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LEGO Architecture: New York City – 598 Pieces

67 Reviews Write a review

Bring the Big Apple home with you as you recreate some of New York City’s most iconic sights. Build the iconic Statue of Liberty, the towering Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and others.


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Bring the Big Apple home with you as you recreate some of New York City’s most iconic sights. Build the iconic Statue of Liberty, the towering Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and others.

New York City is a 598-piece LEGO block set. You’ll be building iconic New York City buildings in this incredibly ornate set. So bring the wonders of New York City into your home for everyone to enjoy.

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Customers reviews

67 Reviews Write a review
  1. Patricia Franz


    Grandkids love it

  2. jr

    Lego architecture set

    How could you ever go wrong with Legos? This set is great. I am an adult and bough it for myself because I still love putting Legos together. This set did not disappoint.

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  3. Helen

    Challenge Your Children

    I purchased this for my 13 year old grandson for Christmas. He loved it so much he put down video games and spent his time being challenged and loving it. I look forward to buying him new ones.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I feel like it’s a little overpriced but they’re legos so it …

    Arrived on time a all the plastic was in tacked. I feel like it’s a little overpriced but they’re legos so it what it is. My son loves NY so these are perfect for him.

  5. LovetheLifeUHave

    It’s sitting on my shelf above my computer

    Originally from NY, and now in NC, this reminds me of my roots. The set was smaller than we thought but my granddaughter had no trouble assembling and it’s perfect for my desk.

  6. WI woodworker

    Typical, high-quality LEGO unit

    We gave one of these to an adult who works in NYC, and another to an experienced 9 year old LEGO builder. Both are pleased with the kit.They aren’t shy about their pricing, but for sure their units never disappoint quality-wise

  7. MrsHejnicki

    NYC skyline is great!

    Very nice piece to add to the collection. My 7 year old daughter put is together as a birthday present in 2 hours, with breaks and lunch on between.LEGO is and always has been a great product!

  8. MSull

    Beautiful LEGO NYC skyline

    Purchased this as a gift for my grandson for his 14th birthday. He recently received a similar one, Shanghai skyline. I was amazed at the detail and ease of assembly for a budding graphic artist and architect. A huge win for LEGO and the Architect series

    One person found this helpful

  9. SOgrandmaSOgrandma

    Well made, looks fantastic

    My 9 year old grandson was thrilled to get this for Hanukkah.I bought the lights set for it as well. It was easy for him to put it together. It looks so beautiful when it is finished. Very well made , the only negative comment from him was he wished the statue of liberty was bigger

    18 people found this helpful

  10. V. J. Taylor

    Big fun

    I got the Lego set today and can’t wait to get started on it. I enjoy doing Legos. I went to NY for my 65 birthday and besides the good time, pictures and memories I also have my lego.

  11. Mark36

    Great Stocking Stuffer

    Gave this as a stocking stuffer to an engineer who use to live in NYC. First comment was the narrow base, so he recognized that this would be put on a shelf once built. Can’t miss with Lego.

  12. beeeeeeeee

    Great for anxiety

    A great distraction amid my coronavirus anxiety. Easy to put together. All the pieces were there and instructions were simple to follow. My 6 yo son even helped 🙂

  13. Capo Family

    Awesome set

    Legos are always awesome, but I have always believed they are too expensive.

  14. Mosheyev Jacob

    My first lego set as a adult

    It’s so time consuming and just takes away all life thinking. Your full focus is on it. Ans you can’t stop your self in the flow. Just you keep going and going. I love lego sets.

    One person found this helpful

  15. shaka

    Oh yes, you will like this.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Like all the LEGO architecture series New York is great. The only flaw is the Statue of Liberty. When you look at all the unbelievable pieces that LEGOS manufactures it’s really substandard. I uploaded the same video for my Las Vegas review. Check it out. I think you will like it.

  16. IRISH

    Smaller than we thought.

    The age range stated 12 yrs. and up, my granddaughter is 9 yrs. and finished it in under 3 hours

  17. Terry M.

    Easy to Assemble

    I bought this for my son for Christmas and he loves it. I received it quickly and it was packaged well for shipping. It’s an easier set than most to assemble, but is a very attractive model.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Mr Ric Velasquez

    My kid just love it!

