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  • Fans can build their own charming, brick-built toy model of The Child from Star Wars: The Mandalorian, reproducing authentic details in LEGO style to create a delightful display piece
  • This new buildable model captures all the cute features of this hugely popular little Star Wars™ character, including a posable head, movable ears and an adjustable mouth for different expressions
  • The set includes a gearshift knob element the Child’s favorite toy – which can be placed in its hand, plus an information sign and the Child LEGO minifigure to complete a delightful display
  • This 1,073-piece, collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ building toy makes the best birthday gift, Christmas or holiday present or special occasion surprise for kids aged 10+ and all Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans


In stock

Turn the cuteness factor up to the max with this LEGO Star Wars™ The Child  build-and-display model. Authentic details of this popular character, affectionately known as Baby Yoda, are recreated in LEGO style, with posable head, ears and mouth for different expressions, plus the Child;s favorite toy – a gearshift knob (element included) for it to hold just like it does in Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

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  1. Bill

    Great build

    Great Lego set to build direction were great!!


  2. Brian

    Impressed my Daughter

    Kit came complete and shipping speed was good. All Good!


  3. Kayle Brooks


    We bought this to collect it. We have no intention of opening it. Looks great though.

    Kayle Brooks

  4. JoeJoe

    Excellent set! Cute and addicting !

    I absolutely loved this LEGO set! It’s broken down into eight bags with my favorite being bags six through eight. It’s a sturdy overall build and I love the adjustability of the head, mouth, hands and ears ! The Child was so addicting that I finished the build in one evening while listening to The Mando theme. Overall I cannot recommend this one enough ! Buy it immediately …. this is the way !

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  5. @@@Bruins@@@

    Great toy

    In terms of geek gear, this is one of my favorite purchases. As you can see in the photo, he’s now prominently displayed with some of my other geeky items. The size is nearly ideal, and the display plate that comes with it is stunning, complete with a miniature figure.


  6. Eli C

    Greta For Lego And Star Wars Lovers

    Got this for my buddies birthday, he’s loved legos and Star Wars his whole life and this was awesome, a good size set for the price and looks really nice on a desk or shelf once completed.

    Eli C

  7. Ben

    Great Gift

    I got this for my younger brother for Christmas. He loved it. It sits next to his computer. You know what you are getting with Legos.


  8. Donna

    Christmas gift for my 12 year old granddaughter

    My 12 year old granddaughter loved it. She put it together within 2 days. Had no problem with assembly like some people said they had in reading the reviews. All the parts that were suppose to move did after my Granddaughter put it together. I think Legos are over priced. Will continue to buy since my granddaughters love them so much.


  9. Amazon Customer

    Star Wars Legos are the best!

    Best gifts you can receive in my opinion! Star Wars Legos are just next level! Everyone I buy these for just loves putting them together and collecting them!

    Amazon Customer

  10. Jonathan S.

    Great kit.

    My wife loves building puzzles, and she LOVES Baby Yoda. So she was thrilled to get this set as a gift.

    Jonathan S.

  11. RespeckaRespecka

    Husband is thrilled!

    This was a birthday present for my husband. He is a collector of Baby Yoda merchandise and Legos so this was a no brainer. He giggled like a school girl when he opened it and put it together in around 6 hours. The ears and hands can be put in different positions. He is now proudly displayed in our entertainment center!


  12. karenbmwmew

    Great Lego Set

    It was for my hubby for Father’s Day. He enjoyed putting it together. Great tor anyone who like Star Wars and Legos.


  13. Sandi C.

    Great Gift for Star Wars Fans!

    Of course it is a little challenging to assemble! It is LEGO’s! That is part of the fun! Our grandson loves it, so we are very happy!

    Sandi C.

  14. jhaw1

    My girlfriend loves it

    My girlfriend just loves baby Yoda or Grogu or the child… What ever is called, lol. I have to admit, it’s super cute. By the way, my girlfriend is 42, so you’re never to old to be a kid.


