Funko Pop ! Star Wars: Mandalorian – Cobb Vanth

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  • Celebrate the most stellar fandom of them all and the bounty hunting escapades of The Mandalorian with a Pop! Cobb Vanth.
  • Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 4.25-inches tall,

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111 in stock

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Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectibles. Funko is the number one stylized vinyl collectible in the world. Fans of Funko will love seeing their favorite characters rendered in cute vinyl figure, that measures approximately 3 ¾ inches tall. Place them in your office, home, or wherever you want to display your allegiance!

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  1. Lea J

    Falscher funko Pop

    Habe jetzt zum zweiten Mal den falschen funko Pop erhalten! Bin sehr enttäuscht da es sich hier nicht wie auf dem Bild angezeigt um den funko ohne Helm handelt! Bin enttäuscht und wütend!

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    Lea J

  2. Cliente Amazon

    Emosido engañaos

    Veo que ahora ya cambiaron la imagen del funko, antes generaba engaños porque te garantizaban un producto chase el cual venia sin casco, pero claro al llegar no cumplian con la imagen, venia el no chase con el casco. yo lo devolvi porque queria el chase que ofertaban.

    Cliente Amazon

  3. Big [email protected]

    Great collectible

    Product was perfect. I collect Star Wars Funko Pops so I expect great packaging and I got it. Thanks

    Big [email protected]

  4. Gareth

    This is not the chase varient.

    The image and description is not correct.Falsely advertised.

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  5. S. González

    La imágenes no corresponden

    No es como la foto. Da la sensación de que puede retirarse el casco pero en absoluto. El cuello es, ademās, móvil, con un muelle. La figura no me desagrada, pero fue una decepción .

    S. González

  6. Amazon Customer

    Don’t order – only 1 in 6 Chance you get one without a helmet.

    Don’t order this!!!! The picture and description is VERY misleading. Only 1 in 6 Chance (supposedly) that you one without a helmet. Lesson learned – read the fine print. Still feel cheated. What a rip off.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Nanou

    Attention !

    J’ai commandé la version “CHASE” (sans le casque) du produit et je me retrouve avec la version classique (avec le casque), alors que l’annonce et l’image du produit correspondait à la Chase.Alors déçu.Je la garde car je n’avait pas la version classique


  8. Keller

    Good Funko

    Good funko but salty I didn’t get the chase.


  9. Jose

    Funko Pop

    Just what I wanted


  10. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Got the chase version…result!!

    The media could not be loaded.

     Opened the packaging earlier and was well chuffed as i got the “chase” no helmet version which to buy alone is £35 on here. Took a chance as it could have been boba fett look but it wasn’t so very pleased

    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

  11. CubikkCubikk

    Chase Recieved

    I have read other reviews on here stating that they did not recieve the chase variant, I ordered this on release day and as seen in photo I did receive the chase, in perfect condition.

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  12. Tommy Caldwell

    Chase figure, mint condition

    Very pleased and 100% content with receiving the chase limited edition Cobb Vanth.For everyone whom left a low star rating, read the description, clearly says 1 in 6 odds of receiving the chase Funko pop (its the chance that you’ll have to take).

    Tommy Caldwell

  13. GSS


    The advert clearly showed the chase version of the character and lo and behild, I got the standard. Terrible practice.


  14. TheTravelGypsy

    Love Cobb Vanth!

    Bought this for my hubby’s Boba Fett collection, I mean who doesn’t like Cobb Vanth!? Lol


  15. Zario

    Gave me the chase

    Really happy because I got the chase. 4 stars if I didn’t get the chase.


  16. Frank BoschanskiFrank Boschanski

    Falsche Figur geliefert

    Habe lange auf den Marshall gewartet. Als er dann kam war die Überraschung groß. Er trägt einen Helm. War so nicht bestellt, behalte ihn aber trotzdem.

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    Frank BoschanskiFrank Boschanski

  17. David López

    No Chase

    No era lo anunciado y encima llegó en muy mal estado con un precio elevado para ser el regular y no el chase.

    David López

  18. Denise

    Stupendo !!

    Felice dell acquisto fatto. Imballo e spedizioni perfette !!




    Anuncio engañoso venden el artículo como Chase y llega el normal …


  20. Apocalypse


    I thought I would get the Chase edition but got the standard

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  21. MG

    Venden un funko anunciado como Chase y llega la versión normal

    El anuncio del producto es engañoso. Se anuncia como la versión Chase del producto (en este caso, el personaje sin casco) y llegó la versión normal, con el casco y a un precio alto siendo la versión normal. Probablemente lo devolveré.


  22. TroypageTroypage

    1:6 chance for Chase. I got one!

    1:6 chance to receive a Chase is very good odds.

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  23. ReGeeked

    Tried Twice for a Common…

    Never got a chase from Amazon before so I was pretty stoked, bought another figuring assuming I would get the common with helmet and got another chase haha guess I’ll order somewhere I can be sure, but still a good pop at a good price just wish I got the common.


  24. Wyatt Stratton

    just wanna let everyone know

    if your upset that you did not receive the version of the pop you wanted its because one is considered the common version and the other is the (chase) or limited edition version. Only 1 in every 6 made is a chase version of the funko pop, also they are handed out at random unless u buy the pop from a third party. I hope this answered some questions

    Wyatt Stratton

  25. Lea J

    Falscher funko Pop

    Habe jetzt zum zweiten Mal den falschen funko Pop erhalten! Bin sehr enttäuscht da es sich hier nicht wie auf dem Bild angezeigt um den funko ohne Helm handelt! Bin enttäuscht und wütend!

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    Lea J

  26. Timothy

    Incredibly detailed pop of an awesome character

    I loved Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian and I’m very happy to see him as a pop. I was hoping for a chase, but I ended up getting the common with the helmet, but I’m glad that I did. It is probably the most detailed pop in my collection (of about 25). They did an excellent job on the wear and tear of the armor. There’s a physical dent in the helmet, like in the show, as well as an awesome effect of the “paint” wearing off, revealing silver paint. In case anybody is unfamiliar with the character, his armor is very worn in the show, so it’s not actually damaged, it’s just designed to look like that to match the show. Incredibly accurate and detailed pop, and I will definitely be on the hunt for the chase too since it’s that good. I also had an excellent experience with Spastic Collectibles. The pop was in a box that fit it pretty much perfectly, with bubble wrap to prevent it from being damaged, and it was only like $7.