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Funko Pop! Marvel: Comics Holiday Advent Calendar

80 Reviews Write a review
  • Funko Pocket Pop! Marvel Comics Holiday Advent Calendar 24 Mini Figures
  • Includes Spider-Man, Thanos, Captain America, Groot and many more adorably dressed for the holidays.
  • Collect all the mini figures from this calendar


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Funko Pocket Pop! Marvel Comics Holiday Advent Calendar 24 Mini Figures Sealed. Includes Spider-Man, Thanos, Captain America, Groot and many more adorably dressed for the holidays. Collect all the mini figures from this calendar

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Customers reviews

80 Reviews Write a review
  1. Sherri M Greenaway

    Multiple duplicates

    We’re on day 13 and we have 2 of one character and 3 of another. That is almost half duplicates. Marvel has thousands of character options so why do they need to include duplicates?!

  2. Matt

    Duplicate Figurines

    My son loves the calendar but we are through day 13 and have already had two duplicate figurines. It says you will receive 24 unique figures but that is not true.

  3. Thomas G Carter

    Everyday, beginning Dec 1st is a new “surprise”

    Kiddo loves it!

  4. LisaArel

    Product as listed

    Product as listed.

  5. Nandie Beharry

    Great Christmas Gift!

    One of the best advent calendars I ever opened!

  6. Emily

    Disappointing variety

    We truly enjoyed the original set from a few years ago and turned all of those into ornaments that we use every year. I was excited to get the holiday version this year, but the variety is extremely lacking. I would be hesitant to buy again in future years unless deeply discounted or I see others’ unboxing first

    One person found this helpful

  7. Jen Brodt

    Some awesome marvel pops

    I like the rocket, hulk, groots, captain America spider man, thor, Ironman and scarlet witch. But I didn’t like the multiple of the same pops. I would have liked to see a black widow, Hawkeye, a real captain America pop, a captain marvel that wasn’t just ginger bread multiples. I was alittle disappointed. I loved the rocket, both groots, hulk, the spider man’s are really cool. The thor and the snowman captain America are pretty cool. The package was very sturdy. The pops kept falling down into the bottom one and the doors kept falling off.I ended up putting them in a clear plastic container until I find a safe place for them.

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  8. jessicasi

    Lots of duplicates

    We half way done and have had 3 duplicates. Such a bummer – I’d avoid this one. We did the Harry Potter one last year and it was great.

  9. James Howe

    Disappointing after mid-month

    This calendar started off great. The figures were cute and unique and you never knew what you were going to get. Then the duplicates started. The exact figure, but this time with some glitter stuck to it, or the exact figure but one element was slightly see-though. I think I’m done with Funko advent calendars. Having duplicates within this small amount of characters and at this price point is inexcusable.

  10. D. Conley


    Very cute. It is hard to get some of the figures to stand up by themselves though.

  11. Sara J. Pedri

    Buy the Harry Potter advent instead

    After getting the Harry Potter advent calendar last year, we were excited for the Marvel version. Very disappointed. Duplicate characters (one with glitter, one without, doesn’t constitute 2 figures, in my opinion). And very little creativeness, ie lots of gingerbread characters so far. The Harry Potter version had a different character for each day. Maybe just couldn’t find 25 different Marvel characters to fill the spots?

  12. Melissa V

    Cute but several repeats already

    Cute and the kids enjoy opening them each day but at day 12 we’ve had 3 repeats already.

  13. Robert Conti


    It was advertised as having 24 unique characters. 12 days in and already there are two duplicates. In fact days 11 and 12 were duplicates if previous days There are enough characters and versions of characters to not have any duplicates

  14. mstrillian

    So much fun for the kids

    This was super fun for the kids (so far). We are on day 11 and most of them have been “gingerbread” versions of the characters. I hope we are just unlucky and getting them all in the beginning. The ones that are not gingerbread figures are so much more fun: Groot decorated like a Christmas tree, Thanos in a Christmas sweater. Cool.This was bought for $36 and then it lowered to $26 within a week and Amazon wouldn’t refund the difference.

