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Mattel Games set of 3 Games with Uno Phase 10 and Ono 99

  • In this exclusive tin full of fun, card lovers will find 3 exciting games from Mattel Games set of 3 Games with Uno Card Game, Phase 10 Card Game and ONO 99 Card Game. Each deck offers unique gameplay for a different experience.
  • The UNO Card Game is about color and number matching, the Phase 10 Card Game involves creating card series rummy-style and the ONO 99 Card Game challenges players to add cards up without hitting 99!
  • The 3 card games test a range of skills and let players either focus on one game or mix it up for a full night of friendly competition!


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Tired of the same old routine? Step into a world of excitement and strategy with the Mattel Games set of 3 Games with Uno. This captivating bundle includes three beloved classics: Uno, Phase 10, and Ono 99. It’s time to infuse your game nights with a whole new level of entertainment.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 2 × 9.3 × 14.4 cm

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