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Metal Earth ICONX Star Wars Millennium Falcon Premium Series 3D Metal Model Kit

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This model kit comes unassembled with easy to follow instructions, once built, you have a stunningly detailed, etched 3D model of IconX Millennium Falcon.


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A legendary starship despite its humble origins and deceptively dilapidated exterior, the Metal Earth ICONX Star Wars Millennium Falcon has factored into some of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest victories over the Empire. Before Han Solo won it in a game of chance, it was owned by Lando Calrissian. Solo and first mate Chewbacca flew the Millennium Falcon into cinematic history. This model kit comes unassembled with easy-to-follow instructions. Once built, you have a stunningly detailed, etched 3D model of ICONX Millennium Falcon.

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Dimensions7.10 × 10.80 × 13.50 cm
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Customers reviews

44 Reviews Write a review
  1. Federico

    Millennium falcon metal earth ICONX

    Davvero ottimo modellino della famiglia ICONX che ho fatto fatica a trovare. Modellino molto dettagliato e leggermente più grande dei classici metal earth. Nella confezione esce anche un paio di pinzette molto utili. Come per quasi tutti i metal earth ci vuole tempo (5-6ore per me) e pazienza ma il risultato finale è ottimo. Difficoltà medio-alta se è tra i primi modellini che fai ,media se sei esperto.

  2. Rick

    was a gift

    they liked it

  3. Mary

    Five Stars

    My husband loved this little project. It takes time, but looks really cool!

  4. ZarZar

    So much Star Wars awesome!

    TLDR: It’s three times bigger than the original Fascinations model of the Millenium Falcon (shown in pictures), way more detailed and looks just awesome! Buy it!This is the third Fascinations model I’ve built, and after taking on the first couple projects, I feel like I’ve gotten the “Metal Earth build process” pretty much down. First, buy 

    Tool Kit for Metal Earth 3D Metal Models

    . No exceptions. Well, unless you already own a mini needle nose plier, a mini flat nose plier, and a mini wire clipper. In that case, you don’t need the Metal Earth ones, but they ARE fancy yellow and black! Anyway, second, look over the instructions. Take note of anything that requires rolling into a cylinder shape. If you need to roll anything, get yourself a few cylinder shape things of different sizes. A pen. A toothpick. A drill bit. A toilet paper roll. Then, come to terms with the fact that if you rush through this, it isn’t going to go well. These take time, patience, and precision. If you don’t have those three things, don’t buy this. If you have those three things and you want to have something that people look at and ask how in the world you built something so amazing, buy this! This particular model takes a few hours to complete if you are taking your time and watching a movie. The final result is amazing! Have fun!Pro-tip: If you want to add some heft to this to make it even more impressive, but really to help keep it from tipping over if a tiny breeze hits it, then add some hot glue to the hollow base/stand! I went one step further and added hot glue to the inside of the model itself before finishing it. It now weighs about 10 times as much and is rock solid.

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  5. JoeJoe

    Very Realistic Looking Falcon!

    I received the standard Millennium Falcon model (Metal Earth #MMS251) as a stocking stuffer this year, and having never put together one of these models, I found it surprisingly enjoyable (it also helped that I had a strong interest in the subject matter). The only thing I would have liked more is if it were bigger. Luckily, after doing a quick search I found this ICONX version of the Falcon, which I would guess is 3 times bigger than the standard model, and much more detailed. It can be a little tedious at times, but for those with patience the end result is certainly worth it. I would guess that in total it took me about of 4-5 hours to put together, but I was taking my time.I’m am definitely very happy with my purpose, and hope that Metal Earth comes out with more of these ICONX-style Star Wars models. My only word of caution is that I would consider this to be an “adult” model, although I’m sure some model-building teenagers would also enjoy the challenge.

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  6. Laureen C.

    It’s so fun to build these

    My son loves these so much! It’s so fun to build these. The only thing is that it’s very intricate and delicate- therefore I am the one that ends up putting it together because my son just can’t do it. Needless to say, I don’t mind one bit putting it together.

  7. Samuel SchneiderSamuel Schneider

    An excellent, cool looking model

    This is an excellent model and very detailed. Great size over the smaller millennium falcon ones. Fun to put together but might be difficult if you’ve never built one of these metal earth models.