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  15. Melinda Adkins

    Daughter is disappointed

    Bought this for my daughter and she has been disappointed. We are about halfway through and she has had duplicates and almost everything else is just gingerbread, no variety like snowmen or Santa. I probably wouldn’t recommend or get this again next year if I’m being honest. Baby groot is cute.

    One person found this helpful

  16. Jacqueline S.

    Very cute but…..

    Very cute but I am very disappointed that there were multiple duplicates. There are plenty of heroes in the MCU that they could have easily not have done duplicates.

  17. T.L.

    Great Advent Calendar for Marvel Funko Pop Lovers

    Box is pretty standard for calendar. Opening each day isn’t super difficult. Overall, I like the quality of the pops so far. All, but one (so far…as of 08DEC22) stand up on its own. So far it has been a mixture of gingerbread versions of Marvel characters and Christmas themed versions of Marvel characters. I think it’s a great advent calendar for someone that likes Funko Pops and Marvel.

  18. E. Campbell

    Cool, but also disappointing

    Like the other reviews, we are on Day 13 and have already received two duplicates. I figured it was just an error the first time, but then it happened again today! My son was so disappointed. There are plenty of Marvel characters to have a unique one for each of the 24 days. Otherwise, my son has enjoyed that they are all christmas themed.

  19. LilNafania

    A few dups

    Opened it before “elf” brought it for my kids and I am glad I did. There were 2 characters that repeated 3 times!!! And one of those had 2 of the same but with glitter. So that’s 8 out of 24 that are basically repeats. I am glad I opened it because my kids would’ve been very disappointed. The whole point of opening 1 every day is to get a different thing. This isn’t it. I don’t recommend it unless your kids like getting the same toy 5 times.

    One person found this helpful

  20. alaina Lewis

    Would buy again

    The duplicates are not duplicates! They glow in the dark. Yes they do look the same but when you turn of the light on the groot, iron man and thor figures they glow.

    4 people found this helpful

  21. Craig

    Missing a day

    It was missing one day. Very disappointing

  22. Jen R.

    Super cute! However there are duplicate characters and we are only on day 13.

    My child is a super huge Marvel fan however he was a bit disappointed when there was already two duplicate characters by day 13.

  23. Julie


    After opening day 4, there was no funko inside.

  24. Kara

    Duplicate characters

    Many of the characters are the flat, less detailed ones, which felt disappointing to me. But even more disappointing was that I received 3 or 4 exact duplicates, plus several repeated characters and didn’t receive many other characters. Definitely seems likeNo care was taken as far as quality of experience.

  25. Mom of 3


    Bought this for my 3 year old and he absolutely loves it! Quite disappointed there were multiples of the same figure though. Would like to have gotten one regular figure of each along with a Christmas version instead of duplicates.* could have been crafted better. Thor’s hammer broke off very easily.

  26. McKell Darnell

    Cute little characters but they repeat

    They are cute characters and good, sturdy play quality. My only complaint is that they aren’t all unique. We have 3 Groots so far and 3 Captain Americas and only in day 13. Kinda weird abs disappointing.

  27. L. Walden

    Great Idea, but…

    This advent calendar is an awesome idea for a Marvel fan! However, once you start opening doors, you soon discover MANY gingerbread style figures and some almost duplicates with one minor change. For example, today we opened a glittery Captain America snowman who matches the other Captain America snowman exactly with the exception of the glitter. Disappointing to say the least. As you can see in the picture, the same was true of Groot and potted Groot. Come on, Marvel, you can do better than that! Or if this is how you want to play it, at least make it a little less costly…As the buyer, if you can get past the “duplicates,” it really is a cool gift.

  28. Shawn Carter

    We love the Marvel characters

    The product was great. I bought this for my wife. I was only disappointed in the fact that there were multiple of the same figures. I thought that there would be different characters however there were repeats. Overall it was a good gift and she enjoyed it.Thanks,Shawn

    7 people found this helpful

  29. Amazon Customer

    Although late, arrived in condition as expected

    Purchased as this a gift, and although it arrived over a week late it thankfully arrived before 12/1! Wished it would have come when it stated it would arrive, but pleased with the item overall

    2 people found this helpful

  30. Lizzie


    So many characters in the Marvel universe and there are duplicates. Why!?!Really disappointing. On top of that, little pieces broke off on a few of them.

