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Do or Drink – Party Card Game – for College, Camping, 21st Birthday, Parties – Funny for Men & Women

268 Reviews Write a review
  • Item Dimensions 5.2 x 5.2 x 2.4 inches
  • MOST HILARIOUS PARTY GAME, EVER: This game makes for an outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next party, get together or game night
  • Our USA design team avoided ‘dud dares’ found on other card games. Instead they packed all 350 cards with dares as well as challenges that are fast paced and hilarious with every turn


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This is an epic party game. Fans love this game and agree that friends still talk about their fun night weeks after playing. Be Warned: Hilarious and Fun Night Ahead. This game has none of the “free skip” cards in those other lames card games. And let’s be clear…If you’re not comfortable with:

  • Hilarious dares
  • Fast-paced fun
  • This card game is only for friends who are willing to get weird.
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Customers reviews

268 Reviews Write a review
  1. Olivia Brandt

    Fun but needs a spell check

    Got this game for my 21st birthday and it was so much fun! found a few spelling errors but that didn’t take away from the game 🙂

  2. David S

    Plenty of fun, just one oversight

    Tons of fun. Can be a little tricky to play if your group has a few couples but that generally means more drinking. Only major downside is the cards aren’t water resistant. Which is pretty important for a drinking game as the table can get wet pretty easily. After only one use we had one or two cards that were completely unusable. Not sure why they didn’t think to print the cards on a water resistant material like other drinking games.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Do or Drink Party Card Game

    This game is a great get to see how nuts your friends really are. We have had so much fun with it!! If you don’t own one, you should. Also, don’t feel you need to drink alcohol to enjoy it, it truly is a FUN game. Thank You

  4. Bethany Selvage

    Great drinking game!

    I got this game during quarantine. My brother in law and sister and I would play it during our drinking sessions. Its fun and I have multiple videos of my brother in law acting a fool. I would recommend this game to my closest friends but not any conservative friends or family members, if that makes sense.


    Very nice game though some cards are repetitive

    Very nice game for drinking and very fun to play with friends but sometimes cards repeat themselves a bit

  6. Britt Lynn

    This will get you DRUNK!

    This game is definitely one of the best drinking games I have played. It was super easy to learn how to play. No issue at all comprehending the intructions! Presentation was also great; the cards are very well made. They aren’t the flimsy littly game cards you are use to with other games. They are glossy and come in a nice little glossy box! Easy storage and all that jazz….Now to the GAME!!! This game is for sure gonna get you DRUNK!!! It keeps you on your toes & gets you to do things you never thought you would. I love how it incorporates social media too…that was cool. We didn’t get through all the cards…not even close. Can’t wait to play it again! I don’t even have a dislike other than trying to separate the carda so there weren’t too many of the same types together but that was just me being lazy & ready to play.

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  7. Emoni toure


  8. Amazon Customer

    It’s fine if you’re single

    I bought it for a party and it’s like more inappropriate than other card games. It’s kinda funny. Honestly it makes you play out sex positions on half of the cards so it’s awkward with friends of family members. It’s more like a sexual drinking game.

  9. therealdeal

    Fun Game but Beware can be a little X rated at times

    We loved the game but it can get a bit X rated. Be selective of who is around or who your playing with!

  10. Bashful

    Very fun game, worth every penny.

    Looks like a very fun game, me and my friends will hopefully play it soon. I have read through a few of the cards and it looks like it will be lots of fun. The quality of the cards are very nice as well. Very much worth every penny, might even look into getting the expansion packs.

  11. Rochelle Morgan


    Not recommended to play with your family lol.

  12. Kindle Customer

    Party fun!

    Hilarious! This game will definitely have you feeling buzzed or drunk by the end of the night. Brought this out at a party and we all loved it. Will definitely be buying expansion packs in the future!

  13. Erica

    Fun, but not durable

    It such a fun game. Proud to say I won and got completely drunk in the process. However, the cards are thin and not suited for drunk alcoholics spilling drinks on the cards. Not waterproof, which would be more compatible.

  14. michael santiago

    Drink up

    Well i haven’t started playing since this pandemic but i read the cards and it’s going to be good i will be good forA beach day .. or a relaxing day at the pool with a group of friends or a drink night over drag race or another favorite show

  15. Erica roman


    This game is not for the shy. Be prepared to get real close with your opponents and drink a lot! Some cards are worth finishing your drink as they can become absurd and I advise the ones who complete certain ones to seek professional help. Lmaoo just bought the expansion to extend my next game!!

  16. Innocent Ugo Jr.

    Highlight of the night!!

    We played this game at a small get together and had an absolute blast! Everyone loved the game & we had one person that had to tap out lol Loved it. May go purchase the extension cards.

  17. Teirney williams

    If You ever wanna pineapple

    This game is something else for sure. I tried to play it with a group of friends that I’ve known for a while, and things got a little bit spicy/uncomfortable a lot of the questions either involve something sexual being acted out, even being asked to kiss, etc. it’s a low key ‘cringe’ situation unless that’s something you’re into. I would just say you have to know the peoples comfort levels that are playing it before going in because it will definitely have you just drinking and deciding to play something else for game night

  18. Blaurel

    Hilarious game

    My friends and I played this at my 24th birthday movie/game night lol. We were all literally dying with laughter the entire time. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night from all the shenanigans that went down. We played with a group of 9 people but it could work with any size group really. I would recommend each player playing with a light drink (beer, white claw, etc) and also a shot glass with straight liquor. When the card says chug use the light drink, and when the card says take a drink do a shot. Keep your liquor bottle nearby, you’re going to be constantly refilling shots lol. 10/10 buy this game, you’ll have a lot of fun! It is raunchy tho and not for the easily offended. And I don’t recommend playing with your family.

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  19. Usda

    Good game

    Fun game especially for singles some of the cards will get you divorced lol.. fun game

  20. Darrin

    Hilarious and Dangerous!

    This game was absolutely hilarious and absurd. The group we played with had a blast and this is definitely a new favorite. Make sure you know your audience before playing, it gets raunchy.

  21. Caitlin Forell

    Great Fun Gift!

    Got this as a gift for my sister in law who is in college and she loves it!

  22. Sarah

    Not for lightweights

    Good quality cards and lots of them. The variety is nice. Definitely not for lightweights. Be sure to have a place to sleep or a DD after playing this.

  23. Grace Schechter

    Best drinking game ever

    First of these card games to make me black out and I’m mean out for a couple hours this game will make you say mama didn’t raise no bitch and then bam you are taking a triple shot of gin and running through your apartment complex butt naked or shaving off an eyebrow. Either way your parents are disappointed.

  24. Doris M.

    BEST drinking game ever!!!!! Not exaggerating!

    Played this game with a group of friends (some of them were meeting for the first time) and it was SO MUCH FUN! Everyone got close pretty quickly, and every single time someone pulled a card it was hilarious. This is an AWESOME game. 10/10 recommend to everyone! Definitely beats cards against humanity and any other games I’ve come across, as those get kind of boring once you get to know all the cards. I don’t see this game losing its spark ever, no matter how many times we play it. We ended up playing this for a few hours in our game night and didn’t even play any of the other games we had!!

    One person found this helpful

  25. Summer Argall

    That after a while you might be taking care of your friends

    This game is fun to get your friends messed up pretty quick we were playing at a college party and a lot of our friends started getting shot after shot not wanting to do the cards.

  26. Robert A

    Better be super comfortable with friends haha

    Played once so far since I got it 3 weeks ago and oh boy…It is super fun, super risqué at times and perfect for your drinking friends, if they know how to have fun!

