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    • FORGE YOUR DESTINY: Quest for the favor of the gods with Dice Forge, a board game that challenges you to harness your powers and challenge up to three other players in a battle for dominance. When the gods call an end to your contest, the player with the most glory wins the game.
    • INNOVATIVE DICE CRAFTING GAME: In Dice Forge, each hero receives two dice with removable faces that they can modify and upgrade over the course of the game. Through this customization process, heroes channel the random power of dice to take control of their fate!
    • STRATEGY GAME: Roll your dice, manage your resources, complete ordeals before your opponents and explore multiple winning strategies. With each roll, heroes collect resources and open up a host of possibilities. Purchase new faces to upgrade your dice and win additional rewards and glory by facing ordeals devised by the gods.
    • CHALLENGING & COMPETITIVE: During the game, your dice provide the resources you need, but throughout the game, you’ll change your dice, snapping new faces on and improving your chances of claiming victory.
    • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun family game is made for 2 to 4 players and is suitable for ages 10 and older. Average playtime is approximately 45 minutes.
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    Dice Forge
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    The gods are offering a seat in heaven to the hero that can defeat their rivals, with your most precious ally being… a set of divine dice! Take the role of a mighty hero and use the supreme powers of the Divine Dice to defeat your enemies in Dice Forge!

    Dice Forge is an innovative dice crafting game, where the dice holds all the powers! Dice Forge features customizable, removable fans, allowing your hero to build your dice exactly the way you want it! Customize your dice to make them more powerful as the game progresses, use your dice to produce the resources you require to defeat your enemies, or sacrifice gold to the gods in order to upgrade your dice powers! Control the luck of the dice, because your seat in heaven is waiting for you!

    Dice Forge is recommended for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up.

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    Dimensions30.50 × 30.50 × 7.60 cm
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    68 reviews for Dice Forge Strategy Board Game | Dice Crafting Fun Family Game

    1. Sarah K

      Fun game, great insert

      Love this game. Fairly easy to teach new gamers, and the sets of basic and advanced cards give it some replayability.

    2. SW

      Fun with friends and as a family!

      Dice Forge has major replay-ability. We have played this with groups of three as well as groups of four. Each time we do the unboxing our guests are impressed by the attention to detail on the board design. We were surprised and impressed as well! It’s quick to pick up how to play the game, and play duration allows for fun without an all day commitment.

    3. Sarxs

      Fun, fast, unique, CUSTOM DICE!!

      Fun, fast and unique. I enjoyed this enough after several plays of a friends copy to buy one of my own.

    4. 4tees

      One of the most well produced games there is.

      The quality is simply outstanding, and the game play is quick and fun. Quickly became a family favorite. We will buy the expansion in the future.

    5. JOzan

      One of our favorite games now

      One of our favorite games now.Always get the game ready to play again after you are done. It helps shorten the start up time.

    6. TC

      5 stars for a great family game

      This is a game that is going to be a part of our family games for a loooooong time. I thought about getting this for almost a year. I just wasn’t sure. Reviews were that it was good, but replayability was questionable. Well….. for playing with a six year old, this game is awesome. I put this up there with Quacks of Quedlinburg, which is another current favorite we play.I’m not going to go over gameplay, but I do want to point out a couple things. First, even with the basic setup, I find this amazing. There are multiple paths to victory, which lends itself to replayability (I count at least 4 different ways to focus your efforts in the introductory setup with multiple ways to achieve them). There really are different ways to create your deck building engine. It almost seems like a simpler Space Base in that regard (another favorite of mine – it is too difficult for my six year old right now though). The added cards are great – yes, more cards is always better, but you can easily play the introductory setup a dozen times and it will/can play out differently. Secondly, almost every card is different. That is amazing too. This just adds to the replayability. Gameplay is just astounding, and the fact that you can play in 30-45 minutes and feel like you really created an engine to produce is incredible.While I think the gameplay is 5 stars plus, I am going to nitpick a few things here. First, the player board could certainly be thicker cardboard. I am worried about durability when playing with my kids. Second, a few cardboard tokens could have been wooden to help with visibility, etc. Third, the sleeve for the additional die faces has cutout parts to grab the sleeve, and they are not cut on top of one another, but offset by quite a bit which I don’t understand. Lastly, the card stock isn’t great. We sleeves a lot of games, and I didn’t think I’d sleeves these but they are pretty cheap. Now you don’t handle them much, and it doesn’t matter if they get messed up as there is no hidden information, but this surprised me.While I have some minor complaints, I think that for a production price of under 30 dollars you won’t find much better. Most issues I have just require you to be a little careful, or just aware of. This game has great visual appeal – the art on everything is amazing and really stands out. The organizer is exceptional and seems pretty sturdy. The dice seem well made (I am using a lego tool to make changing die faces easy). This is one of the best games I have gotten for our family to play as it is intuitive, language independent, and icons are pretty easy to remember. The fun factor is of the charts, the design is on point, and you won’t be disappointed.

