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Funko Pop! Disney: Advent Calendar – Holiday 2022

68 Reviews Write a review
  • Bring some Disney magic home for the holidays, with the Classic Disney Funko Pop! Advent Calendar 2022!
  • Collect all your Disney favourites during the countdown to Christmas, with a new character everyday!
  • Find all your favourite characters in each window! Each mini figure measures approximately 1-2 inches tall.


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GTIN: 889698620925
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 33.66 × 19.05 × 3.81 cm

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Funko Character

Customers reviews

68 Reviews Write a review
  1. Anna

    Mini funko davvero belli

    The media could not be loaded.

     Per ora abbiamo aperto solo 2 caselline ma posso già lasciare la recensione. Partiamo dal calendario, fatto molto bene esteticamente e mi piace che la scatola sia richiudibile non lasciando le caselline scoperte (per ora non ho un posto dove mettere queste sorpresine, quindi una volta aperte le rimetto nella loro casella).I personaggi sono davvero carini e fatti molto bene, curati nei minimi dettagli. Il fatto che siano vestiti a tema natalizio rende tutto ancora più magico. Allego un video del calendario ma senza spoiler sui personaggi. Consigliatissimo per amanti disney e funko pop.

  2. Heather

    Love Funkos!

    Love Disney Funkos, but decided to return based on how many Mickeys there were, needs more variety of characters

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  3. Colin Dupree

    Such a fun little gift for the month of December but….

    Loved opening these each day however half of them had something broken on them and a ton of mickeys. There are sooo many other Disney characters that we thought would be included.

  4. A Woodward

    I agree with the rest of the reviews… this is a Mickey Mouse advent calendar

    With so many Disney options out there this thing is SO disappointing. If you love Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their “friends” and want multiple of them, you’ll love this. But if you want variety, skip it. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and multiple of them are in the box along with a very random set of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. Those ones were my favorite in the collection.My photo really just shows some of the cute ones in there. On top of the lack of variety, I was very disappointed in the quality. The box I received had a big cut through it as if cut with a box cutter and the quality of the figurines themselves were super hit and miss. Two of them are Mickey and Minnie as gingerbread cookies and they’re so poorly done (and creepy) Minnie’s head actually looks like it was falling off.I love funko pop so this was a big let down.

    28 people found this helpful

  5. danielsmommy


    My daughter absolutely loves this advent calendar. It’s very nice quality and the figures are adorable.

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  6. sarah

    Chère pour une qualité pas au rdv

    1ere case, figurine avec un bras en moins, casé dès le déballage. Déçu. Le personnage ne tiens même pas sur son socle ( ses pieds ). A 47 €, ça fait chère pour cette qualité là. Le premier personnage est très mignon mais ma fille est déçu du a la casse. Bonne idée mais revoir la qualité.



    Each one is very cute. I look forward to it every day.

  8. Ashley

    Should be called Mickey mouse advent calendar

    If you love Mickey mouse then this advent calendar is a great buy. The box however said it was a Disney advent calendar so I thought you would get different Disney characters. Nope you get 1 Winnie the Pooh, 1 tigger, 1 piglet, 1 eyore and the rest are Mickey mouse characters with different outfits. Other then not being what I expected the figures are very well made and if you like Mickey mouse and friends it’s a great value for your money

    10 people found this helpful

  9. Jack T.

    Still excited,

    Day 1…Mickey came out strong in the 1st day position, he looked the part perfectly. However, he can’t stand and his left arm snapped at the shoulder. Gorilla glue brought him back to full health. Still excited for the rest of month though. My four year and I are hopeful for tomorrows.

  10. Bobbie Storie

    My kids love it!

    My kids love this calendar! They drew straws to determine the order they open it up and now they look forward to their day! The only issue I’ve had was that the Mickey from day one was opened and his leg was broke off, but it was an easy fix.

  11. S

    An adorable new advent calendar from Funko

    This came exactly as advertised and very well packaged. I’ve had good luck with Funko advent calendars in the past and I can’t wait for December so I can open this one up and start unveiling the figures!

