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Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people! Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.


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Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people! Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

Cards Against Humanity 2.0 includes 600 total cards (500 white and 100 black) with over 150 new cards since the last version. Comes with a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.

Cards Against Humanity is the perfect NSFW party game for 4 – 30 players ages 17 and up! Average games last just 30 minutes.

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380 Reviews Write a review
  1. brian woolf

    This game will make you a horrible person.

    I picked this up since my family loves to play games like Munchkin, apples to apples, quelf, ETC.I knew what I was getting into but they were in for quite the surprise. It turns out we played through the entire deck the first time we played. it took us about three hours to complete this.The first time we played this we were sober, the second we were not.Well, you know what time it is. PROS AND CONSPros:1: Quality: The cards are of a good quality. similar to high quality playing cards.2: Quantity: there is an absurd number of cards in this game. It took five of us three hours to play through all of the cards.3: comedy. Hilarious, I won’t spoil it for you guys but these cards will have you bursting out laughing the second you read them.Cons:1: they aren’t water proof?Other thoughtsI really couldn’t think of any cons but I didn’t want to leave it empty.If you are easily offended you might not like this game. But if you have a sick sense of humor or even just a little odd you will love this.

  2. Gold


    The game is fun to play with a group of friends, and I bring it to any social event.

  3. Ginnywatts

    lots of fun

    best suited for 18 and over

  4. Michael E. Corby

    Hilarious. The kids will want to play.

    This is recommended for ages 17+. I brought it to a family dinner, knowing that the two kids, ages 11 and 14, would vacate to the basement after dinner to play on their computers. The somewhat precocious 14-year-old overheard that I had Cards Against Humanity and made it clear that while he had never played or even seen the game, he knew enough about it that he wanted to play if his parents would give him permission. They did, and what ensued was hilarity, but even better, it opened channels for discussion about sex, politics, justice, racism, homophobia and all the things that exist in society, and when things are funny and when they are not. What made breakthrough shows like South Park and The Simpsons funny when they premiered was their seeming inappropriateness, but they too broached topics that ought to be discussed by parents and children. In an age when information is available 24/7, along with misinformation, this may be the opportunity for families who value open discussion, education and critical thinking to open the door to those discussions. There’s so much for parents to teach to and learn about their kids, and to a degree, vice-versa. It’s not for everyone, but this family found it hilarious and vital. I wish there had been a way to have these discussions with parents or another responsible adult when I was a young teenager and had to find out what I could from a 1957 Encyclopedia Brittanica and a Webster’s Dictionary.

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  5. Lady


    This game is really fun.

  6. JD

    Adult fun

    We have friends that have this game so we finally invested in it. Great times with great friends. Be prepared, they get Vulgar, but that makes it more fun.

  7. Kindle Customer

    A blast!

    Holy cow! We absolutely loved this game. If you like Apples to Apples, not only do you pretty much already know the rules but will have a lot more fun. The only reservation is that you must play with friends that are not easily offended. I always overplay the potential offensiveness of the game and it always turns out that eliminates the people that you would have a problem playing with. To clean the deck up for general use, there are about 30 or so cards that can be removed to ‘cleanse’ the deck of the potentially offensive cards, making it pretty much acceptable to any adult crown. I just put a colored dot at the lower left of each of the ‘sensitive’ cards and quickly go through and remove those few cards for general use games. But of course, keeping the entire deck in play is where the real value comes in. The only complaint I have is that you can’t purchase additional blank cards. A simple deck of blanks cards using the same expansion deck case would be extremely cheap and easy to produce, allowing some of us more obnoxious admirers of the game to step it up to the next level. Regardless, this is definitely ALWAYS the hit of the night when we get our adult capable friends into the side room, out of hearing range of others, for the ultimate replacement of Apples to Apples. A must have!

  8. Susan (Arizona)

    The perfect gift for the right person

    My sister’s boyfriend is always hard to shop for. He has a lot of hobbies but I don’t know him well enough to know what he wants or needs. Candy or beer are safe bets but how often can you do that before it’s evident you’re phoning it in? I’d given him so many boring gifts that he wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to open the box this time but when he did, bingo! He read the directions, laughed, read a few cards to himself, laughed again, read some aloud (things that I was mortified to have my parents hear but luckily I think a lot was outside their vocabulary), and laughed some more. My sister reports that he and his friends and neighbors have played the game several times around the backyard fire pit. The game is basically an adult version of Apples to Apples but I think he and his friends have developed their own rules and like it just fine.This was a great gift for a sociable kind of person who enjoys lighthearted, adult, slightly or greatly offensive humor I don’t know how I’m going to top it next year. Thank goodness they make expansion packs.

  9. flip_flop


    This game is great, as long as you are (like the box says) a horrible person. I’m only joking, but I would not recommend this to someone that is easily offended, or plans to play this game with children. If however, you are like me and can find humor in just about anything, Cards Against Humanity is a ton of fun. You can read the description of how to play, but its basically an adult Apples to Apples. It seems like every time we play this someone is cracking up so bad that they can barely read the responses out loud.If you do end up buying this, you should probably go ahead and buy the two expansion sets because you’re going to want them.They are frequently sold out. If they are then you should go to their web site and sign up for an email notification to let you know when they are back in stock. Be sure to jump on it when they do, because they don’t seem to last very long. You can also download the cards in the base set for free on the website and then print them off if you want to give it a test drive. I printed a set off at Staples for about $6 and an hour spent cutting the squares.[…]

  10. Alexandra Harker

    It’s amazing

    Let’s be honest, it’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’re a little corrupted, you’ll enjoy it.

  11. Joseph B MedvicIII

    Amazingly fun game

    note: first read the full cover of the box, this game is for horrible people who have dirty dark thoughts, playing the game expect many too soon moments, if your that kind of person this game if for you, if you are easily offended you are going to get offended.LOVE The game,i’m proud to say I am a horrible person who enjoys this game, me and my friend reserved a seat on a fast track to Heck (keeping it censored for those who might find this game offensive yet stumble upon it)Unlike another similar style game this did not lose it’s enjoyment after a few hours, we actually played through all the black cards and still wanted to do more, so getting the expansions ASAP,i do have a few issues with the but I swear the game overcomes them,issue1: being there is very little black cards in the original game compared to the white, (hence why i’m itching to get the expansions) but so much to do i can find myself reusing them and not getting stale,issue2: lack of explanation on few cards. yeah i came through a few cards i did not know what it means, but Google is my friend and Google show many dark things…minor issues to me. but still LOVE

  12. John Smith


    My whole family loves it! We play at parties and we got the extended packages too! So fun

  13. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness !!!

    Funny funny funny!!!

  14. Ainslie

    You Know What You’re Buying w/ This

    Cards Against Humanity is a staple. It’s not the best game in the world, but it’s a solid one during holidays with multiple generations of family or with a group of friends. I used to play it as a drinking game in college back in the day and it’s still a solid choice even a decade later.

  15. J.D.

    Absolutely Hilarious, The Go-To Party Game, Adult Apples to Apples

    You know when you play Apples to Apples with your friends and everyone longs for those cards that they can subversively and cruelly make inappropriate? The funnest moments of the game? Cards Against Humanity will be the reason to tuck Apples to Apples up on a shelf, because it brings the awesomeness and hilarity that can be generated from Apples to Apples to every card! When playing Cards Against Humanity I find myself wondering what card to throw down because every single answer choice is beyond ridiculous.The game plays like an open narrative– when a card is put down in the center, everyone choses a card from his or her hand that they want to play in dialogue with the card in play. The person who threw down the original card then chooses the answer he or she likes the best– the person who threw down the winning card, wins for that round.Whenever you’re sitting around with some friends and need a game to play this is the definitive way to know you’re going to have a fun time. Definitely not for kids or the faint of heart, Cards Against Humanity knows no boundaries in the face of being funny and in the process, highly inappropriate, at every expense!

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  16. C. Justice

    Hilariously Inappropriate Fun…NOT For All Ages

    I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love this game…but then I would be hesitant to suggest playing this game to my grandma. As other reviewers have described, this is essentially the Apples to Apples experience you WISH you had, where it’s no longer about innuendos but gets straight down to the most crude, awkward, embarrassing, literally rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-your-…buttocks…-off matchups possible. From “a stray pube” to “the token minority,” these cards violate every social ethic and politically correct sensibility known to man. If you’re looking for a great adult party game for after the kids go to bed, this is the product for you. If you have no kids and are looking for a unique experience after a few beers that doesn’t risk criminal charges, this is DEFINITELY the product for you.If you’re easily offended, I recommend 

    Apples to Apples Party Box – The Game of Hilarious Comparisons (Family Edition)

    .Pros:-Easy to learn, and open to a thousand variations of house rules.-Cards are about as a durable as a decent poker deck.-Tears, laughter, groans, high-fives, jokes, jokes, and more jokes.-Justifiably endorsed by gaming guru and geek god Wil Wheaton as the “Best. Game. EVER.” (DISCLAIMER: He may or may not excessively use the word “Best” in describing the things he loves)-Easiest way to liven up a party. Guaranteed.Cons:-May make you rethink your life.-Must be hidden from children and well-meaning but overly-sensitive relatives.-Uh…it sucks when you lose? But you still get a good laugh out of it!

  17. Chienyem Okorocha

    Too pricey


  18. Shane

    For Adults Only

    This game is hilarious, but not for everyone. If your not at least a little twisted, this isn’t for you. If you are, this is a blast with like minded people!

  19. Leslie Iniguez

    Super fun

    This game is awesome at parties. Extremely in appropriate at times but that’s why I love it.

  20. Lamars Lady

    If You Like Politically Incorrect Offensive Adult Raunch

    Then you’ll LOVE CAH. Nothing left to say.

  21. J&A

    Great Gift

    Purchased as a gift for a family member who loves hosting game night. It’s been a fun game throughout the years. Adding the expansion packs to your collections really make the experience as well.

  22. Erica

    Finally family to the rest of the horrible ppl that own this game

    Finally got my own copy n 1 add on…. Still so many things to by CaH

  23. Darrell Brock

    Humanity is Doomed, By a Card Game

    Every once in while, someone working in a dark room comes up with an idea for a game that is revolutionary. Well, this is that game. I can tell you this right now, you will either love it, or hate it. There is not much inbetween. Cards Against Humanity is a irreverent game that, for the right group, will leave you and your fellow players hooting, hollaring, pounding on the table and laughing hysterically. One person reads a statement with one or more blanks in it, and then you need to choose the best word or phrase to fill in the blank. The combinations can be cerebral, dirty, politically incorrect or just plain ridiculous. But that is where the fun is. Finding a choice that makes people either go hmmmmmm, or bust their sides laughing.My best advice for playing, when you choose you response, think on who you are playing to, what will they like. If you can do this, you can win this game. But really, winning is fun, but the real fun is just playing.

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  24. Ali Cheming

    Unlike any game I’ve ever had (1 year later)

    Overall one of the best games I’ve had. I’m a college student and it’s super fun to have in the dorms. Met a lot of new people freshman year because I owned this and people would come over with their friends to borrow it. I also recommend playing this in pairs so two people are on a team and they choose a card to put forth. Found this to be much more fun.APPROPRIATE AGE + GIFTING:This game has a lot of terms that would be inappropriate for children or preteens (depending on the teen). I would generally recommend this for people 16+. Wouldn’t really recommend parents to get this for their kids for Christmas or something since it is inappropriate and may be weird if it was from a parent/relative. Definitely a terrific gift to give a friend or yourself!STILL FUN AFTER A YEAR:I really liked Apples to Apples, which is why I got this. I tried playing Apples to Apples again after having this for a year and it’s not even fun anymore compared to this haha. I will say that I’ve played this multiple times and it continues to be fun, but novel cards are the most interesting. Cards against Humanity offers expansion packs for a reasonable price so those that play a lot can continue to get new cards. I haven’t bought any of these yet and still find the game to be fun. It really depends on who you play with!

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  25. Laurennn

    Freakin Hilarious

    I knew from the reviews and input from a friend that this would be perfect for us. Oh yeah! We had to crack it open, even though there was only two of us, and read the cards at the dinner table. We took turns holding several cards and trying to make the other person laugh till they lost their dinner.It’s dark, nasty, vulgar, racist (only if YOU choose to play it that way) and everything that the holier-than-though bunch who gave this 1 star reviews says it is… perfect.The instructions themselves are AWESOME and had us laughing just as hard as the cards. “If the Card Czar has lobster claws…” is one of many hints for improved gameplay as are several game variants. It will be very easy using the alternate scoring system to make this into a drinking game.We’re renting a house at the ocean this summer with my husband’s family; this is definitely coming with us. (so his Dad probably won’t laugh at the PacMan card, but Mom and Sis will be down!)Can’t say I’d recommend this for young adults under 15 or so, but you know your own kids better than anyone else.

  26. David Joseph Mateyka

    Hilarious, hilarious game, but gets kinda old after a while

    This game is absolutely great. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard in my life as I have while playing this game, many times. As other reviews suggest, it’s not really for kids because it’s a little inappropriate. I agree with this. But nevertheless, this game is great and will provide you many hours of entertainment. People will want to play this game when you have a get together. The only thing about this game is that it gets kind of old after a while. I have played this game a lot, and after you’ve heard the cards about three or four times, they start to not be funny anymore. You know all of them and you know what could be funny, so it’s hard to top that. The way to combat this is to get the expansions. Yes it’s more money, but it is definitely worth it. Also, what I’ve just recently discovered through playing with other peoples’ sets is that the base sets of this game are not all the same. Some of them come with different cards. This was a very pleasant surprise to me. So, if you want to make this game even more fun, get your friends to get it, or buy multiple sets, and use a different set each time.

  27. Skylar

    Great Adult Fun

    Good for a friend night.

  28. SaphireWolf_11

    So fun

    This game is such a good time! Use it for a drinking game often and it’s always hilarious.

  29. Michael Speiser

    The Dirty Apples to Apples

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a big fan of Apples to Apples. However, my friends and I (who are college-aged) would always come up with horrible combinations, using seemingly innocuous words to form awful connections. We’d even take the blank cards provided and make up our own. Recently, however, a friend of mine obtained Cards Against Humanity, which I immediately ordered. I was not disappointing.Cards Against Humanity has a similar setup to A2A, in that there are a set of community cards and a set of individual cards. The community cards have a phrase or fill-in-the-blank on them (such as “The TSA has recently banned _____ on airplanes”) and the individual cards have a noun or action on them (like “Shaquille O’Neil” or “White People” or worse that cannot be printed here). People playing have these white cards in their hands and play what they feel is the funniest/best fit for that question. Then a judge picks the card they feel is the best and the owner of that card wins the round.Keep in mind, it is rare to play the game to actually win. The fun comes from the ridiculous combinations you can make. And the set does not disappoint. There were very few “duds” in the deck and many of the community cards were so out there that it was impossible to not come up with a good example.The only real flaws I can think of are with the physical makeup of the deck itself. The weight of the cards is a bit flimsy, though nothing that would make you feel like it is cheap. The cards are also a bit small which may make holding them difficult.My biggest complain, however, is that the front and back of each card resembles each other too closely. Often I would find myself flipping the cards over trying to find the right side because from afar they look the same. Putting a more discernible logo on the backs to tell the front from back would be a lot more helpful for organizational purposes.Additionally, the material of this game is intended for adults only. The box clearly states 17+ and it means it. I wouldn’t play this game with anyone who isn’t in at least high school. Additionally, you’ll have to have a strong stomach and an evil sense of humor to enjoy this game. I wouldn’t play this with anyone too prudish.With all of this said, this game is incredibly fun with the right group of people, and the physical card flaws are minor and frankly don’t warrant a star taken away. The game is just too damn fun and you will have a great time with the right group of people.

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  30. Dalton Schultz

    Always loved this game

    Played this tones in school love it with family now

  31. M. Luce

    It gave me a hernia from laughing so hard and I loved it

    What I love about this game is that you really get to know the darker side (and funnier side) of people. Talk about an easy way to break the ice. The only time I regret playing this game was when we had the pastor and the church ladies play along with us–was so tired of explaining “tentacle porn” and “bukakke” through the evening. True, the cards get learned pretty quickly and the game will get old if you don’t change things up a bit, but that is easy to do. But I will never get tired of the initial shocked looks people have when they have never played the game before. And this game has taught me so many sick and twisted things that I had to become educated about thanks to search engines. I hope the IT department at work never looks at those or big brother is going to have a conniption fit. What can I say, this game blows my mind. The creators are jaded geniuses and I love how they were not afraid to include every race, creed, color, religion equally within their brilliant, but merciless sphere of humor. PC is for weak people who want to lie to themselves all day and pretend things don’t exist. Anyone with the cahones to take on the world needs to buy this game.

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  32. Daniel

    Different content, still spicy af!!

    When I got it and saw the label “updated for 2021”, I was nervous that it would go soft, but no… It is stays spicy as it should be with new jokes and content!!! Kudos for that!

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  33. Tess Morgan


    Best adult game out there hours of laughter and fun

  34. Smiles

    Awesome game

    I played for the first time on New Year’s Eve with my family, we were all above 18 and had a blast

  35. Tmgj

    Sooo much fun!

    Omg! This game is so fun, and hilarious. It’s so wrong, it’s right. It’s inappropriate, but so very appropriate, to play with your family, because it gets you talking about everything, and laughing together. Are there some really bad cards in this game? Yes, there are, so if you’re one of those easily offended people, do not buy this game!

  36. Kevin G

    Saturday night fun

    Cards Against Humanity is an awesome fun game. (Adults only) you defiantly want to order expansion packs also. If you have a dirty or obscure mind this is the game for you!

  37. Sean and Heather Gilliland

    Hilarious yet wrong….so wrong.

    If you like to laugh, and you don’t take life too seriously then you will likely enjoy this game. If you are the type to be easily offended I would RUN, because this is likely the most offensive game you will ever play. I mean the name “Card’s against humanity” kinda hints at that though. You will feel like you need a preacher, some holy water, to wach your mouth out with soap etc. after making some of the choices you make in this game. You will feel even MORE guilty laughing your BOOTY off at it. It’s wrong. Oh so wrong….yet so right. You learn a lot about a person’s humor when playing this game. That is part of the concept actually. If you are good at reading people you will quickly learn the patterns of a person’s decision making. Some people like to choose the “best fit”, some like to choose anything that has to do with bodily functions, Some like to choose the most random answer possible and some will choose anything that has an animal involved. You will learn this about people (hopefully) and be able to customize your “answers” to give yourself a better chance at winning. That leaves me with the “CONCEPT” of the game. It’s pretty easy. Everyone gets a set number of answer cards that they do not show anyone. Then one at a time someone will read a question card. everyone (other than person asking the question), is then to put down the best answer to that question from the cards they have in their hand. The person who asked the question then reads them all out loud (this is where you will CRY laughing at some of the answers) and then selects which card they feel is best. Whoever placed that card down gets a point. Most points in the end wins. Simple, silly, fun. Don’t play with your grandmother unless she is a dirty, dirty lady ;-)The box is small so it is an easy game to bring to a party or on vacation. It is easy to store away and pull out for an instant drinking game and fun time (with the right crowd obviously).

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  38. Lor’Aannah

    This is such a fun game for ADULTS

    I love this card game. I’m astonished at the reviews complaining about it not being appropriate for kids. Ummm…. Research your games before buying them???? This is NOT a kids game!For ADULTS who like dark and “inappropriate” humor, you’ll love this game.

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  39. Kelly Lear


    It was fun at first until the cards were repeated. They’re are many many of the same card

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  40. Loreal

    Best game for parties

    I recently had a summer kick-off party at my house and a friend of my suggested we play this game. I was a little hesitant in buying it because for one, I never heard of the game and two, it was a little expensive for a card game. BUT, I really did want to try it out after reading the reviews. I ordered it on a Tuesday and to my surprise, it was at my door by Wednesday! Thanks Amazon! 😉 Anyways, this game is everything and more. My friends and I were laughing playing CAH throughout the night! There were some questions that were really random and questions that we can’t believe were part of a card game! (Be careful when playing this game in front of children). In the game, you can also make up your own rules (or use the ones they have). One rule we made up is that if you want to get rid of a card (some cards were either hard to understand or not funny), you would have to take a shot of tequila to get rid of it and pick a new card out of the deck. And by the end of the night, some of my guests were undeniably drunk. So buy this game if you have trouble being a host and want to break the ice among your friends! It’s worth it. I’ll be buying the expansion packs ASAP!

  41. justbrew

    One Star, Not really.

    I am giving this review a one star for the people who like to check the reviews. I feel that this game deserves a 5 star all the way around, I have never laughed so hard playing a game. Apples to Apples is fun, and I have played it a few times, but it does not hold a candle to this game. This is truly a party game for horrible people. I would encourage anyone and every one to purchase this game. It took me almost a year to get my addition of it. If you are the least bit sensitive to crude humor, dirty jokes and old black woman’s vagina, this game is not for you. But maybe you should purchase this game in order to gain some humor and stop being such a stick in the mud. I would only wish that this game had more cards to it. I look forward to purchasing the next expansion and I encourage everyone who as purchased this game to buy the expansion. It is so worth it. Also you have to play with Rando, that dude comes up with some crazy, whacked out stuff. I would also like to thank the team at CAH and keep up the good work and the good fight. We have been needing more games like this and keep them coming.Thanks guys, from a very happy customer.Edit: They forced me to change my rating….. At gun point.

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  42. Adam B. Bugay

    With Cards Against Humanity, anything goes and I guarantee you hilarity will ensue! Highly recommended!

    This is one hilariously fun, adult themed card game that will generate tons of laughs and will be your go to party game for your future endeavors. It’s moderately priced at around $25 via Prime, but the price of admission was totally worth it for me and my friends.Overview:Cards Against Humanity is a party game for adults where players try to win the favor of the current “Card Czar” by playing a white card that answers the question or completes the statement posed by a black card. The outcome is usually hilarious, with tons of possible outcomes!Positives:- Great game for a group of 4 or more players. Generally the more players the better.- Little to no downtime.- The game is extremely simple to pick up and play.- There is a large variety of cards, both white and black, so the game is very replayable with tons of possibilities.- One of the funnest, most hilarious party games that I have ever played, and is the perfect option for parties/college/etc.Negatives:- You will need at least four people to play this title. Any less and the game becomes a little boring.- This is not a game for youngsters or up tight folks, recommended 18+ here.- The standard set costs around $25, and add-ons will set you back another $20 for each set.I simply love this card game, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a go to party game option for 18+ individuals looking to have a great time.

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  43. Jessica

    Loved this game

    Loved this game it’s definitely not for the sensitive tho

  44. M. Hill

    Cards Against Humanity

    What a relief to discard the facade and just be myself, and while doing so, have the pleasure of watching my friends shed their own layers of proper conduct. When permission is tacitly given – these are the rules of the game and must be followed — it is amazing how quickly socially acceptable behavior/thinking freely drops away in search of the best punchline.Set up is fast and rules are minimal. The Card Czar (judge) holds a black card that contains a phrase needing completion. Each player has ten white cards, and selects one they think best finishes the phrase. The judge makes the final determination and that player wins the hand. The game is flexible to shorten or lengthen, etc.. Not a game for children.Am I a despicable person? I didn’t realize it before, but given my rude and unthinkable selections made during play, without question I am, but there is some comfort in the knowledge that my friends are horrible, too. It is difficult to get too upset about it because, as noted above, it was not within our control. We had to choose from the cards dealt – it wasn’t our fault. Normally we would never… Well, maybe it was our fault, but so what.

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  45. Mark

    Best game ever

    One of the best games ever.Be prepared to have the best fun!

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  46. emtguy89


    Cards Against Humanity…what can I say about it? Well for starters this game is basically like Apples to Apples same concept, but with much raunchier content. This game will brings laughs out of everyone playing this game. I will say this though…. play this game with people who find toilet humor, and sexual content, racism, religion, etc funny to joke about. If you have people who are prudish uptight or very religious, or don’t like hearing about Male genitalia a lot, then this game is not for them! Best is when you get more than 4 people to play…the bigger the group the better. People on the ratings say that a bigger group you go through a lot of same cards quickly and this game is not every repayable after a couple of rounds. This is true however, this game is made to expand that’s why they have the expansion packs. I love this game and I own every expansion pack they have, which makes the game much more interesting. To anyone who is on the fence about getting this game, GET IT! I promise you it will bring a lot of laughs and creativity to come out. Also GET ALL THE EXPANSION PACKS! It is worth it and not to mention makes a party game last longer. My final advice even though kids 17 and under probably know what some of this content in the game is, it is meant for more of an adult crowd, not something to be playing with you 13yr old.

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  47. Kelly Matthews

    Always a great time

    Laugh till you cry

  48. Aur

    Glad I finally bought this!

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of this game in local shops for ages before finally caving and ordering it online. I’m glad I did, because playing it was a blast. The hundreds of other reviews sum up its awful humour so I’ll just get to a brief product review.This set comes in a surprisingly small, neat box with a basic rule sheet. There are no blank white or black cards, so you’ll need to get an expansion or make/order your own if you were expecting any. The cards that come with only just fit into the box, so if you are planning on getting expansions later on you’ll either have to keep them in a separate box or perhaps order the “expansion box” to store them. I plan to get one of the expansions ASAP since after one game of about an hour and a half, the four of us went through all the black cards. That being said, this game thrives on the variety of combinations so don’t fret if you go through all the black cards in one go like we did. Just mix them up and keep going.

  49. kel

    What a FUN game

    my family has had a ball with this game. besides laughing so hard need to pee, we have found we also are learning new things, or explaining things we thought we never would have to. We play with a 12 year old to a 65 year old and no one feels left out and all have a good time. Little embarrassed to introduce the game to friends at first but once began found it was even more fun and learned about our friends things we didn’t know. How prude a person is, how simple or smart someone is. We highly recommend this game to all.