    7. salinas

      Looks complicated. Isn’t complicated.

      If you like dice games (I do) and light engine buillders (I do), this game is great. Doesn’t leave anything completely to chance as it lets you manipulate the faces of the dies you roll for resources. Literally fixing the dice. It isn’t really theme heavy, but I like the theme attached to this game. It assumes you are already a heroic warrior before you take turn one! How’s that for an ego boost? The art is FANTASTIC. The designer/artists did a great job of putting subtle clues to understanding the cards/chits using symbology that is intuitive. For example, the cards get set into a frame and if they are placed correctly, they will complete an artistic landscape perfectly. If they are not set up correctly, something is wrong. I was going to knock this game down one start for the shear number of pieces and the set up time, BUT, the insert and instructions on how to store the pieces are so good, that it more than makes up for it. The idea of removing tiles from a die face and replacing them constantly may make you feel like you are going to wear and tear the tiles, but rest assured, the hard plastic pieces are very sturdy and I’m impressed with the quality of the entire game and thought given to asthetics, storage, and game play. I was able to get it on sale for 20 bucks and i felt like a thief when I opened up the box.Is it my favorite game? Nah. Is it good? It’s great. I wouldn’t recommend it as an initial gateway game for someone who has never played Ticket to Ride or Catan just because it can look daunting. But as a second game? Absolutely.

      8 people found this helpful

    8. adsherma


      Fantastic game. Bought it as a gift and will buy a copy for me. Great strategy dice game. A little challenging if you expect it to be like monopoly but worth the time it takes to read the rules.

    9. Mac

      Great game, easy, fun, relatively quick.

      This is not a WOW amazing game. However, if you like a colorful, fun, and resource management type game, this is for you. It is pretty neat how you manipulate the dice, and also get to choose the fun cards. How much can you rack up in so many rounds?

    10. Matthew A. Hartzler

      Fun for family.

      This is a great game for a family. Replayable because each game can be different. Quality parts.

    11. StayHomeD

      Fun for the whole family.

      When we unboxed this game and started looking at the instructions we were a bit intimidated. There’s lots of pieces along with lots of information crammed onto ~ 4 pages on directions. After reading through it once, I pulled up a YouTube how to play video, and everything on the instructions started making a lot of sense. In fact, it’s very easy to play. And fun too. We played a three person game. Two adults and an eight year old. Our six year old watched and wants to play next time.The game play is quick. Everyone playing is involved constantly with rolling dice as well as thinking of their own next move. The players are always trying to improve their dice or spend experience (earned through rolling dice) to gain rewards and glory points.The only negative is the game clean up which takes several minutes because you have to organize the pieces and basically get the game set up for the next time you want to play. On the bright side however, the developers created a box that makes putting it away not seem to much like a chore.This game is lots of fun and highly recommended.

    12. Alexander Keeler

      Family loves this game

      Easy to learn, strategy doesn’t go too deep, but it has just the right amount of luck and skill. And the fact that you’re constantly rolling dice and gaining different types of points adds to its satisfaction.

    13. Sid Ward

      Accessible, dice rolling fun in under an hour

      Dice building? Yep. You roll a pair of dice and accumulate 3 currencies. One is spent to improve the dice – you actually pop the faces off and you add new ones. The other two currencies are used to buy cards that give you one time or persistent bonuses.If you remember the game Quarriors, you may have some concerns about randomness. But this is addressed with the sheer frequency of die rolls. You roll the dice on everyone’s turn, accumulating resources. and spend the resources on your turn. So, no waiting for your turn and then be kicked in the face with a poor roll.Rarely is a board game cheaper than I would expect it to be. But give then quality of the components, I am surprised at the price point for this game ~ $40. The dice are solidly made and the die faces are of a hard plastic(?). I have no fear of damaging either the dice or the faces when taking them on and off. Also, you won’t need to stick stickers on dice, they come ready for action.The game plays in about 45-1 hour and is a fairly easy game to teach. There is a fair bit of replay-ability to the game with 2-3 different strategies. There is a degree of variety to each game in the cards: the cheap ones are fixed, but you have a choice of 2 for the more expensive ones. But the one weakness of the game is that for 1/2 the cards these differences do not add much to the game. There could be more variety here, and definitely scope for an expansion, or perhaps make your own cards! If you like deck builders or dice rolling, this will be a good addition to your collection.