  15. HeatherHeather

    Perfect piece

    Got this for my son (age 8) for Christmas. We spent 5 days together working on it and it was worth every penny. He set a goal for one bag a day and when we got to day 5 he just had to finish putting it together that day.The instructions that came with this are a catalog thick. Very easy to follow. Now he sits proudly on the shelf in his room. I would highly recommend this set for anyone

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  16. Juan M Munoz

    Reto para la persona que lo recibe

    Le agrado mucho la experiencia de montarlo.

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    Juan M Munoz

  17. Bobby D


    My nephew loves all things Star Wars and is a big fan of the Mandalorian. His obviously favorite character is the Baby Yoda. Since he loves both BY and Legos, this seemed to be the perfect gift.Upon completion, this is pretty cool looking. It did not take him entirely too long to put together, as he is 11 and puts sets together very quickly.

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    Bobby D

  18. Jania Bond

    Bought for secret Santa

    Bought as a gift for secret Santa for one of my college roommates and they loved it. Super giftable but I didn’t put it together so idk about that. I do know that my friend loved it and put it together with her family over break so it was a good value and definitely recommend buying for star wars fans. Especially since everyone loves baby yoda !

    Jania Bond

  19. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    Fantastic gift for my great nephew!

    My nephew loved this. He was so excited to put it together! Great success!

    Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

  20. Sarah RamageSarah Ramage

    Excellent Value

    Son got this for Christmas and loved it. Took him only a couple hours to assemble. My wife looked up online and apparently the Grogu mini fig thats included sells for over $100 on its own right now.

    Sarah RamageSarah Ramage

  21. Margaret C.

    For the Star Wars and Lego enthusiast!

    This was a gift for my grandson’s 10th birthday. He and his brother are whizzes when it comes to putting together complex Lego projects partly because Lego instructions are so detailed and clear. He was able to construct “The Child” over a few days with no adult help. The finished project is very cute! I was able to see the construction as it was progressing and found that it started with a very sturdy inner base of Lego bricks. It should not come apart easily if it were to get knocked over. It joins a great many other Lego projects that my grandsons have put together over the years.

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    Margaret C.

  22. hyunggeun cho

    Really nice toy for whom likes Star Wars

    I bought this for my 19th year old son who is a fan of Star Wars. He really likes it and built it on the day he received it.

    hyunggeun cho

  23. Ivy Anderson

    Got As A Gift And Happy I Did

    Got as a gift for a family member and they’ve loved putting it together! Also loved the moving parts on this!

    Ivy Anderson

  24. cor

    Another great lego set.

    Christmas present for my grandson. He’s 12. His exact words, Finally finished was really fun to build. He now has this displayed in his room. I truly think this challenged him. Was worth it.


  25. jean

    One of the best items I’ve bought for granddaughters.

    Took a few hours to build and they stayed with it. Then carried it with them when visiting other family members. At this time, anything Baby Yoda is a Perfect gift.


  26. Nicholas R Rice

    A great gift idea!

    A great gift for my brother in law, the whole family had fun putting it together. Would buy again

    Nicholas R Rice

  27. Jerry P.

    Outstanding!! Kiddos love it but think I did most of the work

    Cool product and the kids love it! Not sure how I ended up building most of it, but all good, I’d do it again.

    Jerry P.

  28. Leslie E Costa


    I bought it on March so this for my son for Xmas. Evil laughter. Lol .He loves baby yoga and of course Star Wars lol. My boys are a pain in my arse. Every year I ask on birthdays and Xmas. What do you want? Idk. I’m like oh my ###. REALLY??? They are picky. If I see something my boys like I buy it and hide it somewhere. So I bought it. Matt will love it.

    One person found this helpful

    Leslie E Costa

  29. RR

    Way bigger than I thought amazing for the price

    This has amazing detail it looks awesome and makes an amazing desk decoration . This was the first thing I bought of Amazon and just wow am I impressed. Just a little side note it is more a a hard build .


  30. Lacy

    Great collector lego set!