  50. ACE4x


    The concept of the game is excellent: Apples 2 Apples (Except the Apples are foul and rotten to the core). I usually bring this when we have game night or parties and we have a blast with it…for the first 15 minutes. We tend to run into problems where our hands just don’t have anything good for an answer and just make no sense, therefore creating an awkward feeling like someone just told a bad joke. There are times though when it is down right hilarious.Weighing out the pros and cons:The Good-The product itself comes with a wide variety of questions/fill-in-the-blanks and tons of answer cards. The cards are decent quality material and the instructions are plain as day…somewhat (i’ll explain in the “Not-So-Good).Setup is fast and normal game time lasts 20 minutes±. The first 15 minutes everyone starts off very motivated and really into it, reading off the cards as directed and we all have a blast. Great for parties/icebreakers/game night. All in all, it’s simple, east to learn/play, and great with friends.The Not-So-Good-One thing that has always irked me about the instructions was that they never had any implication as to how to determine a winner. It’s not a big deal since we usually decide a point limit, but it just kind of lingers over my head.After we get into the game, 15 minutes later it tends to get old. We are just flipping over all the answer cards and not even reading aloud making the game a bit lackluster.THE DOUBLE/TRIPLE ANSWER CARDS!!-Though fun and innovative for players, no matter how many times we explain and decide what card should be read first, the reader always gets it wrong.Final Thoughts-The cons don’t really lower the value of the product by much, but it does have its flaws which is why I took a star off the review. The game IS fun for a while, especially for newcomers, but it tends to get old after a few plays. If you have a sick sense of humor as well as your friends, this is the game for you.

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  51. Katherine

    Great party game!

    Decided to get these for myself and I don’t regret it! Love playing with friends but since it’s a set pack you’ll come across repeating cards if you constantly play this game but I don’t regret it!

  52. Penny Wise

    Does not disappoint

    I purchased this plus the extension as soon as it came back in stock (ie. within minutes). I have only had the opportunity to play it once in a group so far, but let me tell you. By the end of our gaming session, you would have thought that we all had tuberculosis. We were all literally coughing, sore, and in pain from laughing so hard. Some rounds we had to stop and take 15 minutes to cool off, only to ruin our lungs again afterwards.I do not recommend playing this in earshot of minors or old people. In fact, keep this away from family at all costs. There is a lot of delicious vulgarity and explicitness that might make grandma disown you. This is an ideal 18-24 game, provided you have non-PC friends. There are plenty of cards to play for a decent amount of time, and you’ll be glad when you stop because it hurts so good.In a group of 4, we adjusted the rules such that each player puts 2 cards in the pool instead of 1 to add more variety. In this way the leader of the round would have 6 cards to choose from instead of 3. We would play by normal rules for 2 or 3 part rounds. That strategy worked out well, but you will go through the entire deck faster.Overall this is probably one of my best purchases on Amazon so far, and I’m a power user. If you think you and your friends are up to it, you will not be disappointed.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Amazon Customer

    Fun for adults

    Adult family fun

  54. StealthATK

    What more can I say…

    This horse has been beaten to death, but if there needs to be one more 5 star review to convince you I will take that bullet. I’ve played this game with the most irreverent groups, and the most introverted and it’s been a hit all around. I still only have the base game, but we have enjoyed endless re-playability with it. I definitely plan on expanding it, but I don’t feel motivated right now because there is SO MUCH GAME to begin with. By choosing your goals for the end of the game, you get to decide whether this is a half hour game, or two and a half. Most games that I’ve played have started short and we just keep extending the goal line because we’re having such an awesome time.The game recommends 4 players minimum, but my friends play with three as well. Instead of the standard rules of keeping card submissions anonymous, the two opposing players speak their cards out loud, allowing them to sell their description to the player deciding the winner. It adds a theatrical flair to the game, and help make sure that your intention with the cards (especially multi-card combo’s) aren’t lost. That might help decrease the amount of players needed to play, hopefully encourage more people to buy Cards Against Humanity… I just freakin’ love this game.Buy it, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

  55. Jim R

    Made Us realize just how under educated our grandson is

    We are no saints by any means. We have lived a lifestyle that is fairly open and our children were exposed to things they were going to find out. Not an excuse, but just wanting to give you an idea as to how open we are about life and lifestyles.Cards Against Humanity exposed the flaws of the education system in Baytown and surrounding areas. Our grandson with a diploma on the wall had to be coached not just on lifestyle definitions and meanings, but every day what the wife and I thought are common definitions of given words. The grandson quote of the day was ” This game sucks when you dont know things like word meanings.” He is nineteen. Our daughter, son- in – law, other grandparents, and a few uncles and aunts had a wonderful time with the game and ROFLMAO comments made during the game. We did have to add some alcohol as both grandpas were truly disturbed by the lack of education in the younger ones and of course things got loose. Some underlying truths may be told around the campfire so to speak. Overall we give it five, but would probably give it a really good hard nine on scale of ten.

  56. TICA

    What a riot!

    This game is so fun to play with your friends… it is hilarious.Have a few drinks and it becomes even funnier. Good times-

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  57. David S Kendall Jr


    I love this app

  58. Charlie in NW

    Super FUN!! Recommended for adults. Obviously for two reasons: the material, and you need to know the references.

    Oh the Humanity!Buy it. You are a horrible human being. You know it. You wanted it. The humanity is against you and you are against all humanity! All you need now is wit, darkness, twist of evil and genius, and a bit of luck.You will have hours and hours of fun. This game has extremely HIGH replay-ability. You can play it 5 times in a day without repeating the cards or repeating a scenario. Again, EXTREMELY HIGH replay-ability. The more people, the more fun, the more twisted, the more horrible you all are against all there is sane, sacred, and sanctified of humanity!Ok so. Be thick skinned. Be OK with racism. Be OK with sarcasm. Be OK with NON-PC. Be OK with dishing it out and taking it in. Yes, the game is SO WRONG on SO many levels. And yet that’s why you want to buy it. And yet that’s why it is.. fun.Don’t be upset by it. Know what you are getting into. After you get past that .. gosh.. It is sooo wrong and sooo fun..P.S.Recommended for adults. Obviously for two reasons:1. It’s got adult themes.2. Eh, if you aren’t 25 or 30 years of age, you just won’t get it. Not likely a generic teen knows about the struggle of Africa. This game draws a lot of references.. a LOT. It is really not that fun if you don’t get it.

  59. Not in the Shire Anymore

    Should have doubled checked the address…

    I love this game. I have had many amazing nights with friends playing this game. I finally had to own my own set. I must have been so excited when I ordered the game that I didn’t even think to check the mailing address or really anything. I just did a quick “1-click” order. That was a mistake. Somehow (I still have no idea how) the address on my account for delivery was not mine; but rather, an immediate relative, who just so happen gave birth to me and is also my namesake. (Yes, this issue has since been addressed.)I was wondering why I hadn’t received my package from Amazon, as it was a couple days after the expected delivery date. Within a few hours of this conscious thought, I received a phone call that was more terrifying than any call, ever. My namesake, although blood related, does not share the same intelligent horrible dark humor as I posses. And I do not share her love and subscription to the practices of conservative misogynistic organized religion. When I heard sobbing, pleading, accusations and a prayer in the first 10 seconds of the call, I knew it was her. Upon realizing the identity of the caller and the message being received from the caller, I simultaneously knew I had just lived a real-time Cards Against Humanity moment, that has changed my life. The jury is still in deliberation about how the impact including collateral damage will play out. The conversation was epic and full of discoveries. If you ever want to know what a certain someone in your life thinks of you, I mean really thinks about the essence of who you are; all you need to do, is order this card game, send it to them and even better (as I did), send it as a gift so they have to call Amazon to discover who the horrible, threatening, mean, evil person is who bought it and then had it sent to them. It is real fun! Go on! Try it! No? You sure?Well, if you’re not going to be adventurous, then stop reading this and buy the damn game. If you are still reading and curious to know of my opinion about the game and if owning the game was really worth all the trouble? Yes, it was worth it. This awesome card game IS WORTHY of the risk of sacrificing relationships and causing huge rifts within families and friends. Seriously, it is a great way, to discover who you’re “friends” truly are. And when all is said and done, I’m STILL STOKED because I NOW OWN Cards Against Humanity! Whooo!

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  60. b012

    Good game for older teens/adults

    Good gift.

  61. ☮ S.Trasny

    Believe The Hype

    My family’s love of margaritas and juvenile humor came together as never before the night we first played Cards Against Humanity. We were all on vacation for a small family reunion. I broke out the box the second night when the folks staying at my home returned after dinner. Deceptively simple, the game quickly evoked laughter right from the first round. It’s as fast or slow paced as you want and can (and did) go on for hours. Sometimes the game came to a screeching halt when a “card czar” was laughing too hard to catch their breath or complete full sentences. A huge plus, in my opinion, is the flexibility allowing tag team play or players to simply jump in and out of the game. We started with five players. Our laughter quickly drew two more. Hosting, it was necessary to drop out occasionally to refresh snacks and drinks and it was easy to tag my adult nephew to take my place. Addicted to some candy themed game on his smart phone, he originally had no interest in playing with us, so he at first took my place begrudgingly. It was around the third time that I returned to tag him out that he asked to stay in. It was no problem to leave him be and be “dealt in” in again myself. Because I jumped in and out of the game, other people that had been continuous players had more points. Scoring wasn’t important to me, but there is a system to do so for that one family member that always plays to win. The game was a conversation topic the next day and the following night we had new additions at the table. Night two was sans margaritas, but the laughter was just as loud. One relation of mine that has never been known for her sense of humor or lightness of attitude was especially hilarious. We got some short breaks the times she was unable to speak as card czar. She shook in her chair, literally for minutes, snorting and gasping for breath. It was a side I’d never seen in her before, so I had my nephew sneak the box of cards into her luggage the day they departed. I may buy another box. I may not. I just know that I feel that only playing those two times was totally worth the money.

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  62. tbro4033

    Apples to Apples, but Fun!

    So for those that haven’t got a clue what this game is…it’s Apples to Apples, but for adults. This is not a game for your children, unless you’re a horrible parent.Gameplay: Each player grabs 7 or so white cards. Each round, one player grabs a black card. The black card has either a question, or it has a statement with one or two fill-in-the-blanks. The other players in the game pick the white card or cards (if there’s two fill-ins) and put them in a pile. When all cards are in, the player who pulled the black card reads off the pile of white cards (without knowing who put them in) and chooses their favorite. Some people go with the funniest card, others go for what makes the most sense. Each player plays different, and when turning in the white card, you have to play to how you feel each player picks the winning card. Whoever’s white card is chosen gets the black card. After each hand, everyone draws a new white card or two to always keep 7 in their hand. Play until you’re bored and whoever has the most black cards wins the game.Optional Rules: This is one thing that makes this game awesome. You can always make up your own rules. And if you have the creativity of E.L. James, the game supplies some rules for you. One of my favorites is Rando Cardissian. Basically, each round, you throw in an extra white card to the pile. That way, if the person picks that card as the best, everyone else feels like an idiot for getting beat by a random card from the deck. Another good one (forget the name) is that if you pick up a white card and you don’t know what it means or get the reference, you can flip it over face up for all players to see and admit that you don’t know what it is. After that, the other players are encouraged to ridicule you for being so dense, and can then explain what the card is. That way, we can all learn! Yay education!As of writing this review, you can still be a cheapskate and print out your own deck for free from their website. However, your friends will mock you, so just shell out the dead presidents and buy the game. You’ll be happy you did when someone spills their beer on a pile of cards and they aren’t instantly ruined.And one last thing. BUY THE EXPANSION PACK! It’s definitely worth it. As with any game of this type, it can get dull after you’ve seen each card 30 times. The more cards you have at your disposal, the longer enjoyment you’ll get out of this game.

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  63. nikki powell

    Funniest game everrrr

    Get a group of friends/family together and you all will have a fabulous time laughing the whole time !

  64. Mary B.

    Played with people from 26-66 and it was enjoyed by all! I did take out 3 cards that I did not want to explain to 66 yr. friend

    I liked it because it was truly funny and everyone had a lot of laughs from 26 to 66. It is hard to find a good game that will cover that age range. Plus, it is a quick game. We incorporated it into New Year’s Eve activities. We played at a New Years Eve party for 50-60 year old, but my 26 year old son joined us for that game because he was dying to play. I bought 5 for various people and a 27 year old male teacher at my school said, “it was a very thoughtful gift”. We never exchange but this game just suits some people’s personalities to a T.Did take out 3 cards. 1 I found offensive (kids with ass cancer) is never funny. 2 I just did not want to explain to people that would not know and would find offensive ( extreme sex references). The reference to the director of the Sixth Sense few people got and there was two cards on him. So 5 out of hundreds was not bad for censuring.It more than met my expectations. Bought one for myself but gave it to my neighbor that laughed at every card. So, I will order a couple more. It would make a good grab gift.

  65. T.A. Fletcher

    Buy it. Buy it Now.

    Holy wow. My sister bought this game long, long ago (realistically, maybe two or three years; I honestly have no clue when she did) and by product of association and proximity, I ended up playing it with her and some other family (thankfully, siblings only). It was awesome.Fast forward a few years.Enter: college life.Enter: extra spending money.Enter: “Hey guys, have you ever heard of Cards Against Humanity? No? Well, have I got something to tell you about!”Enter: I bought the game.Eventually I got a group of friends (five of us in total) to sit down and play a round. We went to fifteen black cards to win (I won because I’m hilarious or evil or something. I’m still not sure, really), and everyone had a great time. The format is similar to Apples to Apples, but the different playing styles (the basic style is still my favorite) keep the game interesting and unique. Even the issue of constantly running over the same cards is addressed by the company releasing multiple expansion packs.As great, wonderful, and life changing as the game is, I do have a few caveats for those interested.First, is that this game is absolutely, horribly, disgustingly, beautifully, brilliantly, gloriously filthy. Seriously. I’m warning you here and now that this game is ridiculously warped. Are there worse things you could do than play this game? Probably not.Second, as a result of the glorious filth that is CAH, playing this game, especially for extended periods of time, will probably cause you to adapt to its filthiness and make you think of the phrases on the cards, and possibly use those phrases in real life. You will probably find yourself making a joke and then realize that you have unfortunately just made a horrible, awful, very bad CAH inspired joke in front of a professor, parent, friend, or co-worker. That can be awkward. But, it’s so very, very worth it, because it’s hilarious to pull that crap.Third, be careful who you play this with. It has the potential to end friendships before they even start.Fourth, this game is incredibly addicting. Like, it’s more addicting than whatever you think is addictive. Seriously, think of something you know is addictive. Yeah. way more addictive than that.In conclusion, stop reading reviews and buy the game already. You’ll hate (thank) me later.

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  66. The Fonz

    I laughed so hard my lungs hurt

    Holy crap… playing this game has got to be one of the funnest experiences I’ve ever had. I couldn’t talk because I was laughing so hard, with tears rolling down my face and no ability to calm down. Holy crap that was funny, and I can’t wait to play again.Of course, your level of enjoyment will depend on your sense of humor, and that of those around you. There’s some pretty awful cards in there that could seriously damage your reputation if word of them got out into public. Yes, some are dirty, so you won’t want to play with any family members. Yes, some are vulgar, so kids can’t be around. Yes, some are just plain wrong and allow you to target the handicapped, homosexual or minorities (all in the name of humor), so you really have to be careful about who you’re playing with. But holy crap, it can get so goddamn funny!An absolute must-have for any grown-up party involving alcohol (again, not recommended for families). I want to invite people over JUST TO PLAY THIS GAME, because since I played for the first time, nothing else has been able to make me laugh quite the same.Oh, it is so goddamn funny.

  67. John Palmer

    This game is a blast!

    This game is a blast to get together and play with your friends and, depending on your relatives, your family too! It is definitely a card game for terrible people as the tagline suggests. The best way to describe it is everything you and your friends wished the family friendly Apples to Apples was and exactly the R-Rated version of it that the young adult crowd wants.With cards such as MechaHitler, descriptions of sex acts and many other things you would be ashamed to have a young child read it is a blast for the older crowd and will have your friends discussing their great wins and endless exciting combinations for days after the game itself ends. Even my mother and grandmother joined in the fun (talk about potential for awkward moments!) and had a great time.If you and your friends like to have a good time and are open to more taboo topics then this is the game for you. Conservative and bashful crowds may want to pass this by for the traditional Apples to Apples though.Technically you can get many of the cards for free from their website but by the time you spend the time and money to print them all off and cut them up you will have spent as much money and won’t have anywhere near as uniform or nice of a product as these cards printed on playing card stock. These will stand up much better to wear, tear and moisture than any printed on computer paper or card-stock.Pros:-Entertaining party game-Continues to provide discussion for hours/days after-R RatedCons:-None

  68. hughjackmanfan4ever

    Wish it had more good cards

    I bought this game after my kid showed me videos of people playing it. It looked as though it would be a game of constant laughs. Turns out 3/4 of the deck of cards aren’t even funny. Maybe I just have too dirty of a mind but if it’s a game for wrong people, all the cards should give a wow moment. It has the chance to be an incredible game but there just has to be more funny cards. Oh and there are cards this game could have done without Kika! Cards like KkK, white privilege, racially and politically offensive cards. Come on! We live in world being separated by stuff like this. You can be funny and dirty without that. That’s not funny at all guys. Overall I was a bit let down by the lack of naughty cards that left the room laughing. We literally went through the draw cards and pulled all the good cards out and played only with them. That made a great game!

  69. tabitha

    Very fun game! It’s just like Apples to Apples but …

    Very fun game! It’s just like Apples to Apples but adult themed. 4+ players, with the more the better. It is a great activity for friends or couples, something to do at parties or just when you have over a few humorous friends. This is a card game, with each player having a number of cards in their hand with words or phrases on them , (such as ‘genital piercings’ or ‘lactation’ ). The players take turns being the “picker” when they flip over a descriptive card such as “what you think about during sex” and then the other players put in one of their word or phrased cards they think best matches the description card. The player whose turn it is to pick the winning card chooses which one out of the bunch submitted they think best fits or is the funniest. The winning card gets the point for that round. Its amusing because the game changes as each player gets the chance to be the card picker. So you really have to know your audience. I am a very literal person when I play the cards whereas my husband chooses purely off which ever card makes him laugh most. So each time you play it is a different scenario. Not all the cards are risky. If you have a good sense of humor and like adult themed jokes (slightly “naughty”) then this is a good game for you. If you are easily offended by sex jokes and are strictly religious then try playing something else (Old Maid or Bingo perhaps?)

  70. Doreen

    Why am I sticky?

    If you are “conservative,” never laugh at fart jokes and think “stinking” is a swear word, this game is not for you. You will hate it. I promise.If you are amused by the totally inappropriate, however, then this is the game for you. The people who gave this one star…I’m so sorry you don’t like this game. I’m so sorry you think it’s for 13 year olds (because I have a 13 year old and I wouldn’t let her anywhere near this game). This is seriously the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game. It’s mobile and you can bring it everywhere (and you should). It’s inappropriate and you actually won’t even understand what some of the questions mean or what the answers are…but it doesn’t matter!DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN $25 ON THIS GAME! It’s just that popular that when it goes out of stock people will sell it for upwards of $85. Just wait for it to get back in stock. Can’t wait? (and seriously, you shouldn’t wait) You can actually download your own cards from the website and make your own game.Everyone I’ve played this with has went out and gotten their own set. I just gave a set to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas (although we could not play after dinner because my mom never laughs at fart jokes and once slapped me for saying “freaking”). Yes, it’s Inappropriate Apples to Inappropriate Apples…but it’s ridiculously fun, give it a try.

  71. David Lundy

    I’d like to say that I’m a nice person

    First off, I’d like to say that I’m a nice person. I try not to be prejudiced, mean, or otherwise demeaning to other people. It’s just how I roll. That said, sometimes you just have to turn off the filter and let ‘er rip. Find a group of like-minded people who are willing to be raunchy, mean, nasty, and generally un-politically correct and play this game. As long as “what’s said in the game, stays in the game”, this game is fantastic.The premise is simple. One person draws a black card with a question on it such as “____. Kid tested, mother approved.” Then, from a hand of 10 white cards, choose the “best” answer to the question. Your answers can be as benign as “Peanut butter”, “thermonuclear war”, or “Rolando, Flatulist to the King” or non-PC such as “Black People” or raunchy as “Warm, velvety muppet sex” or even worse.This is where the game really shines. The “Best” answer is voted on by the person who read the question. So if you play to your audience, you’ll often “win” the round. The reader may not care for raunchy sexual innuendo, but may love ironic wordplay. Or the person could be a flaming racist. It’s totally up to the reader what constitutes a “winning” answer. And while a lot of the cards are pretty horrible, there’s many many many “clean” answers that, when taken in the right context, are horrible in their own right. And virtually every combination you come up with will be hysterical!This game is absolutely *not* for children, the closed-minded, or anyone who can’t temporarily turn off their moral filter for a little while and just have fun. If you enjoy just cutting loose with like-minded people and letting it all go crazy, then this is the game for you. And, of course, a little alcohol goes a long way towards improving the quality of the play. Make sure you get the expansions, too, as more is oh so much better.

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  72. Harmony

    Fun mature game

    This game is a wonderful thing to play for a mature audience, people are complaining about it being inappropriate but that is kind of the whole point. An adult spin off of a classical game like what do you meme. The box itself does say Cards AGAINST humanity (A game for horrible people) so the fact you guys are complaining about it makes no sense10/10 amazing game to play

  73. natty

    we ain’t gonna talk about the shipping

    the game is great but it was shipped in the plastic wrap. they just slapped a label on it which caused the box to get damaged. besides that i’m glad i got this game

  74. Sandra Carrillo

    Loved it

    So much fun to play and super funny with some of the things it says

  75. Valerie A. Baute

    Inappropriate but OH SO FUNNY

    Do you like the game Apples to Apples but think it is to tame or politically correct? Do you constantly try to turn it into a more “adult” game? Are you generally a horrible person with an inappropriate sense of humor? Then get this game!I like to think I am a good, wholesome person, but I still love this game. I have played it with a very large group of people during a game night. Everyone was cracking up laughing the whole time, we went through every card in the box, and it was the only game we played that night. There were people crying because they were laughing so hard. Some people actually apologized because of the cards they were playing. That is a good sign that it is a horribly hilarious game. I ended up buying a couple of the expansion packs so we would have plenty for next time.For real though, if you don’t find “potty humor” or politically incorrect jokes funny, don’t get this game. Also, don’t play it with your grandmother. Either she won’t get half of it, or you will be too embarrassed about the fact that she does get it to really want to play anymore.

  76. T.A. Fletcher

    Buy it. Buy it Now.

    Holy wow. My sister bought this game long, long ago (realistically, maybe two or three years; I honestly have no clue when she did) and by product of association and proximity, I ended up playing it with her and some other family (thankfully, siblings only). It was awesome.Fast forward a few years.Enter: college life.Enter: extra spending money.Enter: “Hey guys, have you ever heard of Cards Against Humanity? No? Well, have I got something to tell you about!”Enter: I bought the game.Eventually I got a group of friends (five of us in total) to sit down and play a round. We went to fifteen black cards to win (I won because I’m hilarious or evil or something. I’m still not sure, really), and everyone had a great time. The format is similar to Apples to Apples, but the different playing styles (the basic style is still my favorite) keep the game interesting and unique. Even the issue of constantly running over the same cards is addressed by the company releasing multiple expansion packs.As great, wonderful, and life changing as the game is, I do have a few caveats for those interested.First, is that this game is absolutely, horribly, disgustingly, beautifully, brilliantly, gloriously filthy. Seriously. I’m warning you here and now that this game is ridiculously warped. Are there worse things you could do than play this game? Probably not.Second, as a result of the glorious filth that is CAH, playing this game, especially for extended periods of time, will probably cause you to adapt to its filthiness and make you think of the phrases on the cards, and possibly use those phrases in real life. You will probably find yourself making a joke and then realize that you have unfortunately just made a horrible, awful, very bad CAH inspired joke in front of a professor, parent, friend, or co-worker. That can be awkward. But, it’s so very, very worth it, because it’s hilarious to pull that crap.Third, be careful who you play this with. It has the potential to end friendships before they even start.Fourth, this game is incredibly addicting. Like, it’s more addicting than whatever you think is addictive. Seriously, think of something you know is addictive. Yeah. way more addictive than that.In conclusion, stop reading reviews and buy the game already. You’ll hate (thank) me later.

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  77. nbeil

    Its such a fun game, recommended play with your friends.

    amazing. some of the cards shocked us, but in the end all of us laughed so hard.

  78. betford2

    Not my style, but the gift recipient loved it

    It was on my friend’s wish list so I got it for her. She was delighted!

  79. Brittany Erickson

    Amazingly funny

    Always wanted this game and finally got it. Does get boring after awhile without an expansion pack but I still love this card game.

  80. Kira

    Delightfully Awful

    I’ve played this game so many times with friends and family. Nearly everyone I know owns it so I didn’t bother buying my own deck until now. I’m so glad I did though. Building your own deck up with expansions is pretty amusing. As soon as this game was released, it became an instant classic. If you haven’t played it, have a good sense of humor, and like to cross the line, buy it. And every expansion you can find. Because the laughs and time spend with friend and family is worth it. There aren’t any cards I think are “too much” in the original. So expansions are completely necessary. I will say I won’t let the kids play with us though. I think 15+ is appropriate (with expansions) The core game is probably fine for like 13+ imo.Other than that, its a quality made game on good, heavy weight card stock. A slightly laminated feel to it, so go ahead play it with your alcoholic friends/family with no worries.

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  81. Nick

    Well worth the money.

