Perplexus Mini – Cascading Cups 3D sculptural Portable Maze Game

SKU: 61225

Perplexus Mini Cups takes all the excitement of Perplexus and jam-packs it into a compact maze game. Smaller. Faster. More to master!Do you have what it takes to master Perplexus Mini Cascading Cups? Tilt, spin, flip and stay on track for as long as you can.


2 in stock


2 in stock

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Smaller. Faster. More to master! Take on the Perplexus Mini Cascading Cups challenge and put your patience to the test! In this tricky maze, players guide the ball smoothly through an entire line of cascading cups. Tilt, spin, flip – do whatever it takes to keep your ball on track. With a considerable amount of obstacles in the way, this is no easy feat! When you fall off the track, head back to the beginning and try again! This smaller version of the Perplexus 3D sculptural mazes is addictive, exciting and easy to take with you, wherever you go! See if you can find your way to victory with the Perplexus Mini Cup!

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Dimensions6.00 × 12.00 × 18.00 in


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