Duracell AA Batteries 4 Pack

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Each Duracell AA 4 Pack provides a disposable, long-lasting solution for powering your devices


In stock

Each Duracell AA 4 Pack provides a disposable, long-lasting solution for powering your devices

Duracell batteries provide a wide range for virtually all your power needs including cameras, flashlights, toys, clocks, smoke alarms, remote controls and other electronic and household devices.

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  1. Eddie W. Owen

    Outlasts the Energizer Bunny

    Don’t use anything but the copper top batteries.

    Eddie W. Owen

  2. pleinelune

    ALWAYS GOOD to have extra batteries on hand!

    PLUSES:COST: don’t want to spend alot but want at least 8 aa batteries around? Great pack to get and tuck awayLONGEVITY: Last a long timeQUALITY: Never had them NOT work, never gotten dudsBRAND: Great brand, great battery


  3. Patricia

    Good price

    Great price and come quickly



    everything is good

    everything is good


  5. kimaya wilson

    Best batteries

    Great value last a very long time wish they were rechargeable but it’s okay.

    kimaya wilson

  6. Amazon Customer

    good for its price


    Amazon Customer

  7. Customer

    All the above are true.

    Like the longivity of these batteries.

    One person found this helpful


  8. Vasudevan Rajasenan

    good product.

    Good product. I will buy again,it is convenient.

    Vasudevan Rajasenan

  9. Cj mattson

    Best bang for your buck as far as batteries go

    These batteries were half the price of the batteries I saw at Home Depot and Lowe’s and they’re more powerful than the standard battery I use them for my remote control and I could stand almost 3 times as far away is still control my TV

    One person found this helpful

    Cj mattson

  10. TangoKat_01

    Great deal!

    Got a good deal on these as an add-on item. They worked as expected; primarily for my blood pressure monitor. It was a good value for the money!


  11. LeeRoy Rackley

    look out bunny

    Remote control devices and all others that required AA batteries

    LeeRoy Rackley

  12. Robert C. Simmonson



    Robert C. Simmonson

  13. Carogram

    Arrived promptly

    Arrived as ordered. Seem to work. Can’t assure if they last, at this time.


  14. Kimba

    great batteries

    Very good batteries. A bit pricey, I normally buy Amazon’s brand and get 100 packs, but I like to have the brand names around for items that require longer lasting and these do the trick.


  15. S. Green

    These batteries gave me just the jolt I needed.

    C’mon, it’s a Duracell battery. I only purchased it here because the in-store stock is so unreliable at CVS, Walgreens, etc. Easier than chasing all over town.

    S. Green

  16. Clinton Black

    Long-Lasting Duracell

    Wonderful batteries!

    Clinton Black

  17. David Sussman

    Best on the market

    Nothing like duracell. They invented the Mallory battery. That’s why they have the name. Longest lasting battery on the market.

    David Sussman

  18. GeniusForFun

    I recommend this product.

    When one buys Duracell the battery will be fully charged when purchased. Cheaper batteries loose charge while waiting to be purchased. Only needed one battery for timer. 4-pack was a good deal for the number of battery needed. “I use the Duracell brand and none other.”

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  19. Jason


    Never know when you are going to need some batteries! so might as well keep some in stock at home! Great deal!


  20. Rhyanna DeTuathana

    love duracil

    i always use duracel. they arrived on time so that i can install them in my tv remote and swifter

    Rhyanna DeTuathana

  21. Dora


    Bought these because of the value but was disappointed to receive them open and taped closed. So, don’t know if the batteries were used.


  22. Mary Ann

    Exactly has described + arrived on time

    Highly recommend. Product was exactly as described and arrived on time.

    Mary Ann

  23. Conrado Lago

    Easy as 123

    Great product. No issues

    Conrado Lago

  24. joeZ

    Reliability, thank you..

    Powerful batteries at a great price, thank you..


  25. Kevin


    Work as always without any problems


  26. Amazon Customer

    My favorite battery.

    Duracell is my favorite and most trusted brand. I’ve tried other brands but always come back to Duracell.

    Amazon Customer

  27. L

    You get what you pay for

    I decided to suck it up and pay a little more for these batteries and I’m glad I did because they last way longer than cheaper brands.


  28. Amazon Customer

    work just fine

    price is good

    Amazon Customer

  29. Peter E.Castritsis DDS

    Great buy

    A good buy………saved money.

    Peter E.Castritsis DDS

  30. JW

    They’re batteries

    They’re batteries what’s to write about,I ordered,I received,they work.


  31. divyya

    5 stars

    Worth to buy


  32. Kindle Customer

    Great Batteries

    Just what I needed.

    Kindle Customer

  33. Sean


    They work


  34. Brian Stow

    Great price for product.

    Got my batteries with fast delivery.They are excellent.

    Brian Stow

  35. Drew




  36. Amazon Customer

    really pleased with this item would buy again

    really pleased with this item would buy again

    Amazon Customer

  37. GOhio

    Great price

    Very Durable

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  38. Nikesh

    Lasts long than other batteries.

    Lasts long than other batteries.


  39. Svetoslav Stoymirov

    Quality batteries

    Very good quality batteries!

    Svetoslav Stoymirov

  40. David Sussman

    Best on the market

    Nothing like duracell. They invented the Mallory battery. That’s why they have the name. Longest lasting battery on the market.

    David Sussman

  41. Christopher H.

    Good batteries.

    These are fine. Good product. Trusted brand. No issues.

    Christopher H.

