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  • Great toy for stress release and restore focus: This pop bubble fidget is a great neat sensory tool to relieve stress and keep your brain break. It will provide sensory interaction and help restore the mood.


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Great toy for stress release and restore focus: This pop bubble fidget is a great neat sensory tool to relieve stress and keep your brain break. It will provide sensory interaction and help restore the mood.

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Customers reviews

245 Reviews Write a review
  1. istopforpandas


    These are wonderful!!!Highly recommended!!!

  2. Doug Brown

    Pop fidget

    The fidgets are helping the child calm down and focus.

  3. Taylor

    Loved it

    Having children who are tactical and love to constantly have something in there hands this is the to go toy for the car. Kids love them for car rides..

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  4. Kaylin

    My kiddo loves these!

    I have fidget and pop it obsessed kiddo and she love love loves these! She and her friends play with them constantly and not only pop the little pops but play catch and create games with the balls!

  5. Sarah

    Fun fidget

    My kids really liked these. There was some frustration that when they pushed in pieces others would pop out.

  6. Sherry M


    Kids love them. They are sturdy and in bright colors. Neat designs. Highly Recommend!

  7. Hope Nuxoll

    So helpful

    These help me not snack as much while I’m watching a movie. I also use them in waiting rooms but the pop noise it makes when. You reset the dots is kind of loud and makes other people look at me. I just stick to using this in private settings.

  8. DiElizabeth

    Favorite Christmas toy for all ages ! Little kids to adults love them

    I have made 4 orders of these cute pop its balls because it is so popular. Since Christmas gifts I have been sending them for Birthday gifts. Love them, great quality

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  9. Skye

    They were a hit!

    My kiddo received these for his birthday! The kids AND the adults enjoy these pop it balls.

  10. NickOle

    These are a hit!

    Great deal, kids love them. Quiet car ride accomplished.

  11. Lourdes Delacruz

    They keep your hands busy. Good for restless people.

    They are not for puppies. Human hands only. Hours of keeping your hands busy and yourself calm.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    As advertised. Fair price

    As advertised. Fair price

  13. L.W.

    Therapy clients love them

    I’m a therapist that works with kids and adults with anxiety and ADHD. These toys help the clients contain their fidgeting so they can focus on the session. Plus, they’re just fun to have!

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  14. conner

    Simple and entertaining

    I got these for my daughter but I’ve seen everyone in the house playing with them.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Birthday gift.

    Birthday gift

  16. Amazon Customer

    Product box damaged in shipping.

    Product is great, however just thrown in a packaging bag with no protection. The product box is torn and smashed. This is suppose to be a gift.

  17. Kindle Customer

    Children on school bus love these!

    Purchased for children who ride on my school bus. They love them. They have started asking for them when they get on the bus. I keep them in a large zip lock bag and spray with lysol. But then I do take home and wash with warm water too. It definitely helps to keep the children occupied.

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  18. Shawn L Zimmerman


    Kids love carrying them around

  19. Erica Fredericks

    Fun colors

    Bought these for my daughter who suffers from anxiety. Super durable and love the colors. Fun to play with without people being aware that she is stressed.

  20. Walker

    Super durable

    I’m a therapist and my clients (kids) love these! They are also basically impossible to pop. They are a bit noisy to play with though, so I would not recommend for a quiet environment like a classroom.

  21. Kathy P.

    Love Pop Fidget ball for 3 month old and up, using them for Halloween treat for under 3 yr old kids

    I bought one set of these and another brand that had more items to compare. I ended up buying two more sets of these. These look better, brighter, than the other. They feel like silk compared to the other brand. I like to have something to give out to everyone including the babies the parents are carrying while the older kids trick or trick. This is perfect, not food and is safe for the little ones. I like these so much I might have to order more so I have at least one to keep for myself.

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  22. Katie K

    Fun but frustrating

    They are fun but you can only pop one side at a time at most. It’s frustrating not to be able to push in all the bubbles at once. That being said, my 15 month old LOVES them and walks around holding them constantly.

  23. Shay

    Kids love it!

    These you don’t see the pop it balls all the time like regular pop its. So kids love these. They’re small though. Maybe the size of a tennis ball (probably smaller) my kids loved that they’re little!

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  24. Kasey

    Nice size

    They are bigger than I expected and made well. Easy to clean and cool colors.

  25. Robin Carey


    Cute color scheme and fun to fiddle with while working or thinking.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Food grade silicone, safe for kids

    Six months to 18 months loved these little balls. Whether they are for chewing or tossing or playing hide and seek, they were a fun hit. The popper features even kept some older kids content for a while.

  27. Miranda Hood

    Love them

    Love them

  28. Deanna

    Great product

    Kids love it. They play with them often. Able to go in the water, car, or just around the house. Would purchase again.

  29. Katie K

    Fun but frustrating

    They are fun but you can only pop one side at a time at most. It’s frustrating not to be able to push in all the bubbles at once. That being said, my 15 month old LOVES them and walks around holding them constantly.

  30. breanna


    Fun fidget and the price was fair.

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  31. sallyreads

    Fun fidget

    The kids that I work with love these. They can either use them as a ball or push in the bubbles and pop them out or just squeeze them. A great set of 4 fidgets at a great price.

  32. Nancy

    Great fidget for all ages

    This fidget pop up ball is more adaptable to all ages than the flat pop ups currently seen everywhere. My 1 yr old grandson and 2 yr old granddaughter loved them—as did all the adults in the room. Great for diaper bag toy, car toy, adult desks and backpacks!