  31. Holly S

    Perfect gift for a young kid!

    This is going to be fun and excited to open around the holiday! I just hope my stepson can wait and be patient and open one a day.

    5 people found this helpful

  32. JRB

    Fun but disappointing

    The little figures are cute but on day 13 I already have 2 duplicates. If you are very careful you can make them stand up on their own but the slightest vibration will knock them over.Instead of calling this a marvel advent calendar, it should have been called a mcu advent calendar.

  33. Alec McInnes

    Very good value for money, excellent funky pops for the holidays

    Great value and great funko pops. Good variety, although there are one or two sets of twin funko pops. Some are slightly different from each other, such as one pop being sparkly and the other not. Some are exact copies, but overall the box is a great purchase and I’d gladly buy it next year

  34. Gina

    Super cute, could improve quality control

    We are on day 13 and love these little marvel characters. The only issues so far is that door 5 was empty and we have had two repeat characters.

  35. Amanda Walck

    Does not have 24 different characters or funkos.

    13 days in and we already have two captain America snowmen and three Christmas tree groots (two exactly the same). Was hoping for more characters to be utilized and other unique Christmas interpretations of the characters. Hope the remaining days don’t repeat as much or we will have an army of xmas groots.

  36. DisneyFam


    The first week we were so excited and loved each one everyday. In the second week we started getting duplicates which is very disappointing. We hope the duplicates don’t continue for the entire advent calendar.

  37. Allyson

    Not a good value for your money

    They are so so so cute.. but.. there are multiple duplicates. so i wouldn’t say you are getting a real bang for your buck.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Tim Cormack

    Duplicate figures

    I was hoping for unique figures, but as of the 13th I already have two duplicates. Slightly disappointing.

  39. Nicholas

    supposed to be unique, keep getting repeats

    The price is too high, and the packaging is misleading. If they were going to stick multiples in the packaging, either make it with less days, or add in mini props for the guys. Don’t claim each day is going to be unique. It’s discouraging to pay $50+, expecting 24 different variations, but now we have multiple Snowman America and multiple gingerbread Thor with zero differences. We aren’t even halfway through at this point, and we haven’t even opened the guys advertised.

  40. denee olivas

    Cute but…

    They’re cute it’s my first funko advent calendar but i was disappointed when i got three sets of repeats they could have done other characters besides gingerbread form. Just beware not too sure if it’s just my box or if anyone else might have repeats as well.These are the repeats i got might just give them away.

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  41. Amazon Customer

    24 unique items is lie.

    They are not 24 different items. Many duplicates. Not a very fun Advent calendar.

  42. Saerufin

    First Advent Calendar with Duplicates

    These are very cute, but this is the first Funko Advent Calendar we’ve ever bought that had duplicates. I mean, we love Groot, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not disappointed.

  43. Timothy Y.

    Slightly disappointed

    I like them and they are very small and adorable but I got a few problems. I got a few repeats of Christmas tree groot and cookie thor and cookie iron man. And missing peices with the cookie captain marvel and a missing arm with snowman captain America. Otherwise very cool

    One person found this helpful

  44. linda walt

    So fun!

    My grand children looked forward to opening a new window everyday!

  45. K


    Me and the kiddo love Marvel and love Pops! This is soooo cute! So glad I ordered it!

  46. Kindle Customer

    Cute Christmas theme characters!

    Started out so cute, but then we started opening multiple of the same characters. Disappointed they couldn’t be more imaginative. So far no Loki either who is a house favorite.

  47. Jama Tupua

    Duplicates, very disappointing

    I got these to put in my sons advent calendar. I was really disappointed with the selection and duplicates! There are 24 spaces and they only used 11 characters. I’m sure he will still love them, but man I’m disappointed.

    10 people found this helpful

  48. Christina

    Cute but too many duplicates

    We have been enjoying opening this with my 5 year old son everyday, but for the price their are too many duplicate figures. He is a little disappointed every time it happens. It would be perfect aside from that!