      6 people found this helpful

    14. MamaPete

      Family fun!

      My husband, 13-year-old daughter, and I love to play this game together. (Sorry, 8 year-old-son. He’s just not into it. He’d rather do other things.) The best thing about it is every game is different. You can play with 2-4 players. There are different sets of cards. We wound up kind of making our own rules to clarify things we felt were murky in the written rules, mixing up the card sets, etc.

    15. Tina Mancuso

      Fun, light game with little down-time

      My husband is notoriously bad at dice-rolling, so when he played this, he had to have a copy — if your dice rolls suck, make your dice better! We also like the fact that every player gets to do something on every turn; true, when it’s not your turn you’re only rolling your dice and collecting resources, but it’s still a lot less down-time than normal games where you have to wait a while before you get to actually do something.I tend to agree with other reviewers that it would be nice if it were a little longer. Tear-down is also kind of a pain, as you have to disassemble all the dice and reset them. The game box is really well-designed and everything stays where you put it, even if you tip it or rattle it around. I especially like that the tray where all the dice faces are stored has a sleeve around it held by an elastic band so the pieces are contained.

      26 people found this helpful

    16. Yvonne In Bend

      Very fun game, easy to learn

      Takes up a lot of table space, but very fun game that keeps everyone engaged, because you get rewards even when it isn’t your turn. Quite a bit of luck involved due to dice rolls, but keeping you interested all the time is a plus.

    17. Jennifer


      Exactly as described

    18. Megan E. Swezey

      Great family game.

      Heard good things about this game. Takes a few play throughs to develop your strategy but is easily picked up. I play with my 7 and 10 year old girls and they love it. Exellent box with places for every piece.

      One person found this helpful

    19. Akeel Alnassari

      Fun extremely interactive. Great game

      Kids love this game. Lots of little pieces and takes a little work to set up but definitely worth the time and money. We have several board games and this is one of our favorites. My kids are 11 and 12. Parents like this game too. Making new dice everytime us fun and the fact that everyone rolls every turn makes it very interactive.

    20. P and A Alter

      Love this game!

      This is such a fun game! Super great for people who are new to board games and veteran players alike! It’s a deck builder for dice! The artwork is beautiful too!

    21. Harlan

      great replayability, unique concept

      Building dice faces as you play is a great game mechanic.Otherwise, it plays/feels quite a bit like Deck-Building games (similar to Dominion)…you collect cards that give you stuff, and cards that give you points… if you don’t get points soon enough, they are all gone by end of game!Fun game, a bit tricky to learn at first. but then you get it quickly.

    22. KurtKurt

      Add Me to the Collection Please

      I really enjoyed this dice building game. The fact everyone rolls on everyone’s turn makes the game better for people that have a shorter attention span. Great game worth adding to the collection.

    23. Robert Lingenfelter

      We’ve never played a game anything like this. The initial setup of the dice/box was …

      My 14 year old son and I are really enjoying this game. I’m anxious to see how different it plays with 3 and 4 players since we’ve only been able to play with 2 players so far. Very unique game and the components art work is very well done. We’ve never played a game anything like this. The initial setup of the dice/box was a little confusing, but once we got it all together, we had a blast. We highly recommend this game.

    24. Charlie

      Great game concept to forge a dice and go an …

      Great game concept to forge a dice and go an a quest. My wife and I enjoyed this game a lot. Only issue I have with the game is the card wherein it does not have any context in it. You need to read the instruction sheet first to know what it actually do. Other than that, I recommend this game to everyone.

    25. Reagan Chan

      Fun fun!

      Awesome fun game! I like this because I win, I beat my husband in this all the time! I love how intricate of the game this is, there’s so many different ways you can strategize guys. This is fun with a lot of players!I would say that this is a little hard to learn for people who don’t do a lot of tabletop games, But for those who are looking for a good medium level game…get this!

    26. Lauren P

      So much fun!