  42. Beth

    As expected

    They are batteries and they work


  43. Shanine

    Best price

    Great value


  44. Ivory

    The Best

    I have not found any other batteries that last even half as long . These seem expensive, but for the money, they are still the best deal


  45. Mary Sharp

    Good job

    Nice package can put in kitchen drawer and not worry u don’t have a battery for remote or kids toys

    Mary Sharp

  46. Jim G

    Good price and free delivery in two days. What else is there to say?

    I’m disabled so I like to get things delivered when I can, assuming the product doesn’t cost more. I needed batteries for my August smart door lock and I had them less than 48 hours after I placed the order.

    Jim G

  47. Heidi Carson


    I bought two packs of batteries. One pack was expired 5years and the other pack was expired two years. Package was all beat up and worn out. Not right. Too expensive for expired goods.

    Heidi Carson

  48. Poodle lover

    No problems.

    Seems to work fine in my frameless candles

    Poodle lover

  49. lauren

    Great! Exactly as I expected.

    Used these for a cat food dispenser; works great. Very durable and reliable. Worth every penny.


  50. Queen Bee



    Queen Bee

  51. Edie

    Just what I ordered!

    I have lots of gadgets that require batteries -these work well and seem to last a long time!


  52. martin kantor

    Don’t buy from. Amazon

    Batteries not good can’t believe I tried for one hour. Can’t return very suprisedI will go to a store and buy them. ThanksWill not buy from Amazon. Thanks

    martin kantor

  53. Jmrn19

    Bill burrito

    “Have you seen that Duracell commercial where that woman can not find her kid in the park? That’s a weird way to sell batteries. It’s a little hard core don’t you think? Have you seen the old battery commercials? They’ll show some guy in a rainstorm, changing a tire, then he pulls out a flash light. Now they’re showing this woman that can’t find her kid in the park, and sitting there like “Kevin!? Kevin?! Has anyone seen Kevin?!” Just sitting there freaking out, she pulls out this device, and all of the sudden Kevin comes running out of the woods. Then it’s like “Duracell Batteries”Screw the batteries, what was that thing she just pulled out of her pocket? How did Kevin know to come out of the woods? He didn’t have an antenna, his sneakers weren’t glowing. What the heck is in Kevin that is connected to that? Don’t just show me that like that’s normal. Yeah, remote controlled kids “Lets go see mommy!”” – Bill Burr

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  54. JD W.

    There the only one for me

    Copper top is the best

    JD W.

  55. Tha_Lowkey_One


    Bought these out of convenience save me a trip to the store. They arrived fast and just as described .


  56. B. Mason

    Good deal

    I buy these for our work walkies and we go through a lot. Quick shipping and good quality.

    B. Mason





  58. Nicole Wilfong


    They work like they should.

    Nicole Wilfong

  59. Rhonda A Lennon



    Rhonda A Lennon

  60. Morgan

    Fresh batteries

    Bought for battery operated fairy lights for granddaughter. She loves the long lasting battery life!


  61. Bill

    I stick with Duracell

    For the dollar Duracell is the best battery.


  62. William G.



    William G.

  63. Bought Some Stuff

    All your base are belong to us

    Best battery this side of the milky way

    Bought Some Stuff

  64. Samavi

    Works just fine

    Good batteries


  65. Mohanram Jewan



    Mohanram Jewan

  66. Rock-el

    Duracell Batteries

    I literally just put these batteries in a little over a week ago and have to change them today my remote says low battery smh


  67. Ashley Hernandez

    Long lasting batteries

    Always get these batteries for when I need them. They’re long lasting

    Ashley Hernandez

  68. Sandra


    You may pay a little more, but these are worth it in the long run!


  69. Michelle Williams

    Duracell Brand batteries never fail

    Always trust the brand

    Michelle Williams

  70. Thomas Rickelman Jr

    Good batteries

    Good price/value

    Thomas Rickelman Jr

  71. Bennett morley

    AA Batteries

    I bought theses for a couple of things that I received for Christmas that require AA Batteries. I know Duracell is one of the longer lasting batteries.

    Bennett morley

  72. Linda C

    Long lasting

    Favorite battery

    Linda C

  73. Teri

    Good batteries

    These are the best long lasting batteries that I use.


  74. davidh

    its duracell

    it came packaged as picyured with expiration date of March 2029(9 years).Works as expected.


  75. C McC – Tennessee

    Long Lasting

    Very good, long lasting batteries.

    C McC – Tennessee

  76. Nyc viking

    Good price.for.brand


    Nyc viking

  77. clintpeters




  78. W. W. Ball

    Help us recycle !

    Getting pricey, company needs to figure out a recycle program. Drop off places send back envelopes ?

    W. W. Ball

  79. Judith Heckl

    I use batteries a lot

    Some last longer than others it seems.

    Judith Heckl

  80. Dave

    It’s a battery……it makes things work that need batteries…….it gets delivered to your house.

    All good things need batteries and these are batteries. So replace the remote battery, fire alarm and whatever you have let run down and neglect.


  81. John S.

    You can count on them….

    Some other brands don’t seem to do as well and Duracell….

    John S.

  82. Mark Marshall

    This is a product I use.

    I did not have time to go out and get this product because of illness and I use this product daily.

    Mark Marshall

  83. Sara Carpenter

    Doesn’t last..poor quality

    These batteries don’t compare to ones in stores.They just don’t last long!

    3 people found this helpful

    Sara Carpenter

  84. Judy Vaughn

    Great price

    Great product

    Judy Vaughn

  85. Amazon Customer

    Great batteries.

    These are great batteries but 1 was missing. I had to buy another smaller set to make up the difference.