  49. Amazon Customer


    All around I would give 5 stars. The only thing some people may not like is that there are duplicates and the ones that have glitter shed the glitter really bad. This wasn’t an issue at all for my toddler. He’s happy! The quality is amazing and they’re so cute. Perfect for kids to play with and great for Marvel lovers. 🙂

  50. M

    Too many duplicates

    There’s too many duplicates for this kind of money. Very disappointing.

  51. DizzeeLizzy


    Purchased as a gift. Arrived well before expected. Funky Pop is adorable. Can’t go wrong with cute Marvel!

    One person found this helpful

  52. Victor Perez


    Muy divertido

  53. Miranda Lewis

    Lots of duplicates

    Lots of duplicates 12/24 even if the alternates glow in the dark or are glitter (I hate glitter these immediately went somewhere else).There are more than enough marvel character that duplicates were unnecessary.

  54. Delaney J.


    My son was so excited when I got him this and loved the characters…up until he started getting multiples. It’s pretty bad that they don’t give you 24 different figures like you would assume. I’m really disappointed that they do this

  55. john ryan


    We have this for the holidays, so it has not been open. But we have purchased them it the past and we love them for the grandkids

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  56. Kim

    So many duplicates!

    The figures are cute, but there are SO MANY duplicates. My son has been bummed to keep opening to find one he already got. There are so many characters to pick from – why duplicate?! Less than impressed with this one.

  57. Amy Wallace

    Cute idea but there are repeat items inside.

    So many Marvel characters to choose that Funko Pop did not need to use repeated items for this advent calendar. Two baby groots, two snowman captain marvels and we are only on day 13. A little disappointing.

  58. F. Levi


    My son is disappointed that the calendar has duplicates. Also, it’s not well designed and he had to open the whole box because some of the toys were not reachable through the doors.

  59. Jody Stanley

    Looks good

    This was purchased for a friend who collects these types of things. The box arrived in perfect condition, which is good, because they usually don’t take it out of the box. I don’t know if this is something rare enough to call a collectors item but I think it’ll be enjoyed.

    One person found this helpful

  60. Caroline D

    Repeats the character

    It was fabulous because super cute until the characters started repeating. Why would you want 2 of the same characters….. disappointing

  61. Alexandria

    Several duplicates, but worth the sale price

    I got this on sale for under $30 (half off the list price), which is less than $1.25 per mini pop. So it’s totally worth it even though there are some duplicates.The pop designs are all very cute, as we can expect from Funko.So many gingerbreads – The gingerbread characters are all right, but there were quite a few of them — 13 I think, out of 24, so more than half. A few would be fine, but at that count I thought that style was overdone. I would’ve preferred more non-gingerbread Christmas-themed pops.Many repeat characters – There are just 11 unique characters of the 24 pops. There are so many Marvel characters, so getting 3 Thors, 3 baby Groots, 3 Captain Americas (Steve Rogers), 3 Spider-Mans, 2 Thanoses, 2 Captain Marvels, 2 Scarlet Witches, 2 Iron Mans, 2 Hulks… that’s a lot of the same characters! (The only unique characters are Black Panther and Rocket.) Instead of the same characters twice (or thrice), I would have loved to see some other characters like Loki, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Bucky, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Falcon or Captain America (Sam Wilson), etc.The duplicates are frustrating. Yes, the duplicates technically have some minor differences so they’re not exactly identical; one snowman Captain America has glitter and the other doesn’t, for instance. But I’d still call them duplicates. Again, there are so many awesome Marvel characters, I would’ve liked to see some other ones rather than duplicates. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this.Unfortunately, Funko hasn’t figured out all the figure balance issues. The baby Groot in the flower pot can’t stay up on its own, for instance, so I’ll need to put something underneath it for balance.

    One person found this helpful

  62. Laura


    The figures are cute, but there are duplicates that I was not expecting. Three pairs that are exactly alike and three pairs where the only difference is one of them has glitter and one doesn’t. It’s disappointing, but beyond that they are cute.

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  63. Mitchel Jenkins

    Very cool

    Great product for collectors or fans of Marvel. They’re small but very good detail. The holiday themes are really fun, Thanos in a Christmas sweater, Captain America as a snowman, some creative details for sure.