    My son is a huge Mandalorian fan and an even bigger lego fan, so this was a must. He said this lego set was actually a bit of a challenge, so that was a huge plus. It looks great on his shelf with the mini figure.


  31. Stephanie Stephanie

    Hours of fun

    Got it as a Christmas gift for my husband. He spent a whole day putting it together while rewatching The Mandalorian series. He enjoyed it. And the ears and hands and mouth are posable which is fun. Will make a nice decorative addition to his game room.

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    Stephanie Stephanie

  32. Andrey Gourtchenkov


    I like it. Recommended+++++

    Andrey Gourtchenkov

  33. Sheri Pellicotte

    Cutest Lego set

    This has step by step instructions that make it easy to put together. Great for someone that needs to work on fine motor skills. Love it

    Sheri Pellicotte

  34. Nancy

    So fun

    My 11 year old daughter loved every minute, from opening the box to placing the completed set on the shelf. The instructions are easy to follow. The Mandalorian The Child’s head and arms move, which brought some complexity to the building process.


  35. Kathleen

    Instructions very well written.

    10 year old grandson enjoyed putting Yoda together in one day. Was surprised the construction did not take longer. Instructions were very well written and easy to follow. Pieces fit together well. Organized packets of parts.


  36. Apocoprepp

    My son loves it

    He had a great time assembling it


  37. Charles Brzezinski

    Excellent Mandalorian Baby Yoda Lego Brick Set

    Brand new Lego Mandalorian The Child Lego set. Great set that is hard to find. Includes 1,073 pieces and is for ages 10+. Nice set to put together and I would recommend. I am a Lego “master” putting together all sorts of child to adult expert sets.

    Charles Brzezinski

  38. Regan M Brantley

    Great Star Wars LEGO Set

    Bought this little guy for a graphic design project since I have to do a hyperrealistic technical drawing of a fairly complex LEGO set and it only took me a couple hours total to put him together. A couple of times I thought maybe I was missing some pieces but realized I did something wrong, so be mindful of that when building him. I definitely recommend little Grogu for any Star Wars LEGO fans who don’t have $1000 to drop on the Millenium Falcon or Death Star sets.

    Regan M Brantley

  39. Kristin

    This set was perfect! My 4 year loves baby yodad picked it out himself!

    This set was perfect! My 4 year loves baby yoda and picked it out himself! I was worried it was too advanced but with a little assistance and direction he pretty much put it together himself! It now is displayed proudly in his bedroom


  40. Cindy Riggan

    Great keepsake! Fun for all ages

    I purchased this as a gift for my husband for Christmas because we both watch the Mandalorion together and love Grogu “The Child” He absolutely loved sitting and putting it together!

    Cindy Riggan

  41. Cindy C Murphy

    More pieces or drop the cost

    So I gave this 5 stars but kind of disappointing that my husband (huge Star Wars geek) had it assembled in less than 3 hours… after what I paid for it he could have made it last at least a couple days. The lego is really cute and looks like the character in the movie. Pieces are small like they should be but way to easy to put together… next time I am hiding the assembly book!!!!

    Cindy C Murphy

  42. Robin Steen

    Good quality

    The item was as described and went together easily

    One person found this helpful

    Robin Steen

  43. Kindle Customer Valerie

    Grandson’s 11th Birthday Gift!

    Grandson requested it and put it together in record time! It’s very cool, and he loves it! He’s a master Lego builder & Amazon has the best prices. I did my research and shopped other stores. This by far was lowest price.

    Kindle Customer Valerie

  44. GeeGee

    Star Wars “The Child” collectible!

    So… let’s see. It’s a lego kid delight. It’s very thick and his eyes are warm! Not sure if I would say it’s easy to assemble because I did not build it. He took maybe an hour or less. He’s really good at these legos.


  45. Rudy Radillo

    a must for tar Wards collectables and just for anyone.

    When my wife and I saw this item for sale, we thought, we must have it. My whole family loves it. My ten-year-old grandson will get this one this Christmas. This item was sold out at most stores.