    Amazon Customer

  86. Melissa


    Arrived pn time as described


  87. Grammie in Miami

    Duracell is a battery that can ALWAYS be counted on for quality & durability for the best price

    This is a durable battery that lasts long, and works exactly as described. I use it in my electric toothbrush as well as in my wall clocks and anything needing batteries. In fact, Duracell has batteries of most any size for any purpose. This is a brand name that I trust emphatically and would purchase any product with this name before I was attempt to try any other brand. This had for over 50 years been a brand for me from my youth through my elderly years. I still use this brand. I have purchased these batteries all of these years as far back as I can recall and they always last a long time and even sell rechargeable kinds – I have not tried those. I just stick to this replaceable type of battery for it has been tried by me for years and always every purchase been true. What is posted can be trusted as far as unopened shelf-life – I believe the advertisement for after purchasing the batteries even outlasted the ones that came with the products that I used the batteries in.

    29 people found this helpful

    Grammie in Miami

  88. osama


    very good


  89. Deb


    They’re batteries. I like the mixedpack cuz I don’t use many.


  90. Cheryl Brown


    duracell coppertops are the best batteries !

    Cheryl Brown

  91. BOBO


    The best batteries


  92. ci ci

    Battery missing

    There were only 7 batteries inside the pack even though the packaging and the ad here both say 8 pack. Very disappointed.

    ci ci

  93. Feathers

    They work

    What else to expect from Duracell? They work. No review needed.


  94. Reader


    These are really very good batteries. They are the only ones I use and have never been disappointed


  95. Jeanette Rudolph

    Will buy again

    These are battery last as long then the other i brought

    Jeanette Rudolph

  96. coffeegurl70

    Best Batteries!

    Best batteries and shipped quickly. Thank you!


  97. Julie Williams


    Thank goodness for batteries.

    Julie Williams

  98. Craig Hicks

    I have use Duricell Batteries for many years and I think they the best batteries anywhere

    There is no bad to mention the battereys

    Craig Hicks

  99. Sandy Lee

    whats important to you in a battery is right here.

    I feel secure with battery power and life….i use them for temperature gun and TV remotes….

    Sandy Lee

  100. kathryn jabs

    For my mouse

    I like copper top they seem to last the longest.

    One person found this helpful

    kathryn jabs

  101. Anonymous Reviewer

    Long-lasting batteries & highly recommend.

    Great batteries for string lights & toys .

    Anonymous Reviewer

  102. D.A

    Great batteries

    Great batteries


  103. Dales Mom

    Duracell Batteries

    I’ve always depended on these for years and years. They beat any other on the market.Duracell…… stop “improving” your product. They work perfect without changing “longevity”. The plain old copper top is the best and lasts a very long time.

    Dales Mom

  104. Jimmy Welch

    Good batteries.

    They work..If you can’t get energiser batteries these are number 2 in my house…

    Jimmy Welch

  105. Katie Farrell

    Just batteries

    Just regular batteries

    Katie Farrell

  106. Brian

    Good batteries

    These are the same quality as I get at the store but for a better price.


  107. V Mechanics

    Very good battery brand

    I like to keep spare batteries around. Good qaulity for the money. Make sure your Duracell battery is in the original package!

    V Mechanics

  108. Walter J Axt

    Duracell is Good.

    I like Duracell, my choice.

    Walter J Axt

  109. Parkwood Guy

    Long term benefits

    Nice to have a long term benefits instead of buying it now & then.

    Parkwood Guy

  110. Isuf




  111. donald gaynor

    Shipment was received although not shown as received. Thank you. I’m very satisfied!

    I use them in my wireless mouse and one (required) lasts over a year in heavy daily use.

    One person found this helpful

    donald gaynor

  112. Samantha Madison

    Great batteries for the price

    Great price! Great batteries! Highly recommend

    Samantha Madison

  113. Franko

    AA Duracell Batteries

    I love durracell batteries from usual experiences. Durracell Batteries are top-notch batteries.


  114. MBAB

    They keep going and going..

    Move over energizer bunny. These last longer.


  115. Lourdes Serrano

    Bien la entrega

    Un producto muy eficiente

    Lourdes Serrano

  116. C. M. Donley

    !0 year warranty.

    Time will tell on the longevity. I put them in my smoke alarm, because the cheaper ones don’t last long.

    C. M. Donley

  117. keira


    Good price


  118. c jensen

    They stand up to their expectations they’re a Duracell product just to describe.

    What can I say they’re Duracell excellent product good value from Amazon.

    c jensen

  119. Joe & Laura

    Never cheap out on batteries

    They are batteries, so it’s pretty hard to review. The main thing I’m looking for is longevity and that’s why I pay a couple extra bucks for a proper brand like Duracell. Either Duracell or their direct competition are the way to go, and I would recommend them to everyone over knock off brands that last a quarter of the life of a high end brand everytime!Good day

    7 people found this helpful

    Joe & Laura

  120. M. M M.

    glad I ordered the batteries

    I usually buy this brand and was glad to have the batteries delivered. They came in handy; we had a power outage due to a storm and I could use my portable radio. The batteries have a long life and the price was fine.

    M. M M.

  121. Jennifer A. Morehart

    There’s a better value out there

    These lasted as well as another very popular brand that is significantly cheaper for my kids science project.

    Jennifer A. Morehart

  122. Nikita


    Long lasting


  123. Cocolas

    Best Batteries Money Can Buy

    Best batteries money can buy given history of longevity especially with remote controls and toys. The outstanding longevity in itself gives you the value to money.


  124. Maggiemae

    Battery life

    Used for my gadgets, alarm clocks. I like this brand.


  125. Margarita Velez



    Margarita Velez

  126. scarface23




  127. Maddie


    What can I say, its Duracell, last long and it makes all the toys go vroom vroom. My kids are excited.


  128. David E. Abramson

    High quality brand

    Led lights for miniature Christmas tree.Electric toothbrush.