      Great game that can be different every time. We have played with two or four players and both ways are enjoyable. It is really unique to have a game where the faces of the die can be changed, and it is fun to try different strategies to win. This is our new favorite board game!

    27. Kelsey Robertson

      Great quick game!

      Endless strategies! This is one makes it on to the favorites list.

    28. $eamStress

      Fun with interesting mechanics

      When you first open the box the game looks a bit intimidating but it is actually more simple to play than it seems at first. Better with four players than two. My favorite mechanic is that all players roll their dice and gain resources on every persons turn. This keeps you focused on the game. Also has the best insert I have ever seen. Every component has a location and the sleeve over the dice faces not only shows you where each piece goes but also keeps them in place during transport. You may want to use a guitar pick or other tool to help pop the dice faces off. They aren’t too difficult but if you paint your nails or have weak nails you may need a tool. Overall one of the best games we have gotten in a while

      4 people found this helpful

    29. Bronson Elderts-Ajala

      Great Game:Concept

      This game was a great addition to my wallOf board games. Love the fact that everyone is always playing and there’s hardly ever any downtime. When we first received it and opened it up it was a little bit overwhelming with all the pieces. BUT after the first initial set up and getting the rules down. The game is VERY simple to play. Also love how you can change the game up a bit with more hero feat cards. I’d strongly recommend this game to anyone. Definitely worth it!!!

      4 people found this helpful

    30. gwilson1010

      A Little Complicated, but Great Game

      Very cool game, plays quickly, the dice thing is cool. This game does have a bit of a learning curve because it’s a little complicated, but once you get it, it’s quick fun. There are lots of possible outcomes and I try different strategies every time. The changing dice paradigm is surprisingly cool.

    31. Amazon Customer

      Fast to learn and lots of replayability

      The rules are easy to pick up and make it easy to start playing. Since dice make it chance based your strategy has to be flexible each game and makes each round unique. Love how they put detail into how the box is setup so you know where everything goes in cleanup and makes the cleanup much quicker and also causes the setup for next game easy.

    32. C. Eubanks

      Great game- have time to set up and learn instructions

      This game is a ton of fun to play! There is some set up the first time, but it was well worth it. The game requires a bit of patience when first starting out but it is a blast with friends.

    33. Jennifer

      Quick, enjoyable game play

      My husband is a huge board game person and I’m not but this was a game that was easy to learn and play with him that you don’t have to spend hours on.

    34. Reading Student

      Kids and Adults Enjoyed It

      Played this at a family members house and the kids loved it so much we ordered one for our house.

    35. Dylan L.

      Dice Forge, once the rules are known, is a quick game

      A nice 4 person 30 minute or so game. The hardest part is popping the faces off the dice. You use the other die faces to do so, but a tool made for it might speed things up. There is a base deck and an advanced deck. In the advanced deck, rolls become more interesting, but points are harder to come by. You can switch any set of cards to customize play though, so it’s not hard to find a balance.

    36. Pablo AgudeloPablo Agudelo

      Una mecánica novedosa y muy divertida

      Muy buen juego, componentes de excelente calidad, las ilustraciones del juego son hermosas.

    37. Christopher Klise

      Incredible Presentation

      The game pieces and design are fantastic; I love the setting/lore that this game tries to impart, and the components are high quality for the price point I paid. It does require quite a bit of setup and clean up for the game length, but I enjoy the combination of strategy and luck that winning this game requires.

    38. Thomas G.

      Must get!

      My wife and kids love this game.Typically the dice are the judge, jury and executioner in any game. In this game, you get to augment your dice to help sway your outcomes!

    39. Wendy McGowan

      Super fun!

      I really enjoy this game! It’s not super heavy and brain burning, but that’s what I like about it. It’s just fun. Simple to teach, quick to play. Yet it has a bit of strategy mixed in with the luck of the dice rolling. I love being able to craft your own personal dice in whatever way you choose. I normally try and even out the options on both equally, whereas my son likes to have a sun shard die and a moon shard die (we both end up with a very close score). My husband isn’t as enthusiastic about the game, but it’s just because of the chance aspect. If you keep rolling 1 gold on both dice, you can have a pretty crappy game experience. Luckily that doesn’t happen every game.I definitely recommend it!

    40. Ben

      Great game, great engineering.

      This game has the most incredible packaging. It maks set up super easy after the first play through. The game is also easy for beginners as it really is a resource management game with the fun component of creating your own dice. To comment on just how good the engineering is on this game the dice faces are also designed to be pry tools to replace the dice faces.