    As others have said there is some very serious price gouging with this game. You can find it anywhere from $30-100 depending on how available it is so my best advice is to just be patient if it isn’t in stock.With that being said I will say that this game can literally be hours of fun but only for the right group of people. If you are easily offended, sensitive to certain topics, or young you probably should keep going. This isn’t something you would want to whip out at the church youth group gatherings or a boy scouts camping trip. You may not want your 80 year old grandma playing it either… better yet get her to play it… there is a pacman card she probably should read out loud.Starting with the basics:Packaging. The deck comes in a fairly plain box wrapped in plastic. The box has some basic info on it and is durable enough to stand up to a few years of use easily. It is more durable than a lot of game boxes but it is obviously still cardboard. Inside you will find the deck as well as a simple rules card.Cards. Pretty simple design. They are mostly blank with some black or white text. They are about as durable as any quality playing card and have a plastic coating with a slight texture. The game cards and the expansion cards are different card stock. They have a slightly different feel and look to them and according to the box it appears the game is made in the US while the expansions are made in China.Replay value. If you are playing with the same group of people the value is not very high. You can have fun but it will lose its appeal quick. It is really a good game for drinking and socializing. Another issue is that, after playing with the same people, you sort of know what to expect from them which can lead to a bias. As strange as it sounds the more intelligent the group the funnier some of the hands become because you get some really interesting results. Playing with close friends or family can also turn up some pretty funny inside jokes hidden inside the hands. In the end I would say that it is fun with regulars but bringing new people in is where this game shines. It is always fun to see a new player come in not knowing what to expect and playing fairly safe cards and then watching them slowly become an incredibly twisted person before the end of the game.Humor. The humor in the game is sort of vulgar and sometimes random. Some cards appear innocent until you find a perfect spot to put them and some just appear flat out racist and the only thing keeping it from being racist is because everyone is insulted at some point. If you don’t have a relatively twisted sense of humor this probably isn’t the game for you.Conclusion. It is worth buying. Everyone I have played with seems to want a copy and it is a really good ice breaker when meeting new people as long as you know they will go along with it. You don’t want to take it into a super religious or proper household but it is a ton of fun with friends you know would get the humor in it. It is a great way to form new friendships and learn just how twisted your old friends are. For $25 it is well worth picking up and you will get your money worth out of just one round easily.

  82. Thorne Melcher

    A Must-Have Game for Adults

    While I had been a fan of Apples to Apples for some time before the advent of Cards Against Humanity, I was not fazed by those who cried ripoff: Cards Against Humanity is a much better game overall, assuming you are able to play with a crowd not concerned with its profanity and raunchiness. The release of expansion packs has also helped keep this game fresh over time, though this initial set contains far more cards and is an important starting point for any would-be Cards player.The crash course on gameplay is that players take turns drawing a black card, to which the remaining players must play a white card in their hand (or multiples in the case of some black cards, an innovation over Apples to Apples) that best matches or completes the card. The player who drew the black card then judges which white card(s) they think win, and the player who played them gets a point.Gameplay may be fairly simple, but it combines a lot of the utter ridiculousness of games like Mad Libs with a strong dose of great adult humor and is a perfect party game that’s become a favorite among a lot of my friends.It is worth noting that they offer a print-out of all of the cards completely free on their website, but these come printed on high-quality glossy card stock, just like a nice set of classic playing cards, making it well worth the premium.

  83. Mike

    Love it

    Just buy it. Expansion packs are a little lacking but it’s a great game… If you’re drunk…lol. I am completely kidding. Have fun

  84. RegiGirl

    Prudes beware!!!!

    I knew when I read the terrible reviews for this game I knew it was for me! And I was right, my children and I have a great sense of humor and very dark humor, we love stand up comics that are controversial & are on the edge & can be very dark. I knew we would love love love this game and we do!! Dear Grandma, do not buy this game for your teenage granddaughter hence the name Cards Against Humanity. I am 60 years old, my children & their significant others range from 26-35 & we love playing this game. If you have a sense of humor & are not so uptight about every little thing, get this game, pour yourself a drink, unwind and have a good time. My advice to the makers of this game, instead of using the 5 stars reviews to sell this game I advise you to used the one star bad reviews to sell this product because that’s what really sold me!

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  85. Ivan Lopez

    New Drinking Game!

    This game is awesome! I ordered it a few days before Thanksgiving, hoping that I would receive it in time for my friend’s and I Thanksgiving dinner and luckily it got there the day of.First off, this game is definitely adults only. If you’re offended by raunchy humor, toilet humor, dead baby jokes, and such, this game is not for you.Like most other reviews, the easiest way to explain this game is by comparing it to Apples to Apples for depraved human beings.For most gatherings now, we always bust out the CAH and play it as a drinking game, maximizing its fun and hilarity.My only gripe, and it might be since we play it so often now, is that any other “shock” humor, some of the jokes start to get a bit stale. One can never regain that lost sense of wonder from their first drawing of “Vajazzle Vagina”. Luckily for you, this is a party game, so someone is going to find it hilarious and the laughter will become contagious. If not, take another drink and you’ll find the humor once again.If all else fails, the website has an app to help you print your own cards with whatever sick twisted things your mind can come up with. I like to make cards with inside jokes between my friends and I, you know, give it that touch of personalization.There are also expansion packs available.All in all, it is a great and fun game.The packaging and quality of the cards is great, same quality as any other board game card.The packaging is also compact, doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

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    Fun adult party game

    It was a big hit at our Christmas eve party.

  87. Amazon Customer

    Fun For Everybody

    One of the best games out there and endless fun. Enough cards to play for years without having to many repeated scenarios/matches. Have not had a person who has not liked this game yet and have purchased several expansion packs.

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  88. Brian lewelling


    Fun Game

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  89. Mimi

    Very entertaining

    Gift. Adult use only .

  90. Hoss S.

    … a surly sense of humor and don’t get offended easily, you will love this game

    If you have a surly sense of humor and don’t get offended easily, you will love this game. It is much like the game apples to apples, with a much more modern adult spin to it. Excellent game for those looking to add a bit of personality to “game night” – however, depending on your crowd, you should really consider whether it may be appropriate. I’ve played it with a priest who thought it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen, while on the other side of the coin I’ve played it with 20-somethings who were extremely offended by how crude some cards were. But it really just depends on your own crowd – so just consider this before bringing it out!It’s a great game to play for both situations of casual game players: – For groups where you DON’T know the players very well, as you will get to know them and their sense of humor rather quickly. – For groups where you DO know the players very well, as you will be able to play cards suited to each player’s tastes and humor.In some cases, if you play with a lot of people, you may run out of cards pretty quickly (or at least cards that you may have already used/seen before). So using the blank cards is key, or actually getting the expansion sets. I highly recommend using the blank cards, adding your own, and also purchasing the expansion sets.Have fun!P.S. If at some point you wander onto the CAH website, and you happen upon their store which offers an opportunity to BUY something you think can’t possibly be real – well, it is. It actually is – and if you purchase, say….a box of taurine fecal matter – that is EXACTLY what you are going to get. You’ve been warned!

  91. Madison

    Get it and the expansion packs it’s hilarious family fun!

    This game should be for ages at youngest 15 in my opinion because somethings are a little too adult for younger kids and explaining that in the middle of a card game is no fun and awkward it’s hilarious though when the family member you thought was reserved and well mannered pulls out the perfect card!

  92. Jalaina

    Know the audience! Mature/17+

    This game has never been for kids. With that out of the way. Has your 13 year old kid been into vampires that were not the twilight kind since she was five. Jack Skellington at 2? Old fashioned Chevy Impala ( and never a Ford at our house), carry on my wayward sun, Sam and Dean, Supernatural, Squid Games, (dad watched all, I watched 3)Christmas Vacation, upbringing? Also loves Marley and Me, Frost, Elf, Fred Clause, Bad Moms Christmas.Take a three year old boy to Gettysburg. Answer questions about green men “ghosts”, (color blind but not wrong here).Are they bothering you?No, they are lost.Ok, let them do what they have to.”They won’t hurt me mom.”Easy and talented in everything he tried since a young age. Now too smart for this game.This is not for everyone. We are Christians, but sinners. Enjoying our children, where they are at can be super enlightening. Learning more about each other is always fun. You can gauge where everyone’s sense of humor is at. A good who is like who? Again, keep up with your own maturity level. Just remember to read how this one is rated before complaining about not family friendly.

  93. Alice

    Great game

    Gift great game

  94. Dylan

    Fun for the whole family!

    I bought this for me, my wife Shelby (a 15 year-old Bosnian prostitute with an inaudible speech impediment) and my two boys Marcus and Brenda. Marcus is nine years old and he is my favorite child. He writes poems and forms pentagrams in the living room and sacrifices small rodents for his blood rituals. He’s such an overachiever! My son Brenda, who is six, got his name from the mailman’s grandmother Olga’s best friend during the war’s third cousin. Regardless I hate him and I don’t want to go any further.We got this game promptly in the mail four days after we ordered it which is impressive considering we live in a small farm village inhabited by mostly woodland creatures and marionette puppets with no strings. My wife Shelby mumbled some inaudible nonsense and I figured it was some fit of lack of oxygen to the brain. However, to my surprise, the package had arrived.We played this game for seven or eight days on end with no food or water. We did, however, cook meth in between games. My son Marcus started performing a ritual and split the earth beneath us and spawned demons from hell. I was shocked and I feared I might actually have to punish Marcus by mercilessly beating his little brother Brenda as I have in the past. However it turned out the demons were just coming to remind us that we all were indeed going to hell for playing this game. So we all had tea and the demons eventually abated after playing a few games and deeming it “not tasteful”. Those demons are really sensitive…Anyway, it’s a fantastic game. And me and the boys still play it. Their mother went missing in the woods about a week ago but she’ll be back soon.. Or not.

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  95. Ryan Victoria Wilson

    … I keep seeing all these Facebook videos of really funny card games and have heard a lot about the …

    So I keep seeing all these Facebook videos of really funny card games and have heard a lot about the Cards Against Humanity a party game for horrible people so I decided to buy it to take up to our weekend house for the adults to do I did see that it was for ages 17 and plus and then every game takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes the card box is kinda heavy no complaints against it overall satisfied with the product i received I would make this purchase again it has tons of different options for the different saying there’s tons and tons of the White cards but there’s not as many of the black but there is still so many different options that you can…the options really are endless just as an example here is some thing that you can make up I’m going to pull a black card and I’m going to just pull one white card the black card says “why can’t I sleep at night” the white card says “men” haha it seems pretty Legit To Me and that is just one of hundreds upon thousands of possible options the game is super funny and just plain out fun to play overall I would say that I’m satisfied with this purchase and would definitely recommend this card game and would make the purchase again if had to do over

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  96. Edward Bosley

    The revised version is too political. I wanted the

    Too political! They should have left it to the original version!

  97. Gregory M Blackford

    Can’t-breath-tears-streaming-down-your-face-high-shock-value-game with a short half life.

    Love this game. Seriously. Love it. I played the original with some friends and family and was in TEARS half the time because the combinations were just so hilarious/politically incorrect/awful. Many people were rolling and/or crying with every single round.But there is where the high octane hilarity ended.Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the game but after the shock value has worn off it just becomes an adult Apples to Apples.Other things I’ve noticed:The game doesn’t have the desired effect with high brow sense of humor people. It seems like half of the cards are poop/sexual in nature which is fine but could cause quick burnout with your play group depending on their humor. What ends up happening (in my experience) is that people who have played the game more than once start to go for the deeper more obscure combinations that are funny to most but never win against the brute force of cards such as “pooping back and forth. forever.”I’ve come across another group who, unfortunately, went with the most shocking or dirty card to them even if it didn’t make sense in the context of the black card played. This could be an undesired consequence of a few experienced people playing with completely new people. Just laying it out there so you wont be surprised when it happens to you.Quality of the cards are pretty good but I’ve noticed several where it seems like the black ink on the back of the card is just too visible from the other side. It hasn’t bled through, but the coloring on the mostly white cards just doesn’t seem quite right.Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun party game with friends who aren’t offended easily and are equally gutter minded. Highly recommend using the “Lando Cardrissian” rule which can be surprisingly good at times. The other rules about manipulating the number of cards in your hand is aslo worth it because more options can only be a good thing.

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  98. Jake

    Great to play with friends

    What a great way to break up a night or even schedule a night to play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of friends. It is guranteed that at some point while playing Cards you will laugh so hard you will cry and sometimes it’s not just from Cards, but from your friends reaction to why their cards weren’t chosen followed by their attempt to persuade you why you should have chose their cards. Cards is not politically correct, which is awesome, Cards is vulgar, and Cards is inappropriate. This does not imply that you will be shouting slurs or nasty names at your friends and it is not to deter potential customers from purchasing or playing this game simply because some of the funniest players of cards are mothers, grandmothers, or stuck-up uncles. We haven’t had a single person dislike Cards after introducing them to cards, rather, they ask where they can purchase cards.In addition to the original pack we have also purchased two expansion packs. This is not because the original was not sufficient or overplayed, rather, expansion packs make it better when you have large groups playing off of the original pack. Buy-it, play it and have fun. You won’t regret it.

  99. Toddler Mom

    Adults only

    Bought for my 16yo. Had no idea what the game was. Played with family and was shocked by the content. Even more shocked that not only did my son know what content meant… but they thought was hilarious.It’s not a nice game in any way. Very crude and shockingly abusive answers.

  100. A. Emerson Hicks

    The ultimate party game

    Great party game for age appropriate partiers. You have to answer questions with some of the most outrageous answers provided. Fun

  101. Sean and Heather Gilliland

    Hilarious yet wrong….so wrong.

    If you like to laugh, and you don’t take life too seriously then you will likely enjoy this game. If you are the type to be easily offended I would RUN, because this is likely the most offensive game you will ever play. I mean the name “Card’s against humanity” kinda hints at that though. You will feel like you need a preacher, some holy water, to wach your mouth out with soap etc. after making some of the choices you make in this game. You will feel even MORE guilty laughing your BOOTY off at it. It’s wrong. Oh so wrong….yet so right. You learn a lot about a person’s humor when playing this game. That is part of the concept actually. If you are good at reading people you will quickly learn the patterns of a person’s decision making. Some people like to choose the “best fit”, some like to choose anything that has to do with bodily functions, Some like to choose the most random answer possible and some will choose anything that has an animal involved. You will learn this about people (hopefully) and be able to customize your “answers” to give yourself a better chance at winning. That leaves me with the “CONCEPT” of the game. It’s pretty easy. Everyone gets a set number of answer cards that they do not show anyone. Then one at a time someone will read a question card. everyone (other than person asking the question), is then to put down the best answer to that question from the cards they have in their hand. The person who asked the question then reads them all out loud (this is where you will CRY laughing at some of the answers) and then selects which card they feel is best. Whoever placed that card down gets a point. Most points in the end wins. Simple, silly, fun. Don’t play with your grandmother unless she is a dirty, dirty lady ;-)The box is small so it is an easy game to bring to a party or on vacation. It is easy to store away and pull out for an instant drinking game and fun time (with the right crowd obviously).

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  102. Hunter

    A party game for nearly all people

    Card’s Against Humanity’s tagline is ‘A party game for horrible people’ is undoubtedly the easiest way to describe this ridiculous and fantastic card game. Drawing inspiration from Mattel’s “Apples to Apples”, the game is played by a judge or ‘Card Czar’ (determined by who had pooped most recent in the group playing) placing a white card that states a prompt or phrase, and the players placing down relevant and random black cards that range from ludicrous to wildly inappropriate. Whoever the judge favors that round wins, and the process starts anew with a new judge.The black cards are mostly hilarious, and the white cards are funny enough on their own. The combination of the two creates a unique environment that will have all the players laughing for hours.The only design flaw of the game is the limited content. Obviously nothing can be limitless, but I’ve found that after anywhere between 10 to 15 games with the minimum four people, most combinations have either been discovered or have already lost their shock value. Luckily, there are a large variety of expansion packs, both official and unofficial, that can remedy this problem.I’d like to recommend this game to anyone who enjoys inappropriate humor, games that can bring an entire family together, and laughing in general. It’s a great game overall, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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  103. Christopher Weed

    I have played with over a hundred people, everyone has enjoyed it

    This is not just an apples to apples deck filled with anne frank cards. The basic structure of the game is the same as Apples to Apples, but there’s so much more to it. I’ve played wiith a bunch of distinct groups of people… a lot of whom start the game by ranting their hatred for apples to apples. But once we start everyone wants to play until they run out of cards. This includes the game I played with my family and my 80 year old grandmother (although explaining some of the cards to her was definitely awkward).There’s a real art in how the question and answer cards fit together. It honestly feels like you’re all sitting around telling jokes. At a certain point the game comes alive and as you play various rounds the humor of the group you’re in seeps into the game. It feels creative. So yes the mechanic is basically ripped from apples, but they’ve taken it and truly made something new out of it. You and your friends will love this game.

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  104. Brandon Mario

    A Humor-Laden Hit!

    Dear Amazon Shopper,This game is an excellent choice at parties, particularly given its risque and irreverent humor. Think of it as a combination of Apples to Apples and ad-libbing for adults. I brought this game to the last party I attended and groups of people were crammed shoulder-to-shoulder to get in on the game. It was a very fun and very funny experience and the game was received extremely well by all of the attendees. That being said, these are no more durable than ordinary playing cards and are susceptible to warping when covered in liquid (a fact we learned early on). Larger groups can also run through the entire base game in short order, with the replay value of the game among the same group of people being fairly limited. It is, however, very enjoyable for what it is and is very effective at livening up a party (particularly with a new group of people). The instructions also include ways to vary gameplay in order to squeeze a few extra drops of enjoyment from the deck. Note that expansions are also available for $10 each.All-in-all, you’ve probably put $25 to worse use in the past and for a lot fewer laughs. Cards Against Humanity is a worthy addition to a lively party.

  105. Samantha

    Fun game

    I bought this game like two years ago because back in high school during my sophomore year a friend of mine brought this game to school and we had fun and a lot of laughs. Anyway I bought it to play with friends and some of my cousins and we enjoyed it and sure had some good laughs lol.

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  106. Nicole

    Doubted it at first, but I was wrong.

    I was curious on whether I should buy this card game since people were talking about it online.At first, I thought this game would be boring or “meh” for my friends.I was wrong.I brought this to my friend’s birthday thinking that this would be just another boring card game. But as my 15 friends and I started playing, the fun couldn’t be contained. We played, played, played, and played, revealing how creative and how screwed up all our minds are. Even my friends who I thought were innocent, nice, sweet, and bubbly, won the game with their most twisted card choices. I will never look at them the same way again.Hours went by as the laughter ensued.We all had fun.The thing is, unless you buy the expansion packs or play only on special party occasions, this game could get old.In addition, I was lucky that my friends don’t get seriously offended because, trust me, some combinations can be.So, don’t play it too much with the same people and don’t play it with the prudish and the easily offended.Please, if you doubt this game, don’t. I think this is one of the best $25 I spent on Amazon ever.

  107. RoseKurt

    A great, light, raunchy game for adults.

    I’m assuming that most people who are looking into Cards Against Humanity have already played Apples to Apples, if you haven’t, then you’ve probably at least read a synopsis on what Cards Against Humanity is all about. If you have played Apples to Apples, the comparison is fair, but as Emeril Lagasse would say “let’s kick it up a notch”. If you aren’t a complete prude, I’d say that it is highly likely that you could appreciate Cards Against Humanity. Laughs will certainly be had all around because of the multitude of submissions possible for each round of game play.One unique thing that I liked when reading the simple rules for this game is that the creators include a variety of “house rules” that can be played with; this gives you options right off the bat, and starts the tone of the game off right. This is a light-hearted game with choices that allow you to get to know a group of people through fun with plays on words, witty observations, and down right dirtiness. If you have the sensitivities of a child you should also not play this game; otherwise, don’t think twice, this game flies off the shelves! Buy it while you can, and not from one of these vendors who would sell it to you for 50 dollars or more!

  108. CindyC

    After the first 3 hands you’ll either love it or hate it!

    As my 28 y/o daughter said throughout her first time playing this game….”this is so not okay” and “I’m going straight to hell”Definitely not a game for children or young teens or super religious people. But as has become our tradition to take a shot of Fire Ball Whiskey before we play the game. You know you’ve ventured into some things you have been thinking and some that you haven’t ever thought of before! A great tension buster, a bonding game to say the least. We were introduced to this game during a family wedding weekend and although my 17 year old told me about the game a few days prior it’s not a game you expect. Everyone asks “have you played Apples to Apples before”, (for me NO), it’s off the chart hysterical, vulgar and creative. Think MadLibs times infinity and so politically incorrect!! We opted for the first two expansions because we played the 3rd expansion at the family get together. I thought just the original game itself was hysterically funny. We’ve made some of our own rules up….having 7 cards instead of 10 is easier to manage, and our next game will somehow encompass being able to play the re-up card beings that card always seems to be the perfect card for the question card that was just presented. I am not a crude person nor am I a prude this card game is a “let your hair down and get comfy kinda game” Make sure you don’t pee your pants.*****DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AUDIENCES******

  109. Christy Stephens

    Love this game, great way to relax

    I got this game to destress and it’s been very good for that other than I had to remove one card, that most people might find funny but we didn’t as it said “being crushed by a vending machine” as an answer, and that is something traumatic that stirs up some PTSD in our household so it’s out, but we have fun with it. It’s meant to be on the offensive side, it’s fun. Helps with stress levels, easy to play.

  110. Jo

    Gut-clenching Fun.

    This is, hands down, one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m not just talkin’ about card games, either. I mean all games.Every couple of months when I have one of my house parties, Cards Against Humanity is pulled off the shelf and played. My guests end up with stomach cramps by the time they leave, from all of the side-splitting laughter that goes on during the game. But the momentary pain is worth it. Plus, gut-busting laughter is a great way to burn off some calories from all those PBRs and microbrews we were drinking.If you don’t care about having a nice display box or the beautiful glossy thick official cards, the guys who made C.A.H. give you the option to print out a free copy from their website. I did that initially, out of impatience and anticipation. The card stock self-printed version works, but I eventually upgraded to the official set. I felt better giving some money back to the geniuses who invented this game anyway. It’s well worth the price. I’ve even brought it to friends’ parties and never failed to have at least a couple people convinced to buy their own copy by the time the night was done and we all turned into fat gluttonous pumpkins.The game is perfect with around five to nine people playing. Anything less than that just won’t offer as many funny scenarios. Anything more than that and each round becomes more tedious for the main card holder. But still, it works with a larger or smaller number than my suggestion.Plus, there are now extensions available for the game! Woot!A word of advice: this game is incredibly un-politically correct. It is definitely not for the squeamish of character, weak of heart, or those who don’t have a stomach for profanity or hedonism. You have to have an open-minded sense of humor to use this game to its fullest capabilities. And if you do, you’re going to love it.

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  111. Ivy

    Hell yea!!!!

    This game is so fun I wish I didn’t gift it I’m definitely gonna buy another one I love this game it so fun and easy 10/10

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  112. Melissa

    Its very fun 🙂

    Arrived as shown, and its a very fun game

  113. Richard S

    NSFW! But very fun and endlessly entertaining.

    Not sure how to do this review. Basically this is Apples to Apples (if you have kids you probably played that game), but for adults. Very adult themes. At first you may be embarrassed to play. After you get over that…. well, you will probably either have a great time or give up. There’s not really any middle ground. You’ll be watching over your shoulder to make sure your HR department isn’t there… even at home. Yep, it can be that bad.We played it with some friends and weren’t sure if they would like it. 20 minutes later we were all laughing so hard that we could barely breath! Everyone enjoyed it so much they all ended up wanting to buy their own copy.Honestly, it’s really fun and can be silly, raunchy and offensive.. you’ll love. It depends on what cards you get for the answers and how twisted you are, but even a bad hand of answer cards can make some of the funniest, most amusing answers. Even if you don’t win, you’ll enjoy the game.Just be sure to invite your crazy friends over to play.

  114. Jess Me

    Oddly Charming

    This is rude, crude, and I absolutely love it! It has been a hit with friends and family members. My mom even played, and laughed her butt off. Great game to just sit around and share many, many, laughs with each other! This is a guaranteed game when getting together!I have played this Cards Against Humanity so many time since my purchase, and you would think that without purchasing any other expansions by now it would become boring and repetitive, but not at all. I have played many times with the same people, and we laugh all night. The initial question to begin the game is the icebreaker every time; you would have to be a fly on the wall to see how crazy it is for us to determine who goes first! There may be other influences while playing, but the game recommends outside influences anyway! We have even adapted to be a drinking game from time to time, whatever floats your boat on this. No limitations or restrictions, other than having a great time with the people around you. My Aunt played recently; she is pushing the age somewhere between 65-70 years old. She did better than anyone else sitting there. She sat down, and brought her A-game for a first timer! She had some of the funniest comebacks! It was absolutely hilarious and painfully funny. Tears…tears of constant painful laughter. This is seriously a game anyone with an open mind can enjoy, and those “stick in the muds” will be discovered sitting somewhere sulking. Anyone can have fun with this; you just have to give it a chance! Cards Against Humanity is a hit with every friendly event!

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  115. Brianna

    Great buy, not for kids

    Great buy if you have a sense of humor. Definitely not for kids or prissy people.

  116. Olivia

    Fun game

    They added some new cards from the last version and they are very funny

    One person found this helpful

  117. Jasper

    Exactly what was described, loved it.

    Its exactly what is described, if your looking for a fun and messed up game for hanging out with friends it’s perfect. Just don’t get it if your looking for something family friendly lol

  118. Joshua

    If anything at all offends you save yourself the time and don’t get this

    This game is a blast and I have been playing it for a good seven or eight years but be warned if you get offended by anything you’re going to get upset and end up leaving it a one star review. The reviews on this are hilarious to me and I can definitely see why cancel culture is a thing now, y’all can’t take a joke.

    2 people found this helpful

  119. Amazon Customer

    Get off your high horses

    I’m sorry but if you seriously looked at this game and thought it was a family or kid friendly game, you’re a moron. That’s on you. At the store you need to be 17 years or older to buy it. AND on the third picture, it gives you examples of the types of cards in this game. Do some research next time. Everyone on here condemning the human race no hope blah blah blah you need to calm down. Some people find this funny and have a dark sense of humor. Let people enjoy things and stop being so easily offended.

  120. Subscribe to TetePopo123 pls


    This is by far the best game I’ve ever played in my life. Fun to play with friends and you get a really good laugh. It has been requested of me to buy expansion packs so I know everyone else likes it too. Also please subscribe to TetePopo123 to get him to 1k subs. And sub to Mr beast and save the trees

  121. linda

    Great game

    A great game for adults.