  33. Isaias Lowe

    Its fun

    Fun little toy to have on your desk if you have an issue with fidgeting.

  34. Rcarey1

    These are so fun and cute… but it only came with 2 balls not the 4 advertised?

    Me and my kids love playing with these but i bought the 4 pack tye dye ones and only reviewed 2 balls.

  35. Emily Lafferty

    Gift for Siblings

    Got these for my sisters. I hope they enjoy them.

  36. Shiloh H

    Better than expected

    I bought these thinking they would be cheap and not actually pop like the video shows but I’m not disappointed. Kids love them. Only thing is you can’t get all the dots down to make them all pop at once. But will definitely be ordering again!

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  37. Evie R

    Awesome for Goody Bags

    Loved these to put in a goody bag for a kid’s party. The only thing was that one of the balls was slightly deflated so I ended up throwing it away. All the rest seemed to be good though. They are fun to play with and the kids seemed to like them!

  38. Amazon Customer



  39. Rayne

    Got me through what I needed

    So full disclosure I am a grown adult, mid 30s no kids. I bought these for me lol. I’ve developed pretty severe anxiety and I’ve always been afraid of the dentist and I’ve recently had to have some dental work done and I have a bad habit of interlocking my fingers and when they start doing stuff I get nervous and I squeeze so hard my hands literally turn white because there’s like no circulation. So instead of potentially breaking my own fingers every time I flinch I thought I would get something like this.I thought they would be more foamy or stress ball type but it’s just air. But even being just air I squeezed the crap out of these at the dentist office and amazingly they didn’t bust even though they have a seam right down the middle. And it’s also like fidget toy because the little dots and you can poke them in but it’s frustrating because you can only poke in so many before they start poking back out I don’t really know the science and physics behind it and I feel like at some point it becomes an air displacement thing because there’s only so much space inside and whenever you turn the little dots inward it’s occupying more space and so you’ll never be able to get all of them without some kind of extra Force holding it but you can get like at least a row and a half or two before it starts doing that and then you can squeeze it and they all pop it once and that’s satisfying. I’ll never be happy not being able to do all of them though lol. I almost give it 4 stars for that but then I decided wait that’s not really a problem. That wouldn’t be a fair reason to dock it.Value for the money was pretty good I have one in my car just so I always have one there if I need it when I’m going somewhere I got one on my desk at work and I gave one to my coworker and I have the fourth one here at home so I’ve got stress balls wherever I need them

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  40. Cassia Trias


    My kid loves to play with this toy

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  41. Spideridol

    Students love these

    I was looking for a different type of fidget for the students I work with. These were a perfect result. Surprisingly the students love making the pop sounds so much that the balls were never thrown or tossed. It’s a great fidget tool for anyone who gets nervous or has a difficult time sitting still to concentrate.

  42. Martha Carlisle

    Perfect for work

    Perfect for a stressful day!!!

  43. Renee


    My son loves these and so do his friends. I’ve given all but one away since they all liked them

  44. Crystal D

    I love it!

    I bought this for my clients and they absolutely love it!!!!

  45. GP

    Liked by


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  46. K.Hermani

    Perfect party favor

    I purchased these to give in my 2yr olds birthday party favors! They were perfect for little hands. I would buy them again.

  47. Kristen Hein

    Some were deflated

    A couple weren’t inflated all the way.

  48. Martha Solomon

    Great sensory toy!

    My daughter works with special needs children and these worked great at getting their attention and keeping them focused when needed. Very colorful and durable

  49. Robin

    Kids Love Em

    The kids love them!

  50. Miriam Manso

    Es bueno para el estres

    Es muy bueno ,porque es una pelota sensorial ,debían hacer bien grandes ,para trabajar con niños especiales .

  51. Kristina schmitz

    Good autism gift

    Autism children love this item

  52. JBlue

    Weak seams?

    I grabbed these for Easter baskets and when I went to open them one, one was half deflated and one was about 1/4 deflated which makes me think bery quickly these will end up being useless. Great colors and idea just don’t appear very durable considering they were deflated coming out of the box.

  53. Hope Nuxoll

    So helpful

    These help me not snack as much while I’m watching a movie. I also use them in waiting rooms but the pop noise it makes when. You reset the dots is kind of loud and makes other people look at me. I just stick to using this in private settings.

  54. Tiki

    Nice. My daughter loves them

    Fast delivery, good price

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  55. Lisa L.

    Smaller than expected

    It’s smaller than I thought. Love the colors tho.

  56. JK

    Not flimsy but made with a quality and for fun

    My kids love these. Her friends love there. I was worried if they would be flimsy but the quality was good to. I think the pop it balls are the best kind of the pop-its.

  57. Gabriella Chun

    Love these

    I bought these for my classroom and my students love these. Recommend!

  58. Daisy444

    Exceeded My Expectations!!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect by reading the reviews, but when they came, they were awesome!! They are big enough to fill your hand, the popping bubbles work great, and it is sooo much better to combine a squeeze ball with the poppers into one- genius! When they came they were in their deflated state, but there is a valve that opens and it fills right up with air. Other reviewers obviously didn’t see that, and had stated the balls were defective. I am very excited to put these in Christmas stockings, as regular poppers are so popular, so these will be a huge hit!!

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  59. Amy

    Not quiet, but still great

    These are definitely not a quiet fidget. They’re a little louder than the flat ones, but the way these are gives them a little extra POP. But my kids love them and I do too, when noise isn’t a concern.

