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    • With two stalls and loft area, there is plenty of space to make sure your horses are show ready
    • Each stall opens up into the gated enclosure to allow time to eat and enjoy some fresh air or practice show tricks
    • You can saddle up your horse for a stroll or use the grooming brushes to keep their coats gleaming

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    86 reviews for HORSE FARM 102PCS 5+

    1. Julie Lichtenberg

      Cute set

      My 9 year old loves this set. My husband struggled a bit as I heard him complaining as he tried to snap some pieces together. Haha..but our daugther loves this set. Some pieces like the mice and birds are super tiny so can be easily lost ,but overall nice set.

    2. jen

      Love it

      Kids love it! Sturdier than legos.

    3. Susie M.

      Great set!

      My 5 year old granddaughter loved this gift for Christmas and still spending much time with it into the new year.

    4. orit thiberger

      Good game

      My 3 years old daughter love it

    5. Amazon Customer

      Great but!

      Bought this for my daughter’s birthday, she absolutely loves it. It was her favorite out of everything!

    6. Rebecca

      Play mobile horse farm

      Super fun and easy to assemble with the easy to follow directions. The kids love it too!

    7. Oaky

      Good mid price point to more expensive set

      I think this was a good set if you want to pay a bit more but not as much as the bigger horse barn thats $100+. I bought cheap, not playmobil, fencing for more paddock spaces and paired it with a few of the larger horses and it’s been the perfect mix.As always the assembly is annoyingly difficult as the pieces are in different random bags and it’s always a hunt to find the right piece you need. It took me 1 hr to 1.5 hrs to fully assemble. The red connectors are difficult to fit in the small holes and even as an adult, I was struggling.

    8. CMun

      Great set!!

      Great product! My kids loved assembling this barn with each other & they have so much fun playing with it.

    9. Jack D. Hamilton


      Our granddaughter loved this

    10. Katrin

      This is easy enough for little ones to assemble on their own.

      We were thrilled with the many varied small animals and parts.

    11. Laura Cattell

      Hours of play fun

      My granddaughter loves it. I had to help her put it together but she plays with it for hours every day.

    12. Agustina TP

      muy bueno

      Esta muy bueno. La caja es de Gran tamaño

    13. Andrea in Boston

      We love Playmobil in our house and this Pony set was …

      We love Playmobil in our house and this Pony set was a hit with my five year old daughter. My daughter is in the horse and pony phase and loves everything about this set. I, however, did not like the 49.99 price tag. Like most Playmobil sets, there are a lot of small details and pieces for parents to put together. Overall, it’s very cute but I don’t think it is worth $50.00.

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    14. Camille

      Great for pretend, lots of tiny pieces

      My almost 4 year old son plays with this in his room every morning when he wakes up for at least 30 minutes. A great pretend toy. Beware there are a million small pieces (which I think are adorable) and it definitely takes an adult at least 30 – 40 minutes to assemble

    15. Alejandro

      Cute but a lot of pieces

      Wow. This was not easy to assemble. A lot of pieces!!!!!! Any kid under the age of 7 will probably need a lot of parental assistance. Be ready. Once it was assembled my daughter loved it. It broke in her room and now we lost the assembly instructions so it’s basically just little pieces everywhere. It was cute while it lasted.

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    16. Robin

      Children love play mobile sets!

      My grandchildren love the play mobile sets! They are very detailed and make for many hours of play!I personally think they are overpriced being its all plastic but many toy sets are.

    17. Don



    18. Elena

      Good Gift

      Good toy, well made. My sister loved it!

    19. Mia

      i got it same date of my baby birthday

      she loved her toy the day of her bday

    20. CT Grandma

      Pony fun

      Playmobil is a great product. My grandkids love the sets I have purchased for them. With video games, etc. having a product that the kids can use their imagination in play is a wonderful thing. Would highly recommend and will order more.

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    21. julio

      High quality farm toy for kids

      My kid loves it, first touch you will know the quality they are made from. Everything assembled easily but it would be easy for anything under 4, so the parent need to help out! lol

    22. Emily Bailey

      Great quality

      Easy to put together my daughter loves it. tiny pieces.

    23. GrannyB

      ^ year old girl loves it!!

      My 6 year old Granddaughter loves this set…its the first thing she gets out when she comes over!

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    24. Linda T.

      Kid approved!

      It was a birthday gift for a 7 year old. She and her 9 year old brother were enjoying setting the playset up when I left.

    25. Patsy Armstrong

      Perfect Birthday present for Grandaughters

      My 8 year old twins love constructing and playing with this

    26. Felicity

      Best Toys For Kids

      I grew up playing with Playmobil, and they were my favorite toys. Just bought a couple sets for my four-year-old niece, and she absolutely loves it. Definitely going to be many hours of entertainment. I think they are some of the best toys out there for kids, great way to get them away from TV and online games. Lets then be creative and use their imagination.