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  12. BrittanyKMcconnell

    Fun collector set

    These are so much fun! I can’t wait for this Christmas countdown to begin. Also, they’re so adorable and cute. Great collector piece for any Disney and/or Funko collector.

  13. Franco

    Tutto ok

    Tutto ok


    Cutest advent calendar EVER!

    Very cute advent calendar and the pieces are well made and detailed! Definitely worth the price for the smiles it brings!

  15. Lynette F.

    Was a gift

    Exactly what I expected

  16. Jennifer

    It’s real cute

    I collect Funko Pop, especially the Disney ones, so I had to have this. They are very cute and are identical to the full size Funko. My only problem is, most of them don’t stand up on their own. I still have 13 more to open, but so far only 1 had a stand.

  17. Marlee Dennis

    Cute but not the best quality

    They’re cute and I didn’t get any duplicate. I got 5 different mickeys, 4 different Minnie’s, 3 different plutos, 2 different goofys but none the same. A lot of them don’t stand up so that’s disappointing as to how to display them… and one Minnie’s tail broke off so I had to glue it back on.

  18. Michaël

    Toutes les figurines ne sont pas de Noël

    Sur les 12 premières figurines, 5 ne sont pas de Noël je trouve ça un peu moyen…

  19. gianluca venturi

    Molto carino!

    I personaggi sono tutti carinissimi. Alcuni si ripetono ma con pose o accessori diversi. Il prezzo è un po’ alto ma, tutto sommato lo ricomprerei. Anzi, spero che facciano altri calendari dell’avvento con funko pop delle principesse Disney o dei giocatori di calcio

  20. Janene Parker

    cute funko pops, but not much variety in characters

    My child was so excited to open these up each day for December, but has been pretty disappointed so far. There are tons of Disney characters that could be in here but so far it has just been Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy in different outfits. Wish there was a little more variety in the characters.

  21. Ivy

    Some figures are top heavy and fall over.

    The mini figures are cute but Funko should’ve added baseplates to the bottom of them and checked to make sure they can stand on their own. Some of them are too top heavy and topple over. Hopefully next year they can improve this. Also considering it’s for the Christmas season, I would’ve like to see more characters dressed in holiday attire.

  22. Maria P.


    Todavia no he podido abrirlo ya que no se abre hasta el dia 1 pero tiene muy buena pinta! Ganas de abrirlo!!!

    One person found this helpful

  23. Iaia

    regalo piaciuto

    È piaciuto al ragazzino

  24. G_D

    Ça fait un enfant content

    Bonne qualité

  25. otoniel canas

    so much fun

    My daughter has been enjoying this as she opens a new door each day. So far all the characters are awesome.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Silvia V.

    Per amanti di topolino e dei funko pop

    Molto bello, ogni anno aspettiamo il Natale trovando ogni giorno un personaggio Disney collezionabile. Bellissimi mini-Funko pop

    One person found this helpful

  27. Nick

    Cute set but knowing what’s inside definitely helps to temper expectations (see photo)

    After seeing reviews complaining about duplicates and/or being to Mickey focused I was kind of hesitant to pick this up. Seeing as our plan was to have the kid open one each day, add hooks, and turn them into ornaments for the tree, I figured I’d be fine with duplicates and any assortment of characters as the kid couldn’t care less. Each figure is individually wrapped in a opaque plastic bag so contents are hidden until you rip it open. I wanted him to be able to see the actual figure inside when he opens each door, so I removed all the plastic and put them back in the tray. As you can see from my photo, I did not received any duplicates, however there are lots of Mickey and Minnie figures, albeit all unique. Do note that some figures are not holiday themed. Could they have included more character variety? Sure. But again, knowing that before buying, its hard to see it as a negative about it since I expected it. At the time of purchase, each figure came out to $1.50, so for me that seems like a decent value considering what individual mini pop figures typically go for. Quality of each figure is typical of what I come to expect from Funko. All in all, I was happy with the end product and can’t wait to put these up on the tree with my kid.TLDR; Look at the photo, buy it if you like the assortment of figures and think they are worth $1.50/each. If you don’t like the mix, well, then this kit isn’t for you and don’t buy it.