  27. D shoe reader

    Good game!

    It’s scary to play but lots of fun! There is a rule that a person needs to do the dare AND drink, or they have to leave the game. This is a little much and so we changed it to having a “timeout” but it’s a good game and lots of fun.

  28. Grace Schechter

    Best drinking game ever

    First of these card games to make me black out and I’m mean out for a couple hours this game will make you say mama didn’t raise no bitch and then bam you are taking a triple shot of gin and running through your apartment complex butt naked or shaving off an eyebrow. Either way your parents are disappointed.

  29. Shardai Le Mon

    Great party game

    This is a great game to really get the drinks going at a party. I played with only two players and although a lot of challenge cards couldn’t be done, i still had so much fun. I can’t wait to play this game with a group of people. Did i mention i was blackout drunk an hour into the game?

  30. Dawnny Dawn

    Wild and Fun!!!

    This game is the BEST EVER! You must have an open minded crowd to participate or it won’t be much fun! I love it!

  31. Jordan Davis

    Super fun and come prepared

    It was the only game we needed that night! Just know it includes getting into certain positions in front of others so I hope you brought someone comfortable lol

  32. Valentin Delbar Dieu

    You know your night is about to get lit!!!

    Fun game for a drinking evening! Wild and entertaining, I love it!!!

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  33. kDURAN

    Totally Recommend

    Hilarious and great game for anyone who is a team player or even if they aren’t they will just end up drunk, lol. We had such a great time

  34. dylan

    Very fun game

    I loved this game it was a blast and I think you might like it to

  35. Nadia

    Fun game

    Fun game. I don’t like the white cards, can do without them and just play the black ones.

  36. Judy

    Favorite drinking game!

    The best drinking card game! Since we purchased Do or Drink we have played at least once every weekend. All our friends who are first time players love it! If you get this game I promise you will laugh the entire time! 10/10 would recommend!

  37. Robert P. Rowles

    Our Go To Party Game

    If you are open minded, fun and not instantly and easily offended. You know the type, looking to be offended because it brings you pleasure to be angry at all times. If you’re a fun person you will love this game. If you are not, you will not. Great icebreaking/party/hotel/let’s have a great night game.

  38. pandabear14


    The package was opened but the game is fun

  39. Josh B.

    New Staple for Parties

    Let me tell you what folks, this game is a something everyone should have for any party they hope to throw in the future. I play this game every time that I have people over and it fails to disapoint every single time. The pace of the game is magnificent as it is always changing severity. Without spoiling the cards I will use a made up example. One person’s card could be “Unlock your phone only using your left pinky toe” and then they next person’s card could be “Call your grandmother and explain to her every single thing that you regret doing”. It is definitly for a group of people you either very much trust or a group of people you don’t mind watching you pass out on the floor from having to drink everytime to avoid the punishment. My one complaint with this product is the material of the cards themselves. They’re made just like normal playing cards which would be fine for about any other game on the face of the planet. However due to this being a drinking game, and as more people have to drink, drinks end up getting spilled and ruining some cards. If they would make these plastic cards this would without a doubt be a 1000000/10 game. Also if they come out with an expansion pack or a sequal addition I will most certainly be first in line to order.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Good but expensive

    Love the game, but I have heard of similar games for a lot cheaper. price is the only negative

  41. Emma Gogulski

    I could have gone without it

    Per the other reviews, this game is not for overly sensitive people or people who want an appropriate, family friendly game. This game is fun, however, for a group of friends to actually consider doing what the black or red cards say you probably are going to need to be a bit drunk already. You also can’t realistically drink the amount this game calls for without getting alcohol poisoning.

  42. JC

    Tons of fun

    Really fun game as long as you have fun friends. I can see how it could be boring if no one wanted to actually do any of the cards. Fortunately for me I have awesome friends and it is a blast! So much fun for the whole night.

  43. Victoria Houston

    Drunken ridiculousness

    This game was hilarious! The vote cards might be the funniest things. You learn what your friends think you’ve done which is priceless. My partner and I played with another friend and 3 people is not enough! You get wasted rather quickly Bc your turn comes back so fast.

  44. LaKisha

    Some fun and some inappropriate

    This game is fun IF you have an open mind and a sense of humor. I will say that some of the cards are highly inappropriate and need to be removed. I suggest going through the deck and removing the ones that could easily offend someone before actually playing this game.

  45. tyler hutchison

    Best Drinking Game Ever!!

    we absolutely Loved the game!!, unfortunately we need to get a new set due to some party fouls the first night of it being out before laminating the cards.

  46. Elizabeth Kachlic

    Fun drinking game

    Got this for my 30th birthday party, everyone loved it!

  47. LaKisha

    Some fun and some inappropriate

    This game is fun IF you have an open mind and a sense of humor. I will say that some of the cards are highly inappropriate and need to be removed. I suggest going through the deck and removing the ones that could easily offend someone before actually playing this game.

  48. Tam

    I love this

    This game is definitely a game to play at all parties.. definitely a game I will take everywhere .. I’m planning to buy more to give as Xmas gifts..

  49. Jamie Turner

    Great deinking game

    Great for college kids or parents with the night off! Quick way to get drunk

  50. Katelyn Jarvis

    Yup just buy it!

    Yes!!! Seriously buy it!! Trust me!!!! What a great game to have all your friends want to play again and again!!! What great snaps and photos this game created! Waiting to buy both extension packs!! I never buy games but so happy i bought this one! So whoever reads this, TRUST ME it’s worth every penny!

  51. Percell Phillips


    Played it my buddy house had a blast which made me order it now where are gonna have adult night at my place only right I return the favor lol

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  52. Qiana Howard

    A fun game

    Would suggest playing with couples or open friends if that makes sense

  53. Jade

    Fun cards depending on the group you’re with.

    I purchased these cards for game night with friends and we actually wound up using them at my birthday party. The cards are fun but there are a lotOf sexual cards. We actually filtered through and pulled some of them out in order to make the game a little less sexual. The cards are fun but should probably not be played with people you aren’t super familiar with or with people who may get jealous easily.

  54. Kasey

    Hours of fun

    Such a fun game to play with friends. Provides a nice break from traditional drinking games!

  55. cammy

    Worth the money

    My friends and I loved this game it was super fun! Great for pregames! Doesn’t take like any instructions on how to play which is perfect for groups!

  56. Norman

    Super fun with the first friends

    Literally the best with open minded people.I’ve played it with two groups of friends and it was fun but with the right group of friends everyone has fun and no one is left out.

  57. Tony



  58. Amazon Customer


    Definitely worth the price. Such a fun game to play with friends!

  59. Jennifer Arroyo

    Lots of fun

    We had a blast with this game. Lots of laughing!!

  60. Ashley N Duncan

    This is a fun time

    This game is hilarious!!!! Get drunk with your friends and play this. It will get you drunk and embarrass everyone. You will eat weird things, do lots of dances and have lots of fun

  61. Taylor Gardner


    This was hilarious. Played it with multiple friends. Went threw all the cards before to make sure things were too risky. Definitely some were removed but nothing about racism as some of the other reviews imply.

  62. Camilo

    Love this game!

    I always enjoy the packaging of the item (whatever it is). The game itself is very unique because you don’t know where the night where lead to! In short, the game is super fun!

  63. alittlebitofeverything

    Not just for college kids, lol

    Bought this for our dinner group. It’s always fun to play and ends up with some really funny moments that you might not expect.

  64. Joseph

    Best Game Ever

    I love this game! It has honestly been a blast everytime we play. All our friends talk about how fun it is the next day after this game night. It gets everyone in the room even the quiet beer sippers doing different tasks and drinking. It’s the best money I spent!