    My soon was very happy with this gift. He put all the pieces together with minimum help, so I would say that it is is very easy to play with.

  19. Abdullah Al Negedan

    Lego quality PERIOD

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!I Bought it after our honeymoon in New York and me and my wife planned to display it in our living room as memorabilia reminding us of our great time in this magical city and it was the perfect piece for that.building it was simple and fun, the quality is the known and respected Lego quality, very durable and very beautiful.I Recommend it for any fan of Lego, architect or New York.

    18 people found this helpful

  20. JK

    Great lego

    My son loves the lego cities. This one is great!

  21. Yeora Mo

    So beautiful Architecture~

    I want to give to my son’s gift. I didn’t give him. But I am sure He likes this lego. ^^

  22. Amazon Customer

    Outstanding series

    Another great LEGO set. I’ve just finished this one after completing the Chicago set last week and have now ordered the U.S. Capital building.Some have given this less than 5 stars and sent the sets back for reasons mostly related to “not what we expected”. Fair enough but the Amazon site gives plentiful data and photos such as size and scale. The Statue of Liberty figure and the W.T.C may not be “anatomically” correct but they serve their purpose as being representational.The LEGO engineers probably don’t get enough kudos for the inspiration, design and quality that goes into a product of such quality and precise fit.I personally like the small scale/smaller pieces. The scale is such that displaying multiple sets in limited space is a plus for me.I’m a 74 year old kid, a retired Senior Architectural Designer and stroke survivor.

    91 people found this helpful

  23. Bon Rodgers


    It was a gift

  24. ERB721

    Great set!

    I am totally digging the architecture sets for my 10 year old son. He loves NYC and loved receiving this set. Very cool addition to the collection.

  25. Ferngully321

    Great build!

    Great set and very collectible. Goes well with the other city sets.

  26. Mr. Chiavare

    Cool and iconic NYC skyscraper lego set; fun to build

    My 9yo son loved this for Christmas; he is really into architecture and enjoyed the challenge of putting this together. He is looking forward to getting all of these (of course)!

  27. Kathleen DeView

    Cute, tiny New York. Great for LEGO lovers of all ages!

    My guy loved this, it is very tiny, but it was fun for him to put together. Kind of pricey.

  28. Sharon J ChavezSharon J Chavez

    Never too old to enjoy Legos

    I loved it! Nice addition to my collection.

    33 people found this helpful

  29. Christy

    Great Lego Set

    My 9 year old daughter really enjoyed putting this set together! Lego makes great quality products.

  30. J. Wood

    Lego NYC, how sweet it is!

    Hey, how ya doin’? I loved the Lego London skyline set (see my review for it below) and as a native New Yorker (Long Island to be exact) I new I had to get this one too. New York City, aka Manhattan, is one of America’s most iconic cities and this Lego skyline set captures some of it’s most famous landmarks beautifully. The detail in the Empire State Building is practically flawless, the Chrysler Building’s famous stainless steel spire is nicely simulated and they even managed to recreate the triangle pattern of One World Trade, aka Freedom Tower, (at least as best as one can with square and rectangle shaped pieces). The Flatiron Building is also a nice touch and of course you can’t have NYC without the Statue of Liberty (although, last I checked, she doesn’t look like a Lego mini figure, lol!). Just be warned, One World Trade brings this model to around ten inches in height and it is about eleven inches long so if you are planning to add it to your collection be sure to make enough room, otherwise, hey, Fuhgeddaboudit!

    42 people found this helpful

  31. reprot

    the Stature of Liberty is kinda lame. The kid liked it and that’s all that …

    My 7 year old put the NYC skyline together in about 2 hours. He’s been asking for this since visiting the Freedom Tower last year. I do agree with another poster, the Stature of Liberty is kinda lame. The kid liked it and that’s all that matters.

  32. S. Raver

    Nice set!