  122. Laura baker

    Fun card game for adults

    Fun card game for adults

  123. Amy Sadoski

    Hilarious time killer!

    My husband and I played this with our 17 year old son and some of the questions/answers are somewhat inappropriate for the age so just be mindful of that. But we played this for over 4 hours before we even realized what time it was…. that’s how fun and hilarious it was! It’s pretty easy to learn, with 3 or 4 different ways to play. I’ve never seen a game with so many cards in it so I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. Great buy!!

  124. Michelle Davidson


    I give this to my adult daughter for Christmas. We’ve all had more than a few laughs since

  125. Josh

    Lot of fun

    This game is a lot of fun to play. It has a lot of dirty, and dark humor.

  126. Natasha Anderson

    Love this game

    Friends have their own decks but I finally decided to get my own! Got a ton of cards I’ve never seen before.

    One person found this helpful

  127. GA Norseman

    Not for your PC Special Snowflake friends, but for the rest of us….so much fun!

    Originally we played the clean version of this, “Apples to Apples” and wondered how bad could it be? Well, with 6 people playing including myself (a Jewish gal) there wasn’t a group that wasn’t left out being offended when we sat down to play. And that was a GOOD thing, this game is freakin’ hilarious! It offends literally everyone, religion, gender, race, or political leaning, equally. DO NOT let your under 18 kids play! My kids are both adults however and they joined us and had an absolute blast. (we’re at the age now we can all do fun stuff like that together). There are some very, very explicit actions described even my adult self was surprised were included as answers-and I’ll admit, I’m a bit naive and didn’t know how “fresh” some of these cards could be. But it makes the game even funnier and it’s all in context. You’ve been warned!At some points I had tears running down my face-I was laughing so hard. And each time I play I do. You will also learn a LOT about your friends and family you didn’t think they knew! If you enjoy a good laugh and can deal with not taking something personally (IE you’re not a super PC, easily emotionally upset special snowflake), you will have the best time with this game. Just be sure you know your teammates pretty well, I could see some people losing friendships over stuff because well, you know, some people just can’t take a joke…

    6 people found this helpful

  128. Jonathan

    fun to play in detention

    this is fun to play in detention since I brought this in detention I got another one we can play again next week in detention and again and again

  129. MDizzle


    This game is THE most uncomfortable game I’ve ever played! I kept hearing from a ton of people that I needed to get this game and play it ASAP! I searched all around the stores before I realized I couldn’t buy it anywhere but Amazon (at the time). After I ordered it, I had it shipped to my parent’s house because we were all going to be there for a family reunion.BIG MISTAKENo one told me this game was extremely raunchy and possibly inappropriate depending on age of players and such. From the very beginning of playing and trying to choose who would start the game to the questions that followed, we had several family members drop out after the first couple of questions because the questions were disgusting, disturbing, offensive, and uncomfortable to answer. I was not interested in playing every again.FAST FORWARDI decided to play this game with a small group of very close friends and we had a BLAST! We know each other very well, and the group of 10 or so of us made it fun because we knew we wouldn’t judge each other for our frivolous answers and such. This would be the ONLY way I’d ever play this game in the future!

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  130. Ted Gleason

    Don’t play this game with your parents.

    Don’t play this game with your parents. You will hear them say things you can never un-hear. Nobody wants that.If you do have a group of friends, Card Against Humanity can offer a hilarious couple of hours. While some people may be offended by the subject matter in the cards, as long as the group you are playing with are relatively open-minded and not quick to embarrass, it should not be a problem. The game is simple enough to pick up and play, with a few alternate sets of rules provided should the standard version start to feel stale. Our personal favorite is to play by the “Rando Cardrissian” rules (I love that name) wherein a random white card is played as if by an imaginary player. The cards “Rando” plays make an absurd game even more off the wall.At this point with all the expansion packs that are offered, it might be a better idea to try and buy a bundle containing the original game with expansions, however if you just want o give it a try or hear what all the fuss is about, this is a great place to start.

    2 people found this helpful

  131. Lauren Churchill

    Diabolical and cynical fun not for the whole family

    Just started playing this with my friend and we always have a lot of laughs

  132. THE Show

    If you believe in God or have a soul Do not play.

    This is game is great. It turns anyone who plays into an evil……..thing. It is a game that rewards the player who makes the weirdest, funniest, worst or terribleist combinations. (New word means most terrible, Patent #1,25,77,3567).This game in a messed up way is like a wigi board. They say a Wigi board opens one to the supernatural. This just opens the doors of Hell and it ensures both you and your family that you really are a bad person and there was a reason why when you were younger none of your girl friends like to bring you home to meet their parents.If you are the type of person to leave a note on someones car saying ” I hope you get another STD” than this game is for you. If you are not that type of person and would one day like to be. Try this game. But if you are none of the above than you are 98% an alcoholic who is not allowed to drive anymore. Than this is the perfect stay at home drinking game with friends. The other 1% are tim tebow fans. And the other 1% those people who honk when there is bumper to bumper you can move 7 feet……I KNOW YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!Good luck. Leave the hard liquor out of this……..and seriously if there is someone who loves you and has never seen your real sense of humor be prepared for dirty looks and judgement….pure judgement. The first time I played I washed my hands after. Great Game.

  133. Eric

    Be careful when buying this as a gift, as this game is NOT for all ages!

    I find it hard to believe that more people do not know what this game is about. In reading the reviews, it surprises me how many people bought this as a family gift, only to discover the true content of the game. This game is NOT for minors, or people who are hyper-sensitive to potentially vulgar and controversial topics. If you are easily offended by such things, give this one a pass. BUT, if you are not bothered by such things, and find humor even in the most off-putting of themes, this game is a RIOT.

    2 people found this helpful

  134. BTStarz

    Insanely Fun Game!

    This game is extremely fun and a great party game! I bought the original set and the Extension Pack 1.The object of the game is for the “player-in-charge”, which rotates each round, to put down a card that often has a blank that needs to be filled in. Each player puts down a card that they feel best fills in the blank and answers the question, as well as what will appeal to the “host’s” personality the most. The host doesn’t see who puts down what card. The host picks their favorite response, and the person who put down that card gets to collect the host’s question card. The person who collects the most question cards wins.Many of these questions and answers are “dirty”, or not PC, so it is not a good idea to play with someone who is easily offended. The more players you have, the more fun the game is.This game is a study in character. You have to know something about each of the players’ personalities and what types of responses would best appeal to them if you want the best shot at winning!

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  135. Risa E

    You really learn a lot about people….

    I marked this toy as somewhat educational because 1) You learn a lot about the people you play with 2) You may learn some terms you didn’t know. As raunchy as this game can get, I play it with my family and friends all the time. (It’s become my mom’s favorite game. It taught her what the word “queef” is.) I have the original game and both expansion packs, and I never get tired of it. The game does offer a print-your-own version for the original (not the expansions), but I prefer the durability of the pre-printed cards. We’ve accidentally spilt drinks on them before, and they still hold up pretty well. I mean, as well as a card can hold up at least. They can still be bent and whatnot, of course.Do be warned: if you get the expansion packs, they will not fit in the box. With just 1 expansion pack, you can put all the white cards in this big box and all the black cards in the little expansion pack box. But if you get the second one, the white cards no longer fit in just the big box. Not that this should discourage you from getting the expansion packs. They’re incredible additions to spice up the game once you’ve gotten used to the cards it comes with.

  136. Hakeem Kazak

    Have cool friends? Having a party? Having drinks? Buy this!

    Well a little backstory about this game is that a few months ago I went to a friend’s party and there was a bit of drinking involved. After we all got a little good buzz, a friend got this game out and literally we played this game for 4 hours with almost 20 people. A lot of reading was involved, but boy was it one of the best parties I have been apart of. Seeing the success that this game brought to the event, I had to get this for my own parties. It has been a huge hit at my house since I’ve gotten this game. My parties have always been great, but since I’ve gotten this, everyone goes home talking about my parties and this game in particular for days with their friends.Drinking is certainly NOT necessary (although it is a bit more enjoyable), but an open (and crude) mind is required, however. I have had some people come over that are very “literal” or can’t take the humor out of the more crude cards and it makes the game somewhat lame. However, if you can get a nice sized group with people who love to laugh and perhaps drink, then there is no way you can go wrong with this game.I mean there isn’t too much to say about this game even though it is absolutely fun. The cards are indeed durable, of course as long as no liquids soak them and they are handled properly like regular playing cards. There are plenty of black and white cards for countless hours of replayability. Many of the cards are just hilarious and give very funny vivid images.There are a few issues, however. From what we all saw, there were at least 1 or 2 cards that had typos. I can’t remember them off the top of my hand, but they were indeed typos. At the same time, whatever printed these cards had a slight blip because some of the backs seemed to be printed on twice with a slight deviation and overlapping so it kind of looks like the printed logo has a shadow. Both issues are definitely nothing important and are very minor. However, the one perhaps major gripe I have about this game, is that there are many white cards that kind of appear to just be thrown into the game without too much thought. In short, those particular cards are not very funny, so there will be instances where players will have “burn rounds” especially on the pick 2 or 3 black card rounds so that they can get rid of these “bad” cards. Obviously while playing through the game, some of these more “boring” cards could theoretically be played on certain black cards, however, even then they most likely do not win the round.So despite those setbacks, I still definitely rate this game a 5. I own many board and card games along with many console games that are great for parties, but nothing comes close to the enjoyment that Cards Against Humanity has brought. This game deals with politics, sexuality, racism, sexism, religion, diseases, the bizarre, the handicap, and a few more topics.. So if you feel like you would be offended by such things, then this game would most likely not be for you. However, if you don’t give a crap, can perhaps drop a few drinks down the hole and love to laugh and have a good time, then this game would be perfect for you and similarly minded friends!

    One person found this helpful

  137. Amazon Customer

    Not for everyone

    If you are delicate, it’s not for you. If you like fun and have a sense of humor then it’s for you.

    3 people found this helpful

  138. Alexis Stinnett

    love it

    clearly you know what this game is by now so just buy it it’s worth it

  139. Byron Miland

    Such a fun game

    This game is a blast!!!! Makes for a great gift

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  140. Amazon Customer

    Do not play while drinking carbonated beverages…

    This game was absolutely just what I needed. I played it a week ago with a friend and instantly I knew I’d found the one game that would be infinitely entertaining.I immediately bought this for my best friend for her birthday, caved and gave it to her a whole month in advance. She sympathized with my plight when playing A2A, trying to be funny but the idiot person picking the cards always took it so damn literal. This game was made for me. No more judgmental stares from other players. In this game, you don’t often find players who are easily offended. Or if they are present, they will have left by the second round (Which is fine by me! More black cards, please!). The end of each round found every one of us curled up into a ball, gasping for air from laughing so hard.All in all, I know what each and every one of my friends and family members who have a darker sense of humor are getting for upcoming holidays and birthdays. It would be terrible to go to someone’s house that didn’t have this game.The one thing I will say is, don’t play this while drinking any form of carbonated beverages, burns like hell coming out of your nose when you listen to what people have picked.

  141. P. J. P.

    Hilarious Adult Game

    Played this game with 5 others a week after it was delivered. We all laughed throughout the game.Word of warning though: this game is not for everyone. But it’s perfect for people with a twisted, demented, politically incorrect, sick and sometimes dirty sense of humor like my friends and I.Should be played with 4 or more players.Players all receive 10 white answer or fill in the blank/s cards. Each player takes a turn asking a question or a fill in the blank/s from a black card for each round. The player who’s answer is chosen as the best then receives that black card which counts as a point. After each question each player then picks another white card to keep 10 in their hand.After running out of white cards, the player who possesses the most black cards wins the game. However, if you play until all the white cards are gone it will take hours. We played for 3 hours and still had a mountain of cards left so we decided to quit.My Husband even liked this game and he’s never been much of a game player.So if you share the type of humor as I mentioned above, I highly recommend this game.But if you’re easily offended, very religious or like the Brady Bunch, be afraid….be very afraid!

  142. Diane

    Fun game to play on game night

    I think they took some of the more raunchy cards out of this game due to complaints or reviews…? My game wasnt near as raunchy as my sons game. All in all, its fun to play on game night though.

  143. Bria

    I love this everybody should have this

    I love this game I feel like everybody should have it I do recommend us having more black cards though

  144. Andre

    Loads of fun for adults, not for children

    These cards are high quality, the game is a lot of fun.

  145. Mike Cummings

    Stress relief while on a Red Cross deployment.

    Wish I had this in Eastern Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. After dealing with the devastation, volunteers need to relieve the daily stress.

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  146. Paul Brown

    Tears down the eyes laughing my soul out

    This game is absolutely hilarious. I was somewhat skeptical when I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my brother, who had played it in college. It seemed a bit too much like Apples to Apples, which is a great game too. While in structure it is very much like Apples to Apples, in spirit it is a whole different beast. In case you haven’t played Apples to Apples or don’t understand the products description, you basically have a hand of white cards that have something written on it like a name or action. There are black cards that have a sentence on them with blank spots that you fill in with the words on your white cards. Simple, sort of like adlibs, and it doesn’t sound like much fun on the surface. However, with a group of good friends and/or family with dirty minds, this game will crack your ribs with laughter. My Dad is generally very soft spoken and extremely politically correct to almost being a stick in the mud, but he won the first game with the filthiest, most offensive sentences you could make. So, in short, this game is a blast as long as you have creative, fun people to play with, just get ready to learn a thing or two about each other!

    One person found this helpful

  147. Joseph Geidel

    A great time, but not for the easily offended

    So glad Amazon finally got this back in stock. When we heard it was available once again, we jumped at the chance to have this game in our collection. And it did not disappoint!My wife and I got together with another couple for a game night. We had two other board games we had intended to play as well, but ended up playing this one later than anyone had intended. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!If you have delicate sensablities, stick to Apples to Apples; this is definitely the “NC-17” version! Every kind of dark or salacious humor can be found on these cards, with some of the pairings of setup and punchline almost seeming to have been written with each other in mind. This also can lead to strange cards that can’t logically be used on just any hand: they’d be just too irrational a response, but the game instructs you to keep a large hand to draw from, probably for that very reason. I never found myself frustrated to not have an answer with a shot at winning a round, just angry I had played a card previously that would be a perfect match for what was just thrown.There are also some cards that reach to such depths (usually being overtly offensive for offending’s sake) that they’re simply “nukes” – untrumpable in the single mindedness of their depravity. These can steal away a point from a good logical answer, but with the point of the game to simply make everyone laugh, it’s all for the greater good. One never feels shameful about playing a card the reflects a politcally un-correct attitude, though, as it’s all their on the cards.The game spews randomly offensive lunacy in all directions with such vigor the humor comes from the shock of how keenly some ideas link up, often with a kind of awful logic. I love it. We ran through the entire deck in one sitting, and stopped not because we were tired of playing, but because the hour had gotten too late. A great ice-breaker, a great party game, a great time. Can’t wait to get the expansions!

  148. Ghost

    I will never be able to play this game again

    Here’s what happened. I carefully cut off the the shrinkwrap from the box. My OCD kicked in and I frowned at the number of smudges and fingerprints I instantly covered the solid, shiny black surface in. I opened the box and gave a quick glance at the rule pamphlet ( as I was already familiar with the rules ), however, I read all the play variations. Then to just get an idea of the card look and format, I RANDOMLY pulled out a black card which read “J.K. Rowling’s next book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of _______ .I then RANDOMLY pulled out ONE white card from near the middle of the box which made my completed phrase “J.K. Rowling’s next book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Gloryholes.After laughing uncontrollably for the next few minutes, coughing and losing my breath several times. I picked myself up off the floor, held my aching side, put the cards back inside the box, closed it and frowned again at the fingerprints. Upon realizing my life will NEVER get any better then that, I drove to the local elementary school, donated the game at the front office, drove home and proceeded to take a whole bottle of painkillers and a quart of Jack. So as I wait here to die, hopefully in my sleep, soon, I write this review as a warning to all others that ONE simple black card and ONE simple white card in this game has the power to ruin all other humor in your life forever…because life will never get any better then this game.After they find my body, I would like my parents to know that I love you dearly, and all that porno you found at my place was actually from a friend of mine, as I was holding it for him after he moved in with a new girlfriend who was a recently converted Amish girl, and he wasn’t quite sure what her boundaries were yet.

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  149. Kindle Customer

    Just a great game overall

    I’ve always wanted this game and finally got it. It’s so much fun and gets a lot of laughs when you find the right people to play with. Definitely need at least 3 or it’s not very fun. We always add Rando Cardrissian, who sometimes wins and it’s just hilarious lol

  150. jamie ganley

    Love then

    If you haven’t played you need to!

  151. josh

    Funny and Not for the thin skinned

    I am planning on doing a trivia night at the bar my wife and I manage. I do think this game with it’s twisted humor will suit us just fine.

  152. rocio

    Best game to play with mixed company

    I have thoroughly loved this game for a long time and was excited that it was purchased for me for my birthday. We had a game night with many different personalities and this game was a hit. Easy to learn and teach to others. Great for some laughs too

    One person found this helpful

  153. Majombaszo


    Admittedly, this review is an incomplete one (but I’m sure that will not stop people from commenting on my review thinking that I don’t realize this), but I don’t anticipate too much change in my opinion. When conditions change, I will update my review.I purchased this game to have when friends and family visit knowing full well that it is NOT a two player game; therefore we have not had the opportunity to play the game yet. Nonetheless, in reading the instructions and digging through the cards, neither my husband nor I can imagine how this game could possibly be entertaining. Maybe back when we were stoned and in college?I really hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see how the addition of two or more people to our table and the implementation of rules and scoring will change things unless what’s written on the cards will suddenly become less inane.*EDIT*Okay, so we had some friends over and we had a chance to play the game. My initial assessment was correct. It’s not all that much fun. It has its funny moments, for sure, but unless you’re drunk or stoned I don’t see how it is all that entertaining. If you are of the sort to be drunk or stoned and you are looking for a game to play, then this is your five star game, for sure! The biggest entertainment factor for us four adults playing the game was the entertainment derived from watching our friend’s fifteen year old son’s reaction to the questions, possible answers, having to read the submitted answers, and his first foray into being one of the ‘grown-ups’. That could’ve been done with any number of games, however.It’s not awful. It’s not wonderful. I don’t look at it and fume and resent that I bought it but I don’t beg people to come over so we can play it.*EDIT AGAIN*It’s been nearly two years since that one weekend with our friends and their then 15 year old son when we first played the game. We have had many people visit us for weekends and longer stays since where we live is a sort of destination for people. We’re a Cabin In The Woods in a remote area so when the sun goes down, there’s nothing to do (there’s really nothing to do when the sun is up, but that’s another issue…) That being said, people come and stay for two or three days and we play a lot of board games and such. We have a cabinet that contains nothing but board games and we play a lot of them. Cards Against Humanity has never been played since that first time. It has been removed, checked out, and every time it has been put back in favor of other games. We have a diverse collection of friends and all of them have rejected this particular game.So. There you have it.

  154. Gregory M Blackford

    Can’t-breath-tears-streaming-down-your-face-high-shock-value-game with a short half life.

    Love this game. Seriously. Love it. I played the original with some friends and family and was in TEARS half the time because the combinations were just so hilarious/politically incorrect/awful. Many people were rolling and/or crying with every single round.But there is where the high octane hilarity ended.Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the game but after the shock value has worn off it just becomes an adult Apples to Apples.Other things I’ve noticed:The game doesn’t have the desired effect with high brow sense of humor people. It seems like half of the cards are poop/sexual in nature which is fine but could cause quick burnout with your play group depending on their humor. What ends up happening (in my experience) is that people who have played the game more than once start to go for the deeper more obscure combinations that are funny to most but never win against the brute force of cards such as “pooping back and forth. forever.”I’ve come across another group who, unfortunately, went with the most shocking or dirty card to them even if it didn’t make sense in the context of the black card played. This could be an undesired consequence of a few experienced people playing with completely new people. Just laying it out there so you wont be surprised when it happens to you.Quality of the cards are pretty good but I’ve noticed several where it seems like the black ink on the back of the card is just too visible from the other side. It hasn’t bled through, but the coloring on the mostly white cards just doesn’t seem quite right.Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun party game with friends who aren’t offended easily and are equally gutter minded. Highly recommend using the “Lando Cardrissian” rule which can be surprisingly good at times. The other rules about manipulating the number of cards in your hand is aslo worth it because more options can only be a good thing.

    819 people found this helpful

  155. Amazon Customer

    A good time!

    This game is the best! Only for people who aren’t easily offended and don’t take things seriously. Everytime I play, it’s a lot of crying pee on yourself laughter. I love it even bought a few of the extra bundles like the absurd box and the nasty bundle.

  156. Caroline Bingham

    Love this game!

    Hella funny and great for large groups with dirty minds

  157. Lulu

    Great game

    It’s a hilarious game!

  158. Amazon Customer

    “A party game for horrible people” indeed! Hilarious!

    Why I’m adding to the ocean of reviews, I’m not really sure – chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already made up your mind. You either don’t know what this game is about at all, love it, or hate it!The gameplay is simple – one player plays a question card, and the rest of the players have to choose from their hand of 10 answer cards which answer(s) fits the question card best. The player with the question card gets to choose who’s answer is “best” (can be completely arbitrary & up to the individual!) & whichever player that wins that hand gets to keep the question card. The player who wins the decided-upon number of question cards first is the winner.It’s amazing how some of the answers are just so freaking perfect for the question cards. Of course it’s designed that way, but even with both expansions (which we ordered first actually, because this first one was sold out!) there are so many hilariously horrible & offensive combinations – it’s amazing, haha.One thing my husband & I (a Democrat & Independent, respectively) did notice is that the game could also be called “Cards Against Humanity and even moreso against Glenn Beck, because we really don’t like that guy.” I’m not going to get into politics here, but we’ll probably be removing those cards because they are flatly unfunny.

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  159. Timothy Barnes

    Great Game for Groups

    I purchased a copy of this game because I decided I would rather have a professionally made version than one I could make myself. However, since this game is on a Creative Commons License, anyone with the knowledge and ability has the right to produce and print their own versions. Lazy or unskilled individuals like myself can take solace in the knowledge that there are high quality editions of the game in existence, such as this one, from the makers themselves.Gameplay occurs as players play cards from their hands to complete or respond to phrases found on other cards. One player then selects the response that they find the most fitting or appropriate. This style of gameplay is very fun, and often quite fast-paced.The cards themselves often reference people or places or things which a younger player may not understand; political figures, video game references and anatomical concepts may pass over the head of the uneducated individual, and as such I would recommend this game to adults with a good amount of general knowledge.I’m giving this game a rating of 5 stars because I believe it is a very fun game, it is well made, and it can provide good entertainment to a group of people.

  160. Deestarr1

    Cards Against Humanity .. Definitely an NSFW Game but So Worth it

    This is one of the best games ever. If you are one of those people that like puns, dirty jokes, or who has a slightly odd or off kilter sense of humor this is the game for you. The game offers a series of black and white cards. The black cards are similar to the old “Mad Libs” games that everyone played as a kid where you have your friends choose words to fill in the blanks and the paragraphs often end up hilariously funny. Except in this case your friends or fellow players are given 2-3 white cards with phrases or words on them to fill the blanks on the black cards in with. Depending on the word combinations this can end up hilarious or absolutely horrible.People should be warned now. If you are seriously into political correctness, if you are sensitive and your feelings are easily hurt, or if you are in a professional setting than this is not the game for your. Cards are often about as politically incorrect as you can get, and sometimes they are downright mean.Otherwise have fun and enjoy because you will be rolling around on the floor laughing during the game session.

  161. Ken

    Your Conservative Friends Will Love It

    I’m going to say this up front. A vast majority of my friends are horrible people. Comments about the human body, recently deceased babies, a woman’s monthly “punctuation” days, and other NSFW content is part of the lingua franca of my social circle. So when Cards Against Humanity popped up for sale I immediately whipped out my credit card and shouted, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.” Thusly had Amazon doth taketh my money without protest.The game arrived promptly and my friends were totally amped. Well… everyone except our Christian conservative friend. She physically tried to remove herself from the game by sitting far away from the coffee table we were playing on. For the first few rounds she feigned interest and had to be reminded to pay attention. We even had to give her own stack of white cards so she could easily keep pace from afar. Three or four rounds in though she was totally into the game, but tried to mask her fun with self-righteous verbal nonsense. To see the worst brought out in someone who positions themselves to be more morally, socially, and consciously righteous in their life was worth more than the cost of this game. She had a blast playing Cards Against Humanity. She doesn’t have to admit it. We know it. We’re her horrible friends.TL;DR Review: Your morally righteous friends are horrible people just like you and will love playing Cards Against Humanity.

    3 people found this helpful

  162. Bryce Knezovich

    My friends and I are sick people. This was the game for us.

    I had heard many things about Cards against Humanity, so when I saw it deals.woot for 25 on Amazon, I didn’t hesitate.The day the package arrived, I was so excited I actually piddled a little bit.I was scared to open the box, not knowing the fully awesomeness of this game, so it sat dormant. A week later, the opportunity arose to crack this bitch open and laugh until i poop myself.It was Easter 2013. My girlfriend and I had been dating a few months now, and it was time to meet her family. What better way to break down barriers and really get to know someone’s family than CAH. We all laughed until our stomachs hurt, and I think her mom may have literally peed her pants.If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t buy this game. You will probably be offended and ruin this for us fun lovers.If you do have a sense of humor, don’t hesitate. Also, I’d recommend a fresh pair of drawers as well.Cheers!Oh, and for those of you who are looking to learn what this game is actually like, and what gameplay is, here:- This is Apples to Apples for sick minded adults.- Rules are simple enough for Adam Sandler to understand- Recommend buying the expansions as well if you plan on playing this with a big group and want to play for a few hours. With 4 people we went through the deck in about 2 hrs, and then were itching like crack fiends wanting more.

  163. Daleanna Ducksworth

    Funny and enjoyable for smarts** ppl

    Are family & friends really enjoy this game. It’s a great party game.

  164. Shay Fonua

    Love this game

    Love this game mostly because I’m an awful human being just like its creators. Played this with my family and had to buy it.