  65. Gina Mamo

    Good game

    I bought this thinking I had friends… once I got the game I realize I don’t and so playing by yourself isn’t too bad… fun game and probably more fun with more than yourself haha

  66. Brandi Carpenter

    Great game!

    Great game!! So much fun, you will be laugh so hard you will cry!

  67. James A


    My friends loved this game, the challenges are CRAZY you get drunk really fast! It has a lot of cards so we can play many times and probably won’t get the same challenges for a while.

  68. Jacques

    frisky game

    After just looking at 1 of the cards I was amazed by how frisky this game was and a definite buy for anyone brave enough to go with the game definitely not for the pussies

  69. Aubrie

    Good card game.

    I like the card game and it’s definitely fun! I guess me and my friends might be a more “rowdy” crowd so it wasn’t all that dirty to us? There were some dirty cards for sure but a a lot were also just basic. Overall it was still a good time!

  70. Leo

    Very funny game

    Excellent game 4 play in parties w/ friends. The dares r very creative so u can be sure it will be a lot of fun.The only issue is that the game has very specific dares, so it doesn’t necessarily apply to other regions, but it can be easily adapted.

  71. Suzi Tyler

    Should play with a light beer and adventurous friends

    I went through the deck before playing it and threw out some really bad ones that didn’t appeal to my humor (like the fart ones and licking the floor.) This game gets fun and raunchy quick. We changed the rules to suit each crowd we played with. For instance, with a less adventurous crowd, instead of keeping score, the person would drink the amount of drinks or got out and the winner was the one left in the game after everyone quit because it didn’t last too long.We also changed the drinks from shots to drinks, trust me you get drunk pretty fast if you’re drinking stronger beer, wine, or mixed drinks.

    One person found this helpful

  72. Valarie Hutchins

    Buy it for your next party!

    This product is on spender your side but is typically normal for board games or games like this if you want to get drunk really fast this is a great game for you I do recommend it I just suggest playing it in a bigger party with more people because when you’re only playing it with four people it is hard to play the game and continuously have fun but if you had a big group of people playing this game it would it last longer.

  73. Sona

    Great game for a group of friends!

    Got this as a gift for my son, and he enjoyed it a lot. He has played it with his friends several times, and most of them have already gotten the game for themselves as well. They take a lot of funny videos of each other while they do the dares, and have gotten even featured on Do or Drink’s instagram page! Definitely a unique drinking game, check out the videos they post on their instagram to see for yourself

    8 people found this helpful

  74. Amazon Customer

    MUST GET!!

    BEST DRINKING GAME EVER!! Been waiting a hot minute for this game to be back on amazon. I message the staff on Instagram and they responded right away, giving me all the updates ! The game gets pretty savage tho…single people playing is preferred. WARNING to people who are in a relationship lol but ultimately the best drinking game there is! Beats cards of humanity by far!

    8 people found this helpful

  75. Diesha F.

    Wild game! Expect to get super wasted

    I haven’t played this game yet with anyone but I went through all of the cards and there are so many that I wouldn’t do personally. So I would be super wasted.

  76. Amazon Customer

    Received a used game

    I purchased a new game but it obviously has been opened re shrink wrapped

  77. Kristen Vellos

    You definitely will blackout

    What I dislike is that I woke up with a bad hangover

  78. Kindle Customer

    Pass on this.

    Was not a fan of the selection of cards. This isn’t a game for small groups or really any group outside a college frat. Not interested in licking my best friend’s husband nipple… I went through the cards because I figured there was some cards to take out but in the end we didnt play because 75% of the cards were annoying. Buy Buzzed instead.

    2 people found this helpful

  79. Kyle

    You WILL get drunk!!

    This is hands down the best adult/drinking game I have ever bought. (For recommendations buy The Voting Game and Mad Wish as well). Like any other game there may be some cards that are too much or too soft for your particular group of friends, but there is NOTHING lame about this game. You will not be disappointed. BUY IT!!

  80. Emily Scholten

    Great game to play!

    Loved this game. It is so fun to play but be careful – you’ll either get really comfortable or really drunk!

  81. Shanna mire


    LOVEEEEEEEE THIS GAME! We got SOOOOOO drunk and can play so many times and it not get boring!!!

  82. Makiah Tigler


    I love this game! It’s perfect for parties or group events. Every time I bring this out at an event it’s always so much fun! Make sure you have the right crowd.

  83. Dustin everton


    It’s an alright game.. was looking for something that was a little more doable and enjoyable for both fun and raunchiness but this has more cards that are absurd and not really realistic than ones that can actually be completed.. things like shaving eyebrows or sending D*** pics to your mother, silly stuff. Could be funny if you are blacked out drunk but not really practical.. and some cards are meant to make you drink such as the example given, however, there needs to be a mix to allow for some actual game play.

    One person found this helpful

  84. Alexis

    Most fun I’ve had in a while

    I played this with friends and we had a blast!!!! It was so much fun lol we now have some crazy memories. Some things were out there but we did them anyway lol made it more fun

  85. Kennedy Worthen

    Wild game

    We have game night every weekend and haven’t played this yet out of fear of dying from alcohol poisoning. The cards are pretty wild

  86. stacyjh

    Not great……

    I bought this thinking it would be a fun drinking game to play with friends. I’m not sure I’ll ever use this game. Some of the cards are outrageous! I myself or anyone I know would not do the instructions on some of the cards. I discarded like half the cards. It was seriously disappointing because I genuinely love to have fun. If you’re a ratchet human being, you might enjoy the game. For me, it felt like money wasted. Save yourself time and too much money, find another fun drinking card game to buy.

  87. Amazon Customer

    I love this game !

    I enjoyed this game. Played for a game night and we had a blast . Highly recommend!! Don’t leave this game out of your future gatherings

  88. Mattis Hellmann

    Really quite expensive and I wish it was available in other languages

    Other than that it’s a fun gameI live in Germany and the more drunk Germans get the worse they get at pronouncing English words so please just release this game in German or give me the sweet release of death

  89. Amazon Customer

    This game has changed my life.

    This game has literally changed my life.I chipped a tooth trying to pull down my cousins zipper with my teeth.I texted my ex to say I want her back, come to find out she wants me back too; the wife didn’t find that thrilling.I lost my job because I called my boss to let him know I have the hots for him.I tweaked my back trying to reenact a “position” on one of the cards.I shaved my left eyebrow, but hey, they grow back, right?Best thing is, I WON THE GAME. HAH! TAKE THAT GRANDMA!

    One person found this helpful

  90. Sydney


    This card game was purchased off of an ad I saw on Instagram. Ever since I have bought this game, people at parties end up loving it and purchase it for themselves. This is a wild ass game! It always turns up the party a notch when people start to play and genuinely brings people together in ways no other card game has done. Think of truth or dare on crack and this is that game for you. Love it.I’ve had this game stolen from me twice lol… yet here I am buying for the 3rd time.

    One person found this helpful

  91. Zach

    This game was a huge hit!

    I feel like normally at parties you play a few games and after about a half hour or so, everyone gets bored of it and they’re ready to move on. This game has us laughing all night!We suggested playing a different game after awhile so our guests wouldn’t get bored, they were so into it no one wanted to quit! We played this for at least 2 hours without getting bored.

    4 people found this helpful

  92. Jocelyn Mills

    Lots of Fun and Laughs

    Me and My Family and Friends enjoyed this game so much we can’t wait to play it the day of the Super Bowl.

