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Love is Dead Game

  • Actually, these Boos are already dead in the hilarious Love is Dead party card game based on modern dating mishaps and misfortunes
  • Do some soul-searching … so to speak. Play Action cards as you race to match with ghosts in the dating pool by fulfilling all of the Traits on the Boo cards
  • Play it smart or suffer grave consequences! Sabotage opponents and ruin their chances of a match by playing Dealbreaker cards, like Red Flag and Ghosted

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These days, dating can be downright scary. Seriously, who wants to get ghosted? Inspired by modern dating themes, the Love is Dead game is a light strategy party card game for adults and teens. Players compete to match with Boos in the dating pool by playing Trait cards that correspond to the Boo’s traits. Fasten your sheet-belt because other players could be going after the same Boos! In this 2-5 player card game for ages 13 and up, opponents can play negative cards, like Dealbreakers, to sabotage one another. Once a player matches with 3 Boos, the game is over — the player who scores the most points from their matches wins!

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