    Rudy Radillo

  46. C. LeeC. Lee

    My 4 Year Old Built It

    I don’t know about other parents, but Lego is just taking my money… As you can see from the photo, he’s built The Child and Darth Vader helmet (75304). He’s currently work on a big R2-D2 (75308).My son is 4 years at the time he put it together. Even the box says 10+, I think if they can follow the colored photos, then they’re fine. I only had to help a few times when the angle of the diagram made it hard to tell which location to snap the pieces together.In terms of difficulty, Baby Yoda / The Child / Grogu took him a few weekends. He usually puts 1 or 2 bags together in one sitting. In terms of keeping him busy, this could keep him busy for 30 minutes or an hour for each sitting.My son put the Darth Vader helmet faster than the Grogu piece. Strangely, the Dark Vader helmet is rated 18+.The R2-D2 seems be a little more challenging for him. However that is technically related for 18+.

    C. LeeC. Lee

  47. Katy

    Grandson loved it

    bought for my grandson’s birthday … he LOVED ithe is 10 and put this together in a flash..I think all legos are priced to high … but my grandson loves them


  48. Victoria EdwardsVictoria Edwards

    Fun for the whole family!

    Fun for the whole family! My stepson, husband and myself had such a good time assembling this little guy. You won’t regret getting this Lego set!

    11 people found this helpful

    Victoria EdwardsVictoria Edwards

  49. Jeremy R. Sievers

    Another Great Lego Product

    Takes a long time to make. My 9-year-old built on his own, but he is experienced with Lego. Not a starter set. Not that it is difficult, it just takes time and patience.

    Jeremy R. Sievers

  50. Lindsay Evans

    Perfect gift for my 9 year old son!

    This was a perfect gift for my son for Christmas. It was worth the price and he loved the end result.

    Lindsay Evans

  51. Mr LMr L

    Great addition for any collection

    This set is a must for your collection. A little challenging at times due to the small, same-colored pieces but an overall fun build.

    2 people found this helpful

    Mr LMr L

  52. bamaof4

    Child enjoyed

    Purchased for 10 year old grandson. He loved it. Took him a couple days but got it built


  53. Nicole L. Luchauer

    10+ is accurate

    Next time I will note the age recommendation. My just-turned-8 yr old was a little overwhelmed by the project.

    Nicole L. Luchauer

  54. Mary13

    Keeps kids entertained and off devices for a while!

    It was missing a part from bag six. They sent it to me but we stopped building until we got the part.


  55. nikkic06nikkic06

    Nephew loved this!

    My 9 year old nephew loved this! He put it together in one night! Great gift!!!


  56. Amazon Customer


    My grandson loved it. Put that difficult piecetogether in record time. Thanks for that!

    Amazon Customer

  57. Ross Bengtson

    Baby Grogu

    Our 14 year old loved it and it came faster than expected!!

    One person found this helpful

    Ross Bengtson

  58. DawnDawn

    Happy son

    10 year old put together in about 4 hours. Mouth , ears and hands move. Really cute.

    26 people found this helpful


  59. Cindy A Mendo

    Perfect gift, Love it

    This was a gift for my husband and we love it , is so cute, and a good collectible item.

    Cindy A Mendo

  60. nitro7


    What’s there to say, it’s Legos and Baby Yoda. Packaging was great, no damage whatsoever to box, all pieces there. My son loved this set, had no problems putting it together. I mean, if you are questioning to buy this set and you’re a Star Wars fan, can you even call yourself a Star Wars fan? Pull the trigger now before it’s $200


  61. Desiree

    Favorite gift

    Grandson loved it and put it together day after Christmas. Baby Yoda is on display now.


  62. TJ

    Awesome look for our collection

    LEGOs are a favorite in my household. A figure like this was a ton of fun for everyone to get to build. It was easy enough for the younger crowd, but still required support. Plus, it is Baby Yoda, everyone loved it.


  63. tmbe10

    One happy Grandson

    My 8 yr old grandson has wanted this set the first time he saw it. It was number 1 on his Christmas list. we figured it was going to take a while. he finished in 2 days. He loved working on it!