  60. Billy Mack

    Kids love it and works as expect

    Perfect fidget toy that kids actually play with as a go to item specially when they run out of ideas what to do on any given day. There is actual science the kids can learn from this toy too.Also, whoever gave negative feedback that you cannot push all the buttons down likely did not graduate from high school.

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  61. Cathy Dyson

    Great gift for kids!

    I gave this as an End of the School Year gift to my students because they love bouncy balls and Pop Its! Each child loved the colors, feel, and bounce of these balls. They couldn’t put them down after receiving them! These are a great tactile product!Very pleased with them!

  62. Gail Garfield

    I found these to be overpriced

    These are fun to fidget with but at nearly $2.00 a piece, they are too expensive.

  63. Momo6

    Best fidget wver

    I’m seriously considering buying a ton more of these and give them to teachers next year to fill their classrooms.My child is 8 and is NEVER still. She sat for 2 hrs with one of these one night!In my household all kids 8-45 approved of this toy!

    4 people found this helpful

  64. DJ Slurry

    Most satisfying

    I’ve purchased other pop-it balls from several different brands and none of them are as good as these

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  65. Nativehalo07

    Smaller that I expected.

    Otherwise as described. My kids loved them. They are squishy and easy to hold especially for small hands. Colors are vibrant and material is very soft.

  66. Megan

    Love these!

    Came perfectly as described and my daughter (4) loves them! Her and I both, if we are really careful, can push in about half on some of them before they start popping back up but sometime we only get about 4-5. Great purchase!

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  67. KipKip

    Excellent quality

    These are made higher quality than others we have bought that are thinner and cheap silicon/plastic. Worth the price and value.

  68. Yoster

    Very cute and my kiddos love them

    Love these little balls. They seem pretty tough and rinse off easily. Only complaint is I thought (and wish) they were bigger.

  69. Amazon Customer

    My kids love them

    Seems to be a quality product and my kids love them.

  70. kathy

    She loved them!!!


  71. Alice A


    Stole these from my kid because I never know what to do with my hands and I haven’t ever figured it out and I’m 31. Perfect for work when you have to talk to semi important people and you’re awkward af like me.

  72. CNH

    Nicely boxed, not sure how long they will last

    These popits are all the rage right now, and the ball version has the added benefit of as you push in the bubbles random ones will pop back out, so it is entertaining.These came nicely boxed and two of each bagged in plastic. The colors are bright and pretty, and the swirl adds some visual interest to them as well. The silicone is thick and satisfying, and the sound is different pushing it in compared to when they pop out.The issue is that these are made from two pieces of silicone that are glued together. Although that is not bad in and of itself, they used clear glue and the overflow is evident. Not all seams are completely closed. I am not sure how long these will last.

  73. rachael kimberly


    Our kids love these both neurotypical and neurodiverse

  74. Liz

    Deflate within a month

    These deflate after a month but are super satisfying when they’re new

  75. Amazon Customer

    Perfect ball for baby

    He is really engaged and loves this ball. Soft enough he can use as tether and fun for bath time

  76. Jennifer Gast

    Great party favors!

    We ordered these for a junior high girls birthday party. Great value, the girls loved them and played with them throughout the party! Fun party favor for young teens!

  77. jacqueline johnson

    Fidget balls

    They are too cute and shipped fast

  78. T.B.

    Keeps you occupied

    Great for stopping stress-picking and nervous ticks!

  79. Tina Pannone

    I bought these for a local school for the special Ed class. They worked out perfectly.

    I bought these for a special education class, and they worked out perfectly

  80. Jennie’s Grandma

    Perfect size

    These are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto while they are trying to crawl.

  81. Holly


    Daughter loves these. Fun toy.

  82. Patricia Lynn Hans

    Satisfying then annoying

    I don’t know whether to love or hate these things. It is so satisfying until the ones you have already pushed down start popping up before you have finished the rest of the ball. It’s impossible to push them all down before squeezing it to make them pop out. The quality was good for the price. None of them broke or flattened. Just have to treat it nicely.

    3 people found this helpful

  83. Abigail Robinson



  84. Cory L Stevenson

    Fun fidgets

    Fun fights to ease anxiety or stress. Cute ideas for classroom treasure boxes/prizes or goodie bag treats.

  85. Jessef

    Would buy again

    My son loves these. One of his favorite fidget balls.

  86. Revis

    Great sound.

    There is a sort of cheap feel to these, but they are good for the price. They are flexible and not hard to squeeze so they will avoid hand pain, and the popits make a very nice pop sound especially when squeezed. Good deal, decent product. They have a nice feel to them and have no smell, as well as being easy to clean.

  87. JK

    Fun and durable

    These withstand a very destructive 4 year old. Great price and quality, fun, easy to clean.

  88. Lonnette

    great stress ball

    such a great buy…my kids love it

  89. Shannon D.

    Fun fidget- 1 came broken

    One of our fidgets came with a tear in the material.

  90. Joy


    I talk on the phone at work alot so having this to fiddle with is nice.

  91. ESturgill

    Work great!

    The kids love these!

  92. Happy Granny

    Ten month old really loved to play with these.

    These are really soft, easy to wash and dry. Perfect for chewing, popping, tossing. I realised I was buying too many toys that were not made for chewing like the blocks that everyone plays with–even though they are sponge these are better for keeping clean. I am ordering more sets.

  93. Elena King

    Not what I was expecting.

    Not what I was expecting. When you pop one in and then go to another one the previous one pops back out.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Happy kids

    Love these ! Keeps my grandkids entertained forever!!!

