Nellie the White Owl Teeny TY


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Nellie is an adorable owl who can’t wait to meet you and become your best friend. Teenie Tys are the tiny soft toys you can collect and stack! Make a pyramid or tower out of your adorable new friends. They’re so little you can bring them everywhere with you!


Out of stock

There aren’t many things cuter than a TY Beanie Baby, but a stack of them might just top it! Teenie Tys are the tiny soft toys you can stack! Stack Nellie the White Owl up with the rest of your Teenie Ty friends to make a Great Pyramid of toys! This 6cm Ty plush is for all ages. The bottom of the Teeny Tys are made of a soft microfiber so it can be used to clean the screen of your phone or other electronic screens too!

Did you know, there are around 200 different owl species? Nellie is a cute and cuddly owl with glistening blue eyes that are just irresistible and make you want to give her a hug! Go on some great adventures with Mimi. Being nocturnal, you may have to nap during the day to enjoy some night time fun. Pick her up today and collect the rest to make an unrivalled stack of loveable plush toys.

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