    41. Thoughtful Design

      Fun and innovative

      Our son got us this game for Christmas and it was the hit of the season. Innovative, entertaining, strategy game where you upgrade the faces of your dice. Really fun. We’ve played it many many times and taught it to others.


      Excellent game and beautiful

      Excellent and fun game, nice looking. great for new and experienced players.

    43. Debra S. Goulding

      Perfect Gift!

      Recommend and came recommended.

    44. Jordan D.

      Creative game, box NASA would approve of

      I love this game. I love it a lot. I’ve never seen a dice-builder and it’s tons of fun. I even played it with my 4 year old niece to help her learn to add numbers together. That’s not what I’m here to talk about.This box is the best engineered board game box I have ever seen. It’s like Wasabi from Big Hero 6 designed it with everything fitting in specific spots so that, if you’re missing a piece, you know it well before you ever put the game away again. It then somehow folds up into this nice box in a manner that convinces me that Asmodee has discovered Time Lord technology because I can’t figure out how everything actually fits into the box. Either that or they made a pact with the devil. If they did it would make sense as it is the proper way to make sure dice rolls go your way.

    45. S. Beladi

      Great game, easy to learn

      Great game, easy to learn, takes about 20 mins to play with 2 people, and multiple paths to victory. Choose either to focus on upgrading your dice or grabbing cards that could have better effects in the long run / slow down your opponents. Great competitive game that always feels rewarding.

      One person found this helpful

    46. Banton

      Building dice for fun & points

      Great game with awesome mechanic.Do you build both dice equally, do you keep all gold on one die and all shards on the other?Many different strategies and paths to victory.

    47. Jose RJose R

      Loved this game

      This game is awesome. The First thing you Will notice is how beatiful the game presentation and visual are. Every single component is made to fit another component or socket, and the material used is very convenient because it is from decent/high quality while keeping the cost down.The gameplay itself is really good, different from other board Games I have played.The only Con I have found is that the game lacks when the Match has only 2 players, It speeds up the game to the point that it Will end when dice are getting good.

      One person found this helpful

    48. megan

      Lots of fun!

      I love this game. Of all the dozens of games we got this Christmas, this was the one I most looked forward to. I have yet to come close to winning but I still love it.

    49. Curtis J

      Tedious setup, Lego compatible, super fun for all kids and adults alike

      Initial setup can be a bit tedious, but the game is still a lot of fun. Because of all the small pieces, I keep this game with my game library instead of with the kids’. I trust the setting up and playing off the game with my older children (age 9 and older) but not the younger ones. The dice faces and dice themselves are Lego conpatible, which may help with adding some fun variety for the game as we start making house rule changes 🙂

    50. FootballGirl

      SO. MUCH. FUN.

      This is definitely one of my new favorites! It seems SO complicated to learn and set up at first, but just watch the online videos and you’ll see it’s not that difficult and so worth it. The mechanics of upgrading your dice is just super cool, the artwork is BEAUTIFUL and the mechanics are really fun! Plus it has great replay value by adding higher difficulty level cards as you get used to it. Great job on the creation of this one! P.S. Two-player version is my favorite but four-player is fun, too.

    51. Firetroll

      Super Fun

      Just got this and WOW. What a nice product. The production value is nice and the artwork is very popping and colorful. So many options to forge your own dice. That to me is such an amazing thing that you normally work with static dice. Not these dice…All the faces pop off and replace to give you better odds at rolling what you need. Big bonus the game is FAST. Two player first playthrough and it took us 20 mins. What a fantastic work.Buy if you like:- Rolling Dice- Custom Dice- Card Purchasing- Fast not all night gameplay- Appeals to both new and veteran gamers

    52. Pop Tarts?! ROFL

      Current favorite for game night – Can’t wait for the expansion

      I love board games and I have a family game night group that I’ve been slowly indoctrinating (they were Sorry!, Monopoly kind of gamers before). Out of all the games I’ve introduced them to (Machi Koro, Betrayal, King of Tokyo, others) this was hands-down the biggest hit.There’s an irresistible dice-rolling element to this game that people just love. I also love the mechanic of being able to change the faces on the dice. Very cool.On our 1st play, a piece of the die frame/core broke off, but I contacted Asmodee and they quickly sent a replacement for free! Great customer service, thanks!Definitely would recommend this game. I got it for $20 on a freak Amazon sale, but at its currently price of around $30, I would still say you should pick this up.