  8. MaiTai

    Four Stars

    There’s more parts than expected

  9. Dmitri Kazberouk

    Excellent and relatively easy-to-build model

    Millennium Falcon is one of the easiest to build, but very nice looking IconX models. I did not find any problems when assembling it, all was simple and clear. I would wish there were more Star Wars IconX models (though there are 16 Metal Earth models, and some of therm are substantially more difficult to build).

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  10. darkknight29swseller

    This Millennium Falcon is Awesome!!

    This Millennium Falcon is Awesome!!! It is much bigger than expected and the details are incredible, and 3 times more detailed than the smaller original Falcon made by Metal Earth. If you want true quality and a super nice trophy show piece, THIS is IT!!!

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  11. Sam Pham

    It’s great!

    It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I do recommend in investing in a pair of bottle nose pliers for the tiny details. I’d buy more for a rainy day if I could.

  12. Leon N.Leon N.

    Looks like this has been reviewed pretty well by everyone else

    Looks like this has been reviewed pretty well by everyone else, but I do have a tip that makes the finished model look slightly better. On the attached picture I’ve circled 4 tabs that help hold down the edges on the top fuselage piece. In the instructions these are folded in steps 10 and 11 before the top fuselage (step 8) is attached. If you wait to fold these 4 tabs until after the top fuselage is attached they help to hold the edges down.Even on Facinations web site they only have 3 of 4 of these folded like that, even they missed one (I added the photo from their web site to show which one they missed). Hope this helps.One other thing – someone was wondering about the size difference between the Metal Earth version and the Iconx version. I attached a picture that shows both versions side by side for comparison.

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  13. JC

    Great quality and they have great service

    Use it as a stress relaxing tool. Great quality and they have great service.

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  14. Customer1234

    These are amazing models! This one is bigger than the regular …

    These are amazing models! This one is bigger than the regular version of the Millennium Falcon offered. Has much more detail. Some amazingly small parts but can be done well with patience.

  15. D. Billings

    Super Fun!

    Not sure why Amazon wants me to review this like an article of clothing? Much less challenging than the Star Destroyer but there are a few rounded bits that are challenging. Again, it’s not a snaptite model. They’re tough. Budget a few days and take a break if needed.

  16. John L.

    First model I built — read the product reviews for assembly tips!

    I am a glutton for punishment, so this is the first Metal Earth model I assembled. I am pleased to say that it went without a hitch, and I was done in about 2.5 hours. I would encourage others to note the assembly tips noted in these reviews particularly the tip about the 4-6 tabs on the top deck that can be used to hold the top conical fuselage section down to the decking to create a far better fit. Fine tip snips should be considered essential for this model. You will also need to create many curves — the pieces are etched to make curving the metal in the proper direction easy, but rolling the metal under a thin dowel on a work surface that has a bit of “give” works excellently for achieving perfectly even curvature.

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  17. FormerJones

    Small enough for a stocking stuffer

    A great stocking stuffer.

  18. Brian Urban

    Five Stars


  19. Michele F

    but it was a gift and he loved it!

    Smaller than I thought it would be, but it was a gift and he loved it!

  20. Israel Andrews

    Amazing model

    This model was great fun to build and looks great. I would give it 3 out of 5 as far as difficulty goes. Not for a beginner but with a few models under your belt definitely doable and as I’ve said great fun to put together. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  21. Hakon Wien


    Great model, fun to build, looks excellent on the shelf

  22. Amazon Customer

    The fit quality is pretty good, but you need to be very careful …

    A challenging build — there is definitely a learning curve that comes along with it. The included tweezers are helpful, but you will probably also want to use some small needle nose pliers and something round (screwdriver works) for manipulating certain parts. I couldn’t find a way to extract the pieces other than bending at the connections repeatedly (tools I had wouldn’t do the trick). The fit quality is pretty good, but you need to be very careful when folding parts, as too much bending can easily break pieces. I realized at the end that they do include some extras of the small parts, probably to compensate for this.

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  23. mikeshi

    Three Stars

    it was bended and the box was open when i received it..:(

  24. Ian M.

    Super small parts

    If you like building things from kits, and are accustomed to small parts, you’ll enjoy this. If not.. Well I’d get something less intricate. LOTS of VERY small parts. Good eyesight and small motor control a must!