    David E. Abramson

  129. Christine Leacock

    My all-time favorite!!

    Nothing works or last like a Duracell! These are excellent! They are just like the Duracell that I have come know & trust for their long-life! No doubt they are dependable to have a looong life! Also arrived quickly & in perfect condition from Amazon! Soo very worth it!

    Christine Leacock



    Instantly Excepted


  131. Barb Hegreberg

    Good Value

    Long lasting batteries

    Barb Hegreberg

  132. Ray Black

    Great product…

    I have been buying batteries for over 40 years now… And they have gotten better over the years… But I will say that these batteries are fantastic.. Would highly recommend buying them….

    Ray Black

  133. D. L R

    More like 9 1/2 years guarantee

    I like that you get 10 years guarantee but delivering on 8/16/21 batteries that are loose, broken seal, and ripped package on batteries that are marked with an expiration date of Mar 2030 doesn’t cut it. Why don’t you mark it ripped package, date may be as long as 10 years? Buy some at the store and then you will actually see the expiration date.

    One person found this helpful

    D. L R

  134. Diana Foster

    Seems perfectly ok to me

    May be older but still good and do the job.

    Diana Foster

  135. Tiff Mohn

    Only batteries I buy

    Seriously the only batteries worth buying. Every other brand seems to burn out soo quick. Yes they are more expensive than a generic brand BUT you get t what you pay for and in this case that is quality and longevity!

    Tiff Mohn

  136. Pat

    Best battery

    Best batteries at an excellent price!


  137. Michael

    Great batteries

    Long lasting


  138. Adrian

    Great batteries

    I love these batteries and Amazon was the best deal. Will buy again!


  139. Bam

    Duracell Always Makes Longest Lasting Batteries

    What can I say about a battery except that Duracell manufacturers the longest lasting batteries.


  140. Uriel


    I mean their battery’s lol.


  141. Charles H Murphy

    Device works

    Item arrived in good condition and is operating normally

    Charles H Murphy

  142. Krystal Garcia

    they work and are new so thats good


    Krystal Garcia

  143. GeneTheMarine

    Voltage of batteries

    Actual voltage reading was 1.5 volts versus usual 1.7 to 1.8 of new batteries.

    One person found this helpful


  144. JESSE


    I use daily in my portable radio, but only last 72 hours.






  146. Tiarra

    AA batteries

    They’re Duracell batteries, good batteries.


  147. JR Crombez, Ph.D.


    Works for me

    JR Crombez, Ph.D.

  148. Flash hundred yard Dash

    Great Brand Batteries

    Love these brand batteries for a decent price this 10 battery pack will last me for a while.

    Flash hundred yard Dash

  149. E G

    Would like cheaper price, and then wouldn’t use anything else.


    E G

  150. DTY

    Great batteries, save and buy in bulk

    These are so much better/longer lasting than cheap versions- imports. They are not cheap but they definitely work longer than the imports. I’ve used Duracell for years and never felt I didn’t get my money’s worth.

    2 people found this helpful


  151. Terry Lynn Harris

    Not underly alkaline?

    Mine came in at 1.65 v each. That’s top notch. The 10-year stuff is probably just marketing I’ll never know. These are fine.

    Terry Lynn Harris

  152. Leon Swiski

    Long lasting

    My remote control long lasting

    Leon Swiski

  153. Amazon Customer

    Very Reliable!!!!


    Amazon Customer

  154. Godaway

    Exactly what you should expect

    They worked well and lasted a good while!


  155. Monique


    These batteries work amazing. They last a quite a long time. Recommend buying them they’re worth it. I will be buying these again as soon as I need some.


  156. Dale Anne Hille


    they came in without any damage and when used they worked.

    Dale Anne Hille

  157. alexandra c

    Quality batteries

    Good batteries with good shelf life

    alexandra c

  158. celestina ruiz


    Great batteries. They last long. And the price is good

    celestina ruiz

  159. P Wu


    Just as advertised. It worked beautifully.

    P Wu

  160. Alicia Keister

    Good product

    Good product

    Alicia Keister

  161. Floyd J Roe

    Just a battery

    Shipped on time, just a battery, a bit pricey

    Floyd J Roe

  162. Terri Ferry

    Can not go wrong with Duracell?

    Good value.

    Terri Ferry

  163. Cv




  164. Jennifer Martin

    Great batteries

    Duracell is always my number one choice!

    Jennifer Martin

  165. FloridaGirl


    …they work as intended. At least so far they do.I will update this review should something out of the ordinary happen with these batteries 😉


  166. Diamond Jo

    LONG LASTING w/ most uses

    Batteries used for xfinity remote w/microphone so only lasts for 2 months usually

    Diamond Jo

  167. viewsonik

    It Duracell

    You can’t go wrong with Duracell. Now that it is a 10 year battery, will probably be the last time I buy batteries for my keyboard for at least 4 or 5 years. But I am no longer afraid that they will drain just sitting there in the package.I believe Duracell is one of the last companies that sticks to its word.

    One person found this helpful


  168. Andrew J. Feraios

    fast delivery for a known product

    Given the pandemic, i didn’t want to go out for one item. they came the next day.

    Andrew J. Feraios

  169. Customer

    I’m not pleased with my purchase.

    I’m not pleased with my purchase. Short battery life.


  170. rupert jean

    very good price

    very good condition

    rupert jean

  171. Amazon Customer


    batteries are batteries……..good to go.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  172. Kyle Brown

    They’re batteries alright

    Work just like batteries!

    Kyle Brown

  173. Jane R.

    Duracell lasts!

    They are batteries. They work. I only buy Duracell batteries as I believe they last the longest.

    One person found this helpful

    Jane R.

