Was not banged up or folded

  219. Eddie


    Not worth it

  220. Leslie D.

    Sealed. Real. Perfect.

    This is the first pack of Pokémon cards I have ever bought on the internet. Was very very skeptical about this. But everything showed up and before time and all looks sealed and good. Very very impressed can’t wait to open them with my boys. Will recommend and will be buying from them again. TRUSTWORTHY!!!!

    One person found this helpful

  221. Jamison Valorin

    Made my mom smile

    Galarian Rapidash is my moms most favorite pokemon, and mother’s day was just around the corner by the time I bought it.Once it arrived, she was really happy and seeing her smile really made my day.

  222. John Gillenwalters

    Great Seller! Product as described

    Product as described. Quick delivery and a very good seller. Will definitely buy more in the future.

  223. Tyler Albright

    Good for collectors

    Chilling reign was a great set to open but cards had minor damage

  224. KaZax Sunezpi

    Great International Only Product For a Great Price(Pre-Price Increase)

    I don’t know why people give these lower than four stars. An international only product for $27 USD which retails goes for like 15-17 GBP and then you would need to add almost the same amount for shipping. The pulls were great, the product was in great shape coming all the way from Australia. I cannot complain about this and I will be buying more soon.

    12 people found this helpful

  225. Alhan

    Good value


  226. grahamgg

    Kids loved it & lots of great pulls from the box

    Completely legit! Kids pulled several rare cards 8-9 (shiny V or VMax). Got the set for a birthday present. Kids loved it. A big hit.

  227. Kimberly Liss


    Amazing product!!!

  228. Adam Buccilli

    Sealed product

    Product arrived with original seal on it.

  229. Emmie

    came really quick

    It came TWO days before the expected time, and came and pretty good condition. Would buy again. 🙂

  230. David Weston

    Definitely trust worthy to buy.

    Came in great and sealed condition. Not sure what happened to the ones out of other reviews but I’m very satisfied with the seller. Had some awesome pulls. Also was delivered very quick.

  231. Eric Doran

    Only buy from amazpn

    Only buy if it says sold and shipped by Amazon I paid 25$ for the set didn’t get anything good but domt believe it was tampered with

  232. WSLefever

    2 happy grandkids!

    I ordered 2 of these tins, and I got 2 of the same,which was fine. My grandkids are 7 and 10, and this way they didn’t fight over which one they each got! The price was great,quality of the cards was really nice. All that matters to me is I got 2 very happy grandkids! Definitely worth the price.

    3 people found this helpful

  233. Amazon Customer

    Trust Worthy

    At first I was a little skeptical because no one wants to be robbed of there money. It was actually my first ever booster box opening and it went great. Very pleased with the cards I pulled. I highly recommend and I might even buy from this seller again. Thank You

    2 people found this helpful

  234. K Torres

    Son loves it

    My son loves it..doesn’t know anyone else with it so he was excited to show friends

  235. Anthony Lopez

    Perfect conditon with awesome pulls

    The box arrived in perfect condition, no issues with tampering or resealed packs. This was by far one of the best pull rates I have ever had with a booster box.

  236. john

    Over inflated price

    Everything was sealed, authentic and not tampered with. Just over priced by scalpers.

  237. Dobler


    Mine had some great pulls, but couldve been resealed as i only got green code cards and still got hits, so unless pokemon co changed something with code cards, buyer beware.

  238. Cheese



  239. Anthony Hernandez

    Best pulls ever

    The media could not be loaded.

     Best booster box ever. None of the packs were reseal. So glad I pull two urshifu vmax .

    3 people found this helpful

  240. Jesse Resendez

    Definitely a Good Box to Get

    At first I was a bit skeptical while buying this and opening it, as the box came a little damaged due to shipping. But everything turned out just fine. I pulled multiple good cards and everything was legitimate. This box is definitely worth the money, and don’t be swayed by the people in the reviews saying otherwise.

  241. Eli


    1 holo and thats it

  242. Freddy V

    Great gift for the common collector

    So I’m just a normal Pokémon card collector like anyone else. I don’t really buy the cards for the playing game aspect of it, but it was definitely worth it for the price. There was plenty of duplicate cards, but to be expected when buying a whole box. There was also a lot of nice rare cards inside, and in my opinion, a much better price than any of these scalpers are offering nowadays.

    One person found this helpful

  243. cameron desart

    Great pulls

    This was a good value. My packaging did not appear tampered with and was factory original.9 good pulls from 360 cards.

  244. Jesus Rocha

    Great item

    Was a little over priced as you can get this item at the Pokémon website for the ten dollars less but since the Pokémon website is out of stock ten dollars extra is no big deal. Box is fine no big damages and it’s contents arrived intact.

    One person found this helpful

  245. Jenny

    Good item

    Highly recommend. Perfect toy for kids.

  246. Larry Altavilla

    I would like an undamaged product

    The lunchbox type container was rewrapped with a non-pokemon, clear, badly sealed wrap. The cover of the lunchbox was badly dented and smashed in. The product inside was not in place at all. Not sure if the packs are legit!! I would like a response about this.

    6 people found this helpful

  247. Joe

    Not sure if this is a scam?

    The media could not be loaded.

     I will say that I was definitely skeptical since there were a lot of reviews saying the packs were resealed. I chose a seller that has a good rating, GalacticToys & Games, and decided to give it a shot.Received the item earlier than expected, which was nice.The package looks like it was factory sealed, however, the plastic was fairly loose, which is a sign of tampering.After opening the box, there are 36 booster packs, which is correct, but each one had a discoloration along part of the top. Some even felt rough due to glue residue left. Again, another sign of tampering.Opened one pack and found some edges of cards are slightly damaged due to excess air in the pack.Can’t say for certain if this box has been resealed, I am still skeptical since this is my first online purchase of card packs.The one pack I opened had a rare card in it, but I’m not an expert, so I can’t say if it’s fake or not.

    4 people found this helpful

  248. Raul


    Amazing product got amazing cards I don’t

  249. Farah Malek

    Seal, but inconsistent pricing.

    Sealed and good, just upset to know that I paid $168 and two days later they dropped the price by over $20.

  250. Dylan Velez

    Great Set, not resealed

    I got this one from J & M Collectibles, It was factory sealed. The only small complain I have about this is the packaging since the box wasn’t really protected but fortunately didn’t receive many hits.Regarding the pulls I gotRapid Strike Urshifu VMax, Necrozma V, Rapid Strike Urshifu V, Full art Holo Cheryl, Corviknight V, Tapu Koko V, Victini VI would buy again from this seller

    One person found this helpful

  251. Brandi Penkoff

    Mostly okay

    Great condition but a booster pack was missing from the set so that was a bummer. Other than that was fine.

  252. Marco Gonzalez

    Arrived faster.

    It was a gift for my son and he loved it!!!

    One person found this helpful

  253. Jake

    Arrived beaten up by transit, packs looked iffy but still pulled decent cards

    My booster box showed up quick, but could of been boxed better, it showed up beaten up from the transit. All packs looked resealed but I pulled rainbow cards and vmax urshifu single strike from them, so maybe just the quality of Pokémon packs have went down ever since they’ve had to ramp up production all across the board, all said solid 3 stars.

    One person found this helpful

  254. Lexi_R

    Was nervous at first

    At first I was scared it was resealed, the seal looked off and the packs had excess glued and an extra krimp, but after opening and testing the code cards I am satisfied and believe they are real, I test ripped a few and compared and they all checked out.

    2 people found this helpful

  255. Tony H

    Great and fast delivery

    It was in good condition/ good product

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