  25. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars


  26. JeremyJeremy

    Fun kit, good for a first-timer

    This was my first metal earth experience and I think it has the potential to become a gateway model. The in-laws got me the Falcon as a gift, and I’m grateful it was the larger model and included a basic set of tweezers, b/c otherwise I think I would have been in trouble. But as it was I was able to put this together over the course of a couple of days while the kids did homework.My advice: don’t be intimidated by tiny parts. The instructions are simple and clear, to the point where just about anyone could put this together. Definitely worth a try.

  27. JC

    Pas le bon faucon millénium

    J’ai commandé le faucon millénium Iconx 5061302 et j’ai reçu le simple faucon millénium 5061251. Ce n’est pas du tout la même qualité de détail et de prix.

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  28. Roger

    Awesome Final Result!

    This required a ton of time to put together especially since it was my first time building one of these kits. It was fun though. I highly recommend getting the tools they sell or at least getting some clippers, They are the most necessary tool. I tried putting it together with the tools I have laying around, but I didn’t have small clippers to remove the pieces, which proved difficult to remove by twisting without accidentally bending.

  29. Michael Giles

    Five Stars

    excellent and interesting model off sheet metal,…..went together very nicely!

  30. AMV nexus


    Metal earth è sempre un buon prodotto e di qualità superiore, sopratutto per appassionati di modellismo, peccato per il imballaggio scadente…da correggere.

  31. Mr. Snappy

    Don’t forget basic tools and a display box

    This larger version of the Millennium Falcon is everything all other reviews has already said: jeweler-tool precise with a great model at the end. The instructions are excellently drawn and presented and extra parts (plus excellent hobby tweezers) provided.The delicate and pointy-sharp metal of these models means you will not handle them after construction so if you want to display them, make sure you get a mirrored base or a display cube (with a mirrored base as well) and some form of lighting. The underside has landing gear and is just as visually interesting as the top of the ship so you can display all angles.While the metal’s finish is somewhat fingerprint resistant, don’t forget to wear gloves (the metal is impossibly sharp) and have alcohol and a Q-tip to clean the surfaces completely so they shine!

    2 people found this helpful

  32. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars

    Hard to make but very fun.

    One person found this helpful

  33. Peter M.

    It was the first I had to use super glue on

    This is about the 10th iconx/metal earth model I’ve done. It was the first I had to use super glue on. You need to be very ginger when removing the exhaust pipe pieces. The finished product is amazing and is in my office next to the rest. These are ingenious inventions and I love the challenge of them and the finished model. This one was no exception.

  34. Charles

    Five Stars

    love it

  35. Diane H.

    Five Stars

    brilliant little models. easy to put tog too.

  36. Bianluca

    Per veri appassionati

    Modellino molto ben fatto, richiede molta pazienza e precisione, ma il risultato è eccellente

  37. Drowsy

    I would definitely buy this again just to enjoy building it again

    So incredibly satisfying to build. It took me about 6 hours, and this was my first ICONX set. With the right tools, enough patience and attention to detail, this kit will yield and incredible 3D model of the Millennium Falcon. I would definitely buy this again just to enjoy building it again. I would say, this is definitely not for beginners with Metal Earth models. To prepare for this, I built several smaller models first.

  38. asesores

    Bonito y buena calidad

    Muy bonito, pero si es difícil de armar

  39. W. Bryan Ho

    Five Stars

    Item arrived as promised.

  40. Dominic

    Looks great, but kind of expensive

    Bought it as a gift. Looks great, but kind of expensive.

  41. Jeff Yarbrough

    … for getting delivered to the wrong address everything was great.

    except for getting delivered to the wrong address everything was great.

  42. Guillaume Gérald

    une foule de pieces minuscules à assemblées il faut une loupe et un bon eclairage

    j’ai acheté ce produits pour décoré une tour d’ordinateur/vitrine et en effet le métal brille du meilleur effet sous les éclairages mais il n’y a pas 2pieces mais une bonne cinquantaine dont la plus part sont de l’ordre du millimètre et prévoir environ 4 à 5 h de montage …

  43. Richard Swain

    Things to do at this difficult time

    Just gets better and better

  44. TinBat

    A fantastically detailed model!

    I always loved putting models together as a child. The Metal Earth models have brought back the joy. The detail is awesome! Easy to follow instructions. Really enjoyed putting the Falcon together…though it did take a little longer than 12 parcects!

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