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    27. Jay

      One piece is missing

      One piece, that related door, was missing.Tried to find every single bag and piece, but couldn’t find it. 🙁

    28. Sherri Starr

      Love it

      Love it

    29. L. McCullough

      Lots of space for play and can be adapted to …

      Lots of space for play and can be adapted to become many things for the child aside from a just a pony barn. Top pick for my kids when they set up to play with their imagination toys.

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    30. Jennifer C.

      This is a great toy. Yes

      This is a great toy. Yes, it did take some time to put together (about 1 hour); however, my 8 and 10 year old girls were able to help and it was fun! The set does contain very small pieces-they are “tools” made proportional to the figures-so we don’t mind this. The tools fit nicely in the figures hands. This set can be played with and does not deserve to just sit on a shelf. We have several other Playmobil sets and my girls play with them interactively, sometimes for hours. I simply do not agree with the negative reviews-this is a wonderfully crafted and enjoyable toy.

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    31. Shanell Samples

      Was begged for….

      Was hard to fine, but my daughter begged for it and loves it! She hates dolls but loves horses and pony’s. This gives her a little setting to play with them in…..

    32. Pat C

      9 year Old Granddaughter loves it

      My 9 year old Granddaughter enjoyed assembling it and adored all the pets included.

    33. FlowerWench


      Playmobil is the best toy

    34. Joel witter

      Great toy!

      Great toy!

    35. Tricia

      It was very easy to assemble

      I got this for my 7 year old son for his birthday and he loves it! It comes with a lot of accessories. It was very easy to assemble.

    36. Jackie K


      Our son loves it. Very realistic

    37. Helene

      Very well made

      This set is great quality and has lots of fun animals and accessories to play with. A little high priced…but our granddaughter loves it.

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    38. Michelle Biegalski

      Great item

      Great product highly recommended works just as described would definitely buy again.

    39. Katie Korth


      Great product! Tons of small pieces. A little difficult to put together but very durable!

    40. Robin Smith

      Quality at a great price

      Loved this product

    41. Angela Wilson

      Thank you


    42. Denise Campiglio

      My kids love it

      Love it

    43. CK

      Disappointed in torn package

      Upon receipt, the toys box was ripped extensively & was bought to give as a gift. The shipping box was received in perfect condition. Package had to have been damaged before packing. The contents appear to be in tact, but haven’t opened the rest of the box to verify missing parts.

    44. Irina

      That there is small pieces and we true

      It’s was in a pretty cool set my kids loved it special my youngest daughter . It’s fun putting the pieces together it’s alittle bit expensive for this set but glad they liked it

    45. Angela Matthews

      Good quality and the Grandaughter loved it.

      Beautiful barn but just a little time consuming putting it together.

    46. Stacy Raska

      Lots of fun accessories.

      I wish the barn were bigger. My for year old complained about how hard it was to play with because of the size. Lots of fun accessories.

    47. A. Boedeker

      Great toys

      Playmobil is a great for kids. It is good for using their imagination.

    48. Spartan Fan

      Great toy, but missing an important piece

      My granddaughter (9 years old) put it all together, but near the end realized there was a key piece missing. Not sure how to get that missing piece. Otherwise great toy, lots of good accessories…

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    49. Abby A.

      Super fun toy!

      I have a lot of sets of Playmobil, and this one is by far my favorite. I love the details on each piece! And it has great quality. I recommend this!

    50. Marilyn

      How easy the clean up is

      How easy it was to assemble

    51. Heather Jones

      Five Stars

      Love play mobile. Played them as a kid, now mine can too!

      2 people found this helpful

    52. David B




      Pony Farm

      Difficult to assemble

    54. SLD

      Great product!

      Bought several sets for granddaughters birthday…..She just loves them! Are as expected and fast shipping!

    55. Daniel

      granddaughter loved it

      there were a lot of pieces to put together but my son said he didn’t mind doing it. It was a Christmas present for my granddaughter and she couldn’t wait to get home

    56. Geoff Arias

      Daughter loved it

      No complaints. Daughter loved it. 5 mins of assembly required. No tools needed

    57. Daniela

      Great product.

      My daughter loves to play with it.

    58. Brett

      Quality toy delivered without any fuss

      Arrived in time and my daughter loves it

    59. Lyndsay

      Perfect for farm loving boys

      There are several small pieces. Took about an hour to assemble. The kids love it though. We shall see how long all the pieces last. Its a lot smaller then expected even from the size of the box. But it fits nicely in toy box.