  95. Kmwootten56

    Grandkids loved them.

    Bought them for my granddaughter. She loves all kinds of popits.

    10 people found this helpful

  96. Janet M. Koch

    Great for Home & School

    I bought these for the grandkids to play with at my daughter’s wedding. They are 3, 4, and 5. I wanted to give them something to fidget with during the down times, and they love them. I bought a set for my high school classroom and the older kids like them too. They are very durable, and fun. My new son-in-law loves them too.

    4 people found this helpful

  97. Robin

    Not quite what I thought

    The media could not be loaded.

     I am a mature adult with ADHD and am looking for myself items to keep myself occupied while watching tv or reading, so these reviews are from this point of view.So for some reason I thought these items would be more of a popping item than basically a soft textured rubber ball with nubs that are of the same texture and thickness as the rest of the ball. Other than the shape there isn’t really anything special about them. You can only push in a few nubs at a time and they just pop back. For myself there isn’t really anything special about them. There is absolutly no heft or weight to them, no diversity in thickness or feel. HOWEVER, for younger kids or toddlers they might be better because of the durability and lack of internal material to spill out. They kind of feel like toys for pets.

    7 people found this helpful

  98. Zach Griepenstroh

    One ball came with a hole

    These are fun. My family enjoys them. However one of the balls came with a hole so it loses air when we press in on it.

  99. Claudia

    Te quita el estrés

    Si porque puedo hacer pop it

  100. Jessica

    A hit!

    My kids and student love these!

  101. Brittany Randolph

    Very gud product

    Good value for price, exactly as pictured

  102. debbie

    I bought for my One year old granddaughter but…

    Everyone loves! All ages!

  103. Jayda

    It’s the best

    It has grate pops

  104. Peaches


    I got them for a child with a disability to help keep their hands busy works perfectly

  105. Sara Perry

    Hours of fun.

    Everyone loves these. We compete to see who can get the most popped before they release

  106. Brodi09

    Perfect gift for gift bags

    I bought these for gift bags for my daughters birthday. All the kids loved them.

  107. Holly Kilgore

    My son loves these!

    The material is non toxic. I added these into my sons ball out for some diversity and he reaches for these first. Great for babies and kids! I will likely purchase another set of these!

  108. SL

    Good to play

    Very quality toy. My children like it. It also good on my stress relief. Need relax after Work from Home plan started.

    5 people found this helpful

  109. Brittany Hall

    Works well with sensory needs

    I originally bought these for my clients I work with who have autism. It’s great for them when it comes to addressing sensory needs. My husband and I also have our own and it’s great for work stress or anxiety!

  110. Kristin Byrum

    Deflates easily

    I love how durable this product seems to be… However, if you squeeze it too much or too hard it will deflate fairly easily. Then, you have to pull at the sides of the product for it to take original shape again. Wish it was firmer. Kind of bummed!

  111. Kindle Customer

    Children on school bus love these!

    Purchased for children who ride on my school bus. They love them. They have started asking for them when they get on the bus. I keep them in a large zip lock bag and spray with lysol. But then I do take home and wash with warm water too. It definitely helps to keep the children occupied.

    One person found this helpful

  112. Laura Wood

    To quote my clients….it is just right

    I buy these for my clients (I’m a therapist) and all of them say “it is just right!” And then they giggle and get excited that they have gotten a new favorite fidget. Will continue to buy them because they are jist right.

  113. Jacks

    All ages LOVE them!

    I have a 1 year old, 4 year old, and 5 years old who all got one and they all love to play with theirs. I also gifted the 4th to a 6th grade girl who loves hers as well. My adult siblings (18 and 23) will play with my kids’ when they come over, too. All around they are a hit!

    14 people found this helpful

  114. David Forman


    My kids love them and play with them for hours.

  115. Elle’s Belles

    2 Year Old Grandson LOVED!!!

    My daughter keeps one in the diaper bag and one in the car. My grandson loves them. Just right for him to hold and they keep him occupied. I want one for my purse for times I am stressed. Lol Soothing.

    2 people found this helpful

  116. Krista Harstine

    The best fidgit

    Love these!! So addicting

  117. James Anderson

    Small fidget pop its

    The product was a decent price for what it was. I appreciate how quickly I received them!!

  118. Patty K

    Kids love it.

    Kids went nuts. So happy

  119. Marissa


    I bought these balls for my baby niece for her birthday. Needless to say this was her favorite gift. I almost kept one for myself!

    One person found this helpful

  120. ckllp

    Entirely satisfying

    As a therapist I’ve been collecting squeeze balls/items for years. This is the best I’ve come across. You push in some of the bubbles and they pop back out with a very satisfying sound. I’ve bought them for a 2nd time because when I show one to others, their response is “oh yeah” and I let them keep it.

  121. .

    The perfect fidget on the go – loved by people of all ages

    I LOVE these fidget balls! I originally ordered a set to give away to my students, and I found that they’re satisfying for both children and adults. I love to play with these when I’m watching shows or going for walks as they keep my hands occupied.Both packages I ordered came in good condition with no flaws. However, the plastic on some of the balls is thicker than others so that’s something to keep in mind when playing with them.Lastly, I would just like to mention that these do make some noise so if you’re looking for a silent fidget this is not the one, but you can muffle the sound with your hands if needed.

    16 people found this helpful

  122. Mamta Lawrence

    Good product!!

    My kids like this.

  123. Jennifer Miller

    Great product!

    Our 7 year old asked for a stress ball from Santa lol …these were a huge hit because they are also like her popper fidget things!