  165. Nicole Tinsley

    Not for Under 18…Really!

    Okay, let me just say that this game is so hilarious that I literally could not stop laughing and tears were rolling down my cheeks. HOWEVER, it would be irresponsible to overlook the fact that some of the cards are repulsively disgusting and contain extremely graphic and inappropriate language. I don’t mind too much if my middle schooler watches R-rated movies or shows or if she listens to songs with explicit language because the kids she goes to school with use profanity and she hears it anyway. But the level of profanity far exceeds that type of subject and language. The cards can be combined to create taboo phrases about topics such as necrophelia, bestiality, cannibalism, child molestation, rape, fellatio, and a host of others. It’s fun if you are not offended by these things and if you have a dark sense of humor, but I would not even get this for a young high schooler. Or maybe preview the cards and remove the worst ones.

    4 people found this helpful

  166. Amazon Customer


    love it

  167. Rodney Z

    Love this game

    This is NOT a family game or meant for the light hearted. It is hilarious, perfect for an adult party, and has just the right amount of raunch.Probably not a game most would feel comfortable playing with Grandma, Mom, or Dad. Can reveal some hilarious and embarrassing moments.

    4 people found this helpful

  168. Bobby & Jen

    Love this game!

    If you haven’t played this yet- then buy it now! You’ll definitely want this at your next party. So so much fun for adults of all ages and we even let our teenagers play.

    3 people found this helpful

  169. Sonya

    This game is hilarious, but not really for younger children

    Depending on your family this may not be suitable for .. well anyone really lol. I will let my 15 year old play, but prefer my 8 and 4 year old are not within earshot.. which is hard cause sometimes it gets loud. This game is amazing for those with a sense of humor who don’t mind if the humor gets a tad (a lot) offensive. The only card that really bothered me was the one about as* cancer. After my moms lung cancer diagnosis and since her death I have just asked those I play with to pull that card for our game. No problems

  170. Kendra Byrd

    Fun adult game

    Fun adult game

  171. Amy

    Christmas complete

    Ordered on the 14th had in hand on the 17th, great game cant wait for Christmas now we own our own box. Buy the family edition though IF you plan on playing with preteens some cards really go there and it made for some questions we weren’t ready to answer.

  172. Lacey

    You need this

    I love playing this when I have big groups of friends over, absolutely hilarious.

  173. StarlaC

    Politically Correct Folks Need Not Apply

    DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES if the following apply to you:1. You are offended by profanity.2. You are offended by vulgarity.3. You are offended when people do not adhere to proper PC terminology.4. You are easily offended in any manner at all.5. You lack a sense of humour.This game will cause you to look at your friends and family in a whole new way. This game has been played now at several family get-togethers (we’re all over 25) and it’s been both illuminating and disturbing. There are cards that I felt horrified to have my mother read aloud. There are cards I was even more horrified that my mother played. There were cards I was horrified I even thought to play. In short, this game is absolutely horrifying..,.in the best possible way. I can’t remember the last time we laughed so much playing games. Throw any kind of decorum out the window because this game will lower you to your most anti-PC self imaginable. You will perpetually feel like a terrible person the whole time you’re playing, but it will be worth it in good times and hilarity.

    3 people found this helpful

  174. MsKi77en

    Not for millenials or snowflakes

    In a country overwhelmed with PC appropriate terms, “woke” mobs and cancel culture, it’s refreshing to see and experience the not so dark, witty and crazy humor we once laughed about. (OK maybe not so witty)We use to laugh at the expense of others, but only after laughing at ourselves. These cards don’t harm people, nor do they change minds. In that, I think the age limit should be raised to 40+, for those of us who still remember what it was to be raised well and to make stupid jokes in private because there’s nothing worse than a person who hides away their biases and personality and still pretends to be “culturally appropriate”.

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  175. JayBayinME

    not for the faint-at-heart

    Only the people who know you best know your true sense of humor. With those chosen few you are at ease to say every nasty, filthy, sick, snide and snarky comment you can think of – knowing they understand you don’t really mean it and will laugh right alongside you and not hold it against you. If you don’t participate in foul, politically incorrect humor, then keep on shopping! Be advised, with this game, you are exposed to the most awful and utterly disgusting ideas. How could one even attempt to joke about such things as The Holocaust, suffering children, cancer, and testicles? I am known for my blunt sense of humor and my caustic wit, but even I was unable to actually speak many of the phrases I concocted to win certain rounds. As I placed down the cards, I simply hung my head in shame knowing I had bested others this round, while those around me mightily guffawed. If you don’t laugh at Howard Stern, are shocked by Daniel Tosh, and/or hate South Park, you will be horribly offended by this game. This is the most horrible, irreverent game you will ever love.

  176. elizabeth a lawrence

    This is an awesome party game

    Had a BBQ mother’s day weekend everyone was standing around drinking, pulled out the game and it was on and poppin even played teams

  177. chad

    Recently Converted…

    WOW!!! I thought this was going to be stupid, even after hearing everybody blab about how funny it is and even after opening the box and reading a few of the cards I had little faith. I am usually the type to play a complex board game that may take hours to play, such as Axis and Allies, Risk, ect. so I did not think I’d like this at all.We brought it over for Christmas and played with the family and it was hilarious. We were all in tears when some of the card combinations came up. It was the best Christmas ever. But then again, any Christmas where you leave your family crying is a successful Holiday. How you perceive this game is going to be entirely dependant on who your group of friends are. There are many possible combinations for either off the wall weirdness or a LOT of offensive humor. If anything is “too offensive”, just remove them from the deck before playing. If your group of players likes anything similar to shows like Workaholics, South Park or Family Guy they will understand the dark humor in this game. If you find these forms of entertainment as “Juvenile”, “Classless”, or “Rude”, then you should promptly return to watching episodes of “Friends” on Netflix and finish eating that box of stale saltines.If you have any doubts, open the PDF available on the website and READ THE CARDS.If you think $25 is too much, DOWNLOAD the PDF and print it out for free.If you think it’s too simple, it’s supposed to be easy to grasp so everybody knows how to play within minutes.If you are buying this as present for your grand kids, you are either a VERY AWESOME grandparent, or a very UNINFORMED one. The recommended age is 17+, so if you don’t see that on the main page, chances are you’re not even reading reviews.All of the cards are high quality and even if the novelty wears off after a several games, it was well worth the money.The level of offensiveness depends on YOUR group of friends. Ultimately, they choose what is considered funny and what is tasteless.

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  178. Storm Chaser


    We really enjoy this game, i found out some strange things in life about my friends and family. We’re still trying to work through the trauma we’ve brought upon ourselves because of this game. There’s been tears i won’t deny that, but i feel that’s part of the experience. I had no idea what kind of weird things were happening in my garage. This game brought light about some harsh things that therapy and vodka won’t erase. I recommend it.

  179. Marisel Jurado

    The best game period.

    Probably the best boardgame out there (assuming you don’t have 18- kids) but I’d let my 15 year old play it perfectly fine. If you don’t want your kids with this game, purchase the family edition, which is perfectly fine for me. Overall, best boardgame of the year!

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  180. David Hoffman

    Amazing, but can be somewhat problematic.

    Fun for the whole family…until you have to explain what pixelated bukaki is!Pro: This game is funny as hell if you have a dark, and twisted sense of humor.The only con I have experienced is that it is not very fun if you are playing with people whom have little knowledge of history, politics, or don’t know who some of the most famous actors are. I got stuck in a group with all of these problems and ended up explaining things to everyone most of the time. In this group there were 4 people, including my self, plus I was also running a “ghost hand.” In this group 2 of the people didn’t even know who Sean Connery was, and I was the only one who knew who Patrick Stewart was; and to top it off it seemed like every one had a 6th grade reading ability, and the youngest person in the group was 23.So, moral of the story is, don’t play with people that don’t know anything.

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  181. Paul Gianquinto

    Cards against…. everything? Too funny. Definitely ADULT only.

    Not for those easily embarrassed. Extremely fun….for adults. Hours of entertainment.

  182. jlouderback


    If you are looking for a game that you don’t want to play with your mom this is it! Yes the cards are super inappropriate, but that is what makes it so funny. We love to play this game will all of our friends, and it only keeps getting better with the expansion packs. This is a game that you can play with a large or small group of friends without any issue. I would wait until the kids go to bed before playing it though because some of the cards are really foul. I really like that the cards are a bit slick because when you are playing with a large group of people it helps them slide into the middle of the table a bit better. The box is also nice for being a board game type of box. I also wanted to say that I read online that there was a mystery card in the top of the box so i cut into the top of my box, and there was no card…. I think that is only for the elite version or whatever its called. Anyhow mystery card or not you have to get this game!

  183. Grace P.

    Fun game

    This game was really fun I play with friends and family and we all have a blast the more players the better. Easy game to learn and lots of fun for hours

  184. Tabitha Pulkowski

    Good fun

    Current issue cards in deck…newer edition…good laughs

  185. Brittanee And Tarrell

    Good game

    I order the cards early enough in the day they came the next day! The box was very sturdy. There is a huge variety of cards. This game is the BEST!

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  186. Julia

    Do you like to play Apples to Apples

    Are you 18 years and over? Do you like to play Apples to Apples? Then this game is for you! It’s like a “naughty/Dirty/Adult” version of Apples to apples. I bought this to have a great time with my friends! We love to play this game. We take it to holiday parties, Friendly Gatherings and trips.I wouldn’t suggest playing this game with little children or minors some cards are not appropriate. But if you’re an adult! Go crazy! it’s also very fun to play when you’re drinking. I think overall one of my favorite card in this set is the “dick finger” card. It wins every time in my heart! This is also a pretty good ice breaker to play with new people because you loosen up to some of the “wtf” moments that happen many times through this game. You can also see how HORRIBLE you can be deep down inside as well! We always make a joke that we’re going to hell for a certain card we pick out of the bunch! But it’s all fun and games!!!I also bought 1 and 2 expansion packs!! So happy with this purchase I recommend this game especially if you have a great sense of humor!

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  187. Paul

    Great game to pass the time

    Everyone in the family loves the game. Some of the cards are not exactly age appropriate for smaller kids but we love it with friends and family.

  188. Cassi

    I am a horrible person.

    I haven’t laughed this hard in years. Seriously, we’ve played it twice, all the way through the box of cards each time and I cried both times. Mascara running down the cheeks type of laughter, can’t catch your breath and have to walk away from the table type of laughter.It’s so simple. There’s a black card in the center of the table. (“What did my grandmother find deeply disturbing yet oddly charming?”) Every one lays a white card, upside down on the pile. Read the white cards out loud (“Tasteful sideboob. Assless chaps. Bio-engineered turtles with acid breath”) Pick the funniest. Those are examples I can give without being seriously edited or feeling embarrassed for writing while at work.That being said, I’m probably going to be spending the afterlife in a very hot climate. I don’t know who created these cards, or who is paying them to write this terrible nonsense, but I imagine I’ll meet them in Hades one day. Do not play this game with innocent, happy people. Do not play this game with your mother or your child. Surely you know another horrible couple would enjoy some laughter.

  189. Bradley

    Love This Game!

    Great game! We play it whenever we have the opportunity!

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  190. redstarr

    Super fun adult party game

    Hilarious. Bought this for a cocktail party with a few friends at my house. It was a blast! We’re all excited about playing again. This game is definitely raunchy and edgy and irreverent and deliberately not at all P.C. . It is most definitely for an all adult audience. And it’s not for the easily offended or those who are uncomfortable with being naughty or offensive or those who are going to take things too seriously. Lots and lots of jokes that involve sex, bodily functions, race, religion, politics, etc. While I think it’s probably most fun for a smarter crowd to play (it leads to some really witty answers that way and less cards that people don’t know what they mean), it’s also easy enough as far as the game play goes that I think just about anyone could get the hang of it right off and have a good time playing. It’s simple enough,too, as far as the rules and format go, that you can totally play it when you’ve had a few drinks,too. Even our guest who’d hit the bar the hardest was still totally a functioning player through the whole evening. Yeah, he won less questions when he was wasted than earlier in the evening, but still wasn’t so bad at it that it was distracting to the rest of us or took away from the pace or quality of the game. We played with about 6-8 people and I feel like that was about the right amount. You want lots of answers to pick from, but if you’ve got tons of people it might take too long.

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  191. Chad

    Great game for Adult get together

    This is a fun adult game that holds nothing back in regards to topic or what is required. The game is the most fun when playing with 4+ people and a great way to spend a few hours of laugh and raunch. Definitely a 20+ game because of some of the subject material that is involved with the game. Think of it of Apples to Apples on steroids for topic. To start the game, each player draws ten White Cards.The person who most recently pooped begins as the Card Czar and plays a Black Card. The Card Czar reads the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the Black Card out loud.Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing one White Card, face down, to the Card Czar.The Card Czar shuffles all of the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect, the Card Czar should usually re-read the Black Card before presenting each answer. The Card Czar then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets one Awesome Point.After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws back up to ten White Cards.So prepare to be shocked by the topic and just enjoy it for an evening.

  192. Kerry C.

    Adult Night Game Night

    This game is perfect for adult night game night our friends always request us to bring this to game night.

  193. Victoria


    Love it great game

  194. Robin Landry

    hysterically funny, and easy to learn

    This has got to be the most hysterical game ever invented. It’s hard to explain just exactly what the game is and what makes it so funny, but I’ll give it a try.Everyone draws 7 cards which have saying on them like ‘Michelle Obama’s arms’, then one person draws a question card, such as ‘what really turns on President Obama’? then each player must lay down one of their cards as an answer.Maybe another player lays down a card that says “ignoring third world countries’, and you can see how inappropriate the game can become.Another question card might say ‘ —— is a trap’. And you might use lay down your answer card which says ‘a zesty breakfast burrito’ or ‘estrogen’, in the hopes that your card will be picked and when someone acquires a certain number of cards, they are declared the winner.To say this game brings out the worse in people is an understatement. Your job is to answer the questions as the playing asking the question would answer, which is why the game becomes such a riot. If the questioner is someone who can hit bottom, you job is to answer the question with a card that will reveal his/her inner prejudices, fears, bad behavior etc.I’ve played a lot of games and this is truly the most fun we’ve ever had. I’ve just explained how to play it, and it’s that easy. The only thinking involved is in knowing the inner lives of your opponents. This game is a study inside the dark, inner workings of your friends and family, and if you play it on Thanksgiving, it might just make it hard to sleep at night knowing who you share blood relations with . . .

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  195. Charles Scott

    Very Fun game to play with friends

    Very fun game for a party. This game is obviously for adults, I played it with my family because we are all sick minded lol

  196. Triton

    R-Rated Apples to Apples

    Like others have said, Cards Against Humanity is exactly like Apples to Apples, except that the cards are ridiculously inappropriate for children and probably even most teenagers. The only other difference is that the black cards (Green cards in Apples) are sentences instead of adjectives. Some are statements like “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure” and “Daddy, why is mommy crying?” and others are fill in the blank, like “Next from J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of _________.” and “For my next trick, I will pull ____________ out of my ____________.” With white cards (Red cards in Apples) like “The Hamburglar,” “coat hanger abortions,” “getting naked and watching Nickelodeon,” and “dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up” hilarity ensues. Some of the white cards were things I wasn’t even familiar with and had to check Urban Dictionary for. You could get it down to a PG-13 level if you go through and pull out some of the racier cards, but otherwise I strongly recommend keeping this to a crowd of at least 16-years-old. This game is hilarious. If you are one of those people who play “whips,” “chains,” “Micheal Jackson” or “Steven Hawking” for “Sensual” in Apples to Apples, this is for you. Definitely not for the politically correct or easily offended, but who wants to play with those people anyway? “What ended my last relationship?” “Chainsaws for hands”

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  197. jeff

    THE perfect party game for ADULTS!

    I got this as a gift for a friend for his birthday. He has a young daughter so he needs a solid adult outlet after she heads to bed. After we got CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY in the mail we went over to his house to explore his new toy. He was totally down to try something new, he had a friend over who was rather reluctant to try then there was my girlfriend and myself. So we opened the box and the game was COMPLETE simplicity to understand, and the game is totally customizable with your own rules. You can pretty much do anything you want after you understand the concept. About 5 minutes in a neighbor heard us all laughing at the picnic table and came over. The perfection of the game allowed him to jump right in for a few hands, split back to his house to drop some stuff off as we played a few more without him, and come right back in the game to eventually WIN!! The game was perfect for a relaxed adult gathering. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary that you are ok with some rough content, but anybody can accept this game if they just have fun with it. It will be perfect for parties for the complete customization, ease of playability, light play for jumping in and out, and TOTALLY subjective view of value and quality in each hand keeps the competition level very very low and just forces you to have fun! So you can even get those angry drunks to shut up sit down and laugh til they cry! I recommend this for ANY adult who enjoys the company of others.

  198. CDR

    Finally a fun & easy Adult game!

    Cards Against Humanity is a great Adult game that is sure to give you and those you play with alot of laughs! This game has been great for smaller or bigger get togethers and we have really had alot of fun with this game.. I also love how they have expansion packs as well.. The game is very easy to learn and play and you can choose to play as long as you would like or have time for. This is a game thats dirty and raunchy and they are right can be awkward yet hilarious. This is not a game for those who cant let their hair down and have a good time.. But for those of us who can this is totally worth it and provides hours of entertainment and laughter! There isnt many peices.. just white and black cards.. One person reads the black card which is a question, and the rest of the players simply choose one their white cards in their hands that may fit what the black card read. Overall Great game, give it a try or gift as a gift!!!!

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  199. Heather McHan

    Fun Adult Game!

    Have a game night coming up, or simply want to have some laughs with friends? Cards Against Humanity is seriously the most hilarious game out there! It’s a great late night party game for after the littles go to bed! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s raunchy, it’s full of language, it’s inappropriate, it’s FUNNY!If you have ever played Apples to Apples, this is pretty much the same thing, just with obscene cards! It is really fun to play with people you are comfortable around, or things could get awkward!There are lots of expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity. I haven’t tried them all, but if they are anything like the regular game, they will be just as legit! Break out the nachos, drinks and friends and put away your pride for a game night you will never forget!

  200. Danielle Gardner

    Heres the deal the best way i can put it is if you enjoy …

    There is a lot of negative reviews on this game because of some of the twisted humour it has. Heres the deal the best way i can put it is if you enjoy Seth McFarlane’ s humour youll LOVE this game. There are some cards that get a little TOO twisted like “pissing in a pool full of childrens tears” but i have only found 3 like that and i just throw them away. Even that card when you combine it with the “ive never had to worry about…” card can be made light but the imagery is just a bit much for my taste because while i enjoy seth McFarlane type humour to a point he often goes overboard in his humour. That being said some things in life are so awful if you dont try to connect to the dark humour of it you would spend all your time broken and or crying. This game is a LOT of fun and through its complete absurdity allows you to find humour in messed up things but most of it is completely harmless that i have seen so far. It is one of my favorites now and i find tromps apples to apples. But again if you dont have a dark humour side you can just toss the few cards that bother you like i did and play to your hearts content!

  201. megandani

    Super fun!

    This game is hilarious! I love it. Most people like it, but my sister wasn’t a fan. The people we were playing with had a bit of a disgusting sense of humor, so I don’t blame her for not being a fan.I first discovered this game when a friend of mine got the pdf version (it’s free) from the website and we went to Staples to get the prints (apparently they have the cheapest price on paper) bc there was a lot of printouts (70+ sheets I think). Then we went to another store to cut it ourselves (Office Depot maybe?) since only the associates at Staples use the paper cutter (behind the counter). It took forever, but we bought a $3 container to hold everything and all in all, it was worth the total of $10 it took to produce this game (2 hrs time to do everything). We played it and had such an appreciation for the game since we put it together ourselves. The cards are the same from the pdf version (at least I remember many of the same cards).It’s tons of fun and totally worth the money. I hear these sell out pretty well a lot too. My boyfriend’s getting me both of the expansion packs for Chanukah (he wants to celebrate Chanukah the 8-days of presents way, unlike my Jewish mom).

  202. G. Cornell

    Caution! Fun Party Game – For Horrible People Only

    Warning!If you are religious, innocent, sheltered from the secular world, easily offended, or a goody-good, this game may not be for you.Are you already a horrible person? If not, then be careful, you might have become one, after playing this game.End of Disclaimer.Cards Against Humanity Review:As it says on the box, this is “a party game for horrible people.” If you are already horrible, then go ahead and play. Have fun! If you do not feel like a horrible person while you are playing, then you are probably not playing it right.- This game is basically Apples to Apples, but with horribly funny things on the cards. This is my favorite party game.- It is so easy to play that you don’t have to explain any complicated rules. People at a party will watch one round and then want to join in.- Anyone can leave or join the game at any time without disrupting the flow. So if people arrive to the party late or leave early it is no problem.- If someone gets up to go to the bathroom or to make a drink, then the game can go on without them for a few minutes. (I guess if you are good people, then you would wait for the person to come back so that they don’t miss a round, but if you were good people you would not be playing this game.)- Again, the game does not have to stop for the remaining players as some players come and go.So if you are looking for an awesomely fun, hilariously offensive party game for you and your horrible friends, this is it.

  203. Don Vito

    funniest adult party game

    legitimately the funniest game I’ve ever played.If you’re planning to buy this for your family ABSOLUTELY DO NOT buy this if your family is significantly younger /older. I say that 15+ is fitting.My older brother played this with his friends, and I could hear them laughing all day, and so did I with my long as you’re not playing with younger kids i would heavily recommend

  204. Dee

    Just wow

    I always thought I was a good person, I volunteer, I help anyone who needs it, and my job is to make sure people have the services they need. A regular humanitarian right? You would think so. But you would be wrong. I am a terrible person. I play this game proudly and have even written my own cards that poke fun of my friends and family and possibly the people I work with, but I will never admit to that nor can you actually prove that I did unless you break in to my house, steal my cards and do a handwriting analysis. But that seems unlikely, so I’m not worried.I like to invite new people over to play the game just for my own sick satisfaction of seeing their faces turn red, watching them stutter when reading the answers, and hearing their reactions to the numerous home-made cards that may or may not be a little disturbing. There should be a warning written on the box stating that you will use these crude ‘answers’ in your every day life. I cannot tell you how many time kids with ass cancer have popped up into my regular conversations, or the numerous reasons as to why ‘mommy is crying’. It happens, and I’m ok with it. I’m so ok with it I have bought every expansion pack and like I said before, have written my own cards as well. If you do plan on writing your own, a little tip….octomom is a great answer for many of the questions.

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  205. Arlie Pinkston



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  206. Liquid_Peppermint

    Great way to win friends, influence people, and close the generation gap.

    Warning: I have played this game only three times, and I didn’t follow the rules any of those three times.However, each of the times I’ve played, it’s been with different people, all of whom were more experienced than I. My first game was with my sister. It was just the two of us throwing cards at each other, and it resulted in quite a bit of hilarity. She shared about the time her husband had to explain to our mom what “pixelated bukkake” was. We laughed. We cried. It was warm and fuzzy.The other times were with friends. Friends I didn’t know too well. At least, not until the end of the game. By then it was pretty clear who was going to hell (all of us) and in which handbasket (not pretty ones).I learned more from this game than I did in high school. I had no idea what Hutus and Tutsis meant when I first sat down to play. Even now that I know, I still giggle when I hear the words. The only mention of Aaron Burr I’d ever heard was on Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. Having Wikipedia open on a nearby electronic device may help immensely when playing this game, so everyone doesn’t have to admit they don’t know what smegma means.Finally, if any word or mention in this review offends you in any way, please avoid this game. This game is not for you. It’s not for everyone. I would not, for instance, invite the 90 year old WWII veteran next door to play. I wouldn’t invite the folks across the street with sixty-four grandkids and a sign stating “ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART” who asked me my mother’s name so they could pray for her (and presumably me) to play. I MIGHT invite the nosy hobag next door who acts shocked and pearl-clutchy at everything to play, just to see the look on her face (and maybe thwart future visits to pry into my personal life). Otherwise, this is a great game for parties of all types. (Except church ice cream socials. Unless you want to know what a sick bastard your pastor is.)

    One person found this helpful

  207. haileigh lupton

    Funny game

    Firstly this is not a family friendly game this is an adult only game and is hilarious you will be laughing all night with your friends playing this game

    One person found this helpful

  208. Phil Clapham

    Deliciously sick

    I won’t go into detail since 6,500 people have already done that… but will add my voice to the chorus. If you and your friends have a sick sense of humor, this is the game for you. It’s simple and hilarious. We were introduced to it by friends who are gay, and I have to say that playing this game with half a dozen gay men just adds to the amusement. Each person takes it in turn to read from a black card which has a missing word or phrase, and you have to suggest the fill-in-the-blank from the white cards in your hand. The reader then gets to decide which entry is best and the winner keeps the black card… the winner is the first to accumulate X black cards (where X is a number you select).A few winning entries will suffice to give you a flavor:The Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History* – [where, btw, I worked for several years] – has a new interactive exhibit on —–Winner: “Children on leashes”What’s that smell?Winner: “Gandhi”When I was tripping on acid, —– turned into —– [This is one of several two-phrase cards]Winner: White privilege, the homosexual agendaYou get the idea. Btw, DON’T pay the absurd amount of money some sellers on Amazon are asking (currently $169!) when this is sold out… just wait till Amazon restocks and get it for the regular 25 bucks.Enjoy… just don’t try playing this game with fundamentalist Christians, your grandparents or people with no imagination.