  93. Melanie Bohannon

    Trouble in a black box

    This is definitely a game you play around people your comfortable with. Want to kiss your crush? Watch your coworkers attempt to do push ups? This game is for you! My group of friends had a great time playing it! Word of advice: drink water

  94. Kristin


    So much fun to play with a group of friends who are willing to do dares and don’t mind looking crazy doing them. Definitely a game that will get everyone drunk

  95. Marie

    Some of the cards are dangerous

    Some of the cards tell you to invite complete strangers over. And when you dont you end up drunk. So drink up ppl stay safe. We ended up pretty drunk. But the game is fun. I recommend getting it.

  96. Melanie Bohannon

    Trouble in a black box

    This is definitely a game you play around people your comfortable with. Want to kiss your crush? Watch your coworkers attempt to do push ups? This game is for you! My group of friends had a great time playing it! Word of advice: drink water

  97. Katie L

    Hilarious drinking game

    This game is absolutely hilarious. Some of the things in there may be inappropriate in a crowd full of people in a monogamous relationship, like take your clothes off or give somebody a titty twister. Either way it’s still hilarious because you have to drink if you’re not willing to do it so I would highly recommend this game I was dying laughing the whole time.

    One person found this helpful

  98. Fatgumby

    Nutty Game

    Dropped a star because I’m a parent and the first time I played this game was with my kids. Got a solid 4 stars because it was a load of fun playing.

  99. Amazon Customer

    Not for the faint of heart

    Super fun, NOT for the faint of heart lol def not for anyone under the age of 21. Instead of “finishing” our drink we had to take 3 big gulps. Really fun though, we got turnttt. We wall twerked, tried to do trust falls, and many other things where someone could easily get hurt haha

  100. James M.

    Good if you’re in your 20s

    This game looks fun but is definitely for people in their 20s. I could see it easily getting the party going. Little to much for me in my 30s.

  101. Lewis

    Fun game

    This game is very fun, I advise owners to only play with people who are open and are not the shy type. Also I would advise owners to purchase the nasties liquor available so drinking would be a punishment.

  102. Jamie

    Laughed so hard then looked at pictures to remember the night

    This game is a BLAST! My BFF came in from out of state and we played this game. We laughed so hard, drank to much and made some amazing memories! So happy with this purchase. Will end up buying an expansion pack or 2

  103. Rojae

    Will get you in trouble

    Play this with the right group of people and you’re in for a great game.

  104. Julie Matthews

    Fun College Game

    You cannot buy this game and expect play with just anyone. It’s very adult and you need to be open minded. That’s the purpose. It’s a lewd “hands on” game that is hysterical and sometimes uncomfortable. But we had a blast playing it. Definitely for the college age crowds! Or those just looking to amp up the excitement on game night. Do not buy if you’re easily offended!

  105. James

    Fun Drinking Game Worth The Purchase

    It’s a fun drinking game worth the purchase I think. It’s naughty and will definitely get you drunk! I wish there was more variety with the cards though – there’s quite a lot of repeats.

  106. tj

    Do you like getting bombed? Schmammied? Lit? Waking up in the dumpster?

    If your idea of a good time is stealing an ice cream truck or peeing in the water tower…naked…then this game is for you. remember, the police don’t think it’s as funny as you do when you “commandeer” a squad car.

  107. Brittney Burns

    Fun game!

    Fun game, a lot of sexual kind of things so it’s better to play with close people or something. Only thing that sucked is we play it with liquor and not mixed drinks so when it says to “finish the drink” we just substituted and said “take 3 shots” or something.

  108. Robert P. Rowles

    Our Go To Party Game

    If you are open minded, fun and not instantly and easily offended. You know the type, looking to be offended because it brings you pleasure to be angry at all times. If you’re a fun person you will love this game. If you are not, you will not. Great icebreaking/party/hotel/let’s have a great night game.

  109. Sydney

    Best game ever

    Buy this!!! It’s soooo much fun probably the best card game. We have played this every weekend we are out at the lake so far and once we played for 4 hours lol great with big groups or small

  110. Krysta Kincaid

    Know your audience

    Great time but not family friendly, obvi. Also people must be willing there’s a lot in this game to unpack. Choose crowd wisely.

  111. Alice Musarra

    Fun to play

    We really liked playing this only we used shots instead of drinks. Also, some folks had non-alcoholic drinks which worked out fine. We played as a family and enjoyed it, but it would have been better if there weren’t so many sexual content cards. I don’t think these are necessary. You have a great game and don’t need to have this included to make it fun.

  112. Jessica

    THE drinking game of all drinking games

    Do or drink put all our other store-bought drinking games to shame! it was simple to set up (after lots of shuffling) and the gameplay easy to remember even while intoxicated.we had it for girls night, however, I can’t imagine a situation where drinking games are involved that this one would not be the beat choice!

    2 people found this helpful

  113. gigabytes

    Great party game for those ‘adult only’ parties

    It’s like ‘Truth or Dare?’ for adults. It’s a great party game for those drinkers who like to have some fun. When I played this I wound up getting so hammered that I don’t even remember how I got home! It’s that much fun!!

  114. Kate

    Fun Game!

    This was a fun game! We played with 3 couples. Some of the cards are definitely geared more towards singles… a lot of them have to do with taking off clothes or doing a body shot off someone. I went through the deck beforehand and took out about 30 cards that I didn’t feel would be appropriate with my group. We still had a blast and laughed till our abs hurt. Be ready to drink!

    One person found this helpful

  115. Duke Wright

    Lives up to the name!

    The media could not be loaded.

     If you are looking for a drinking game that gets you and your friends completely wasted, look no further! Do or Drink is the real deal and gets the job done while being one hell of a good time!

  116. Maria Fernanda

    nice game

    the game is fun and all but some of the challenges are too much, especially if you’re playing with family members or with a small group of people

  117. Andrew Kyle Judal


    Item is of superlative quality. Notably exemplary delivery. Excellent packaging. Remarkably pleased. Magnificent seller.

  118. Brutney

    Can’t wait to play again

    Def had fun

  119. Christian S.

    Loved it! Hangover was worth it

    So much fun to play with friends!! First night we played, it got wild! Haven’t gotten a hangover like that in a while but it was worth it!

  120. Aysia Walters

    Don’t spill alcohol. You will ruin the cards.

    This game was the hit of the night! Purchased it for a cousin trip out of town but had to try it beforehand. Directions were easy to follow and everyone talked about the game the rest of the weekend. Can’t wait until my trip to see how much fun it is with my cousins. Make expansion packs ASAP

    One person found this helpful

  121. VasilyZ


    Super fun card game. The game was shipped very fast so I loved that as well.

  122. Jan Vidim

    Best drinking game, played it with total 30 different ppl, everyone loved it.

    Great game! Rules are not too complicated, to play it when you’re very drunk, but also complicated enough to be entertaining even if you’re not drunk yet. Tasks are fun and unorthodox. Only down side is that the game is too American, some tasks are not funny or plausible to do if you play it outside of US.

  123. Felicia

    Worth it

    Funniest drinking game i’ve played in a very long time. Be careful with whom you play this game with because things can get very intimate and or odd depending on the players or you could always choose the option to get super drunk. You are going to want to choose to actually do the challenges tho because if you always punk out and take the drinking option you’ll for sure be toasted within 30 minutes. One last peace of advice is the more players the more entertaining this deck of cards are… Have fun and drink responsibly.

  124. Rubisely Betancourt



  125. McKenzie Marie

    Funniest game to ever exsist

    100% recommend this game if you love game nights and having great laughs! We play this game almost every game night we have! Came in great condition!!