    8 people found this helpful

  124. chanche

    i really liked them and they are good but they are a bit pricey

    i really liked them and they are good but they are a bit pricey

  125. Dale G.

    Fun item.

    They’re colorful, made very sturdy, and pops real well. I like to hear the difference between how many Wholes u push in. And of course you can play with it as a ball.

  126. Shelby

    Love them!

    I absolutely love them! Keeps my kids distracted!

  127. Michele

    Fun prize for kids

    I ordered these as prizes for a school fundraiser, and they are a hit with the kids.

  128. Dana B. Bartunek

    Fun and quiet!

    Super cute, quiet toy! I enjoy them as much as the kids!

  129. J. Simpson

    Squishy balls

    The grandsons will like these. They feel squishy and comfortable. They are smaller than I expected.

  130. Gabriella

    I’m transfixed

    I bought these fidgets for my students… I’m keeping them for myself. They are a good size and the noise isn’t too loud. It’s calming to press the bubbles in and hear them pop back out. As someone who regularly fidgets but hasn’t used fidgets before, I’m sold.

  131. Lily

    Excellent for fidgety adults, but may be noisy

    The tactile feel and function of these fidget balls make it the perfect stress ball/popping toy for adults who work a desk job. However, be aware that the popping, especially the un-popping, can sound a bit clicky and loud, almost like clicking a pen. Luckily, I work from home most days and I am not sensitive to this kind of noise. But unfortunately, in consideration of my coworkers, I would not bring this into a shared office setting where it is mostly quiet except for your typical keyboard and mouse noises.

  132. yesenia Gonzalez

    Mi hija contenta con sus juguetes

    Excelente compra

  133. Amazon Customer

    As advertised. Fair price

    As advertised. Fair price

  134. Emily

    Survived the puppy!

    Got these for my kids and when we got a puppy they were frequently left on the floor. They survived puppy teething, fetch and day-to-day play without a single hole. Excellent toy!

  135. Marie Straughan

    great gifts for goodie bags

    we put these in my daughters goodie bags for her birthday party – kids loved them! they are so much fun.

  136. michelle hunt


    Great gift idea. Everyone at the party was having fun trying it out. No one has seen these yet. Definitely kept all the kids entertained.

  137. Kristin K

    Could play with this for hours!

    Love these balls! Great colors and very durable. Can clean it very easily. So fun to play with.

  138. Valentine15

    Great for the elderly

    I bought these for patients at a nursing home. They love them!

  139. Harper

    It’s good

    It’s good

  140. Avabella

    Fun toys

    Fun for kids . Got for gifts and they all really liked them.

    10 people found this helpful

  141. Rebecca Burke

    Love them

    The whole family enjoys these. Great stress relief.

  142. Josh A

    Great fidgets

    These are really fun to pop, and they have held up well so far. My kids break everything pretty quickly, and these are still perfect after a couple months of use.

    One person found this helpful

  143. Amazon Customer

    Lots of fun for children & ado

    Gave this as gift for great grandson 20 months old. He loved them & carried them around for several hours. He was fascinated with the popping sounds and how the little bumps disappeared & reapeared again. I also enjoyed playing with them. Very easy to clean with soap and water. Well worth the money.

    One person found this helpful

  144. Kindle Customer

    Best fidget

    Great fidget for kids and even for adults !

  145. Kitty M

    deflated pretty quickly

    Cute balls, nice colors. But they deflated within a day or so of my daughter playing with them.

  146. Kayla

    Most Satisfying Stimming!

    Quick review:-Ball is hollow, made of food grade silicone-When you push one bubble others unpop, making satisfactory double stimming with the simultaneous feeling and sound of popping and unpopping!!-Works as a stress ball (I wouldn’t squeeze your hardest though, as it is hollow silicone and would probably pop!)-Awesome color combosI adore this product.

    3 people found this helpful

  147. Boyzoo

    Soft and squishy

    Easy to squeeze, not stiff. Fun clicky pops that are easy to push in. A little squeeze of the ball an they pop back out. Fun new idea with the pop fad.

  148. Jana

    Very satisfying

    I bought this for my son because he’s obsessed with these pop-it toys. He loves them! He’s keeping two at home and taking two to school because he’s in an IEP and they allow sensory toys. It’s even enjoyable for adults that like the satisfying feeling of popping packing bubbles.

  149. Andrew D. Covey

    My New Favorite Things!

    Every living thing in my family appears to enjoy these toys; grown persons, children, cats … even my Betta fish is interested when a ball is left near the tank. These are soft enough to throw around without harming children and pets, impossible for infants to swallow, durable and difficult to rupture, waterproof, easy to clean, non-toxic, and they are appealing to look at and palpate. Pop Balls also make quite decent pool balls; they float, they don’t seem to break down quickly when exposed pool environments, and they are dense enough to throw without having first being saturated with water.Perhaps, as I perform somewhat complicated technology functions for a living, I am rather keen to surround myself with simple, colorful, geometric objects like ornaments, dice, and toy balls … so these are right up my alley. I was surprised that no surface areas of the sphere seem noticeably thinner or otherwise inconsistent with the rest of the sphere, which is often something that annoys me about squishy toys. I find it delightful to ‘pop the bubbles’ and roll the ball around in my hands while considering code or design ideas.As these Pop Balls cost less than two dollars each … it’s hard to go wrong with such things. Buy one today! Also great office toys! Bring one to work, finagle with it a bit until you’re ready for the next thing, then bounce it off your friends head while he’s concentrating on completing his TPS reports. Totally worth it!