  174. Bdrof

    Good product.

    Used in rotary fingernail file (grinder). Works fine.


  175. Joseph L Orland

    They do last for a long time.

    Good product can not go wrong with them

    Joseph L Orland

  176. Connie

    Good quality

    Good quality


  177. JAD.m

    Inaccurate Photo & description

    It’s advertised as, “Power Boost” Duracell. When you receive it, it’s just the regular pack of Duracell.

    One person found this helpful


  178. Kaylee

    Great batteries



  179. brenda castro

    Long lasting

    They are the best

    brenda castro

  180. Ryan Hayden

    They worked good product

    They worked like batteries should..

    Ryan Hayden

  181. Janis Carter

    Old batteries

    These batteries did not work. They must be old.

    Janis Carter

  182. William

    El precio

    El precio un buen producto


  183. Amazon Customer

    Work fine


    Amazon Customer

  184. Edward Kane

    Long life Application.

    For use in devices that require a long life.

    Edward Kane

  185. Bunny

    Great batteries as always!

    Duracell Copper Tops sell themsves.


  186. jesp30


    Son buenas


  187. Maya


    These batteries are lasting a long while. I used them for my milk frother and my breast pump and they have not run out of juice yet. I got these about 3 months ago!


  188. farmgirl007

    Fast shipping but don’t last very long.

    I don’t feel these batteries last very long. But for price and fast delivery they are ok for a few uses.

    One person found this helpful


  189. suzyq

    Better price than elsewear.

    I used this for the menorah I just purchased.


  190. Sam 2018-4.

    Excellent batteries.

    I have used Duracell batteries for 25 – 30 years. I have always been pleased with the performance of Duracell batteries.

    Sam 2018-4.

  191. pharo

    The best batteries there is.

    It will power my flashlights.


  192. Max Robinson


    You really can’t go wrong with Duracell. Lights up my flash light like no other.

    Max Robinson

  193. Judee

    Long life

    Always great purchase..


  194. Kitty

    I always buy Duracell

    I have many special lights, many I can use rechargeable, but there are some items that I need regular batteries, that is where Duracell comes in handy. They generally tend to last longer and are much more reliable. This is my opinion, but I don’t often get another battery if Duracell is around. I always recommend Duracell.

    One person found this helpful


  195. Kim

    Make sure you try these out before the return window ends

    I bought these and just now got around to using them and every single one of these will not work for my candles that require batteries. I am very bummed because they are brand new and were never opened but it’s too late to return now

    One person found this helpful


  196. Laura M.

    Batteries are batteries

    Tomatoes/tomatoes. It’s a perspective depending on which brand you like. Unless generic, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Laura M.

  197. fpabian

    good brand

    long life batteries


  198. Lourdes Serrano

    Bien la entrega

    Un producto muy eficiente

    Lourdes Serrano

  199. Howard Montgomery Jr.

    Competitively Priced and Delivered to my door

    I can’t tell you how many times I go to the store needing batteries and forgot to buy them. Never again. Ordered and delivered. Competitively Priced too

    Howard Montgomery Jr.

  200. Phyllis a Giuffre


    Good substantial product.

    Phyllis a Giuffre

  201. mitchell best

    Duracell Batteries for Mouse

    I always purchase Duracell batteries for my needs

    mitchell best

  202. Betty Edwards

    Long lasting


    Betty Edwards

  203. beccaink

    Works well

    No problems


  204. A M

    Good value for the money

    Good value for the money

    A M

  205. Nancy Xocai

    Perfect batteries

    Perfect loved getting delivery instead of buying in store. Needed for remote controls

    Nancy Xocai

  206. Crystal White

    Long lasting and perfect!

    I always buy this brand and I wouldn’t think of using anything else in my son’s bassinet or toys!

    Crystal White

  207. Jonnie Taylor

    They were as expected.

    They were as expected.

    Jonnie Taylor

  208. fightingterp




  209. Momooshka

    Had these sent with string lights to college kid

    Easy to get right type and amount for decorative string lights that didn’t come with batteries.


  210. shasta

    prompt well packed as listed not used yet

    Prompt well packed item as listed not used yet


  211. Marcus Scott

    Ordered 4:30 pm, delivered next day!

    My thermostat runs off AA batteries. I ordered the Duracell guarantee 10 year (they don’t last 10 years, I bought some at CVS last time and they died within a few years) The warning came on to change the batteries, but I only had a couple that read ok/low. I was so happy they were delivered so quickly because I live in New England and it’s quite nippy at night.

    Marcus Scott

  212. Crystal Wilkerson

    Long lasting

    Works exactly as they should

    One person found this helpful

    Crystal Wilkerson

  213. Heaven

    I’m not sure

    Used them for my fairy lights


  214. K. White


    They last

    K. White

  215. Choongik Kim

    Great product

    For other stores, I need to buy 10+ batteries. This product with reasonal price provided alternative

    Choongik Kim

  216. Amanda Causey

    Good ol Duracell

    Longevity is key and this product has been known for generations to be the best and they always uphold to the name.

    Amanda Causey

  217. kathleen




  218. Bryan williams

    just right

    good value

    One person found this helpful

    Bryan williams

  219. technosomething


    Simple dependability. Have trusted this brand for years. Get the promax or lithium if you really think you need anymore than this.


  220. Batuhan

    Same dat shipping

    Fast shipping same day. That was the reason. Nice job



    Excellent batteries!

    Arrived as expected, great batteries going strong so far. Bought these for my PS5 media remote.


  222. Jan B-C

    Arrived earlier than expected

    These batteries arrived 6 days before their expected date, great service. I’m so pleased!