    146 people found this helpful

  28. Amazon Customer

    Funko advent Christmas calendars

    I love them sip much

  29. Cliente Amazon



  30. Amber Martinez

    Son is enjoying opening his doors each day

    My 9 year old is enjoying this. He jumps right out of bed each morning to see his new figure. So far he has gotten two Mickeys although one is Christmas Mickey and one is regular. Also two of the figures do not stand up on their own. They are too heavy and the base is too small, but we will fix it for him somehow so they all stand. Overall, a good and fun purchase.

  31. Víctor

    Muy buena compra

    El artículo llegó puntual y en muy buen estado.

  32. Wendy


    These are so hard to find the closer it gets to December so I am so glad we were able to grab one:)

    3 people found this helpful

  33. Ellen Cuber


    Sehr schöner Adventkalender. Karton ist toll verarbeitet und macht optisch schon etwas her. Figuren sind mega gut gemacht- als Fan die wahre Freude. Tolle Sammelfiguren. Kleines mini Manko – die Türchen sind nicht wie üblich wild verteilt,sondern in Reihe. Das Öffnen macht trotzdem sehr viel Spaß.

  34. Alexsandro


    ottima scatola creata anche per dopo lo spacchettamento,

  35. myriam gatinaut

    trop chou

    Je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat, ce qu’il y a dedans est vraiment trop mignon.

  36. Pixar76

    Carini, ma non ne giustificano il prezzo

    Funko POP è una garanzia, ma i personaggi contenuti in questo calendario non sono all’altezza delle aspettative. Carino ma per il prezzo che ha forse mi aspettavo di più.

  37. Trisha

    Slow to ship but adorable.

    Great value and perfect for a non-candy advent calendar!

  38. john ryan


    Grandkids love them. Lead up to Christmas

  39. Pasquale Musci


    A mia figlia è piaciuto molto è molto carino e fatto bene

  40. Amanda

    Absolutamente perfecto

    Es súper bonito. Llego con todas las figuras diferentes.Están súper bien echas y pintadas.Bien embalado y la caja es muy chula.100×100 recomendable.Fue para un regalo y fue un éxito

    15 people found this helpful

  41. Amazon Customer

    Missing pieces ordered September to have for December and open day one gift ,day two nothing .

    Missing pieces it’s an adventure calendar and there should be a surprise after every door is opened…. it’s now been months and others than tell write this ….

  42. Pixiemomma

    Super cute

    Love these

  43. Annalisa

    Perfetto in ottime condizioni

    È perfetto ,neanche un graffioIncredibile

  44. Bunk64

    Missing several figures

    We bought this back in Oct when it first came out. We eagerly opened the first day and were happy (other than the figure had a hard time staying standing up). However, it had an empty bag on day 2. Two other days the bags had fallen into a different spot so I had to slide out the inside to fix it.

  45. Dumoulin


    Le calendrier est super jolie

  46. Simona L


    Lo regalato alla mia figlia. Una vera sorpresa, fatto bene. Ottimo prodotto come regalo.

  47. Connie cristiano

    Muy bonitos

    Muy bien echos los personajes

  48. Micha

    Schnell und schön.

    Pünktlich geliefert und sicher verpackt. Super Disney Qualität erstes Türchen heute geöffnet

  49. Eva-Galina Azarov


    Mein Kind ist glücklich

  50. Stéphanie D.

    Original mais cher

    Calendrier offert à des fans de Disney et de figurine popReste tout de même un cadeau cher, et le 24 aurait pu être une figurine en taille réelle ca aurait été un peu plus rentable

    One person found this helpful

  51. Client d’Amazon


    Trop jolie figurines

  52. mia martinez

    Super cute

    My daughter loves it and there so cute

  53. Redge

    Des figurines en double…

    A peine la moitié d’ouvert et déjà des doubles… C est franchement dommage, j avais eu le marvel l année passée et aucun double.Sinon la qualité des figurines est au rendez vous.