    6 people found this helpful

  150. Gary

    Fun toy. Durable


  151. Niki M.

    Don’t know if product or user error

    I’m a middle school teacher and use this in my classroom . They deflated/lost the resistance of the air SUPER quick but I don’t know if it was a case of being squeezed or if it was the product’s fault, so 4 stars instead of 5.

    One person found this helpful


    So fun!

    My daughter wanted these for her birthday. She loved them!

  153. Regina Jeffers

    These are sturdy

    Unlike some other fidget/SEL items, these stand the test with young students who are on the spectrum or intellectually disabled. Well done.

  154. Nicholas Pendleton

    Great idea, doesn’t actually work

    You cannot push down all of the pops as shown. Once you push in 2-3 of the pops, they pop right back out as soon as you try to push others down. We’ve tried every possible way to get all of the pops pushed in but can never get more than a few at a time. Kind of defeats the satisfying pop squeeze at the end you’re hoping for.

    3 people found this helpful

  155. Allyson

    Loved them!!

    I got these for my sister for her birthday and she loves them so much, she even gave some of them to her friends. If you like fidget toys this is definitely one to have in your collection. The only thing was after a while of playing with it, it seems like there is a little less air in it then when we first got them.

  156. Brittany N

    Super fun

    These are really fun and satisfying fidgets.

  157. DisneyDenizen


    I have gotten hundreds of pop bubble fidget toys, so I am always interested in variations on the theme.I can’t overstate how much I love these little balls. They’re hilarious. I actually found myself laughing aloud while, um, “testing” one out.Push in one bubble, two others pop back out. It’s a vicious cycle, endless and hilarious. Want to get them all to pop back out? Just squeeze the ball!The bubbles are definitely on the small side, but even my adult fingers did just fine with them, and the ball fits perfectly into my hand.All of mine arrived in perfect condition.Love love love!A WORD ABOUT PRICE: I have now ordered eight sets of these balls. One set was deceptive and only had three balls. The other sets all had four balls. They are identical in nearly every respect. They are all exactly the same size. Some sets even have the same four colors. Only the packaging differs. But so does the price. The lowest I’ve seen is $9.99. Just a head’s up.

    One person found this helpful

  158. Kimberly Kilburn Donald

    Grandkids love them.

    Grandkids love them.

  159. T.j.H

    My kids loved them

    My kids love these. They are fully inflated, they bounce like bouncy balls, they are cool colors & the pop it parts work great.

    17 people found this helpful

  160. happyreader

    Grandbaby loves them

    Perfect size for my 11mo old grandson. He can wrap his hand around the ball and throw it. He loves to pop the buttons as well.

  161. Jen D

    Colorful fun and squishy

    These balls are great. The colors make them attractive and I look forward to seeing kids play with them. There is a slight smell when opening up the packaging so you may want open the package up outside and let them gas off for a day or so if you are sensitive to those kinds of smells. (that is why I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5.

  162. Seselia


    Not only did I enjoy these but the kiddos I got them for did as well! So much fun.

  163. SueX

    They work well for stress

    1 of the 4 deflated after 2 weeks. Otherwise they are pretty good and entertaining.

    One person found this helpful

  164. A2C

    Fun toy

    Fun and colorful.

  165. Richard

    Surprisingly durable and satisfying

    I bought these on a whim for my kids to replace a couple stress balls that broke. The reviews were positive, but I was still skeptical about how durable they would be. I have found these to be pretty durable and my kids have no complaints. I feel like “satisfying” is overused nowadays, but I can’t think of anything else to describe these balls other than “satisfying”.

    2 people found this helpful

  166. emily Rodriguez


    Love it

  167. jts

    Huge stress reliever

    I bought my son some pop it toys for Christmas stocking stuffer and the adults played with them for hours. I decided to buy the adults some so my son could have his back. I saw these that were different since they were round, not the typical flat ones. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I LOVE them. Everybody loves them and since there are 4, there is enough for everyone. My favorite thing about these is its 2 in 1. It’s a stress ball and a pop it in 1. I find myself sitting watching TV with one in each hand popping away. I found many years ago that I need to keep my hands busy. These are perfect for that. Doesn’t hurt either that they are my favorite colors too.

    33 people found this helpful

  168. V. Johnson

    Perfect representation

    It was a gift and was much appreciated

    9 people found this helpful

  169. Danica

    10000/10 Reccomend for EVERYONE

    Got these as a sensory gift for my toddler. Something he can throw in the bathtub, pop the bubbles/fidget, and is soft. These things ended up being the life of the party. Spent 2 hours throwing all 9 balls at each other. Ages: 1.5-38. Soft upon impact, fly perfectly through the air, and perfect size for all ages to throw. We love the different colors. The price is great! Easy to clean and throw. Highly recommend for party favors, stocking stuffers, stressball replacements, work shenanigans, sensory gifts, bath toys, anything you can think of. Our family loves these! Great for all ages too! 3 months to 100+ years. So fun! Thank you for the memories.

    2 people found this helpful

  170. Lily

    One deflated..

    One deflated really quickly but the rest are okay, I was able to pop most of them in at once which was satisfying. Fun lightweight fidget toy.

    One person found this helpful

  171. Han

    pop! pop!

    wasn’t sure at first but it is pretty fun! I like the sounds the popping makes, if your a parent might drive you a bit crazy but it is fun.

    5 people found this helpful

  172. Regina Stowell

    . Awesome find! Love them!!!