  209. Obsidius

    Oh my…

    It’s a game that can entertain for hours. I just wouldn’t play it with the kids around if you know what I mean.Raunchy is probably a mild way to describe this game. It’s like Apples to Apples, but with cards that would make Ron Jeremy blush.In short, the judge picks a card that describes an idea, activity, etc., and the players anonymously submit cards that go with that idea, activity, etc. The judge picks the card(s) he or she likes the best, and the player that submitted it wins the round. the game is played until a player has won X number of rounds, or you’re blitzed out of your mind from all of the inebriation that’s probably been occurring during gameplay.For example, the judge picks a card that says “______”. Kid tested, mother approved.” What goes with that card? “My sex life”? “A big black c***”? The possibilities are endless. And adding the Expansions Packs adds even more debauchery to an already lecherous game.If you’re not into raunchy humor, vulgarity in comedy, kinky stuff, etc., this will not be the game for you. You might want to try Pictionary or Taboo instead. Or maybe a nice game of Jim Rummy.Pro Tip: never buy this if the price is over $30, which is the price for a new set. If you’re paying more, then someone is simply fleecing you while a new run is being printed. Just wait until they’re back in stock and don’t get fleeced 🙂

  210. Charleigh

    Greatest gift I’ve probably ever given 🙂

    We play this almost every holiday! Very grateful I decided to buy this for my sister, she loves it and it is quite entertaining 🙂

  211. The one you call Tim

    Twisted fun for like minded twisted folks…

    I’ve played a lot of games over the years. A lot. Many of these have been card games with friends, around a table. Sometimes with an “adult beverage”, other times not. From a “just going to have some fun with my friends” level, this game is tough to beat.I was exposed to Cards Against Humanity at a regional Sci-Fi / Fantasy convention during a birthday party for one of our guests. A nice young lady was sitting at a table with the game, another young lady noticed it and started talking about how fun it was, and next thing you know it, our Guest was at the table and we were laughing our butts off. We were laughing hard enough that there were tears. This is a good sign you have a good game. I will say this – the group playing was all very creative, intelligent, and shall we say… twisted. It was a 4 day gathering of Geeks after all. I enjoyed the game so much, I pulled out my ‘droid and ordered the game and the expansion, on the spot!This game is not for everyone (especially kids). If you get offended, ever, at anything – do not buy it. It has language, ideas, concepts, phrases, and so on that will make you cringe. If you have a group of friends that watch NASCAR, WWE, NFL, etc as “entertainment” all the time … this game isn’t for you. If you have open minded friends, who like to have fun, laugh, and let offensive things roll off your back – then by all means get this game. If you laugh at things that are WRONG – then get this game.It’s been called Apples to Apples for “grown ups”, and that is fairly accurate. Game play is similar, with a few twists. Rather than a word, person, or place – you work with a concept and try to match what you think the “Card Czar” will choose. It is NOT Apples to Apples – it’s more. Just buy the dang thing.Fun level: Yes, 5 stars. But not for everyone. Seriously. This game is not fun for everyone.Educational value: Yes, 5 stars. You learn A LOT about your friends playing this game.. hehe.Durability: Yes, 5 Stars. It’s a card game, on pretty heavy cards. Should last you a good long while.

  212. D. Demrest


    Be your worst self without accusations. The more deplorable you are, the more points you get! Easy game for 3 or more people, the more players, the more fun.

  213. Nicole Williams

    Great for Adults not a kid’s game

    There is a lot of Adult humor that is not appropriate for younger kids meaning 16 and under

  214. Mik

    Still Laughing!

    I recently had family visit from out of state and was amazed they had never heard of this game. After explaining to them it was like an X-rated Apples to Apples, I got out our deck and we started playing. They loved it so much, I promptly ordered a set for them for Christmas. Nothing brings a family together like laughter – and this game will have you falling off your chair (literally)! I think some of the nieces and nephews (all over 18) were surprised at how quickly their older aunts, uncles and parents caught on to this game and were coming up with the most off-color and hilarious answers. If you are easily offended or prudish, then don’t buy this game. Otherwise, order a deck or two, gather a group of family and friends, and laugh the night away.

  215. Quinn M.

    Very funny, great for large or small groups, not kid friendly

    Not kid friendly, but very fun and it’s good for groups of all sizes

  216. Fio Dehart

    Don’t be Prudish

    This is it. The one. The alpha and the omega of raunchy card games. Cards Against Humanity may very well be one of the funniest and most vulgar experiences you can expose your friends and house-guests to without winding up in jail by the end of the evening. This game is played in virtually the same manner as 

    Apples to Apples Party Box – The Game of Crazy Combinations (Family Edition)

     but with cards that would make your grandmother blush. The amount of thought and ingenuity that went into devising the cards is a masterpiece. “My big black dick?” Check. “Women’s suffrage?” Check. “Harry Potter Erotica?” You bet!The sheer number of possible combinations is staggering and several of the prompts for a round require multiple cards, allowing for interesting and unexpected depths of depravity for the human mind to descend into. If your friends are moral absolutists who can’t laugh at anything remotely terrible, this is not the game for them. For everyone else, this is one of the best experiences you can ever have with a card game and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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  217. Sammy

    Age appropriate?

    Age appropriate is one of the options when writing a review, this is definitely an adult only game if your a very protective parent. The first time I played this game I was 13, I’m 24 now and still enjoy it.

    2 people found this helpful

  218. AutoJim

    Great for disturbing apartment/condo/townhouse neighbors

    As if your noisy party wasn’t already cheesing off your neighbors, Mr./Ms. Apartment/Condo/Townhouse Dweller, now you’ve gone and added Cards Against Humanity to the mix, and the uproarious howling of your party guests as the Card Czar or other Designated Reader stages dramatic readings of each disturbingly funny played combo will virtually GUARANTEE that the police will be called, or barring that, that you will be the topic of much heated discussion at the next Resident’s Association meeting, which could result in censure, fines, shunning by your previously-friendly neighbors on your thrice-daily dog walks, and possible eviction for violating every Tenant’s Association Maximum Allowable Fun rule on the books.Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? Heh. Heh. Heh.With CAH, busting the HOA rules is frighteningly easy. You will howl. At least one person will need to look up something on their smartphone and then be embarrassed by the discovery (which, per the rules of the game, must be shared with the rest of the players). You will drive off any leftover Puritans who may have accidentally stumbled upon your party. These are all positive features, not bugs.I’ve never had so much fun playing a tabletop game. You may read all the cards, but there’s no way you could ever see every potential black card/white card combo in your lifetime. At least not without your brain exploding.CAH may be “a party game for terrible people” according to its makers, but it’s terrible-er to NOT have a copy of CAH and its expansions.

  219. T. Majamaki

    The perfect adult game when your drinking with friends.

    A fun game to play with friends and at parties. Drop your inhibitions, drink up, and get silly while having fun.

  220. Rainforest Defender

    What do amputees, smallpox, Miley Cyrus, and nipple blades have in common?

    A bad, bad game for bad, bad people. You’re probably a bad person, but might not even realize it, having hidden that side of yourself for so long, sweet innocence is no longer an act, but your reality. This game will release that inner demon.Take the black card, read it aloud. Everyone fills in the answers from their white cards. Groans, laughter, ugh, etc. Judge chooses the winner, who then takes the black card. Get the right number of black cards, and you win! Just like Apples to Apples, but goes better with Tequila.We play this with the kids and the grandparents. Yep. Age 18-75. They both end up looking up about the same number of items. Occasionally there is a little embarrassment as the 18 year old realizes gramma knows EXACTLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY what she is talking about, and vice verse. There are no secrets in this game.If you want to take it to a more disgusting level, which is certainly not appropriate for kids and grandparents (and CAH is?, hmmm, have I already fallen?) you can try one of the 3rd party expansions, like Crabs Adjust Humidity are also templates available on the web to make your own custom sets.Hint: Use to purchase, and you may end up in one of the upper levels of h e l l instead of straight to the bottom. Remember, it’s for the kids.

    392 people found this helpful

  221. yeetem or eatem

    Great game

    Has everything you need in the box to start playing! Although not kid friendly, its fun to play with friends!

    One person found this helpful

  222. Rachel


    We absolutely love this game. You must be very open minded and love to laugh. Game can very easily offend someone as it has very vulgar cards included. Play for the fun and you will laugh the entire time. Be sure to play with adults and no children around!!!

  223. camp

    Huge hit at gatherings!

    I bought this game for my husband for Christmas. Every family gathering we have, we are asked to bring it. It is so much in but definitely not recommended for children!

  224. Kathy brown

    This game is the best!

  225. Sylviane Teter -Manning

    This is not a game for wussies

    This game is highly enjoyable if you have no problem being a rule breaker. Makes me laugh until I cry when we play this. Hang on to your hats because this game will bend your mind around things that should not go together being put that way. If your up for saying some pretty sexual and weird phrases there’s nothing off limits.

  226. Dave

    Tons of fun and laughter

    Love playing with friends

  227. Jeff Paulus

    Hilarious game that will eventually lose its charm after several playthroughs

    When I first played Cards Against Humanity it was one of the funniest nights of my life. It is such a huge upgrade to a game like Apples to Apples (which seems made for young children in comparison). I loved it so much that I bought the next six expansions and a special case to hold them all.The writing is top notch, and when the game is fresh, you’ll have a blast. However, I found that after years of play, the gameplay has grown to be more mundane – it feels like I’m just going through the motions. There are cards that will just win every time, and others that are almost always destined to lose. The black prompt card is usually irrelevant. Also, once the shock value of the funniest cards wears off, the game loses some of its enjoyment. If you heard the same joke 100 times, would you still think it’s funny?There are games that are still amazing and fresh to play after many playthroughs. I don’t think this is one of them. If it comes up as a suggestion on board game night, I usually try to deflect with almost any other party game. Given the years of enjoyment I had with it though, I’d still say it’s worth picking up. Just don’t go too crazy with the expansions.

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  228. Kourtney Adams


    Been playing this for years and gifted it to some friends. Always a good time playing with a friend dinner or when you’re bored on deployment.

  229. Kristen Larson

    Created a night of laughter for all!

    We played this game with our kids who are all almost adults (ages 20, 19 & 17) for our Christmas Party. We all laughed so hard and had so much fun! It’s an easy game with pretty inappropriate questions and answers for younger kids, but just made us and our kids laugh way too hard and kept us playing way longer than we even planned without even realizing it because we were just having so much fun!

  230. Dad’s Gaming Addiction

    Cards Against Humanity Review by Dad’s Gaming Addiction

    Cards Against Humanity: 4+ Players, Ages 17+, Average Play Time = 30-90 MinutesThere isn’t much to say about the card art…the game comes packaged in a black box with white text. The cards are similarly designed in that they are either white text on black or black text on white…nothing all that fancy. The manual is very easy to understand, to the point where you can set up and play within seconds of opening the box. Even if you’ve never played “Apples to Apples” or similar games before, it will take you perhaps minutes to learn. The quality of the cards are fair…roughly the same quality as a regular deck of a playing cards in that it’s possible to bend them if you’re not careful.Of course, people who have heard about “Cards Against Humanity” don’t buy it for the card art…rather, they buy it for the content on said cards. In a word, this content is inappropriate. This is one game that you should definitely not introduce to your kids, unless they happen to be over seventeen years of age. The vocabulary by itself is questionable, but some of the combinations that form between the black and white cards can really be…well, let’s just say you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) repeat them in public. With only 550 cards, the content does tend to repeat after multiple playthrus. Luckily, the game variants listed in the manual serve to mix things up a bit. One variant, for example, eliminates the role of the Card Czar while another introduces an imaginary player named Rando Cardissian (Billy Dee Williams impersonations are optional).As fun as the game is, I’m a bit put off by the price tag. “Cards Against Humanity” is currently retailing for $25.00, all of which grants you a total of 550 cards. When you compare that to “Apples to Apples Jr” (576 cards for $10.00) or “Apples to Apples Party Box” (1,000+ cards for $25.00), it’s hard not to be a bit concerned. The four expansions themselves contain 100 cards each and retail for $10.00 each. If you add all of that up, you’d come to $65.00 for 950 cards…ouch. Suddenly the “Apples to Apples Party Box” is looking much more affordable and appealing. If the card art were superb, I suppose I could justify the higher price tag…as mentioned in the above paragraph, this simply isn’t the case. To be fair, you can download a print and play version for free…though the developers estimate that it’ll cost about ten dollars to print everything and buy a box to contain it. I didn’t have to time to fact check this estimate, though I’m sure savvy shoppers will find ways to beat it.In the end, “Cards Against Humanity” requires a lot of things to be successful. First, you’ll need a group of adults. Second, you’ll need a group of adults who occasionally act like kids. Third, you’ll need a group of adults who have a sense of humor…a REALLY good sense of humor. The more warped the sense of humor, the better. Finally, you’ll need a group of adults who aren’t easily offended. If you can satisfy these requirements and don’t mind the price tag, then you’ll find “Cards Against Humanity” to be an outstanding party game. The more folks playing, the better. It’s best to keep the kids away from this one, due to the adult content listed on the majority of the cards. I’m looking forward to giving this a go during our next family get-together, just to see how other people I know respond to it.

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  231. Liquid_Peppermint

    Great way to win friends, influence people, and close the generation gap.

    Warning: I have played this game only three times, and I didn’t follow the rules any of those three times.However, each of the times I’ve played, it’s been with different people, all of whom were more experienced than I. My first game was with my sister. It was just the two of us throwing cards at each other, and it resulted in quite a bit of hilarity. She shared about the time her husband had to explain to our mom what “pixelated bukkake” was. We laughed. We cried. It was warm and fuzzy.The other times were with friends. Friends I didn’t know too well. At least, not until the end of the game. By then it was pretty clear who was going to hell (all of us) and in which handbasket (not pretty ones).I learned more from this game than I did in high school. I had no idea what Hutus and Tutsis meant when I first sat down to play. Even now that I know, I still giggle when I hear the words. The only mention of Aaron Burr I’d ever heard was on Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. Having Wikipedia open on a nearby electronic device may help immensely when playing this game, so everyone doesn’t have to admit they don’t know what smegma means.Finally, if any word or mention in this review offends you in any way, please avoid this game. This game is not for you. It’s not for everyone. I would not, for instance, invite the 90 year old WWII veteran next door to play. I wouldn’t invite the folks across the street with sixty-four grandkids and a sign stating “ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART” who asked me my mother’s name so they could pray for her (and presumably me) to play. I MIGHT invite the nosy hobag next door who acts shocked and pearl-clutchy at everything to play, just to see the look on her face (and maybe thwart future visits to pry into my personal life). Otherwise, this is a great game for parties of all types. (Except church ice cream socials. Unless you want to know what a sick bastard your pastor is.)

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  232. Door

    Probably the most use/$ of any game in your closet.

    This is a great game that is easy to whip out whenever the conversation runs thin. You gain a clear understanding of the subtle differences between your companions’ senses of humor. Some friends/couples/siblings will vote for each other every time and others will get into fights because they can’t/won’t play to each others’ sense of humor at all. The cards are well enough made that they can endure drunk handling. I guess if you were going to be really fussy about them, you could get card protectors, but I say just give the CAH people another $25 if you are getting that much use out of the game. It’s true the 3rd expansion cards are of a slightly different make, but the quality is comparable and once you mix them in, you forget all about it. The boxes are really HQ, so it’s too bad you have to transfer the cards into a different box if you want to keep all the expansions together. But, the BCW 660 Count- Corrugated Cardboard Storage Box is the perfect size for 3 expansions, and it fits compactly in a small backpack or satchel, which is handy. As far as the different expansions go, I think the debates over which ones are good and which ones are “trying too hard” or “too gross” are pretty stupid. Everyone is going to find different things more or less funny, so just buy them all and if you must, throw out the individual cards you hate. There is no difference between the original cards and the expansions, IMO. The rules have a variant where you can trade in a card for a new one, if you don’t know what it means, (you just have to read it aloud to the group and admit your ignorance). This is a GREAT rule, that everyone loves. If you’re worried about someone being uncomfortable with some of the cards, just let them trade them in (or wear them on their forehead, whatevs), and play on.

  233. W. Daniel Keiling

    Awesome game!

    Many hilarious hours with friends playing this game! I recommend getting all the add on packs! What sick minds come up with this stuff? Brilliant game for the sickos in your life!!!

  234. Santiago


    Si llegaste hasta acá sabes por qué estas aquí.

  235. HonestAbe

    Hilarious game, with the right crowd

    For starters, I am a boardgame nut, with over 3,000 games in my collection. My family has semi-regular “game nights”, and we played “Cards Against Humanity” for the first time. We had a dozen people playing, where the demographics consisted mainly of 18-25 yr old neices/nephews and 50-60 year old aunts/uncles. We played for about 2 hours, and I can honestly say that the laughter around the table was some of the best we’ve ever shared! Having said this, I must also report that while about 10 of the players were thoroughly enjoying themselves, there was one aunt who was consistently commenting that this was the worst game she had ever been witness to (and couldn’t understand what the rest of us thought was so funny), and there was another aunt who was constantly trying to censor the cards, whereby she would remove the cards which she thought were most objectionable. (She likely would have removed ALL of the cards if she were given the chance.) The fact that the rest of us were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves DESPITE these two aunts is probably the biggest testament I can give to just how hilarious the game can be, at least for people who are not easily offended. If you *are* easily offended, you should run, not walk, away from this game. Finally, some of the “one star” reviews imply that you have to be a moron to find this game funny. I couldn’t disagree more with this sentiment. “Intelligence” is not the determining factor here……a sense of humor is.

  236. Alexander T. Davenport

    Do Yourself A Favor

    This is hands-down the funniest game I have ever played and as fun as Munchkin, which I also love. I will issue a warning: if you do not like comedians like Louis CK, Doug Stanhope, and Lewis Black because of their ‘inappropriate’ sense of humor; stay far from this game. However, if you have thought about joining a celebrity death pool you’re about to spend the best 25 bucks of your sad sack life. And do yourself a favor: after playing this game with a group of friends and laughing your ass off for hours go back on here and read all of the one-star reviews as a reminder to why you reveled so much that there can be a game for people that like reading Nietzsche and enjoy jokes about conjoined fetuses or anything dark. That people can use “boring” nouns like the ‘the American Dream’ and make something funny or even deep about them using the ‘magic in their minds’. And finally the understanding that paying 25 bucks (if you paid 90? you’re the only one to blame for spending that much on a card game) is well worth one night of fun and even if the replay value is limited that it was well worth it anyway and a hell of a game to pass along to another group of friends.

  237. mike wilson

    Great party game

    I generally don’t like playing games. In fact, I generally despise them, but this is a lot of fun. I had heard references to it a few times on the internet and had a coworker tell me about how much fun it was. Seeing as I was days away from heading off on a tropical vacation with a bunch of friends I thought that having something to play while we sit around drinking and chatting at night would be a good idea. Thanks to Prime the game arrived in about 2 days, just in time for my trip. I think my friends were a bit skeptical at first, but boy did this turn out to be a great hit. The perceived skepticism was eradicated within a few minutes as people squealed with delight while passing their answers toward the Card Czar, and the game was requested on the following evenings. We even managed to turn it into a drinking game — on each round the Card Czar had to buy the winner a shot. It turns out that funny people get even funnier after they take a few shots. This will become a permanent addition to my basement bar now and I look forward to talking more about such wondrous ideas as dick fingers in the near future. Just make sure you’re with a group which isn’t offended easily.

  238. moses

    Very fun

    Great game we play a lot

  239. Courtney G. Milleson

    The older version is better.

    Completely my opinion, but the “updated for 2021” version is too political to be funny.

  240. upclowngirl

    Great ADULT game

    If you have children DO NOT buy this game but great for adult fun

  241. Bret Belgarde


    we have added extra cards great fun game.

  242. M

    Hilarious, fun game to play – even with your parents

    There seems to be two types of reviewers for this game: 1. Those who had an absolute ball and hurt themselves laughing (like we did) or, 2. Folks who are sensitive to obscenities and who were offended by this game. For the latter, you can remove the most offensive cards ahead of time and still enjoy yourselves. Of course, you must realize this game is meant to be non-“politically correct”. That is the fun of it. To those in group #1 – Get this game and be ready laugh your butts off.

  243. tloibl

    Fun game!!!!

    First, this game is for people with a warped sense of humor!!!! It’s also not for anyone under 18!!! We played this with 7 people. We laughed so hard the entire game. It’s an up to date edition.

  244. Christina

    Adult Apples to Apples – HYSTERICAL

    If you’re going to have friends over for dinner, play this game. It is a guaranteed game changer on how the night is going to go.*NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS* We love to have people over for dinner and parties and this game always ends up coming out. It brings everyone around, interacting with one another and always brings a lot of laughs.I guess you could compare this with Apples to Apples for adults… I think this more falls on the lines of “Jackass”.I have had the “wonderful” opportunity to play this three times with my parents, and twice with my father in law. I don’t know what it is but I always end up pulling the card, “what are my parents hiding for me.” Seriously, NO I don’t want to play that card. My parents end up throwing the best, but most inappropriate cards down. It ends up making my dad laugh so hard his whole body turns red and cries. That in itself people is why we play this game. There not much else that can make adults laugh and have so much fun over dinner.*Disclaimer: If you do not like to have fun, don’t buy this – it is not for you. JUST KIDDING, its hysterical. We have purchased all the expansion packs and are waiting for more to come out.”

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  245. betternbtr

    You can learn a lot about your kids when they play this game! Fun game though!!

    I was not 100% sure I wanted to get this for my 16 year old daughter to have to play with her teenage friends at her birthday. I did get it and I hung around while they were playing the game,girls and guys all about 16 yrs.old, very interesting,very mature conversations came from some of the cards.My husband and I actually have fun playing this game with my 2 teenage daughters. You may surprised to learn a few things that your kids know,that you did not can have fun and learn a few things about your kids,actually leaves a lot of room for discussions with your kids.Some of the cards are rather disgusting,so you may want to take those out of the set.

    489 people found this helpful

  246. Cynthia Hoskey

    Hilarious, inappropriate fun

    We just had a ball playing this with the whole family after Thanksgiving dinner. Hubby and I, along with our 25 and 12 y.o. sons. We went through the deck first and took out the cards that were truly over-the-top objectionable (about one out of seven cards) and were left with plenty of fun that didn’t get much worse than Junior High level filth. My basic criteria for removing cards was that if I didn’t feel that, as an adult, I could joke with my mom about the topic of the card OR if I would be uncomfortable explaining it to my 12 yo then it was out. But we still had a whole lot of fun. Yes, it was still inappropriate in a lot of ways, I’m not going to pretend it’s not. But there was something about laughing together and pointing out how outrageously WRONG some things were that made it fun and strangely educational.However, my 12 y.o. is a highly sensible boy who doesn’t actually enjoy saying things that he knows are wrong or will upset his parents. Which is probably pretty unusual. If your kids are overly impressionable or likely to take these things and run with them in a direction you wouldn’t want them to go then you should probably avoid this until they’re older. Like, after they’ve graduated from college or gotten married or something. Otherwise, have at it and have fun!

  247. TGG18

    Great for storing all your cards and expansion packs together

    I gave this box to my boyfriend for Christmas after he had received the Green, Red and Blue expansion packs. It got to be annoying to have all those boxes laying around. I thought it would be nice to have all the cards together in one place and to be able to shuffle them all together. So far, he has the original gamoe pack, the Red Box, Blue Box, Green Box, Jew Pack, one of the Christmas Packs, Period Pack and Dad Pack. You can see from the pictures that those take up a little over half of the box all together. It’s really nice having them all in one box and makes it much easier to travel with.It comes with 50 blank cards that we will probably never use. We would have preferred those to be additional cards with sayings already on them, but they didn’t ask us when designing it. However, it does also come with 20 cards that have sayings on them.There is an additional hidden card in the lid of the box that is pretty amazing. I don’t like that you have to cut or tear the paper of the lid to get it out but it doesn’t seem to bother my boyfriend. I just think it’s kinda ugly now, but definitely worth getting that card out!I’m now reading that there is an additional hidden card in the bottom of the box that we missed. I will have to check that out and see if I can find it and report back.I’m not sure what else I can say about a box. It does not come with the original CAH game. It’s simply an empty storage box for the game and expansion packs. If you plan to add on to the original CAH game, I definitely recommend purchasing this box to store them all in.**UPDATE**After looking for that additional hidden card, I’m here to report we found it! If you look in the bottom of the box, where the cards are stored, the extra card is hidden in the the bottom of the center compartment. I’m sorry but I did not snap a picture but you can Google it online if you’re having troubles locating it.I also realized that we never mixed in the 20 expansion cards that came with the Bigger Blacker Box. They all have sayings with the word “box” in them. (No, not that “box”) They’re actually pretty lame considering they are from CAH who have made some pretty hilarious cards. They say things like, “In a box” and “A box within a box” etc… We didn’t find them funny and have never used them or ever plan to.

    53 people found this helpful

  248. mykie G

    Will ruin your life

    This is not a review about playing Cards Against Humanity, it’s a review of the fallout endured from playing Cards Against Humanity. Take it as a warning, if you will.If you aren’t a horrible person already, you will soon be. You will play Cards Against Humanity, and as others have said, you will be shocked, appalled, and worst of all, you will learn and adapt. You’ll reach for your smartphone and search for terms you’ve drawn such as “The Ãœbermensch”, “Heteronormativity”, and “The Three-Fifths Compromise”. You will commit these and many other newly-learned words to memory.And that’s where it all comes crashing down.At first, you might allow “front butt” to casually wander its way into a conversation here and there. As more of your subconscious fights to unleash the trauma, you’ll find yourself uttering “nipple blades” and “mouth herpes” in the most unacceptable of times. You’ll visit the Cards Against Humanity website and bomb them with suggestions for new cards like “Cutting the cheese at a funeral” and “Scissoring”.Soon, you will meet up with new people to inflict Cards Against Humanity upon them and they’ll be hooked. You will receive random voicemails and texts, asking for another hit of that “8 oz. of sweet, Mexican black tar heroin”, and you will comply, because you’re just as hooked as they are. They’ll bring new friends in to freshen up the game…you will feel a rush as the look of shame crosses their innocent eyes as they win a round by playing “Amputees” against your “White People Like _____”.”I was just throwing that card away!” they’ll proclaim, but you know the sad truth.You will buy the expansion pack. You will host parties where you play through every card in both boxes. You’ll wonder where the time went. Your face will hurt from laughing so much. Your friends will buy their own sets, and the infection will be passed on.A team of rescue workers will find you you weeks later in your closet, frazzled, emaciated, and stinking from “Soiling Yourself”, because you just couldn’t stop with playing Cards Against Humanity against yourself. The light of day will strike your eyes and you’ll gaze up at your saviors with pensive anticipation…”Wanna play?”