  126. courtney

    Definitely will get you drunk…use with caution

    My boyfriend, my brother, his girlfriend and I played this game and we barely got half way in it. We got so drunk and it was so much fun to play. There was a card that my brother’s girlfriend could use at any time and every player must touch the wall and whoever is the last player must drink. Sometimes we barely noticed when she was touching the wall cause at this point we were all very much intoxicated. But definitely FUN!!

  127. Barron

    This was the best thing ever since like ever lol

    The game is absolutely hilarious! I had a blast reading over all the challenges and randomness from the black cards! I played with my girlfriend and we both had a blast! And this weekend we will be playing with some friends of ours and the look on they faces when they read some of the cards will be worth it!

  128. Lashonda

    Good for the older and the younger crowd.

    Very fun game. You will definitely end up drunk lol.

  129. Tori


    Played it at a wedding. Can be a very fun game. But can also be dangerous with the amount of shot you have to take

  130. Amazon Customer

    Not much of a family game.

    This game is for younger age. Very x rated. Fun when everyone is drunk.

    One person found this helpful

  131. Desiree Francis


    I really enjoyed playing this game. I like how the cards are color coordinated and the range of how intense each color is. Also, there are a lot of cards so there is more than enough to play with a group of friends

  132. mary vidal

    Great Game

    Ok, so I think this game is fun asf. Yes, it somewhat sexual, but what I did to make it more interesting is if the dare I can’t do it because is way too sexual, I’ll just get another card, but if I still don’t want to do that one, I have to take two shots. I played it twice and both times were fun asf.

  133. Criselda

    Best Drinking Games Ever

    Omg BEST DRINKING GAME EVER ! Definitely rating a 10!!!! I’ve laughed my ass off so hard literally lost my voice from laughing so much the first night we receive them I’ve recommended my friends to order there own set instead of always wanting to buying mine ! Thank u great drinking game ever !

  134. Danielle

    Must buy

    If you are looking for a game for all adults to play and have a good time and learn more about each other but keeping the night going with drinks and laughter this is the game!!!

  135. Leah W

    So so funny

    This game is hilarious

  136. Alissa

    Title lives up to its name

    Played this with my group of friends while camping and let’s just say everyone was certainly drunk after playing! Great game!

  137. Brandy p


    This came in on a Friday, which was perfect… omg I have never laughed so hard while playing a game. things got weird and fast. I rode someone like a house and even saw another player feeding drinks with their feet to another player. well worth the money. we barely put a dent in the deck and everyone was already drunk or ready to quit.. the only thing I would say about this is that you shouldn’t play if you’re in a relationship where either of you gets jealous easy. other than that, its hella fun and we will play again this weekend!


    This game is wild!

    Always a great time playing with friends!Can get a little awkward with family hahaha

  139. CaliberCable

    Highly recommend

    I bought this for a bachelor and bachelorette party. Turns out everybody was excited to play it. This game actually ended a three-year long friendship. Like, done. No more. We out. Soooo, needless to say, we got our moneys worth!

    One person found this helpful

  140. Melanie

    Best adult party game!

    I wasn’t too sure about this game ag first, but after reading the reviews I thought I’d give it a shot. Never would I have thought that I would’ve loved the game as much as I do! It’s nonstop fun! I’d definitely recommend if you have a party coming up, or maybe a bachelorette party coming up that this be the game you play!

  141. S

    Lots of Fun!

    Out of the drinking games I’ve played, this is a pretty good one. There are some really funny ones in there and a few boring or weird ones in there too. We got through 3/4 of the whole deck playing one time, but we’ll definitely play again.

  142. Shantel

    So much fun

    Had a game night. This was the first game out of 4 we played. It was so much fun we forgot we had other games. Definitely great for laughs and a good time..

  143. dylan

    Very fun game

    I loved this game it was a blast and I think you might like it to

  144. Kate Forever

    You’ll be the best host of the year for this one.

    This game will have you and your friends laughing the whole night! It’s a combination of our childhood favorites, thumb wars, hand slaps, truth or dare, and some explicit good times.

    One person found this helpful

  145. Baylee Canales

    Little pricey, but fun game

    A little pricey for a box of cards, but a really fun game. My box came in a bit torn up on the sides but was still useable.

  146. Olea Andra


    Super fun game! You have to play with people who are daring. Played once with my friend group and now everyone is afraid to play again! I loved it though.

  147. Katelynn


    This game is such a fun party game! a perfect drinking game with a group. It definitely helps you get comfortable with people and just a lot of fun!!

  148. Jasmin Rivera

    FUNNY! Not for the faint of heart!

    You have to either be REALLY willing to do the stuff on the cards, or REALLY willing to drink. The cards are hilarious and some completely push boundaries but if you play with people that don’t take themselves too seriously you’ll have a great night. Played this with a large group of people and it was HILARIOUS!! Definitely probably the best, and the funniest drinking game I have ever played.

    4 people found this helpful

  149. jordan

    It’s fun

    It’s a fun game but it’s a lot of repetitive challenges. Better to have a lot of people playing because of how many cards there are. I’ll play it again

    One person found this helpful

  150. College Student

    Play with daring friends

    The dares can get very naughty! First time around it was basically just reading the cards and drinking. Also make sure you shuffle well.

  151. Tory

    Hands down best game!

    This is the best game! It is great for parties and for pre-games. My friends and I play this game for hours and we never get bored, each card is different but equally hilarious! My friends and I have created so many memories, even though we can’t remember all of them!

    13 people found this helpful

  152. Amos Greenwood

    Great game! Buy it you won’t regret!

    Great game, amazing idea for a product. Great party game to get everyone to have fun and let loose. Since I have bought this game I already have friends that played asking about where I bought it from. Great game can’t wait for an expansion pack to further the excitement!!! Great game!!! Definitely should buy and play with some friends!

  153. Shauntel

    Best drinking game I’ve played

    Bought this game for my 33rd birthday and this game was definitely fun. This game served its purpose everyone had and amazing time with the card questions activities and of course drinking. I definitely will be bringing this game to our next get together.

    One person found this helpful

  154. C. Coakley

    So much fun!!

    We had to start drinking water by the end of the game. Make sure you have plenty of beverages because you’ll be drinking a lot!!We had so much fun. The challenge cards are hysterical. Can’t wait to order the expansion packs.

  155. Karina Reynoso Mosqueda

    Best game for friends

    If you want to have a good time get this game. Definitely better then buzzed and cards against humanity. Seriously loved this game.


    Buy it!

    I love this game, my family and I have literally started a family game night every Friday because of this game. We laugh so hard every time we get a black card. This is a must buy if you’re trying to find a great drinking game.

  157. Rohit

    Drink Responsibly

    This game is a must-have for everyone who loves to drink and party! There are so many cards available and my friends and I have had an amazing time playing this game. This is a great game for house parties!

  158. Amazon Customer

    SO FUN

    This game was so much fun! There are definitely some crazy ones in there but that’s what makes it so funny. I highly suggest!!!

  159. Carol church

    My boys and his friends love this game

    Fun game to play.

  160. DeAndre

    Great Game

    I absolutely love this game and it’s great for parties.

  161. Yvette Clark

    Great friends and family game

    This game is fun. I enjoy playing it with my friends and family. We have a great time and its so many cards that the games usually last a while.

  162. Connie

    Do with friends n couples

    I DONT know if I should give these ppl a had clap or pull out my belt and whip them the stuff on his carts is not only gonna have you drunk but if you in a relationship you might be single by the end of the game lol

  163. Breyoncé

    Don’t Buy Things When Drinking Wine

    For starters I was already tipsy when I brought this. When I received it—it was so tiny. Idk why I thought it would be big but for some reason I did. So, I was a bit upset about spending $30 on a tiny box of cards. Other than that it’s a fun game. It will give you endless laughs.