      2 people found this helpful

    53. Bryan Thomas

      Very enjoyable game

      Love the game played it once with a member of “One Board Family” and fell in love with the game. Would absolutely suggest anybody who enjoys dice games to purchase this item. Shipping took 2 days longer then said.

    54. Hickmanwd

      Beautiful game, amazing storage setup, so much fun.

      This game is a lot of fun with a lot of replay value. I do recommend getting like 4 tiny glasses flat heads flathead screwdrivers to use for changing the dice sides.

    55. Yakko

      Awesome would buy from you again.

      I give 20stars for the speed of shipping I mean WOW! Okay so this game is great for kids, easy to learn. but if they are younger age like 4 to 9, assemble it ahead of time and read the instructions. the only anoying thing but worth it. A great way to pass the time, with all the staying at home due to covid 19 rrrrrr. Anyhow this game is great game and great seller.

    56. Eric

      Great quick game!

      Don’t let the pictures and instructions scare you this game looks hard but is actually super simple!

    57. Dee Friel

      Asmodee Dice Forge

      I gave this as a gift. My niece was thrilled with it.

    58. Evan Vescovi

      Fun game, though complicated

      Game play is definitely fun with lots of replay-ability. The organization for the game pieces in the board is quite fun too. The only bad things I can say about it:1) Set up/tear down can be somewhat of a pain.2) While good to play with friends, my parents (who are admittedly on the older side) did not enjoy the complexity.

    59. Anita M. Davis

      Easy to learn and fun for all.

      Fun on a gaming night.

    60. Steven M Dixon

      Great and unique game.

      I love all kinds of board games, but deck-builders are my favorite. This game goes one step beyond and makes a DICE-Builder game. Its simple to play, but the fact that you build your dice as you play adds a really unique element. The game art is beautiful as well.

    61. John Mercer


      Very easy to learn, super fun, and interesting gameplay that offers a variety of strategies. The replay-ability is great. Games go by fast and you’ll want to play again right away! One of my favorites. Only wish is a 6-player adaptation.

    62. Zakary worden

      dice dice dice

      Its a super good game, shoppesville did wonderful with handeling and shipping it, I totally recomend this game to anyone

    63. Justin Witt

      Family loves it

      We played it at a friends house and had to buy one for ourselves. I wouldn’t call it incredibly easy to learn but easy enough for my 10 year old to pick up on it. Kids and parents both love playing it.

    64. Leon Samuel

      It’s an awesome light game that veterans and newbies can enjoy.

      We own several games. Some more complicated than others like Gloomhaven, but this is a star among lighter games. The dice keep everyone engaged on each roll. We added three rounds to the end which doesn’t nip the fun right when you get amazing dice. My wife and I find ourselves drawn to play it over and over to try new strategies and dice faces.

    65. Greta Lopossa

      Everyone who has played it has loved it!

      I bought this for my birthday 3 weeks ago and it’s been a huge hit! It’s easy to learn (although it looks complicated and intimidating when laid out) and we’re enjoying it. Even my husband and another good friend who generally avoid games with assorted cards with abilities that affect game play enjoyed it too. There are visual cues built into many elements of the game that serve as simple reminders of what cards do. As others have mentioned, everybody rolls their own dice before each players turn, so there is constant action to keep everyone engaged. The storage built into the box is awesome, allowing for quick set up and easy breakdown. A terrific game I have played with ages 10 and up, although I’m sure game savvy kids from age 8 could play too.

      2 people found this helpful

    66. Dana Peveler

      Fun game that doesn’t take a long time

      As described

    67. efrat cohen


      I heard a lot about this one and got it for my 8-year-old. What do you know, I like this game too! The dice manipulation is unique, the game components are VERY impressive, high quality production value with the best organizer I’ve seen so far (they even have illustrations on how to place everything back in the box for shorter setup time. They have great instructions too, was easy to dive in even though it is a slightly complicated game to learn).

    68. EXTOL

      Best present for my wife ever! – Beautiful Artwork

      My wife learned this game online and I bought it for her for Christmas. We played several times and love it. It does take some time to set up and put back, but well worth it. My wife LOVES that the box is full of inserts that the dice, cards, and pieces go. No need for Ziploc bags, every piece has a home and in my opinion the board and box are a work of art. I feel the art is better than any game we have. The only thing that can be improved is at first, its hard to remove the sides of the dice, but we just use another piece to get them off.

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