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Dirty Neighbors is a party game for mature audiences. The game combines everyone’s wit, humor, and personal problems to expose things you never knew about your friends. The more dirt you have on your friends, the more your jaw will hurt from laughing. But, then again… this game is not for you.


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Dirty Neighbors will make everybody funny… even you! It will yank the dirty out of you and will make your wildest dreams come true. Without this game in your life, you will feel incomplete. Actually, it’s just a really fun party game that you and friends will enjoy… maybe. Bring some originality to your next party and take control of your dirty answers. In the box is 250 Dirty Neighbors Cards, 20 Neighborhood Watch Cards, Dirty Neighbor Rules, and 2 fat stack answer pads.

Dirty Neighbors Card Game is for 3 – 44 players aged 17+. Average games last 30 – 120 minutes!

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