  164. Kayla Lozano

    Awkwardly Hilarious and SO MUCH FUN!

    I got this game for my mother-in-law’s birthday and it was a blast! We had so much fun it was ridiculous! What I liked about this game is that the drinking part is actually fun and will make you laugh like crazy! There are a few cards that are a bit racy – so prepare yourselves for some awkwardly hilarious opportunities to laugh your butts off! The game contains two different decks of cards which are placed on two different piles. Very straightforward, the cards are easy to read, and you never know what the next card will hold! I highly recommend for adults 21 to 121 – cheers!

  165. Brianna Mynatt


    This game is hilariously fun!! We’ve played it two nights in a row, and have laughed so hard til we cried and couldn’t breathe, as well as successfully got drunk! And Im pretty sure our neighbors now think we are crazy!

  166. Jazmin

    Love this product

    So much fun to play, and amazing at parties!!!

  167. Kindle Customer

    Emphasis on ‘Drink’

    This card game is a lot of fun to play with friends. I would discourage playing it with family. If you are going to play, make sure you don’t work the next day as you will end up drinking quite a bit.

  168. Kelly

    Great game and gift

    Love this game! Great gift for older adults

  169. Jana

    Fun but a little wild

    The game itself is funny but most of the cards, I would not do. My friends wouldn’t either. And we’re not prudes by any means. It’s really out there.

  170. Natalie

    Great game

    The game is a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend playing it! Ps the floor is lava is the best rule to make. It makes the game so much more fun if you can’t touch the floor.

  171. Joanna Ugalde

    Soooo freaken fun!!

    Loved this adult party game!!! We had so much fun with this! Extremely entertaining for adults who like to drink and have a good time!! Lots of laughs!!

  172. Meredith Collins

    Probably the funniest game I’ve ever played.

    YOU WILL LAUGH YOUR FACE OFF!! I already had a lot of card games and this pandemic made me look for new things to do when I stumbled across this game. It absolutely didn’t disappoint. The game is very simple to get the hang of and the dare cards are hilarious. I will say, play with people you are comfortable with. Definitely a game we will play over and over. Additionally you can play with groups of only 4 and still have a great time. Enjoy!!

    One person found this helpful

  173. Shaq

    Don’t play with wimps

    I am the gamemaster amongst my friends and I love collecting games. Do or Drink is definitely a win for me. Playing with friends you know would be down for a good time because lame friends will make the experience very boring.

  174. Mariela Rodriguez

    Good game

    Good game but can get kinda boring

    One person found this helpful

  175. yolanda amaya

    Such a fun and drunk game!

    BUY THIS GAME!!! My friends and I had the BEST time. Got pretty drunk as expected lol and cards had us doing hilarious stuff, and embarrassing lolAlso good quality on the cards, some got a little wet and they’re good still. Definitely recommend for a great time!!

  176. Jessica C

    Not a game for shy people

    Had a blast playing this with friends, the less “ballsy” friends ended up drunk a lot quicker!Funny activities to “do or drink”

  177. Angela

    Be Aware!

    Wanna get drunk? Play this game.Wanna get closer to your friends? Play this game.Wanna do extreme dares? Play this game.This is a very fun game to play with friends who are open minded. You can get drunk easily, so be aware!!!Ps.: There are some cards that repeats and also there is a specific card that has one word misspelled but other than that, everything is great.Also, there are some people saying that there are racists cards but the company took those cards away.

    30 people found this helpful

  178. Bryon G.

    Drunk fest

    Do not buy this game!We tried it not knowing what it was… started out fine. A few drinks a few good laughs, And then nobody wanted to quit.We were chugging too many drinks and shots. Screaming “I love anal” out the front door, texting my ex, We still haven’t found my friend Jim after he had to run the block naked.John pulled the card that said “marry the person to your left or lose”. It was a lovely ceremony.In short…. If you have to play this game please make sure the person to your left is a female.

  179. Haley Lewis


    Good drinking game

  180. Alyssa Storz

    Super fun!

    Very fun for a group of friends, have had it for about a month and still haven’t made it through all of the cards! Would definitely buy the expansion packs as well.

  181. Maranda

    So much fun!!

    We ALL blacked out that night. Literally such a fun game. SOOO many laughs and memories created that night. Even a great way to make friends. Made out with a girl I just met that night. My friend Motor boated her too. Strip dances. Shots and more shots! Love it! Def buying more games.

  182. J. Baird

    Good Gift

    Got for my sister who is in college she was excited about it. Fun for college age kids but definitely seems inappropriate for younger audience.

  183. Jennifer

    Fun !

    We had a blast playing this game at family BBQ. We do not take everything so serious and it’s fun if you don’t find things offensive so easily. We had way too much fun.

  184. JanR


    Super fun, definitely gets you black out drunk! Only thing is some of the things you have to “do” are a little out there.. definitely not a game to play with just anyone.

  185. Marche

    Really Fun!

    Absolutely love this game!

  186. Brandyss

    Hilarious game!

    The best party game I have spent money on! Wow! Definitely raunchy so don’t play this game with grandma (unless she’s a cool grandma). Nonstop laughter with this one! 100% should buy it!

  187. Kayann Lightner

    Perfect for a party!

    I absolutely love this game! Got together we a few friends and had the best time playing. I recommend playing with individuals or couples that are comfortable with themselves and within their relationships because it can be very hands on.

  188. Royelle

    Fun board game

    More like a couples game, a lot of streaking and stripping.

  189. charisma

    Geared towards frat boys not grown ups

    A good drinking game for parties but it seems it more geared towards frat boys. I don’t know too many people that would be ok with “cutting out nipples on ur tshirt”.

  190. Harper

    A lot of fun during self-isolation!

    We ordered this as a couple and then FaceTimed with another couple to play this. When it was one of their turns, we just read or showed them their card. We had a lot of fun! I think some questions s would be better in larger groups or with singles, but we all had a blast. Good find!

  191. Kayla

    Worth every penny

    Bought for a bachelorette party and we had so much fun playing this! We could not stop laughing.

  192. Amazon Customer

    Lots of fun

    This went viral on tik tok, glad i bought it, all my friends like it & it seems to be a bit different than other drinking games and it doesnt have offensive questions, which me and friends were fearful of (example; racist or homophobic type things) hits the mark of risky and fun.

  193. Ashley Penelope Roman

    it is crazy game

    It is soooo not for kids, and has some crazy cards so dont play with your family.

    One person found this helpful

  194. Maraiha Ortiz


    Exactly like the picture I can’t wait to play! Maybe not worth 30$ unless you plan too play consistently.

  195. Andrew Kyle Judal


    Item is of superlative quality. Notably exemplary delivery. Excellent packaging. Remarkably pleased. Magnificent seller.

  196. Brittiany Stanley

    Love it!

    We love this game! I’m a bartender and on slow nights when it’s not super busy my customers will play this game and they always have a blast! My friends and I also play it when we’re all hanging out at the house. It’s just a super fun and super simple game. I also love that the cards aren’t completely ruined when they get wet. A lot of card games are completely ruined by any moisture, these however, you just wipe off and they seem to be just fine!

    One person found this helpful

  197. Kristina

    If you want to get drunk, this game is for you!

    Love this game! I’m happy that the racist card was taken out of the deck. Very fun to play with friends if you want to have a good night!