    9,434 people found this helpful

  249. Juliana Christine Riegel

    Best Game EVER

    I love games. All games, but mostly fun, thinking games. I love The Game of Things. Scattergories. Catch Phrase. Funglish.This is my new favorite game. Like Apples to Apples, but a million times funnier, if you are a horrible, horrible person like me.One person (the judge) draws a black card and reads it aloud:”TSA Guidelines now prohibit _______ on airplanes.”Everyone else surveys the seven white cards in their hand, and submits one to be judged:”necromancy””italians””harry potter erotica””morgan freeman’s voice””hot pockets”The judge picks their favorite response (I’m going with hot pockets. Those things are dangerous!) and the person who submitted the card wins the round and is awarded the black card. The judge position moves to the next player in the circle…Play continues until… Something. You either get bored (never!), run out of cards (we play really long games) or someone is the clear winner (my husband usually ends up with 3x the cards as anyone else). Alternatively, you play to a certain number of wins.I love this game so much. Just buy it from the company…They release more almost every month. You can sign up on their website to be notified when more are made, so you can buy them then. No reason to be ripped off.

  250. LopsidedMidget

    5 star game

    There are over 1,000 reviews on here, so mine will probably get lost in the crowd. However, I can assure anybody that does happen to read this that Cards Against Humanity is a ridiculously fun game. With that said, it’s really not a good one for kids to play, or be in the room while you play.I’ve owned this game for about 2 months and have played it for hours upon hours during that time period. I played a game with three other people and we used the entire black card deck just this past weekend (hours of playing) because it’s really that much fun. I played with my family over Thanksgiving and my dad called me up after I had left to ask me what the “name of that funny card game is.” I would definitely recommend this game if you are not easily offended. However, if you are sensitive to crude humor then you should steer clear of this game and buy apples to apples.I personally have enjoyed this game despite the limited number of cards (I’m now considering purchasing all of the expansions). Even if you get the same black card that you have seen a dozen times it will still have hilarious outcomes due to the white cards being different. Well worth $25 IMO.

    One person found this helpful

  251. Kitski

    One of our favorite family games, to the point someone stole it and we BOUGHT IT AGAIN!!

    Now I will open this by saying, this game likely should not be played by anyone under the age of 13. Though not entirely due to the adult nature of the cards, primarily due to the word choices on some cards being so advanced that sometimes even recent high school graduates do not know the meaning of some words. Which does make the game far, harder to play with younger people as it is effectively cheating if you know, who had which card when you’re the card tzar.Aside from that, this game is one of our favorite family games, and we do allow our teenager to play it, hence why we are aware of the word choices being a bit beyond the average American student. The subject is not obscene, when compared to modern media. It is fine, requires active thinking and if you actually want to win, evaluation of the other players (knowing what will make the current card tzar laugh, as everyone has a different sense of humor). The number of expansion/add-ons packs, also provide the game with effectively infinite replay value, as even if you’ve gone through every base deck card, you can add one of several dozen add-on decks which most are specifically themed.This game is also incredibly hard to find in retail stores in many communities as well, to the point a house guest, stole our copy of the game when they left and we were unable to recover it from them, but as this is that fun of a game, we still happily BOUGHT IT AGAIN! XDReplay Value: 10/10Fun: 10/10 (seriously, if someone isn’t enjoying themselves after a few hands, then they may need help)Age Range: 13+, to be frank I’d say 15+, but it is namely due to some of the words on the cards being TOO ADVANCED for your average individual at that age, they likely will not have been taught specific things yet in school that will come up.Special Notes: Protect this Game, it likes to walk away.

  252. The one you call Tim

    Twisted fun for like minded twisted folks…

    I’ve played a lot of games over the years. A lot. Many of these have been card games with friends, around a table. Sometimes with an “adult beverage”, other times not. From a “just going to have some fun with my friends” level, this game is tough to beat.I was exposed to Cards Against Humanity at a regional Sci-Fi / Fantasy convention during a birthday party for one of our guests. A nice young lady was sitting at a table with the game, another young lady noticed it and started talking about how fun it was, and next thing you know it, our Guest was at the table and we were laughing our butts off. We were laughing hard enough that there were tears. This is a good sign you have a good game. I will say this – the group playing was all very creative, intelligent, and shall we say… twisted. It was a 4 day gathering of Geeks after all. I enjoyed the game so much, I pulled out my ‘droid and ordered the game and the expansion, on the spot!This game is not for everyone (especially kids). If you get offended, ever, at anything – do not buy it. It has language, ideas, concepts, phrases, and so on that will make you cringe. If you have a group of friends that watch NASCAR, WWE, NFL, etc as “entertainment” all the time … this game isn’t for you. If you have open minded friends, who like to have fun, laugh, and let offensive things roll off your back – then by all means get this game. If you laugh at things that are WRONG – then get this game.It’s been called Apples to Apples for “grown ups”, and that is fairly accurate. Game play is similar, with a few twists. Rather than a word, person, or place – you work with a concept and try to match what you think the “Card Czar” will choose. It is NOT Apples to Apples – it’s more. Just buy the dang thing.Fun level: Yes, 5 stars. But not for everyone. Seriously. This game is not fun for everyone.Educational value: Yes, 5 stars. You learn A LOT about your friends playing this game.. hehe.Durability: Yes, 5 Stars. It’s a card game, on pretty heavy cards. Should last you a good long while.

  253. M. Judd

    It’s a blast.

    Makes family game night with the older teenagers and adult friends a riot.

  254. Gina Central

    Fantastic party game

    I love this game it is hilarious and a ton of fun… of course it needs to be played with adults. If you want a kids version of this Apples to apples is great for the whole family like 10 and up. CAH… best played with 4 or more people but you could play with 3 I think but its harder and not as much fun. Its so easy to play. One player reads part of a sentence… that is left open ended. The other players try to find the funniest card to complete the sentence. You need to take in the “askers” sense of humor. They get to choose which card appeals to them. If you win you keep that card who ever has the most cards wins. We play to 4 or 5. Its so much fun with a big group of despicable people. Trust me Granny is going to be the most hardcore player. You will learn a whole lot about the group of people you play with.

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  255. Christopher Moloney

    Outrageously fun game for those not offended by anything

    Not everyone will enjoy this game as the mix of cards and answers can get very offensive especially if fueled by some wine and cocktails. That said, for a good group of adults in their 30s, 40s, 50s etc, it’s a hilarious group game.IMPORTANT TIPS: If you have Apples to Apples, start with that game to get people the play of the game before the dive in to being offensive. Second, avoid playing with kids or parents, stick with people of similar ages–the card play can be offensive enough to both both young and old. Lastly, be aware that it’s just a GAME–we had politics come up as a question and when someone took it seriously, they left. Tell everyone at the outset of the game to just have fun, don’t get mad at spouses outrageous choices and you will all laugh and leave with a smile.TIP 2: 6-8 players at one time is ideal. Only 4 is too small. 9 feels to big.TIP 3: More fun with cocktails! The quieter members of your group will losen up and enjoy game more.TIP 4: Don’t let the reader who is “selecting the winning card each round” pre-read the reply cards first, have them set them face down and read them as he shuffles them. That way, you can all react at the same time. VERY IMPORTANT. You all laugh together when you do this. Very key rule.TIP 5: Don’t have kids or teenagers around when you play this game.TIP 6: GET READY FOR A FUN GAME!LAST TIP: Order the expansion packs. We DO NOT use the double answer “______ and ______” style cards and removed some other lame cards, so the expansion packs are good. We find the double answer (two blank line) cards to be a waste of time that is not fun and just creates confusionRound table idea, moderate lighting, heavy drinking. Be save and have fun! Best new game in many years for adults. Proof that you don’t have to be PC to have fun.And if someone is offended, don’t invite them to the next game.

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  256. Petals

    So much fun!

    I played this with a couple of friends and we has such a great time.

  257. Sarah K.

    Laughing Till My Stomach and Cheeks HURT!

    FUN FUN FUN game to play with adults! Some of the cards are useless- hard to use so you end up with a handful of “non-funny” cards so we play where we often do an “exchange” of cards- but the game is great to play with new people! I’ve already ordered 4 expansion packs b/c you can only play the game about an hour or so before you run out of white cards or black cards and then it’s not as funny anymore when you start playing down the same cards from before- SO, we are planning on playing again with about 6 friends this coming weekend, once my expansion packs come in the mail. I’m also going to take out the DOUBLE BLANK black cards as those are hard to play when you have a big group of friends playing. The best cards are the questions (EX: “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”) or the single FILL-IN-THE-BLANK cards (example: “_______: Kid Tested-Mother Approved” ) with answer cards like “Grandma” or “Semen” or “anal beads” LMAO This game is definitely better played with about 5-10 people! It can be played with up to 20 but I wouldn’t recommend less than 5 people and definitely no children as some of the white cards are hilariuosly VULGAR 🙂 All-in-all, I LOVE this game- all my friends at the party were ranting and raving how they have “GOT TO BUY THIS GAME”… They all can’t wait for my new cards to come in the mail since we went through the entire box of cards in one night! I’ve heard the expansion packs are even better than the ones in the original box/game. So I’m excited… DO buy this game if you’re into Adult Game Nights, drinking makes it funner but not necessary- Once I buy all the CAH expansions, I’ll buy the Crabs Adjust Humidity card expansions too- HAVE FUN!!!

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  258. Trey

    Great Game

    Just buy it. Buy it already.

  259. Aaron B.

    Great game to have

    This game is super fun but in some cases inappropriate but it adds to the humor.

  260. Dave W

    I feel dirty playing this.

    This game is hilarious if you are A.) with friends/family of equal humor, B.) drunk, and/or C.) a bad person. If you don’t fit in 2 or more of those categories, you will probably hate this game. You’d be better off with Apples to Apples.Some thoughts:- The subject matter is very mature and caters solely to the perverse cynic in all of us.- The cards are made of a very high quality cards stock and are easy to read in high contrast black & white.- The surface of the cards has a chitin layer that protects against liquid spilling (see requirement B above).- The game is horribly boring with fewer than 4 people. Recommend 5-6 people for maximum fun.I really enjoyed playing this with my wife, brother & sister in law. They aren’t quite as dirty-minded as me, so I think I enjoyed it more than they did, but they certainly liked it. The price is fair considering the developer allows you to print and make your own for free (they even tell you how and give you the template to download). The expansions are available for a modest $10 so that’s a great thing.I just wish I didn’t feel like such a terrible person after playing it.

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  261. ella c

    so fun to play

    it is EXTREMELY inappropriate but is so hilarious and i love to play with my friends… get the family version if u have kids tho

  262. Mary Tatum

    If you’re old enough to play, buckle up.

    This card game goes beyond any other simple party game. Everyone will be rolling in laughter even if you’re just watching others play. I DO however recommend that you ARE over the age of 17 to play this game being that it’s not appropriate for children or very young teens. But if you have a broken sense of humor and dirty mind to a degree, PLEASE consider buying this game!!

    3 people found this helpful

  263. Tamey

    Hours of entertainment!

    We bought these for our family’s white elephant. Everyone was over 18. Not for kids, but hours of entertainment for adults! We played so long!

  264. jbtam99

    Great game for parties with friends

    I don’t know what I can say about Cards Against Humanity that hasn’t already been said. It’s a fantastically fun game that will definitely uncover who in your friends group has the darkest sense of humor. Do NOT play at work parties or HR will be called. :DI haven’t gotten any of the expansion packs yet because we’re still having fun with the initial set two years later.

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  265. Ashley

    Must have for every party or adult game night.

    It’s fairly common knowledge that this game is very offensive. So if you’re easily offended, it’s a no brainier that this is not the game for you. Lots of sexual cards, a bit of Holocaust ‘humor’ cards, and there are even a card or two in there mentioning pedophilia. My husband has a pretty obscene sense of humor, but even we had to take out some cards (mostly the pedophilia cards, and he doesn’t like the ones mocking God or Jesus.) The game is amazing, though, so it’s not really a big deal at all to toss 5 or 6 cards that go to far for us. There are PLENTY more to chose from that are still ridiculous and entertaining, especially if you go into the expansion packs.All we have to do is mention having this game at a party or get together and immediately dozens of hands fly up when we ask if anybody wants to play, or tons of “I WANT TO PLAY!”s are shouted at the simply mention of having the game. It’s especially entertaining to play with normally more reserved old ladies… because then the truth really comes out, and you find their just as disgusting a person as you are haha

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  266. Jessica Garrow

    Card Against Humanity

    I feel like this pack wasn’t as funny as some of the other ones I’ve seen in previous years. Definitely a lot more cards describing gross things and I threw away some of the cards that involved children like the card that said, “little boy penis’s” ummmm….. no

  267. Tiffany Avant

    Love this game!

    We’ve played this at our friends house on many occasions. It’s great fun. Simple concept that’s easy to tailor to any family’s style of play. The game even has a long list of house rules included in the usage booklet to get you started. Thos game doesn’t take itself very seriously it’s all fun.

  268. Zeiss

    Very hilarious, but…

    … not for everyone. This game is not for kids, for those easily offended, for those with weak stomachs, or those who don’t like to have fun.What this game is:It is just was it says, a party game for horrible people. That being said, GET OVER IT!! – If you take things way to seriously this game is not for you. – The cards inside are very raunchy in nature and go out of their way to make very bad jokes about everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. – The cards are well made and have stood up to many nights of good times. – No game is the same, and every game is filled with laughing so much it hurts.What this game isn’t: – For children. Ever.. If you buy this for kids you’re a horrible parent. – Politically Correct. It will offend people. Get used to it.Whoever wrote a negative review for this game probably has no sense of humor or takes things way to seriously, or bought it for their kids and didn’t read what it was first. This game touches on the bad jokes that we all have inside us. It reminds you to make some horrible jokes, laugh until you can’t breathe, and then play another round. Seriously people, it’s a game. Enjoy it. Laugh. Be horrified when you realize how bad the jokes really can be and then laugh some more.Note: yes they do offer a copy on their website, but the cards are very small, hard to read, and leave out some very funny cards that are included with the retail version. Quit crying about it and buy a copy. You’ll thank me later.

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  269. Alvaro Gonzales

    I forgot to review this years ago when I got it. Best card game ever, but you already knew that.

    Of course this is just the fucked-in-the-head adult version of Apples to Apples, but that’s why we all love this game. Just remember to poop right before you start, you’ll thank me later.

  270. Miranda Essig

    Great price and lots of fun!

    Great price! So much fun for people who enjoy dark and perverted humor.

  271. tracy Becker illinois

    Not for kids

    Omg we had a blast playing this game. I strongly suggest getting all the packs so worth it. We laughed so hard. We were only going to play for a hr. But the next thing you know it was 3hr. Later.

  272. Scubadog

    Very funny game

    Very fun and funny game, especially great for large groups.

  273. Beast

    Love it

    We play it all the time

  274. Amazon Customer

    This game is exactly what it says it is.

    We played this game for the first time the other night with four people. Although there was drinking involved, I think we enjoyed the game so much that we were distracted from our drinking and actually remained sober the whole time we played. We also had so much fun that we pretty rapidly forgot we were even keeping score. I absolutely cannot wait until we play with more people because there will be more answers to decide between and choosing a winner each round will be that much harder. As everyone else says, it is apples to apples, but x-rated. It is absolutely hilarious, but even playing with one of the most liberal group of people I know, each of us was offended, or at least shocked, at least once. However, we love the shock value, so that just made it more fun for us. It would be very easy to decide to remove one or two cards because they toed the line just a little too much, but if you are going to do that, you really have no business owning this game. If you, or someone you plan to play this with regularly are even slightly sensitive, easily offended (or able to be offended at all), or even just a really nice person with good morals, skip this game, it is pretty intense in it’s vulgarity, and nothing is off limits.

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  275. Ser P

    It’s always helpful to get the ice broken with a game like this, which is why the rules of the …

    Want to cure those doldrums at family get-togethers? Well, wait no more, folks, because Cards Against Humanity is here, and all I can say is WOW.The first time I played this game, I had no idea about its inappropriate nature. I’m no prude, but I was wondering if I was going to be safe if I brought it to our Christmas Eve traditional family gathering. We played the game previously with my daughter and her boyfriend, and I was on the floor, laughing at some of the responses.Christmas Eve was hilarious, to say the least. It’s always helpful to get the ice broken with a game like this, which is why the rules of the game are so incredibly brilliant. “The last one who pooped is the one who gets to ask the first question” had me literally crying, I was laughing so hard. Imagine my mother, who goes to church every week and waters the plants at the church and won’t say more than “darn” reading the cards aloud. Priceless.I brought the game to our friends’ house for New Year’s Eve. When I tell you that the game went from “I hate this crap” to “Hurry up, I want to hear the next question!”, I knew we had a winner on our hands. My husband and I already knew the answers, so I went right out and purchased three expansion packs, so that we could be surprised by some of the white cards.Get the game, but if there are children present, wait until they go to bed before you break it out. If you’re really shy, get your feet wet with “Apples to Apples”, but I was advised not to even waste my money, and to just buy this one. I’m so not sorry. I don’t think you’ll be, either, especially if you are a “horrible person” like me, lol.

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  276. Nicholas L. Rossman

    Seeking History’s Oldest Monster

    I first played this game at a bar where I was supposed to be listening to a musician play. There were only about 12 of us there to listen to the musician, so imagine the horror when Cards Against Humanity trumped the live music. After that fateful night, I drove home (under the influence) and electronically sought out a way to purchase this on Amazon. At that time vultures were selling copies second hand for around $70 bucks.Luckily I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home and purchased two 20 packs of McNuggets that killed my buzz and I decided to wait until the morning. I found the CAH website and decided to sign up for their auto-notifier for a re-release of the set and expansion pack. Luckily my wait was only a couple of drunk binges away and eventually I was able to purchase at the suggested retail price. After receiving and looking through the deck of cards, I instantly knew my purpose in life.This game has ruined my relationship with my future in-laws, my grandmother and my neighbor’s kids, but now I know that they will one day be saved by Jesus. My fate lies on another path as I travel these United States, challenging random folks to see who will be, History’s Oldest Monster.

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  277. Tawanna Bryant

    Adults Only!!!!

    I loved this game ever since I played it at a family gathering. I originally bought the small box and had to purchase the larger box. I will be purchasing the family box as well so my nine year old can play as well. I can’t wait to have another family gathering at my home so we can play with the larger box this is great fun.

  278. Rebecca Plant

    Was a gift

    This was a gift so not sure yet.

  279. Em

    Quick Review of Expansions

    This is an incredibly fun, totally F’d up game. I have been hosting CAH games at my house for a couple of years now and have even gotten my mother and my grandmother to play – what a riot! The raunchier, the better my friends seem to love them.I’m posting a review here, on the original deck, to help people with what to buy with the original game, or next.To date, I have:1) Cards Against Humanity Base Deck – This is what you need to start playing and you can survive on this for a couple of games with the same players before it gets stale.2) Cards Against Humanity Expansions 1-6 – You can also get these grouped up in the new Blue and Red boxes.You won’t regret these, but I would get a few aftermarket decks first.3) Cards Against Humanity Green Box (7th? exp) – I haven’t dug into these yet, but will update next month after our next game.4) Various CAH small packs – The Jew Pack is mandatory. The Geek, Fantasy and 90’s packs are okay, but skippable.5) Crabs Adjust Humidity Vol. 1-5 – These are terrible, but in a good way. I’d put these high on my acquisition list.6) Carps & Angsty Manatee Vol. 1-2 – Another great pack, maybe 4 out of 5 stars. Seems to be geared towards young adults.7) Cats Abiding Horribly Edi. 1-2 – This are probably the most clever and intelligent cards in my collection.8) Guards Against Insanity Edi. 1-4 – These seem to be the most popular winning cards when we play. Clever with broad topics.9) Cads Against Matrimony – These is really tame and mostly lame. Plus they’re blue and out of place in the original deck. Skip.10) Cocks Abreast Hostility Pack 1-2 – These are the raunchiest cards, in my opinion. These WILL get reactions. Mandatory.11) Crows Adopt Vulgarity 1-4 – These are new, I’ll update later next month.12) Cards and Punishment Vol. 1-2 – These are new, I’ll update later next month.13) Clones Attack Hilarity – These are new, I’ll update later next month.14) Cows Against Hamburgers – These are new, I’ll update later next month.There’s some decks I would LOVE to have, like Words Against Morality, but sadly they are printed on what’s not much better than heavy paper. If you are going to play a lot, with friends, who may have spill-able drinks – skip the decks that aren’t printed on coated, quality cardstock.

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  280. schmackdaddy

    So Much Fun

    Warning. If you get offended and or religious this isn’t the game for you. I never get offended and I’m not to religious, so this game is a freaking blast. Pack down a few drinks, get your wife who has a UTI a little tipsy and watch her laugh so hard she pisses all over herself. You know it’s a great game when someone laughs and pees. Love it! Love you too babe!! She’s changing her clothes for the fifth time. Lol

  281. Kitten

    We got exactly what we expected.

    My daughter early enjoyed it and was very entertained.

  282. Nicky

    Totally Hilarious

    I got this game to play with my friends and it is so much fun!! We love to sit around and hang out playing this. This is the perfect gift to give to a teenager if you ever need one. I do have to say that some of the cards are more adult so the recommended age of 17 is about right but really anyone above 15/16 would understand most of them. I would definitely recommend this game to any high school, college, or fresh out of college people.

  283. Jeni Groenewoud

    The game for you if you want to get to know others dark side

    I purchased this game for my husband as a stocking stuffer for Christmas unknown to it’s addictive qualities. We began the game with a couple of friends and my in-laws. The sickening twists to this game has brought us all closer believe it or not. At first it’s scary to place the cards that you’ve chosen on the table. But when everyone is gasping and falling on the floor laughing, you tend to gain a little more self confidence. But don’t let this game fool you. This game will also help you define your circle of friends. When playing with friends and one person keeps placing lame cards that you have to force a laugh (ha ha haha) you will reevaluate your friendship with that individual. Sad as it may be, you will become a new person playing this game. Your confidence will rise as well as you will unlock a part of your mentality that you never knew existed! I am now ordering the add-on packs so that we can continue to enjoy our time with friends, while getting the sick, twisted attributes we hinder so well out. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone that wants to have real fun at your next gathering.

  284. S


    This game is fun and keeps everyone engaged.

  285. Marshall N.


    It’s a little much for some people, but everybody I’ve played with has had fun and their are lots of laughs.

  286. Valerie Clark

    Maybe not for “really” horrible people because this is awesome!

    I’ve been playing this card game for years so since my decks were worn down, I decided to buy the entire set again. A few years back, around the holidays, the company, for $10 dollars did this sweet promo where every day for 10 days, you got a special edition CAH card. One card in particular, had your name ( not yours, mine!) printed on it, which was the best thing ever!! The last day, they donated the last dollar to a children’s reading charity. I liked that. I added to my gigantic deck Crabs Against Humidity now, the full deck with expansions and an actual card case. I may now get to keep these beauties for a year and a day this time. Great game to play with friends with a twisted sense of humor, not for kids or prudish folks, unless you want a great reaction! This will do it! You do need more than 4 players and someone who is willing to be score keeper ( a non partial fair one.) You can have lots of people play this, great for hanging out with lots of friends. I highly recommend this!

  287. Peggy

    Fun for everyone!!

    We play this game every Sunday with our family!!! We laugh so much!!! Good times

  288. Barbara C

    Adult Only Game – Not for Prudes

    I bought two of these for gifts for my “grown up” kids for Christmas. Needless to say they all wanted to play as soon as they got the gifts. I didn’t realize the game was basically the same as Apples to Apples that we already had. It is played the same way where the person whose turn it is has a card they play with a saying and the other players try to complete it by laying down a card from their hand. The player whose turn it is then picks the best card that completes their card. This is where the similarity ends. The cards are absolutely hilarious and without a doubt politically incorrect. You have to have a sense of humor and not get too embarrassed playing this game. If you are playing with your kids, get ready for both you and your kids to start throwing cards out and picking new ones because the one you got is just way too embarrassing. Even with that, the game is loads of fun and great to play on an adult only game night. You definitely need a sense of humor to play. You can’t be a prude and play this game.

    3 people found this helpful

  289. Tony C.

    What a hoot!

    Fun game to play with like minded adults. A certain level of inebriation helps

  290. Dizzle M.

    This game will bring laughs to your game night

    Such a fun game – I play it on game nights at people’s houses. I decided that I should have a set of my own for my own game nights. You can easily take up an hour with this game (or you can make it shorter if you want). You need at least 3 people to play, the more the merrier though. You can also buy add on cards separately – which I bought, but haven’t tried yet.Basic point of the game: deal 10 white cards to each person – the white cards have sayings on it like “bop-it,” “mechahitler.” Each person takes turns reading a black card. The black card says things like “this is my superpower.” So all the other players pick one of their white cards to give to the reader (face down). The reader picks the best answer in his/her opinion. The person who gave that particular white card answer gets a point.” Player with the most points at the end wins.It’s probably not a good game to play with young children or your grandparents. There are some cards that can be offensive to some people so I suppose you can either takes those cards out (but what fun is that) or leave those people who might be offended out of this particular game night.

  291. SPARKY0210

    Fun game

    We enjoy playing this different game with friends. Lots of laughs

  292. Steven s.

    Already my favorite card/bored game

    I played cards against humanity once a while back and loved it. in the one time i played it became my favorite card/board game and i had to buy it for myself. I have a “bizarre” sense of humor i enjoy jokes ranging from nonsensical to very dark and cards against humanity appeals to that sense of humor quite well. The only bad thing about the game isn’t really even the game fault and thats if you enjoy all the types of humor in this game you likely don’t have many friends in real life to play it with myself included. The 1 star reviews for this game are hilarious as well coming frome obtuse older people who completely miss the fact that the entire point of cards against humanity is weird and dark humor.

  293. L. Ellin

    perfectly inappropriate

    must play with open minded friends! not for the feint of heart!

