Guatemalan Kick Bag


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Whether you want to play some traditional footbag or you’ve got your own style that you and your friends play, the Guatemalan Kick Bag is the perfect bag for your games.


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Your fun is limited only by your imagination with the Guatemalan Kick Bags. This small, colourful package is perfect whether you’re indoors or outside. Play a wide variety of enjoyable games with your friends, family, and kids.

This footbag is made using safe and high quality materials kept together by extremely sturdy stitching. Play traditionally by standing in a circle and keeping the bag in the air using only your feet, or get creative and make up your own games. The Guatemalan Kick Bags work perfectly for a bag tossing game, or even just a quick round of catch.

The Guatemalan Kick Bag is a fun and compact toy for everyone ages 3 and up.

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