Hexbug Scarab


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The Hexbug Scarab moves so frenetically that it is nearly impossible to follow without a slow motion camera. The combination of the Scarab’s six specially designed legs and its lightning speed, make it easy to for it to propel against obstacles in its path and flip over from its back. Three button cell batteries are included. The Hexbug Scarab fits in the palm of your hand for miniature fun at any time.


1 in stock

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The HEXBUG Scarab is an exceptionally high-speed, mechanical, beetle-like robotic bug that skitters around on six angled legs. The high energy micro robotic creature propels itself forwards and backwards, and is capable of popping from its back to its feet if placed upside down. The Scarab���s lifelike behavior is eerily mesmerizing to watch and interact with. Packed with advanced design and engineering, each Scarab has an inner body loaded with robotic intelligence, protected by a hard, transparent exoskeleton cas

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