  64. John Williamson Jr


    Decent little pocket pops. Hardly any of them stand on their own, which is annoying but for the price, worth it imo

  65. bdaerr

    Ok but some duplicates

    Was disappointed we ended up with several duplicates. I think it was 3 or 4 duplicates total. Also half of them do not stand up. Well they stand but if you walk by they fall. We ended up gluing them to a piece of left over trim wood and it looks alright but just ashame they don’t make them all with a base of some sort.

  66. Susan V.

    Cute, but not worthy of 5 stars

    These guys are really cute, but it’s only day 13 and we have 3 Groots and 2 Captain Americas. There are many Marvel characters. It’s disappointing for my son to get up early and open the surprise only to get a duplicate half way through the calendar. Great quality but too expensive for lack of creativity.

    One person found this helpful

  67. Anonymous

    Great gift for collector.

    Great gift for grandkids

    2 people found this helpful

  68. Natalie


    I usually love getting these advent calendars from Funko but I’m not sure if it was mistakes or if the duplicates were deliberate. Because the others of the gingerbread characters were the diamond variety and there is at least one other Groot Christmas version that could have been used. Overall loved it but not completely happy with it.Edit: I reached out to Funko and was told the Ironman and Thor were the glow ones. Still not entirely happy but I always enjoy these.

    41 people found this helpful

  69. Jennifer S.

    LOVE this

    One of the best advent calendars ever!

  70. Amazon Customer

    Not 24 different figures

    I got 3 total duplicates making 3 out of the 24 advent days a wash

    One person found this helpful

  71. H. Carse

    Duplicate pieces

    The quality was great and it was exactly as we expected with one disappointing aspect. Several days were duplicates of other days. It is not 24 unique character pieces. It takes some of the joy out of opening each door when you have opened the same thing the day before.

  72. Michelle


    My daughter was so excited to receive this years Marvel advent calendar, but it has quickly changed to disappointment. This set has so many duplicates. No variety in characters or designs. So disappointed in this product. Not worth the money!

  73. Amazon Customer

    My son loves it!! The pops are so detailed and adorable!!

    Very well made my son really enjoys opening them up every morning

  74. Cchudo

    Duplicate figures

    Day 13 and already 2 almost duplicated figures. Captain Snowman and same exact figure with glitter and Christmas tree Groot one with solid yellow Star and other with partially transparent Star. And on top of that there is already a third groot and besides ugly sweater Thanos every other figure is gingerbread version of a character. I love that they are Christmas themed but there is no excuse for the duplicates or the lack of variety. Hope the rest is better.

  75. Renee R Mandis

    Mostly great

    I purchased these to turn them into Christmas tree ornaments. There were only 18 that made it to my tree. 3 of them had glitter. I don’t do glitter. The other 3 were duplicates of others. That sucks. There should be no duplicates. However, the price is so worth it compared to buying 24 at full price.Beware of a seller on Etsy. She is gutting these advent calendars and adding keychain hardware on them then she calls them “CUSTOMIZED.” I screwed an eyelet into the head and added an ornament hanger. She did the same thing. Screw in an eyelet, add a chain, and add a split ring. Boo.

    4 people found this helpful

  76. customer

    A hit with my kiddo

    12-year-old loves this! She has only opened the first 3 so far but she loves them so far and looks forward to opening it every day.

  77. Jus So

    Why are there duplicates?

    12 days in and we have 3 groots two baby groots which are identical. Two captain americas. The figures are cute butWhy the duplicates?

  78. Kindle Customer

    Nothing was in day #7

    The advent calander is great but when I got to day 7, nothing was in there. I would like to know how that happens because at nearly $50 it really shouldn’t happen.

    One person found this helpful

  79. Amazon Customer

    Good Quality…sometimes ×2

    These are really nice and cute, and we are still opening them, but we’ve already run into the problem of duplicates. For now my son is having fun with it and says Hulk is confused. There are plenty of heros in the Marvel universe for that to not be needed.

    One person found this helpful

  80. Amy1114


    A lot of duplicate characters, it’s disappointing. They’re cute but not worth the money since they just added glitter or something silly like to a previously opened character instead of a new character.

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