    Jan B-C

  223. J. Arnold

    Last a long time

    Duracell batteries really do last a long time more so than other brands! A little pricey but well worth it! You can buy just 2 or a bunch!

    J. Arnold

  224. some one



    some one

  225. Keke

    Great Batteries

    Came as advertised, work great.

    One person found this helpful


  226. Real Data Point Guy

    Fast delivery and savings. Better than running to the store.

    Duracell via mail at discount pricing . Enough said.

    Real Data Point Guy

  227. Satisfied customer

    Duracell is my go to for batteries

    My favorite brand of batteries

    Satisfied customer

  228. Jaden Strawn

    great for the price

    great for the price

    Jaden Strawn

  229. Nate Jones

    They do what they say.

    No problems. Good price.

    Nate Jones

  230. armmgj85

    good product



  231. CCM


    They are Duracell. Not much to say about them. I accidentally ordered the AA, I should have ordered AAA.


  232. David E. Abramson

    High quality brand

    Led lights for miniature Christmas tree.Electric toothbrush.

    David E. Abramson

  233. valizander

    Only Batteries I Buy

    I mean…. they’re batteries… Duracell batteries. Lol They last forever and they’re good quality. They’re always a bit pricey no matter where you buy them from so that’s not a negative, per say. Duracell just knows they make a d*mn good battery and they price them as such. No complaints.Only giving four-stars because I wish they were just a hair cheaper… not cheaply made… but cheaply sold… maybe like $1 or $1.50 cheaper. I think that would be reasonable.

    6 people found this helpful


  234. Patrick




  235. Naomi

    Does the job

    Does the job


  236. Erica Ortega

    Good batteries

    I am a Duracell fan and will always purchase!

    Erica Ortega

  237. Enes Aksu

    Not lasting enough

    I know duracell has a famous brand name, and that’s why I bought it. I use it with my apple mouse but it always cause connection lost. The battery dies really easily.

    Enes Aksu

  238. JL

    The best

    A variety of things.


  239. Carmen Dejesus

    Me encanto


    Carmen Dejesus

  240. Desiree

    Good brand name product.

    I love getting these through prime, it saves me from stopping the Isles of Walmart searching without any help to find them. I wish the price was a little lower, but they are fine and just what you would buy at the store.

    One person found this helpful


  241. Ad

    Original Battery date is important

    Good brand Battery’s earlier battery Date then expected It’s very important for seller to check original battery original date due to longer usage and expiration.


  242. Terry Pratt

    Perfect deal

    Great batteries for a good price

    Terry Pratt

  243. Dixie Garverick

    I received them quickly. I haven’t used them yet, but will soon.

    I use them for many things, my clocks, video equipment etc.

    Dixie Garverick

  244. Deb Jones

    Naturally covers my gray.

    Looks natural.

    Deb Jones

  245. George

    Just right

    I have used all brands but I never can find one that compares to Duracell


  246. Arlene C Morgan

    Very Good Batteries

    Batteries are very good –No complaints!

    Arlene C Morgan

  247. Amazon Customer



    Amazon Customer

  248. Barb C

    Great value!

    Better price than anywhere else!!!

    Barb C

  249. Beth

    As expected

    They are batteries and they work


  250. Thomas


    Works for me..


  251. George Miller


    these batteries work great for my needs. I have not had any issues yet!

    George Miller

  252. Old’nCranky

    Good product

    Product is as described, much better than your average battery.


  253. The Truth

    Duracell are good batteries

    Duracell’s are a good battery.

    The Truth

  254. speersc

    Does its job

    Every battery that I have tried so far has worked. No duds. I trust this brand.


  255. Alma


    it’s duracell…


  256. carolyn grahame


    Duracell is a great product. only brand I buy.

    carolyn grahame

  257. Emmanuel




  258. Landru

    It’s Batteries! Not much else to say…

    Good price compared o the average stores nearby. Great longevity (at least for my applications which is mainly Mice and Remote Controls). Good buy!

    One person found this helpful


  259. Cherra Wehe

    competitive prices

    long lasting batteries, used for alarm clock

    Cherra Wehe

  260. ardena threet



    ardena threet

  261. J


    Good price.


  262. Mr. B. W. Stanley

    Excellent product

    Duracell good batteries,

    One person found this helpful

    Mr. B. W. Stanley

  263. Lorie Scott

    Highly recommended!!!

    Longevity an value for money!!! The best ever will be doing an order on some AAA& AA&C&D Batteries

    2 people found this helpful

    Lorie Scott

  264. Brenda R.

    Great product to buy

    Always a winner

    Brenda R.

  265. Becky

    Nice to keep in all rooms

    They’re lighters


  266. Nick


    best battery


  267. Katharina Smietana

    Batteries dead

    Went to use last four batteries for my blood pressure device, and they were dead

    One person found this helpful

    Katharina Smietana

  268. Brenda

    They r the best onthe market

    Wat else can be said for these batteries they r the best


  269. Billie J. Wilcox

    OH OH

    No NO I already have the batteries I ordered, I got it Saturday. Thank you.

    Billie J. Wilcox

  270. J. S.


    More like Durasale. Cause I bought them. A sale was had. It’s AA batteries. C’mon people. You either need ’em now or you need ’em later.

    J. S.

  271. Amazon Customer


    Good value and delivered quickly!

    Amazon Customer

  272. Stan

    Would bye again,quick delivery

    Very fine batteries


  273. Amazon Customer


    I like Duracell batteries for most of the things I use batteries. I think they have good power and last a long time.

    Amazon Customer

  274. Kindle Customer

    Absolutely a great product.

    Fully like product.

    Kindle Customer

  275. Amazon Customer


    Duracell batteries do what they are supposed to do. I like Energizer more, but these were on sale and work about the same.