    Gave these to the little ones at a Baby Shower. They were the biggest hit. All ages, 6m-80yo! Lol

  173. john

    Great product

    Bought for the grandkids and they loved them

  174. MHo


    These were fun for my kids…and ON SALE!

  175. Annette

    Fun Fidget Ball Poppers

    We got these poppers for the kids for fun and these are super entertaining fidget popper balls. All of us enjoy playing with these. They’re versatile toys and can be played with as a ball or as a pop it or as something to simply fidget with. They’re pretty durable and good for gifts.

    3 people found this helpful

  176. Catherine Roberts

    Love them

    Love them

  177. Karen

    Fun toy!

    Grandkids loved these!

  178. Amanda Betts

    8 out of 9 isn’t bad

    One was deflated upon arrival. Still a good price. I just wish we could use all nine.

  179. Carol

    Bright and entertaining

    Great value! Bright & fun colors! It keeps hands active. My girls love them.

  180. Espnmomof2

    Helpful for stress!!!!

    These are beautiful colors and very helpful when you are stressed!!! Given as gifts to co-workers and they love them too!! Good quality!!

  181. Amanda

    My daughter loves them

    Kid pleaser

  182. Manda Grace

    As described!

    Kids loved them!

  183. Sean Webb

    These are so much fun

    These are so much fun for kids and also for people in the older age. These are also in such great packaging.

  184. Mama Melanie

    Fun sensory toy but they have some issues

    I have a very sensory seeking child, and these type of toys are great because they are small and portable. And, they are relatively quiet so that he can use them in public places. The downside of these are that they arrived somewhat deflated and have lost their fullness after using for about a week. I don’t think they are a great value for the money.

  185. Mati Raine

    Not soft and squishy..hard plastic

    Expected to be soft and squishy was hard plastic

  186. Constance Bryant


    My children are so happy with these! They are good quality. They are made of a thick, durable material. Definitely recommend.

  187. Melissa Roman

    Daughter and friends love them.

    These are very durable and have a good pop to them. Also, very easy to clean! I just wash them under warm water and some soap.

    One person found this helpful

  188. The Asthmatic Jedi

    Got it for the wife.

    The wife uses them a lot when she’s working.

  189. Amazon Customer


    It busted open

  190. Jana Candelaria

    Kids loved these

    My girls loved these. They play with them constantly. I am a little worried they won’t hold up to the amount they play with them. For the money they have done well and they have got lots of playtime out of them so far.

  191. Melissa McKinney

    They really help

    I purchased these balls for my 83 year old father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. He get very fidgety sometimes and upset and giving him something to do with his hands works wonders. He loves playing with these little balls. They are cheap, and you can easily clean them up with a Clorox wipe. Thank you for making these for everyone.

    2 people found this helpful

  192. Gavin

    Great product

    I really love this product, so far it’s really helped me with multitasking while I’m watching a show or talking to someone satisfying that need to constantly do something so I don’t get too anxious and it just helps to have something to fidget with. 10/10 would recommend PS: I gave the 4th ball to my sister so that’s why there’s only 3 shown

    4 people found this helpful

  193. Prime Customer

    Best fidget toy yet

    Love this thing. So say my coworkers who I gave one too.

  194. Debi L.

    I love these!

    I love these balls! I could play with them all day!

  195. Abby

    Perfect discreet hand-sized fidget

    This fidget is great, and it’s even better that it comes in packs of at least 4! (One for work, one for home, one for my bag, and one extra!). I suspect I may be on the autism spectrum, and this is perfect for stimming and fidgeting. Easy to clean as well (I used Ivory dish soap and warm water). Great size and depending on how you use it, it can be loud or quiet. Definitely would recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  196. Debi L.

    I love these!

    I love these balls! I could play with them all day!

  197. Alisha Houston

    Super fun!

    I bought these for a couple toddlers who like them, but I ended up enjoying them even more! You can push in the little bumps and then pop them by squeezing the ball. It’s kind of addicting.

  198. purple89

    Great for kids

    My customers love it

  199. Amazon Customer

    Awesome for anxiety and stress relief!

    Bought to see if it worked and it really has helped!

  200. Sandra Mutter


    Not big but kids enjoy them

  201. SW

    1 year old loves them

    Easy for a 1 year old to grasp, can roll or toss them. Soft, pliable.

    One person found this helpful

  202. Spumonte

    Great fidget toy for kids

    I needed some fidget toys for my son for school and these work great. They hold up well and you get a great value for your money.

    One person found this helpful

  203. Stephany


    I will buy more of them !! I love them so much

    22 people found this helpful

  204. Meghan

    Current favorite fidget when working alone

    From an adult fidgeter’s POV, this is a great fidget. It’s a little smaller than a tennis ball and fits easily in a hand. The bumps make a pretty satisfying pop sound when they are pressed in and then the ball is squeezed. 3 or 4 can be depressed at once before the internal air pressure forces them out. It’s a good mindless fidget while I’m reading, ans the pop is grounding.The ball material is not thick and I guess these will last, but not for years. That’s ok to me: there are 4 in the pack. Sound wise, the pop is loud and similar to plastic packing bubbles. Good to use alone, not good for videocons or around others.

    One person found this helpful

  205. Yoster

    Very cute and my kiddos love them

    Love these little balls. They seem pretty tough and rinse off easily. Only complaint is I thought (and wish) they were bigger.

  206. L.F.


    My child requested these after playing with them. They helped him to calm down. I admit, I even find them relaxing to play with. Highly recommend.