    One person found this helpful

  198. Brittany

    Not for couples

    I okay let’s start off with I’m a 24 year old woman who is married and we like to have game nights. I was not expecting the naughty-ness that came out of this box. I would not recommend this to any monogamous couples.. this is definitely a swingers type of game.. take your clothes off for the rest of the game, suck the persons bare nipples to your left.. like I would understand if you were a frat boy buying this or a single girl who wants to get freaky with her friends… all in all it’s good but not my cup of tea anymore.. hope this helps

    2 people found this helpful

  199. ashley

    Play with non-judgy, open minded, fun and adventurous people!

    Bought this for a get together with new friends this last weekend and it was amazing. I thought they’d humor me and we would play a few rounds, but we played all night! We tried our very hardest to get through all the cards but still didn’t! So many options and things to do I can’t imagine ever getting bored from this game.

  200. luciana


    Enjoyed playing this game with a great group of friends. I’d be careful of how fast time flys and how little you’ll recall from the night before. Had an awesome time. 10/10 would play again!

  201. Acacia

    Hella fun, don’t play with family lol

    So much fun to play with a group of friends !! Must not be shy and must be very comfortable with each other lol! Also do noooot play with family!!! I repeat, do not play with family. Haha we had a blast and got pretty drunk! Would definitely recommend.

  202. Josh

    Great game with great friends!

    I bought this game after watching some YouTubers play it back when it first came out and even to this day my friends and I play it! I like to use it as a good ice breaker also because people do reveal things about themselves but also it’s just a great time to get together and laugh about! Love the game every time and it doesn’t get boring

  203. O.Gonzalez

    Super fun!

    If you have boring friends who are afraid to do dares then it won’t be fun ! Gotta play with people who are gonna drink and DARE!! My cheeks were hurting halfway through the game because of how much I was laughing ! Definitely a fun purchase

    One person found this helpful

  204. Crystal Goodall

    Best drinking game!

    Definitely need an open mind and when people actually do what’s on the cards it’s hilarious! Literally laughed till I cried!

  205. lx0021

    For the brave people

    This game is super fun and scandalous! It definitely is not meant for people who are afraid of getting their comfort zones. One thing I don’t like are the cards that involve calling places and making dumb orders. Such a waste of time, especially since I’m in the service industry. I’ll just take those cards out of the deck though. Otherwise, these cards are really fun and they’re way more entertaining than the other card games like cards against humanity and what do you meme. I get bored of those games easily. These cards are all different and keeps things excited. Can’t wait until the pandemic is over to be able to play with more friends. The game is obviously more fun if people are actually willing to do the actions!

    One person found this helpful

  206. Emma


    My friend and I did a test run of the game with the 2 of us after a night at the bar, we couldn’t stop laughing. Can’t wait to play with a larger group!

  207. Amazon Customer

    Entertaining and fun

    Great and entertaining, however, there are some cards that have racist undertones. The game would be much better without those certain cards.

    One person found this helpful

  208. Lety Anderson

    Love it!

    I have played drinking card games before with my Fam and Friends but this is by far the best drinking game! Rules are stupid proof and the more people playing, the better 🙂 Don’t play this game if you aren’t trying to get drunk, don’t want to have a good time or are with prudish people.

  209. Yisela

    Good game

    I found this a bit to sexually explicit for a group setting, but 2 a partnership it was a hit!

  210. Chantelina Phillips

    Building memories

    Game night with friends. Didn’t play it exactly the way it says but it was fun.

  211. vanessa


    This drinking game is hilarious! I Would defiantly recommend this game to any one that is 21 and over and is not afraid to have some fun. Some of the cards have some pretty wild things to do but trust me, you and you’re guest will have a good time with it. Not for couples! LOL

  212. Donna

    Great for college students

    Hysterical dares!

  213. Rachel

    Amazing fun

    This was so much fun. Played this on New Years and it was an absolute blast 100% recommend it!

  214. Rebecca Ewing

    Fun games

    This game is great. You laugh so hard. We played at our 4th of July party.

  215. Felicia H Walker

    Cant wait to play!

    I purchased this game for my weekend getaway and cannot wait to play. I read some of the cards and its going to be a lot of fun. Good quality and arrived really fast.

  216. Carol church

    My boys and his friends love this game

    Fun game to play.

  217. Bun bun

    Great for game night

    Very affordable and fun for a game night. Shipping was fast, so it’s great for a last minute purchase!

  218. Imani

    Fun game

    A little hard to understand the rules when you and your friends are under the influence. Overall the game was pretty cool we made up our own rules lol

  219. Nadz


    Its a good game

  220. Peter G


    This game is absolutely hysterical to play. (and gets you pretty messed up) Ignore all the 1 star reviews. They are snowflakes that can’t take a joke or recognize that it’s a game. It is true that you need thick skin and good friends to maximize this games potential. Do not play it with your mother haha. Its cards against humanities on steroids, with people doing funny things.

    One person found this helpful

  221. Will

    Best game ever

    Literally one of the best games we have ever played. Everyone we played with have enjoyed it! It’s absolutely the game to have for all occasions! I

    One person found this helpful

  222. Shawn

    Great game but..

    A bit disappointed that it didn’t have some of the questions advertised.

  223. Marielis


    My friends and I played this game and had sooo much fun. We did all the dares so we were all sober by the end!

  224. Mariah Norris

    Perfect Game For A Game Night !

    We Love This Game, It Doesn’t Get Old Cause Somebody Always Get A Card We Didn’t Know Was In There. If You Like To Take Risks & Have Fun Get This Game ‼️

  225. Amazon Customer

    Make sure what you’re getting in your order

    I thought this game was going to come with 2 extra sets of card categories. But for the money it is not bad and it came fast and secure

  226. Ryan

    Highly Recommended

    I’ve only played with one other person so far, but the game has been a lot of fun. Unlike other drinking games that are too romanticized to actually play with friends, this one has so many funny challenges and dares, (like venmo someone using sexual emojis) I have yet to see anyone compete with these guys! Awesome game, and definitely worth the black out!

  227. Amazon Customer

    So funny

    If u have drunks for friends this game is great other wise leave it to the professionals

  228. Kulmiye Idris

    Talk about wild times!

    This game will have everyone drunk and naked in a matter of 60 minutes. If your in a relationship play this game alone with your woman/man/partner. If your a swinger this game will open up new horizons. Be careful, some of the cards are just get butt naked and grind on someone! Does the job!

  229. Amazon Customer

    Great game for adults

    Funny and a great gift for all adults.

  230. Allyssa


    It’ll get you there, be careful and make sure you actually like your drink lol

  231. Shaq

    Don’t play with wimps

    I am the gamemaster amongst my friends and I love collecting games. Do or Drink is definitely a win for me. Playing with friends you know would be down for a good time because lame friends will make the experience very boring.

  232. Carl Smith-Hudson

    Great game!!!

    It’s soo much fun make sure u got alot of liquor tho lol. But it’s so much fun and u learn about your friends lol

  233. Layne fine

    Best game ever!

    So fun! Best drinking game we have found and we’ve tried quite a few!

  234. Aerial M.

    Most fun game ever

    It was a super great game to play I love it you better be ready to get drunk or have crazy fun

  235. Dakota Ferguson


    This was an AMAZING purchase. I hosted a party on Saturday and ordered it the Monday before and it arrived on time! Everyone had a good time and will be also purchasing! Very very highly recommended

  236. James&Bre

    Could be a kissing cousin kinda thing

    Fun but alot is inappropriate. Wouldn’t be a family of any kind type of game

  237. Chance

    Great party game!