  64. MotaMota

    Grown man who bought this for himself and I freaking love it!

    I’m 40 and I had never in my life put together an actual Lego set. I figured the pandemic was a perfect time to do so.What I thought would take me a few days (was going to do a bag a day) ended up taking me only several hours. I did take my time and watched the Mandalorian whilst assembling this (I think I made it through 5 episodes then took a break and finished while watching another show). In all I think I spent 7 hours building this.This thing is one of my favorite purchases as far as my geek stuff goes. As you can see in the picture, he is now prominently displayed amongst some of my other geek stuff.Size is pretty much perfect and the display plate it comes with is just amazing with it’s tiny figurine.I’ll say this don’t do what I did and negrlect to read the first page of the instructions. I found out at the end the little orange thing was actually a tool to remove misplaced legos. I destroyed what fingernails I had pulling misplaced legos.I mentioned my age essentially to say this, the person’s age you’re considering this for, doesn’t matter in the least so long as they’re aware enough not to swallow the legos.This thing is epic!!!The head and hands articulate. The head is nearly a bobblehead though so I’d caution you to not move it too much. Though it seems well held on by the socket it uses to connect it just wobbles because it’s movable. The fingers don’t articulate very far as my daughter found out when she amputated one (we rettached it and he’s fine now).Anyway please don’t hesitate to pull the trigger here. Whomever you’re buying this for will fully enjoy it and you’ll likely gain favor with them.

    61 people found this helpful


  65. Ashley

    Easy assembly.

    A lot of the same color with tiny pieces; that being said they were very easy to put together as the instructions were very clear!


  66. Crystal


    My son loves this baby yoda Lego set. Took hours to put together but those were hours well spent spending time with him. Directions were east to follow even for my 6yr old. He loves it.


  67. LNM

    It’s a Christmas Gift

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift. I’m sure my grandson will like it. He loves all Legos. The photo on box cover is now swathed in wrapping paper, but because it’s what he asked for from me for Christmas it will be appreciated. Lego makes good, though expensive products. LNM

    5 people found this helpful


  68. Amazon Customer

    Great size and quality!

    I bought this for a 12 y.o. boy. He loves it and assembled in a few hours. I highly recommend it.

    Amazon Customer

  69. Amazon Customer

    It’s a Lego! They always Satifsy 🙂 Building Baby Yoda makes it even better 🙂

    Yes, I know the child now has a name, but I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen that episode yet.It’s cute when done and makes o a nice companion for our full sized yoda. It’s typical lego quality. My daughter loved it and loved building it.

    Amazon Customer

  70. Brian Merritt

    Easy to put together

    Have both young and old Yoda side by side to show the younger and older version of Yoda together and this set was also easy to assemble

    Brian Merritt

  71. Allie B

    Great gift! A must for Lego and Mandalorian fans!

    My son is a huge lego collector and a big Mandalorian fan! This is a gift for Christmas so it has not been assembled yet! But one it is I will update with a pic! Just by looking at the box i can tell it’s going to look really cool once assembled! How could a Lego version of Baby Yoda be anything but cute!!!

    Allie B

  72. Anthony StewartAnthony Stewart

    He’s fun to build

    Pretty spot on

    12 people found this helpful

    Anthony StewartAnthony Stewart

  73. Kindle Customer

    He loved it

    Took a while for them to assemble – which is a good thing, because it will never be unassembled. My nephew was very proud when it was done

    Kindle Customer

  74. Molly CondonMolly Condon


    Had a great time putting this together. It was divided into 8 sections. The instructions were easy to read and seeing it come together was great!! Highly recommend for those who love Lego’s!

    Molly CondonMolly Condon

  75. Cathy Burkett


    This is a Christmas gift for my Grandson he is going to love this

    Cathy Burkett

  76. Deborah B. Brown

    The kids had fun

    My grandchild loved building it

    One person found this helpful

    Deborah B. Brown


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