    Amazon Customer

  276. Yaribel Garcia

    Always needed

    Always need them and great price getting through Amazon

    Yaribel Garcia

  277. Kristi

    No issues

    No issues, just as advertised


  278. Roberta F. Bush

    Excellent transaction

    Value for money

    Roberta F. Bush

  279. Mirtha Vale

    Buena marca y duraderas

    Para mandos tv, entre otros,las dos

    Mirtha Vale

  280. Laura C.


    The best!

    Laura C.

  281. Laz Pujol

    I always trust Duracell

    Duracell never fails me. They always out live the cheaper alternatives.

    Laz Pujol

  282. Dana Joyce

    I have to make sure it’s a good fit.

    I’m not sure about the Longevity. We’re just starting to use the ones we bought.

    Dana Joyce

  283. Merin

    It’s working

    It’s working


  284. Amazon Customer

    wo;rth the price

    decorative lighting

    Amazon Customer

  285. SW Customer

    Convenient purchase

    Ordered online for convenience because of social isolation. Not sure the price was competitive. Several things in past few months are gouging the public online due to availability. Am disappointed with Duracell quality recently. Took two out of TV remote yesterday with expiration date of 2027 – its only 2020 & they were dead, dead, dead!

    36 people found this helpful

    SW Customer

  286. Yu

    Good product

    Good quality


  287. S. Green

    These batteries gave me just the jolt I needed.

    C’mon, it’s a Duracell battery. I only purchased it here because the in-store stock is so unreliable at CVS, Walgreens, etc. Easier than chasing all over town.

    S. Green

  288. Amazon Customer

    Arrived quickly.

    Needed them.

    Amazon Customer

  289. Lydia Wagoner



    Lydia Wagoner

  290. Xayna

    Because you will always need batteries

    I need my digital scale to let me know I need to lose weight. We also need to use our remotes to our dvd players and tvs.This isn’t like Little House on the Prairie where the women stayed slim and walked to the dvd player and hit the PLAY button .My only complaint, is that it seems ANY battery nowadays doesn’t last as long as they did 20 + years ago. Stuff’s not made like it used to be.

    5 people found this helpful


  291. Johnetter N.

    Great batteries

    Great working

    Johnetter N.

  292. D.Wallace

    Excellent batteries

    I’ve always been very pleased with these batteries and I will continue to use them.


  293. Marlene Munoz



    Marlene Munoz

  294. lsanndra


    Awesome product and long lasting even when I forget to turn my mouse off. I also use them in my remote control.


  295. Janice Allen

    That the batteries are not damaged but in good condition.

    That the batteries work. Some I got did not work, were damaged, or leaked fluid out.

    Janice Allen

  296. Amazon Customer

    son baterias

    Funcionan perfecto.

    Amazon Customer

  297. Can you handle the truth


    Always sticks with Duracell!

    Can you handle the truth

  298. xyz123

    fast shipping

    fast shipping w/ reasonable price ty


  299. Dennis W Holloway



    Dennis W Holloway

  300. RON

    Found one battery dead

    Went to use and found one battery dead.


  301. Tooluser

    they last

    duracells have always outlasted & out-performed other brands


  302. Donald Lawson

    As advertised

    As advertised

    Donald Lawson

  303. Ralph E V Ragucci

    power when needed

    Duh it worked

    Ralph E V Ragucci

  304. stephen F.

    great battery crlls

    Duracell the best at great price

    stephen F.

  305. anthony

    no issues does job

    good batteries


  306. Miss Abbee


    Gr8 brand and always use

    Miss Abbee

  307. Shane

    10 year shelf life

    10 year shelf life? We’ll see. Ordered 03/2021 for a wall clock. Good-through date, printed on batteries, 03/2030.


  308. Larry Brown

    Works fine

    No issues

    Larry Brown

  309. DBJ

    Good Batteries

    Good batteries.


  310. Maisha Ahmed

    Standard batteries

    Duracell are standard batteries that work fine

    Maisha Ahmed

  311. bethany schaubhut

    works great


    bethany schaubhut

  312. Shura


    Thought it it weaker less longevity disappointing

    One person found this helpful


  313. KC in USA

    Work fine

    H use these in wireless mice. They are holding up just fine at about 2 months. Will add to this review if they don’t last at least a year.

    One person found this helpful

    KC in USA

  314. Marlene C.

    Duacell is the best

    Does the job and long lasting.

    Marlene C.

  315. m


    5stars alltheway


  316. Nghi Ngo

    good products

    can’t say much due to me buying this recently but i have been using it for 3 months so far and it’s still working fine and strong so i would say it could last longother than that, no issues with the batteries

    One person found this helpful

    Nghi Ngo

  317. TLee

    Works well.

    Last long.


  318. yoshie

    Just good

    Does it’s job


  319. audi lee

    My all-time favorite!!

    Nothing works or last like a Duracell! These are excellent! They are just like the Duracell that I have come know & trust for their long-life! No doubt they are dependable to have a looong life! Also arrived quickly & in perfect condition from Amazon! Soo very worth it!

    audi lee

  320. Jose

    Very good

    Very good batteries


  321. melanie


    Even though they are close to expiration date it’s a good deal for the price. They work very well and for some time


  322. Rubark Established 2014


    I mean, it’s Duracell. I don’t expect anything but the best from them. For some reason, they tend to last the longest in remotes.

    Rubark Established 2014

  323. Lynd W Corley


    No problems

    Lynd W Corley

  324. Jon Thomas

    not expired like on other sites

    works good not expired

    Jon Thomas

  325. Michael

    Typical battery. Work fine

    Typical battery. Work fine


  326. Lex

    Great fast arrival

    Great came fast needed for computer .


