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  • STEM LEARNING – This 192-piece STEM kit will provide a child an opportunity to learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and engineering concepts. The construction of the robot will also require those assembling Kiko to be able to follow written directions.
  • EXPLORE MODE – The AI capabilities will be demonstrated when our friendly Bot is working his way to complete handmade obstacles with ease. The explore mode is meant to try and challenge this world traveler. His eight legs and 360-degree turn radius allow for seamless maneuvering around obstacles.
  • FOLLOW-ME MODE – With a slight hand motion in front of his eyes, you’ll have a new best friend capable of following you around for as long as you guide him. Boys and girls will love having a friendly robot companion pursue their every move. The I/R technology allows for a special connection to be made with Kiko as you lead him around.


In stock

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NEW AND IMPROVED – The KikoRobot.962 is similar to the older award-winning model, equipped with the same I/R (infrared) and AI (artificial intelligence) technology that made the original a fan favorite, but features an improved gearbox and an eight-leg design. The new design allows the robot to reach much higher speeds than the KIKO.893, leaving the old version in the dust. The new blue design is even bigger than its predecessor, measuring in at 5.31” L x 5.12” W x 7.09” H.