      One person found this helpful

    60. Erika

      Adorable details

      Quality toy with tons of detail. Adorable

    61. Angie B

      Love Playmboil

      We are big Playmobil fans. Just great quality toys, easy to assemble and so much fun. This set was a hit with my pony loving daughter.

    62. Angela Huffman

      Missing pieces

      My daughter loves this set, however, it is missing a few of the small pieces and that’s why I gave it 3*. Be sure to use the little screw thing it comes with to pop the small pieces in or you will kill your fingers. Going to write the seller about the missing pieces and will update.

    63. Steven Welch

      Hours of play time for children 7 and up.

      My daughter collected these for years. When we moved and had to store our things, some “thugs” broken into our storage and took boxes, not really knowing what was in them. Several of the boxes contained the Playmobiles. Needless to say my daughter was heartbroken. I have decided to begin her collection again. Playmobiles are so much fun and the details of each set are incredible. Though the sets now offered are different I look forward to collecting them.

      2 people found this helpful

    64. i love my 11 children

      My little ones and big ones love Playmobil! Lots of little parts though

      My little ones and big ones love Playmobil! Lots of little parts though, if you are wondering. We have to put it up most of the time. Getting it out only for special occasions!

    65. Ivy123


      Super durable and easy to put together. Easy to play with as it is a sturdy product.

    66. Congo

      Purchased as Gift

      Purchased as a gift for a grandchild, who I am sure is going to love it! It has not been opened yet, but looks very cute!

    67. Jill

      Grand daughter really enjoys

      A little pricey but hours and hours of fun worth the cost. Just a little tricky to assemble, but not too difficult.

    68. Proud Grandpa

      Five Stars

      Part of Grand daughter’s Christmas present. She loves it

    69. Peggy Gardner


      Great product!

    70. seana

      Love, love, love!

      I am CRAZY for this set!!! It came quickly and nothing was missing..(I still can’t believe how much fun I had putting it together)!

      5 people found this helpful

    71. Betty Mermelstein

      Pretend Play Paradise

      The characters and animals in the set are very lifelike and inviting to play with. All of the realistic miniature accessories provide many opportunities for pretending.

    72. Amazon Customer

      Better than expected

      Nice toy

    73. Bellamy

      Lots of fun

      I bought this for a 9 year old. She absolutely loves playing with it. Lots of pieces to create many stories with. Well made and very colorful.

    74. Kristine

      Durable and great for price

      A little difficult to put together but a great product. Good size and durable. My daughter loves it. If you have a horse fan this is perfect gift

    75. Sene

      The BEST playmobil set ever!!!

      I just love this product!! I bought it because I am collecting playmobil farm sets to create a nice big farm and this is so fitting for finicky me! It sure has all the figures mentioned and it comes with a neat big box. Just one thing I wanna make sure is that the horses are a bit thin than I expected but that’s just my thinking. Overall, everything’s good to get delivered to your house! Trust me, buy this and you’ll be SATISFIED!!

      One person found this helpful

    76. Amazon Customer

      used for generations

      Playmobil is a product you will pass down for generations. My 3 yr old granddaughter now plays with my 35 year old daughters same dollhouse by Playmobil. some of the pcs are VERY small but we keep a plastic bag for those most of the time she doesn’t even get them out of the box because she is entertained by all the other parts

    77. T. Barbara


      VEry solid farm, takes a while to ensemble but then Its unbreakable

    78. b.a.v8mgb

      Serious set

      The kid loves it.

    79. wallace eklund

      Fun playmobil set!

      My kids love playmobil! It was one of the harder set to put together(mostly because I wasnt using the provided tool for most of it). So make sure you use to the tool!! Haha. But it’s such a fun set and my girls love it!

    80. m

      Love it.

      Really like this. Easy to put together. Better than legos. Kids played with for a while can’t wait to buy more of these.

    81. Robert A. Ames

      Parts snap together but it took a awhile for our grand daughter to get the hang of it

      Liked it because our granddaughter loved it

    82. JLM

      We did a good job picking this gift

      Our granddaughter, who loves horses, plays with it all the time. We did a good job picking this gift.

      2 people found this helpful

    83. DJ

      Perfect gift for my four-year-old grandson

      My grandson absolutely loved this. He is 9 year old sister even plays with it. Very durable and provides good imaginative play time.

    84. Kat

      Not Worth the hype or price

      Hard af to put together n once u see the finished product is very underwhelming. Won’t be buying anymore from Playmobil. Over hyped wanna be Legos minus the fun

    85. Amazon Customer

      These should be more designed for child assembly.

      This took 2 adults to help with assembly.

    86. Estela Gutiérrez López

      Hermoso juguete

      Muy bonito, a mi hijo le encanto! Autentico

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