    Ordered this for a birthday party, on top of just for drinks and game night. We’ve LOVED this game. A lot of fun and the expansions are totally worth picking up with it. No lie though, you will win or black out! (Or vomit lol)

  238. riley spence

    very fun!

    fun game to play with friends! makes us all laugh and have a good time

  239. LAURA

    Exacto lo que ofrece!

    El material de las cartas es de muy buena calidad. Las preguntas a veces son muy especificas para ESTADOS UNIDOS, pero con creatividad se pueden usar. Muy divertido!

    One person found this helpful

  240. PublicPresence

    Brings you closer

    Fun game! Enjoyed the concept and some of the dares were hilarious to watch carried out. I think there is something bonding about exposing yourself to a little humility in front of family. Although I will say my uncle was a little too quick to agree to act out the 69 position when I was the one on his left. I quite literally never felt closer.

  241. Marcellus Carter

    Super awesome

    Price is very affordable. The game itself will get you in trouble but I really enjoyed it

    One person found this helpful

  242. Melinda Collingsworth

    Good For College kids – Not really for Adults with Spouses

    Perfect.. for College kids – who are single and ready to mingle.. Not exactly for Adults who are married and just want to have a little fun being “silly” for a small period of time.. I will be returning.. Great concept.. Just wished it was a bit more for our crew… Thanks!

    2 people found this helpful

  243. Danielle

    This game is awesome!

    I bought this game right before going camping with a group of friends, and let me tell you, we had a blast with this! We loved that it was different from truth or dare because if you don’t feel comfortable doing something on the card, you just have to drink, it’s that easy! Everyone had a blast with this game, we played every day we were camping. Looking forward to our next gathering so we can play again!

  244. martha rubi

    Great game.

    Great game! If your friends are up for something wild this game is great. It provides a spice to the night.

  245. Pam

    Good game

    Great game but a great deal of the cards are tailored towards white people.

    2 people found this helpful

  246. Amazon Customer

    Such a funny wild game

    Such a brilliant game. Lots of options and the challenges are hilarious. Such a massive variety of cards and it arrived waaaay before the delivery date. Took about 4 days when it said it should take 2+ weeks. So happy with it and highly recommend.

  247. AmyC

    Get Reckless!

    When I opened this box and there was a liability waiver saying they aren’t responsible for any possible injuries or DEATH, I knew this game was going to be wild. Within 15 minutes there were several drinking cards so we were pretty tipsy right away making the DARE cards much easier to agree to. This is definitely not a game for those shy introvert kind of people. Also, you will most likely wake up with some sort of injury, I nearly broke my thumb in an aggressive thumb wrestling match.

    One person found this helpful

  248. Justin Barkley

    Hilarious times as soon as the box is open.

    So this game was HILARIOUS. Can’t recommend it enough for a great night with friends. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard I couldn’t stand up, but this game got me there. Also, you’ll drink. A lot. So if you’re looking for a fun drinking game with your best friends, or a way to get to know new people REALLY well REALLY fast, highly recommend this. Worth the money for sure.

  249. Mz Jones

    This game is amazing-must own!

    This game is amazing- a must own! I was so thrilled when I saw the advertisement for this game on IG and couldn’t wait to order. I hosted a game night once a month and this was our February and March game. We loved it that much! This card game is wild and crazy and not for the weak- so you better have open minded and no limitation friends, lol. You’re guarantee to be drunk by the end of the game because there no way you’ll remain sober playing this card game. Several cards with hours of fun and laughter. We had guest; cash app others with freaky words, face toilets, motorboating, acting out sex position (reserve cow girl & doggy style) calling Pizza Hut for penis shaped pizzas. Just to name a few cards. Heck I’m the host and I ended up with a penis drew on the back of neck and stripping every time someone took a drink. Let’s just say I had to call it quits when when I found myself topless. Everyone had a blast and 3 of friend’s ordered the game before we finished playing.

    7 people found this helpful

  250. Alexis Laws

    So much fun / so funny

    These are so much fun and hysterical. We changed the rules so that everyone gets to pick their card from 3 so that we’d last longer (because you’d get really drunk from some of these). I’d recommend this to everyone I know!

  251. Tasha Traylor

    So much fun!

    This game is so much fun and outrageous! Haven’t had a chance to play with friends yet, but my husband and I had a blast and got wasted!

  252. N. Bordages

    This game almost killed 3 people!

    We are 3 people around 40. 3 hours after we started playing this game, I called it realizing that we were gonna die if I didn’t. In the beginning, you drink because whatever, it’s just one drink. But after a bit, you realize you have to do the activities. All the activities are legal but embarrassing. If you’re looking for a real adult game, it starts and ends here.

  253. Kathy Rivas


    Great game to play while drinking. Do. Not. Play. With. Family! Unless you’re into that kind of thing…

  254. Mr. Meeseeks

    The Tinder of card games

    Rented an Air bnb, had a good ratio of tacos and burritos, and had way too much alcohol. It’s fun if you have the right kind of people. When you first start, play only with the white cards. Remove black, red and anything that tells you to draw them. Once the room feels settled in, then mix in all the cards.

  255. Judy


    Played this and now ready for the next game night, these cards are hilarious

  256. Amazon Customer

    Roaring laughter for a good two hours!

    This game did exactly what it was supposed to do…create fun and laughter. My husband and son race dirt bikes and we camp at tracks often. We had people that camped around us tell us the next morning how much fun it sounded like we were having. An awesome time!

  257. Taylor Metz


    so happy with my purchase great game for friends on a drinking night!! very fun and great value for money.

  258. Nicole Klug

    Great game, cards should be waterproof though

    This game was absolutely amazing to play! My only complaint is, who makes a drinking game like this and the cards aren’t water proof or resistant? A cup or two is going to get spilt eventually when you’re playing a game designed to get you drunk.

  259. tmj31186


    Fun game to play with friends

  260. Jeanie

    Most fun I’ve had playing a game in years

    The media could not be loaded.

     We had a blast with this game. Do not play this if you don’t plan on being drunk by the end. The cards are insane and we nearly died of laughter.

    3 people found this helpful

  261. Kelly

    Great game and gift

    Love this game! Great gift for older adults

  262. alex

    Gives you a solid reason to scream “I love anal”

    Honestly, just get the game. It will get the party started/going. It has some intense stuff but if you’re crazy like me and my friends, then its a great time! It was the best ice breaker game to get the new people at my party out of their comfort zones but was also exciting and daring for us who were long time friends! DEFINITELY BUY IT lol

  263. David

    Be prepared

    I’ve played this game with friends and get ready to see some wild stuff go down. Its a dangerous game. I’ll leave it at that

  264. Nicole nugent

    love it!!

    It comes with plentyyy of cards, and they really get you out of your comfort zone lol. we got wasted and had some good laughs, definitely will be bringing it around to other parties.

  265. Dawsyn Case

    Super fun!

    This game is so much fun!!! Me and my friends love playing it at party’s! A great gift for someone in college!

  266. Linsey Lopez

    Best drinking game for parties

    Loved EVERYTHING about this game. It came super fast & just in time for my boyfriends birthday party. Well worth the money, to be able to have so much fun with all our friends. Honestly no problems or concerns whatsoever, everything was great overall.

  267. Brandon McCollum

    Fun with the right group

    Very fun game, some questions we throw out because not worth costing friendships but overall it’s a great drinking game

  268. Patrick

    Fantastic game for friends!

    My party LOVED this game. It is dangerous fun. I would say if you play this with family you should read through the cards and take the more NSFW cards out, we ended up just skipping those cards with family members. All in all this game is a fantastic game! We had loads of laughs, and made great memories.

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