    Lego = quality. We have a lot of Lego in our house (honestly would be frightened to know just how much $ we have invested). This is great for our 11 year old. He has a few of these and they look great on his book shelf.

    One person found this helpful

  33. Chesed Charis

    Great gift

    Purchased for a Lego enthusiast who loves the Architectural Series. Great gift.

  34. Michelle S

    Great for adults that like legos and need a break from stress

    Bought for my husband, he had it together in about 3 hours. He loved it. Just enough time to enjoy but not so long to aggravate

  35. Tati

    Love! Beautiful!

    My 7 year old is obsessed with building LEGO architecture buildings. He built this in 4 1/2 hours. This was a beatiful piece, and now we will buying the light sets.

  36. Never Too Old To LearnNever Too Old To Learn

    tiny pieces, really cool

    We bought this for our 9-year-old grandson for Christmas. He dumped out all the bags of almost 600 tiny pieces onto our dining room table, and proceeded to put these buildings together, using the included instructions, which are in a bound booklet. I have no idea how he found each piece that he needed, but he didn’t seem to have trouble. It took him a couple of hours. The buildings are to scale. I only wish the Statue of Liberty was a little more realistic, but it is a minor issue. Our grandson really loved it, and it was a great holiday activity.

    38 people found this helpful

  37. Mildred M. Erkel


    Is so cute but sooooo expensive

  38. Jennifer L Sampson

    He was able to put it together by himself and it was perfect for his project

    My 9 year old son put this set together for his class project about New York. He was able to put it together by himself and it was perfect for his project. We will definitely be ordering more of the architecture Legos.

    9 people found this helpful

  39. Steven C.

    Great representation of New York!

    The Lego New York, was easy to assemble, is a great gift, and a great value for the money!I have one of Tokyo. That one is really nice. Legos really had done a good job at making a sky line of these cities. Good for any age…

  40. Lovely Reader

    Good set

    Legos are always on the pricey side but I think this set was a bit overpriced for the size. However, still a 5 star rating because my son is loving building it! He loves Legos and this set is small but nice. The statue of liberty is missing her crown and tiny but overall good set.

  41. Brenda K.

    Nice gift

    My daughter and her wife are going to love this!

  42. kazmology

    Excellent gift

    This was so much fun to put together with my daughter. Amazing quality and lifelike. Lego is always an excellent gift.

  43. DisneyDenizen

    Elegant Display Piece; Educational and Enjoyable Build

    I am a huge fan of the Lego Architectural series and have bought and built most of the sets. I am particularly fond of the Skyline series. These sets are labeled age 12+, but they are clearly targeted to more mature builders, of which I am one. That said, if you are considering purchasing one of these sets for educational purposes, you would be spot on.Each set features well-known landmarks from an internationally-renowned city. The builds themselves are intricate and as detailed as possible, given the limited space. A particular plus is the premium build instructions booklet, which provides details concerning the landmarks. Guaranteed, you will learn something. A weakness of these same elegant booklets is that with very few exceptions they will not lie flat.All sets are elegant and suitable for display. A real bonus feature is that since the sets are so narrow, they are relatively easy to display. For example, most of the sets will easily fit on a bookshelf in front of the books.The New York City skyline set includes the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center building.

    13 people found this helpful

  44. Bibi Reads, A LOT

    Perfect vacation-themed gift

    My grandson just finished a vacation with family in New York City and this was the perfect birthday gift to follow up the trip. I hope they continue to add new cities and destinations.

  45. MommaMac

    Great gift

    It took my 12 year old a couple of hours to complete. He asked for it for his birthday. He loves it and has it on display in his room.

  46. Traci Plyler

    My 16 year old loved it!

    LEGO never disappoints! The size is small so pay attention to that if you want a bigger product. Easy to assemble for her age. Lovely NYC skyline.

  47. Good customer!

    Beautiful Set!

    Gave this to my grandson for Xmas who is 6 yrs old. He had just taken a trip to the city. He loved it. Completed it in about 3 hours.

  48. Verified Customer

    My son loves it!