  327. Enes Aksu

    Not lasting enough

    I know duracell has a famous brand name, and that’s why I bought it. I use it with my apple mouse but it always cause connection lost. The battery dies really easily.

    Enes Aksu

  328. Chris Garcia

    It’s batteries.

    What can I say, it is batteries.

    Chris Garcia

  329. Eva Pop


    I like to buy them in big amount because they useful for remotes, smoke detectors flash lights and you never know what you needed for. Duracell is also a good brand and long lasting.

    Eva Pop

  330. Teresa

    Great quality product

    Got tired of buying batteries over and over and over. These batteries I placed a while back had no problem at all don’t think I’m going to have to change them for a while great product


  331. Barbie

    buy it

    I mean…. they’re batteries… Duracell batteries. Lol They last forever and they’re good quality. They’re always a bit pricey no matter where you buy them from so that’s not a negative, per say. Duracell just knows they make a d*mn good battery and they price them as such. No complaints.


  332. Cynthia Sandler

    The batteries last a long time.

    I like the batteries has they last a long time.

    2 people found this helpful

    Cynthia Sandler

  333. LLovesMovies

    arrived quick

    delivery was great and the packaging product were all in good condition. Affordable price for the quality of Duracell


  334. Sierra Morrison

    Long lasting

    Great deal for a pack of 4

    Sierra Morrison

  335. Terri Riddle

    long lasting

    Duracell is best brand

    Terri Riddle

  336. JAD.m

    Inaccurate Photo & description

    It’s advertised as, “Power Boost” Duracell. When you receive it, it’s just the regular pack of Duracell.

    One person found this helpful


  337. Damaris Focham


    The batteries are good the two I have been using since I bought them are still working good.

    Damaris Focham

  338. RJ

    Tried many, these are the best

    Coppertops are my go to battery. They last longer and provide the most power.

    One person found this helpful


  339. Lucylulu

    it works but doesn’t last long

    I don’t think it lasts long enough. yet, it works well. I’m considering to get recharge capable batteries next time. better for our earth too.


  340. Sierra Morrison

    Long lasting

    Great deal for a pack of 4

    Sierra Morrison

  341. Kindle Customer


    They last longer then average brand

    Kindle Customer

  342. Maranda

    Great batteries

    Great batteries! This brand is always reliable!


  343. Amazon Customer

    Great batteries

    I only use these batteries

    Amazon Customer

  344. Amazon Customer

    Doesnt leak

    Great battery

    Amazon Customer

  345. Siana Torres


    Muy buena

    Siana Torres

  346. Reymond Ortiz

    Get these for your gaming needs

    I bought these over a month ago and have only needed one of these for using my wireless gaming mouse +10 hours a day. They last a very long time not like the cheap brands out there. I really like these batteries they get the job done for a long time.

    One person found this helpful

    Reymond Ortiz

  347. Randy Cliver


    Its a pack of batteries .. if you don’t need batteries, I wouldn’t buy this item.

    Randy Cliver

  348. kelly r.


    There batteries and they work , lol the price was right and they came quickly.

    kelly r.

  349. Amir Chowdhury

    Top notch

    Market’s best. No competitor nearby.

    Amir Chowdhury

  350. Wojtek Drobek

    good product

    good product

    Wojtek Drobek

  351. Debra Gardin

    They don’t last long in a remote

    Had them in the remote and they died 2 weeks later

    Debra Gardin

  352. L K.

    These are great for toys!

    Love these Duracell, longest lasting batteries for toys in my years of experience, I don’t even bother with other brands. Got these for my Grandkid’s happy Christmas coming up, no tears from dying batteries in new toys in our house!

    L K.

  353. Emily Monroe

    Convenient purchase

    Ordered online for convenience because of social isolation. Not sure the price was competitive. Several things in past few months are gouging the public online due to availability. Am disappointed with Duracell quality recently. Took two out of TV remote yesterday with expiration date of 2027 – its only 2020 & they were dead, dead, dead!

    Emily Monroe

  354. Nana

    The copper top battery

    Duracell. Works great

    One person found this helpful


  355. Carogram

    Arrived promptly

    Arrived as ordered. Seem to work. Can’t assure if they last, at this time.


  356. Oscar Espinoza



    Oscar Espinoza

  357. Wayne Oberlander

    Great battery

    Duracell are the best batteries in my opinion. You can get this same product with the same price at Dollar General.

    2 people found this helpful

    Wayne Oberlander

  358. Colleen Reed

    On time


    Colleen Reed

  359. Ali J

    good quality

    I got this because I need only one battery and this is a good deal

    Ali J

  360. Sandra Florentino


    Meets my needs

    Sandra Florentino

  361. Me

    aa batteries

    These batteries have 10 year guarantee life. The batteries are stampe December 2025 that means they are one year old before I got them. So the guaranteed stored life is only 9 years now. So much for sellers truth in advertisment.


  362. Carey Burris


    Standard product delivered very fast

    Carey Burris

  363. Kurious

    Last forever + Quick ship

    I’ve been buying the “Duracell” brand battery for 32yrs now. The only brand that comes anywhere near Duracell is “Energizer” & it still doesn’t last as long as the Duracell. My package was delivered on time & was free of damage & dirt. As I’m a lifelong customer of Duracell, I would definitely recommend this product.

    7 people found this helpful


  364. Thomas J. Quinn, Sr


    I’ve used the Duracell AA batteries before and they were very good for the money.

    Thomas J. Quinn, Sr

  365. Agent37620


    Um, yea…they are batteries. They power my remote control very well.

    One person found this helpful


  366. Elle

    They work

    Their batteries……


  367. blessed

    Cheaper than energizer batteries

    They last long



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