  54. J Evans

    Other reviewers don’t read descriptions. Good Advent Calendar

    Strange that anyone would complain a Disney funko calendar featuring Mickey in the photo and the description: “MICKEY MOUSE is ringing in good cheer as you count down to your winter celebrations.Open the tiny doors to reveal 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops! FEATURING MICKEY and his pals dressed in their holiday finest.”The calendar is great and I’m not sure why people can’t read.

  55. Mayckol G

    Todo perfecto 100% recomendado

    Bien protegido, caja en excelente estado lo recomiendo un buen regalo de navidad

  56. SILVIA

    Es perfecto

    El calendario de adviento es idea, está muy bien de precio, más barato que en otros establenciemientos y además llegó en pocos días

    One person found this helpful

  57. céline durand

    Rien a dire

    Qualité au rendez-vous

  58. A. Hallum

    Too many duplicates

    Disney has so many characters to choose from… I don’t know why they felt the need to have so many variations of Mickey and Minnie. We’re 13 days in and have 4 Mickeys and 2 Minnie’s. (And two plutos) My kids are already bored with it.

  59. Laura C.

    Amazing gift flor my 5 yeard old nephew

    I don’t know why I read so many bad reviews because this is amazing. It does have a lot of mickeys but I’ve never seen a kid complaining about “too many mickies”, my nephew likes this a lot. And besides, it looks very pretty from the packaging to the final product. I was really happy, specially for the price.

  60. Erick

    Recomiendo sin dudar este producto

    The media could not be loaded.

     Si recomiendo este producto, como para regalo o para tu tener una bonita actividad familiar, aún que algunos de los muñecos no están con una buena calidad pero todo lo demás si es de calidad

  61. Valerie Stanton

    Quick delivery

    I’m excited for my kids to open Thai at Christmas! Package arrived quickly and in great shape.’

    3 people found this helpful

  62. Joe Ramirez


    Very nice

  63. Nicola T

    Assolutamente bocciato!

    Per me è assolutamente bocciato…con tutti i personaggi Disney a disposizione, anche rimanendo nei Classic, trovo abbastanza vergognoso ripetere lo stesso personaggio X volte. 5 versioni di topolino, che si differenziano pochissimo, direi che sono un po’ troppe, ok farne un paio del personaggio principale, ma 5 no. 5 minnie che sono uguali a topolino ma con con le ciglia, 3 pluto, 2 paperino, 2 paperina, 2 Pippo, cip&ciop, 4 del cartone Winnie the Pooh. Alcuni non stanno in piedi, alcuni rovinati. Non do 1 stella perché sono comunque Funko e quindi carini, ma ripeto: assolutamente bocciato!

    6 people found this helpful

  64. Lindsay Kempner

    This Made My Daughter’s Whole Month of December

    My 5 year old daughter is obsessed with Mickey and Friends. She also is obsessed with little figurines she can hold in her hands. This is hands down the perfect advent calendar for her and she LOVES it and I love seeing the look on her face when she gets to open a new door each day. She stores them in a treasure box she carries around the house. Doesn’t go anywhere without them.

    2 people found this helpful

  65. Runner Mom of 2

    Funkos missing legs

    This could be so cute. We are up to day 13 & so far two of these characters are missing legs. My daughter is obsessed with funkos so she’s very sad. These are not well made. Too bad. This is such a unique idea.

  66. Alba

    Un acierto!!

    Un acierto total! Los peques disfrutan cada mañana al abrirlo y descubrir que se esconde!

  67. Sandro R. S. Gaspar


    A bit on the expensive side, given the offer, but a great way of starting the holiday season with the kids

  68. barbara nubla buquerin

    Muy chulo

    Es original y hace ilusión abrir el de todos los dias

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