    As usual lego is my son’s favorite. He just loves building blocks. As soon as he opened it he finished in 30 minutes. He has the NYC lego on the dressing table just on the front. It looks like its a souvenir.

  49. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    We loved it. Has some great details

    We loved it. No problem for my 8 and 10 year-old’s to put together. Has some great details. The Empire State Building and One World Trade are both very good. The Chrysler Building (my favorite) is a little clunky at the top, missing the elegance of the real thing. The Lego figure Statute of Liberty is cool, but should have an arm up and a torch. As a New Yorker, loved that the Flatiron Building is included, but we were annoyed that the buildings are out of order, north to south, so we rearranged things. Added the reflecting pools at WTC as well.

    11 people found this helpful

  50. GP


    Very nice Christmas present. Wish there were more.

  51. Amazon Customer


    This was a gift for my grandson who turned 10! He had this done in 2 days!

  52. Jerie

    Use a protective box when LEGO kits are sent!

    LEGO always delivers a great product, but Amazon didn’t this time. The LEGO box was sent in a bubble envelope rather than a protective box. The one corner of the LEGO set was bashed in. Unacceptable! It was for my grandson and there wasn’t enough time before Christmas to get a replacement, so I explained to him about the condition of the box. Nothing was broken in the box, fortunately. LEGO gets 5 stars, Amazon gets only one star.

  53. Kat33

    Great value

    Our eight year old really enjoyed putting this together. It took a bit of time, which is nice for the cost and the booklet explaining the buildings is a great educational touch.

  54. A. Mann

    Love it!

    This set was so much fun to put together. My husband and I got it because we love New York city and Legos. It is very easy to put together, came with extra parts. All and all very happy with this and would recommend it to others.

    One person found this helpful


    New York skyline for Grayson

    He loves it!

  56. Bette

    Not very big, but good fun.

    Grandson, a very able LEGO enthusiast, loved this gift. Not terribly challenging (13 years old), but interesting for him following a summer trip to New York.

    One person found this helpful

  57. anita joy delight

    A Gift Hit

    This was a holiday gift for my not-quite-12-year old grandson. It’s what he wanted. He loved it and immediately put it together. He’d love to have more sets but at the price, they’re not something I can only afford to give him Legos on gift occasions.

  58. Casey D

    11 yr loved it

    Like very much

  59. S. Lee

    This is so cool

    It’s smaller than you’d expect but that helps with the illusion of these iconic buildings that are amazingly created out of Lego. Some folks don’t like the use of a mini lego figure for the statue of liberty but while the set is of NYC’s iconic buildings, it’s still the world of Lego, so I like it. As a NY’er born and bred, I love this set a lot. With Covid, I don’t make it back that often and looking at this set makes me feel happy.

  60. JayBeaty1013

    Amazing design amazing to look at especially with the lights that you can add it looks so cool

    Amazing design amazing to look at especially with the lights that you can add it looks so cool

  61. Jcjohnson

    Very well made

    Very expensive but the boys like it so it is good.

  62. May


    As usual LEGO is good product

  63. Kindle Customer

    Loved by my Grandson

    Not sure I could assemble this but my 8 year old grandson did with the lighting kit all on his own.

  64. Paul P

    Grandson’s Christmas Gift

    This says it all: HE LOVED IT! Told me I could feel free to get him more of these LEGOS.

  65. Rostyslav RazdolskiyRostyslav Razdolskiy

    Only patience and attention

    My job I spent a four hours in the night for complete my buildings

    2 people found this helpful

  66. Michael

    Nice Lego set.

    Great set. I’m hanging onto an unopened set. I think it will appreciate in price once they Lego stops selling these. Some sets go up, others do not. But this seems like one of the good ones. Plus, this set sells for $59.99 most places. Amazon’s price fluctuates, but it was $48.99 when I bought it.

    5 people found this helpful

  67. Jason

    Good product

    The New York Skyline buildings set is really good! I only put a 3 for ease to assemble which I think is a good thing. We didn’t want it to be too easy and it wasn’t. But it also isn’t too hard where you just get frustrated and say forget it. We like to put things like this together then study the buildings and areas around them.

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