  207. EllenLucy

    Fun for little ones

    My kids love these little toys!

  208. Joanna Jordan

    They love it.

    My 5 year old and 9 year old both love these. The 5 year old spent a substantial amount of time figuring out how to push in all the buttons.

  209. Penny Fisher

    My granddaughter loves them

    Very nice

  210. Amazon Customer

    G’kids from 15months-10 tests old loved them.

    Not only did the g’kids live them, I found myself spontaneously playing with them.

    2 people found this helpful

  211. redryder72

    These were a hit with my students!

    My students loved these. I usually have some fidgets on hand as needed and the kids loved these!

  212. Michelle

    Perfect toy

    All my grands love these fidget balls! From the 7 month old twins to the 8 year old

  213. sandy morrison

    Granddaughters gift

    My granddaughter is autistic and love the sensory perception of all types of different things like the balls.

    One person found this helpful

  214. NDWSquared

    These are so fun and relaxing

    I got these for my office but I really enjoy them as well. Everyone seems to enjoy the combination of the pop and the ball. I highly recommend them!

    3 people found this helpful

  215. Dannette

    Fun for kids and grown ups

    Ridiculously fun

  216. nancy jo zingg

    Grandkids like them.

    The 3, 5 and 7-year old grandkids all like them.

  217. Janet

    Easy To Make Popping Noise

    Silicone is thick, making balls easy to wash, hold and easy for kids to create popping noise. One and 3 year old love them!

    3 people found this helpful

  218. rachael kimberly


    Our kids love these both neurotypical and neurodiverse

  219. Angel Cobbold

    Exactly what we needed!

    My daughter will be excited for Christmas! Cute colors!

    19 people found this helpful

  220. Shelby harding

    Fun sensory toy!

    I love this! It’s nice to have a larger thing to hold and more stimulating than a stress ball. I have one in my home office, one in my work office, and then two at home to play with. Safe to say I’m obsessed

  221. Tiffaney Eaton

    Great Fidget

    These are a great fidget. They are quiet, easy to clean, and fun to play with. Great stocking stuffers, back to school surprise, etc.

  222. Beth

    Best fidget out there

    I’ve tried a lot of fidgets in my life but this one is different from the rest. It is the most satisfying fidget I’ve even layed my hands on and it’s hard to put down. It was worth every penny.

  223. Hannah

    Fun for a toddler

    My 3 year old loves to throw balls and play with them around the house and outside. These fidget balls are perfect because they are very lightweight and won’t cause damage if she accidentally hits someone or something. The fidget aspect is a fun addition as well. These are a must buy!

  224. momma4boys

    Smashed box

    The toys themselves are great, but the packaging is flimsy and was smooshed in transit. This was suppose to be a Christmas present.

    One person found this helpful

  225. Kristen M

    Flat ball

    One of the balls was flat. But not worth returning

    One person found this helpful

  226. Sarah

    Fun fidget

    My kids really liked these. There was some frustration that when they pushed in pieces others would pop out.

  227. Judi M.

    My young grandson loves pop its and balls!

    Two products in one!!

  228. Helen


    Gift for autistic grandson. He enjoyed them.

  229. Kimberly


    These are very addicting . But can only pop like 4 at a time

  230. Allison H

    Fun fidgets!

    Love these fidget balls for my kiddos. They are very entertaining, durable and affordable. I would definitely recommend for kids, and adults that like to fidget. Affordable and fun colors!

  231. purple89

    Great for kids

    My customers love it

  232. MMK

    VERY stiff and more difficult to use

    For an 8 year old these balls are probably too stiff. I purchased a different brand in the past which was much easier for the child to manipulate.

    One person found this helpful

  233. Katie

    Calming noise

    It is calming to listen to it pop.

    8 people found this helpful

  234. Joy


    I talk on the phone at work alot so having this to fiddle with is nice.

  235. Ash M.


    I bought this for myself. Desk job for work & need to always do something with my hands. I’m obsessed! I gave extras away to my co workers and everyone is loving it! The best fidget toy!

  236. Tiffany

    Toddler toy

    Was a little too flat but my 2 year old didn’t mind. He just likes pushing buttons so it worked for when I got it for

  237. Michelle Smith

    Fun pop it

    Bought for christmas goodie bags for daycare kiddos. They all love pop its. These are a neat spin off to those. Think they will love them.

  238. P. Wright

    Fun fir the grandkids

    Bought these for stocking stuffers for great grandkids. I have been playing with one and like it. I think the grands will, too.

  239. Buyer

    Overall good to have

    All came inflated, my adult learners enjoyed the size. One popped pretty easily so I pass them out now with the warning to watch how hard they squeeze.

  240. Luvspel57

    Kids loved it

    Bought these for work. They were prizes for the kids. They loved them and were cheaper on here than in stores

  241. Kimberly King

    Pop it balls

    My kids love them. Easy to pop. Clean and manage

  242. Sarah J.

    One ball deflating already

    My son loves these—I bought them for an airplane ride but they’ve since become one of his favorite toys. However, one of the balls is already deflating after only a month and a half. I don’t see any hole or anything so unsure why

    One person found this helpful

  243. Ruth T


    Pretty cheaply made, balls felt super deflated. Not much of a pop in my kids opinion.

  244. AKB71489

    Like A Bubble Wrap Ball!

    I keep one at my desk when I’m concentrating, and my students are allowed to use them when they’re in my office. I love these!!!

  245. Christina sapp


    Wonderful addition to our collection, not cheap made, but good price.

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