  294. pichan

    Adults With Dark Humor Required

    I bring this game to EVERY party. It’s always a hit. Co-workers, peers, everyone loves to get dark and dirty now and then. Dry humor is a plus in this game, but anyone can play. (Well, not the kids, but I assume you know it’s is adult orientated by now!) For that matter, I consider this a “drinking game” but it has nothing to do with the gameplay so much as the atmosphere that results from a group of folks who are willing to push boundaries when loosened up. If played long enough, you’ll start to see patterns and find out what makes your friends tick. Humor finds its way into categories – dark, cute, clever, political, sex, etc. Sex almost always wins in my house. Haha.A note on the expansion packs – I’ve purchased all the expansion packs and the “bigger blacker box” to hold them all. It’s a wonderful investment if you like the game but not necessary at all. It gives you more cards to work with but you can always make your own cards and grow the set for free. This is a very openly customized game.PRO TIP: PRINT AT HOME FOR FREE! The awesome creators of CAH will let anyone download the entire game as PDF from their website. Honestly. All you need is a printer and some scissors. […] If nothing else, you can see the cards and decide if you are into this sort of thing before buying the box set.

  295. jackpacker

    I just always wanted a pack

    It’s fun with friends or more just random people

  296. Michael J. Mora

    Hilarious Party Game!

    If you enjoy Apples to Apples and are looking for a game that can be very risque at times you’ll probably really enjoy this game! It is very similar in play style to Apples to Apples. One person is the judge for a round, and gets to pick which answer is the winner, just as in Apples to Apples. However, instead of simply matching one word to another, usually there is a sentence with one missing word and each player (aside from the judge) inserts their choice into the sentence.This is a great party game if you can gather up a lot of friends who aren’t easily offended. I played this the first weekend I had the game with six other friends (which I think was a good number to play this game). We were planning on playing other games as well that night but we ended up playing this until about 2:00 in the morning instead. This game provided all of us with MANY laughs that night. Ever since the first night we played this my friends’ have insisted that I bring this game.The only downside to this game is that it doesn’t have near as many cards as Apples to Apples does, so once you play it a few times you’ll make it through all the cards. Personally, I still think it is well worth the $25 for the amount of fun that can be had playing this game. They also offer several expansion packs for $10 each that include more cards.

  297. Jason

    Absolutely the funniest ADULT game on the market!

    First of all, reading all the one-star reviews makes me realize how many people fail to read the label before making a purchase, and then want to blame the manufacturer for not protecting their feelings and utterly offending them. Get over yourselves. Some people live to play the victim.Second, this game clearly states it is NOT intended for children. This is an ADULT game. There is nothing about this game that is politically correct, classy, or even remotely suitable polite casual social gatherings. It is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.All that being said, it is also the most fun anyone with a sense of humor can have with a deck of cards.I first played at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. Our family is pretty close and all have a great sense of humor. We practically rolled on the floor laughing for hours. I enjoyed it so much I bought it for myself.To recap, this game is a blast… but only for adults with a sense of humor who don’t get offended easily.I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    9 people found this helpful

  298. Joseph Hoffman

    Fun game but they recently went WOKE

    Not bad, but I hear they just came out with a WOKE version which rubs me the wrong way.

    3 people found this helpful

  299. AmazonUser

    Best. Game. Ever.

    As one of the original Kickstarter funders, I totally adore this game. I bought another one from Amazon, just so I could have a backup copy.This game is all about new experiences, and pushing boundaries. I played with some friends in the Navy, and almost herniated my spleen from laughter…and I learned that my friends are much more depraved than I gave them credit for. I played with my Mom, and learned that no amount of mother-daughter bonding can overcome the awkwardness of explaining “falconpunch” and “smegma” to the woman that birthed you. (I recommend that everyone just refer the parental units to, and tell them to look it up later.)It’s a great game, and it’s made even better by the fact that not only can you print your own blank templates from the website (, but you can submit your own suggestions for cards online for a future booster pack (yes, you should have white cards for unicorn tears, the phrase “yo’ mamma”, slap bracelets and MC Hammer’s parachute pants. Yes, you should have a black card for things you wish your mom would JUST KNOW, and one that says “______ is what Willis was talking about.”).Leave your sense of offense behind when you play this game, and realize that every nationality, religion, sensitive subject and taboo is going to get addressed, probably in such a way that you will never be able to run for political office if anyone records you playing. The upside is, you’ll laugh your…face off, and learn just how inappropriate inappropriate can get.

    34 people found this helpful

  300. Alexis Clark

    Perfect party game

    My friends and I play this almost every time we get together to have some drinks and hang out. When we want to try something new, someone brings over an extension pack and we laugh till we cry almost every time.

  301. Fee Fee


    I’ve played this game with different friends groups and some of my adult family members and we all agree that this one of our most favorite games ever!! No matter what background is EVERYONE gets on the same page when playing this game bc it forces you to put your mind in the gutter LOL

  302. oink1222

    Fun but not for kids!

    First off I want to say that I am 19- for an age reference. I am a camp consular during the summer and when the kids went to bed sometimes some of the adult would stay and play this. This game has the same concept as Apples to Apples. When I received mine, I played it with my twin sister and best friend and we really enjoyed it. I know that your supposed to play with many people but we just played our own version with three. ( we used PewdiePie version as a reference) Some things on the cards I don’t know/understand but most of it I do. There are things from food to sexual terms. There are 90 blacks cards and 460 white cards. This is a HUGE difference so after playing a few times you remember what the black cards are…for me it made it less fun; however, there are extensions you can purchase that you can get more black cards as well as white ones. I might purchase those in the future but for right now I am good.I received the package on time and in tact – no complaints. The box is sturdy and hard. The directions are not some thin piece of paper. If you are on the edge of buying this I would recommend of watching some youtube videos of people playing to see if it is something you would enjoy as for many things are controversial.Enjoy!

    One person found this helpful

  303. Rowe

    Fun for the whole family

    Just kidding. It’s fun for the whole ADULT family. Kids need not be invited to this game! It’s downright nasty but I knew that going in so I am not complaining!This is a fun game…It compares to Apple-to-Apples, but the combination of cards can make it rather disgusting/politically incorrect/etc. If you are shy about sex, drugs and political topics, don’t buy this.The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the longevity: 8 people played the game for 1.5 hours and went through the entire answer deck, only to have to shuffle and replay the cards. Many of the rounds consist of having to answer the questions with 2 and sometimes 3 cards which can tear through the deck rather quickly.We lowered the in-hand card requirement from 10 to 7 so that the cards would last. It also seems like having 10 options for a response is a little high and mundane. Some cards just end up “cold” and that dulls the game.They also make expansion sets for this game and that is another reason why it gets 4 stars: It seems like they make the initial game with too few cards so that you purchase an expansion pack. I wish they would make the base game just a little bigger so that you can play it for longer than 1.5 hours without getting bored.

    One person found this helpful

  304. Studio Parable

    Cards Against Humanity: A Disgraceful Game Produced by a Disgraceful Company

    I recently played a card game that I found to be deeply disturbing. It is called Cards Against Humanity, and it is a tedious and uninspired copy of other, better card games that have come before it. The artwork is bland and uninspired, and the mechanics are clunky and unbalanced. It offers nothing new or interesting to the world of card games, and I found myself quickly losing interest in it.But the most offensive aspect of this game is the company that produces it. This company openly supports political organizations that espouse hateful and discriminatory views, and uses its profits to fund their harmful activities. This kind of corporate irresponsibility is unacceptable, and I cannot in good conscience support a company that profits from division and bigotry.In short, I would not recommend Cards Against Humanity to anyone. It is a poor excuse for a game, and the company that produces it is a disgrace to our society. Avoid this game at all costs.

    One person found this helpful

  305. Nicki Lee

    Easy to learn and fun to play

    Great game for family game night and game night with friends. We don’t let kids under 13 play.

    One person found this helpful

  306. autumntrees37


    This is the best game I have ever played!Pros:1) It helps you make friends. During my freshman year of college, I had this game delivered to my dorm (my parents were very conservative). The next few months consisted of me having the time of my life with strangers who became friends. I credit the instantaneous friendships partially to this game. It really gets people to open up. It’s easy to break through social boundaries of acquaintances when you hear someone say “Oedipus complex : kid-tested, mother-approved.” When you add alcohol into the mix, everything gets even better. We were all rolling on the floor (literally, sometimes) laughing. This game is for horrible people. We are all horrible people at our cores but we try to hide it. This game allows you to embrace it and share your true self with others.2) It is creatively hilarious. It is controversial in all aspects: racism, religion, politics, and sex. It allows people to break the rules that society has set up for us to follow.3) It pairs well with alcohol — vodka shots, to be exact. Try this: Every time that you lose a round (i.e., you are not the card tzar, nor did you win the awesome point), take a shot.Cons: There are none! Unless you are a total prude or are easily offended…

    5 people found this helpful

  307. Heather Rain

    Best. Game. Ever.

    This is literally my favorite game of all time. If you think you can play Apples to Apples dirty, then you definitely need this game. Not for the weak-hearted, Cards Against Humanity has some of the most vile, funniest, best ideas for cards ever. I also love how you can suggest cards for future expansions. These people are geniuses.The premise is that everyone draws 7 to 10 (depending on who’s playing and who’s whining about not having enough cards or having too many cards) white cards, which have nouns or states of being (George Clooney’s musk, or eating the last known bison, for example). Each person takes a turn to draw a black card, which usually has 1-3 fill-in-the-blanks or the opportunity to answer a question with the white cards (for example, “I love the smell of ___ in the morning.”). Everyone else who didn’t draw a black card this round places white cards face down to fill in the blank, and the person who drew the black card judges the winner. Whoever gets the most black cards by the time you all get tired wins.We like to make it more competitive by saying, whoever wins the last black card judges the next round.Also, I love that they keep coming out with expansions, and special items like the Bigger Blacker Box that enhance the game experience. It’s awesome.Just a note: if you’re not okay with profanity, sexual content, gross stuff, some violent themes, etc. (i.e. if you’re a wimp or a sensitive child), then you might not want to get this game. Don’t let your kids play this until they’re 18 (even though they’ll probably steal it off of your shelf in the middle of the night and go out to play this with their friends instead of drinking your stolen beer). 😛

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  308. Patricia D. Maturo

    New & Good

    I was hesitant to buy these because of the reviews about the condition of the box but I’m so glad I took the chance. My box was in perfect condition and wrapped in plastic. Cards were brand new & clean. Excited to finally have my own Cards Against Humanity!

  309. Alex

    Funny set of cards, box in perfect condition!

    The media could not be loaded.

     Bought this for a first-time meet up with some online friends and it fit our sense of humour perfectly! However, there were some cards with such questionable text that throwing them away was not enough. Overall very enjoyable and came in great condition! Highly recommend.

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  310. Sigridrose


    Fun to play the first few times. Lots of ways to play. Not for children.

  311. shopping mom

    Fun Adult Game!

    If you just need to let loose and giggle, this is a great game to play with adult friends and family!

  312. Momo

    Cynic’s Apples to Apples

    I’m sure this is a tired comparison, but this game is essentially Apples to Apples for cynics. I had never played it but only heard of it when I purchased it, and I actually gave it as a stocking stuffer to my boyfriend for Christmas. We opened it up and played it with friends at our Christmas party, and everyone had a really good time, laughs all around. I would highly recommend it if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor and are not easily offended, because it can get wild.On a sidenote, the good thing about this game is that there are several expansion packs available for purchase, in case you play with a lot of people and tend to run out of the black cards early or have played so many times that you’ve seen them all. There is also an app available for free on the Apple Market called Black Cards (or something similar) that provides you with prompts to use; you could probably come up with some kind of system where the winner gets a piece of candy or an index card or something to hold in place of the physical card.Great card game for friends or family game night. Highly recommended!

  313. Mansfield

    Thanks for nothing amazon

    I hate to do this. My 1 star is for amazon’s lack of fulfillment not the actual game. I don’t know where I can leave a review for amazon’s performance like I can for other sellers. If anyone can help me out please leave a comment and I will gladly leave my poor review in a more appropriate place. I ordered this game and have amazon prime so expected it in 2 days. After I did not receive the item I contacted amazon who put me on hold for 30 minutes. Eventually it was discovered that Amazon sent it to the wrong place. I asked if the product could be overnighted because I needed it for an event the following evening but thus was not possible. Amazon offered me no real recourse other than to wait for it to be resent the following week. I instead got a refund. Thanks for nothing amazon.P.S. I figured this game has so many 5 star reviews my 1 star won’t really effect it.UPDATE: I ended up receiving the game for free. Amazon refunded me the money and the game still showed up a few days later. I’m changing my 1 star to 5 because this game is a lot of fun. Amazon blew it but what are you gonna do?

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  314. Joy Lyng

    Game night must have

    Monthly game night has not been the same since I bought this. So much fun!!

  315. Human?

    Pretty fun game

    pretty fun game to play with friends and or family. My grandma who claims to have no sense of humor had to be coerced into playing this game. but after convincing from the family joined the game. we had a great time and she ended up winning. I would definitely recommend this purchase if you are the kinda person who liked to hang out with friends and or family. This game does have naughty language and one of my uncles felt uncompterble playing it with me because of my age no one else cared myself included. But it is still something to keep in mind so if your one of those parents who hates that stuff then don’t buy it.

  316. Ryan R.


    So much fun if you don’t take offense to the phrase combinations, and play it under the notion it’sjust a game, and it’s fun to “go there” because you only have so many card combinations to use.By default, you have no choice but to play offensive phrases, but that’s what makes it fun.Not for everyone, that’s for sure.If you are sensitive to political and racial topics, it might not be for you.It’s like comedy, you know like Chris Rock type stuff.The game is in no way trying to promote racism or hate of any kind.I wouldn’t be comfortable playing it if that were the case.It’s fun to laugh at random phrases that are normally taboo to use.One of my favorites I used was Menstrul Rage.Pretty funny phrase, because it’s true for a lot of women-lolThere are others that may not ever be okay to say in a normalsetting, but that’s the whole premise of the game. You have nochoice. You aren’t writing the phrases, you’re simply putting2 pre-printed cards together in your hand to try to be the most obnoxiousphrase that’s picked. No one knows each other’s phrases unless it’s picked as thebest/most obnoxious/funny one and you have totry to guess who’s it is, which makes it even more funny, becausepeople take light-hearted offense when it’s not theirs.It’s kind of like a 1 or 2 times playing game because there are onlyso many cards, and the shock value/hilariousness aren’t there whenyou see the same phrases.There are new ones though, so that’s good to remedy that problem.

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  317. Bobby S

    Truly a game for HORRIBLE people

    This game has been around for a little while, but remains a well kept secret. I suppose when you have cards like “_______ does not actually exist” and you can play “the female orgasm” to fill in the blank, you don’t really talk about it around the water cooler. Unless said cooler is filled with Vodka.Met a couple of people at Thanksgiving. They seemed cool, so I asked them if they had heard of CaH. One of them rushed home to get it, hilarity commenced! Even those that played with us (up to 7 or 8 at once point) occasionally learned some new things. The extremely conservative among the spectators were both delightfully offended and hilariously educated. Everyone had a blast, and we can’t wait to break out the cards again for Christmas.Not a game for children by any means, nor anyone of a sensitive nature. Most of the cards in this game follow a mature theme. Not always raunchy, but certainly an intelligent and well thought out game. The cards feel like high quality playing cards, perhaps better than what we use for a weekly poker game. The box is sturdy and the “alternative rules” provide tons of different avenues to explore.Did I mention how simple this game is? It is. Minimum of 3 players, and the LCD will pick it up in moments. I think because the game is driven by the creativity of the players is what makes this game so outstanding.

  318. TICA

    What a riot!

    This game is so fun to play with your friends… it is hilarious.Have a few drinks and it becomes even funnier. Good times-

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  319. Bonham

    It really is for “horrible” people.

    Firstly, let me just say that I took some of the warnings about ‘if you are easily offended’ with a grain of salt. I no longer do. This game has ‘answer’ cards in it that I wouldn’t even want to vaguely describe on a posted review on Amazon. I’ve even considered implementing a house rule that says if you wouldn’t feel comforting explaining what something is (if others don’t know) you should probably swap that card out… because there are ‘answer’ cards in here that you more than likely would not want to have to explain to your parents (or have them explain to you).I have a group of very close, long time friends (going back as far as 30-35 years) so we can easily revert back to our immature years given the right circumstances. This game has us laughing so hard we couldn’t talk and/or were crying due to laughter. The question of the night was “But, before I kill you Mr Bond, I must show you ______”. I don’t think it would be appropriate to give the answer than won the round here (it was the one that had a few of us laughing so hard we had to pause the game momentarily).So, this game is freaking awesome, but if you don’t find poop jokes or making fun of various things like ethnicity, minorities, sexual topics or religions occasionally funny you should probably avoid this game. If you find ANYTHING AT ALL in this world too offensive to joke about, this game will probably offend you at SOME point. For the rest of you horrible people, you’ll be buying all the expansions (which I hear are even more over the top).You could play with as little as three people to as many as you like, but I would say an ideal number of people playing this game would be in the 6-8 range. At least six, so you have five answers to choose from, however I think getting over eight people would make it a little more difficult to keep the game moving at a decent pace. Lastly, as funny as this game can be, you probably don’t want to play it ALL THE TIME, because I suspect the shock value of some of the cards would start to wear thin if played excessively.

    One person found this helpful

  320. Daniel Roback

    Classic set

    CaH is the OG trend setter. It’s known for pushing the limits and proving countless hours of laughs amongst friends. Just be warned if you buy this that you will spend countless amounts of money buying all the expansion packs. 10/10

  321. tvtv3

    Laughing Through Life

    My first experience playing CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY was about two and a half years ago. It was during a pre-show cast party. I had never heard of the game before and someone said, “It’s like ‘Apples to Apples’ but for adults.” To this day, that remains about the best description with perhaps one caveat, “It’s like ‘Apples to Apples’, but for adults with a wicked sense of humor.” That caveat is needed because although the game is for adults, not all adults will appreciate or even enjoy playing CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. That’s because the game really has no boundaries: it pokes fun at race, religion, sex, creed, gender. Pretty much everything (from the Holocaust to black pride and from losing your virginity to having an orgy) and everyone (from Jesus to Hitler and from George Bush to Barack Obama) are open for ridicule in the game. The goal of the game is to win the most black cards and that always depends on exactly who is playing the game and who is the judge for a particular round. However, the real fun in the game is seeing all the messed-up combinations that are revealed and who submitted them. The game is a lot of fun (whether drunk or sober), but just beware that some of the cards fly over the boundary of good taste. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and is one that my friends and I keep going back to again and again.

    3 people found this helpful

  322. JerryP.

    This is “The ONE.” You must have for fun with your friends.

    I happened to find this card games by accident and learned that one of my family member also bought the same products for Christmas gifts. This is very fun ( if you have very dry sense of humor and does not get offended by anything for fun) game for older teenager to adults. We played this card game on the date of Christmas and two adult family members ( They are mid 50’s) withdrawed because they are so offended with the words on playing game. However, all young adults ( age 17, 21, 23, 27 and three 50’s) laughed so hard while playing this game. Famiy members who are just watching us playing this card game got to laugh as well and felt embarrassed what kind of answers we pick while playing. Here are one examples, the question was “What is ruining my current relationships?” Players pickeds answers like, “my ex-wife”, “Herpes”, “Sean Penn”, “AIDS”, and etc. If you have a horrible, mean sense of humor that you can joke with your friends, this is “THE ONE”. You should buy this and have fun with it. That does not mean that you are a bad person! It is just a game to play how bad we human can go. After playing this game, we all felt like we will go to hell on Christmas night. Have fun with it.

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  323. SUSAN

    Great game! Not for “kids” though…..

    My 18 year old son had played this prior to my ordering and had given it a high recommendation. I ordered it to take on vacation for my husband, me and another couple to have to play in the evenings. I am so glad that I did! It is absolutely hilarious! The game is very easy to learn and each round goes very quickly. We had a great time playing, it was easy to take with us and it was very entertaining! The game is a matter of picking the appropriate card in your hand to answer or fill in the blanks to the card that is played. Whichever “match” is the “best” – wins that round. The winner is the one who has the most winning rounds at the end of the game.I do want to add that due to some of the wording and the nature of the combinations, this is an ADULT game. It is not “porn” and I was comfortable (as a 40 something-year old female) playing with another couple. If you are not comfortable with some sexual and/or crude remarks or comments then you will probably not be comfortable with this game. I truly enjoyed playing it with our group. I would allow my college-aged kids to play – but I wouldn’t want to be in their game with them. Also, I would NOT be comfortable with my 14 year old playing it.I hope that this helps.

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  324. Donna B.

    Always hilarious

    Great gift or for yourself for parties. Hilarious. You learn a lot about people. Haha

  325. JSS

    Best. Game. EVAAAAAAR!!!

    Best. Game. EVAAAAAAR!!!

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  326. Rebecca M

    Adults only

    Great game to play with people you trust, cause the answers can get very derogatory

  327. Mary J. Hancock

    Laughed so hard I peed my pants.

    I laughed so hard I peed my pants.The game is rude, crude, and in some circles socially unacceptable.But I LOVED it.So easy to learn. There are black and white cards.The black cards have a sentence with a blank spot (or two). The white cards have a word that can be used to fill in the blanks. Everyone takes 10 white cards. The person who pooped last takes the first black card and reads the sentence out loud then the players put down the card they think would be the most appropriate (or not). Don”t worry if you don”t want to disclose your bathroom routine with your peeps, there is always a person proud to tell how regular he is. Besides, being first does not give you an advantage. It is just that the game has to start with someone.Then the person who drew the black card decides what card fits in the blank the best (or the funniest). The person who had the best card is the next to draw a black card. This game is so fun, but for adults only.

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  328. Kathy H.

    OMG! Our favorite game.

    Love this game! We laugh and laugh and laugh at the crazy answers that come up to seemingly innocent questions. Definitely for adults with a good sense of humor that aren’t easily offended. It seems to be written by a bunch of stoned adolescent males, but who cares!? We all need a big laugh these days.Sometimes you can’t even read the cards because you’re laughing so hard. A weekly game night favorite.

    7 people found this helpful

  329. Desiree

    So fun

    I love everything about this game. The more people the better. The more expansion packs the better

  330. Mimi

    Very entertaining

    Gift. Adult use only .

  331. Jaclyn Warden

    Classic Party Game for Adults

    It’s a solid game and there are a lot of expansions. You can always count on it to be the same game every time. Yeah there are new combinations, but still. Solid game, but not a lot of long term playability.

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  332. Chris Haddad

    Takes Apples to Apples out behind the woodshed and $#@<$ it in the eye.

    When I first heard about Cards Against Humanity I was wary. A friend had played it and said “Oh, Chris. You love games. This game is awesome. It’s like Apples to Apples but dirty.”Which made me grind my teeth and force a smile and say “Yeah, probably not for me.”Because even though I’m a huge game geek with a wall full of board games, I HATE Apples to Apples. Hate. To me A2A isn’t as much a game as some kind time-wasting torture activity meant to make my girlfriend yell at me about being anti-social at parties.But Cards Against Humanity is . . . different.And it’s not just because of the “offensive” humor or the vicious wit in the cards. Unlike A2A, Cards is an actual GAME with some really nice design behind it, backed up by crazy wit. The cards in Cards lock together in a way they simply never did in A2A and the optional house rules give you a chance to make this thing actually have a bit of strategy to it as opposed to the randomness of Apples 2 Apples.(I’m a huge fan of the “points” scoring rule where the top card gets 3 points, the 2nd gets 2 and the 3rd gets 3. Also, Rando Cardrissian. Amazing how much that guy wins.)Anyway: Tons of fun. Recommend. And burn your copy of Apples 2 Apples. That thing sucks.

  333. William J Hayes III

    Cards Against Humanity ALMOST Perfect

    Basic premise of game, you draw 10 white cards and then someone reads a black card. There is one or more blanks on black card. Everyone besides the person playing the black card put a white card which is already filled out with a word or sentence and gives it face down to the person reading the black card. The person shuffles cards and then reads each one. The one they like the best wins and that person gets the black card. At the end of the game whoever has the most black cards wins.The only reason this game does not get 5 stars is due to the fact that some cards always win due to the shock factor. Some cards are so shocking they make the person pick them always. Some cards are throw away cards so lame that after a while you give out to people who never pick your card anyways. This game was actually recommended to me by Brian Schulmeister from the “Grumpy Old Geeks” Podcast. He was discussing playing it so I had a basic concept of what to expect. If you are not expecting to be VERY shocked do NOT buy this game. If you find funny word pairings humorous this game is for you.Pay attention to the Over 17!!!! This is for real! Much cursing and vulgarity. It is my new favorite drinking game though, I cannot wait to get the expansions.

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  334. Michael Speiser

    The Dirty Apples to Apples

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a big fan of Apples to Apples. However, my friends and I (who are college-aged) would always come up with horrible combinations, using seemingly innocuous words to form awful connections. We’d even take the blank cards provided and make up our own. Recently, however, a friend of mine obtained Cards Against Humanity, which I immediately ordered. I was not disappointing.Cards Against Humanity has a similar setup to A2A, in that there are a set of community cards and a set of individual cards. The community cards have a phrase or fill-in-the-blank on them (such as “The TSA has recently banned _____ on airplanes”) and the individual cards have a noun or action on them (like “Shaquille O’Neil” or “White People” or worse that cannot be printed here). People playing have these white cards in their hands and play what they feel is the funniest/best fit for that question. Then a judge picks the card they feel is the best and the owner of that card wins the round.Keep in mind, it is rare to play the game to actually win. The fun comes from the ridiculous combinations you can make. And the set does not disappoint. There were very few “duds” in the deck and many of the community cards were so out there that it was impossible to not come up with a good example.The only real flaws I can think of are with the physical makeup of the deck itself. The weight of the cards is a bit flimsy, though nothing that would make you feel like it is cheap. The cards are also a bit small which may make holding them difficult.My biggest complain, however, is that the front and back of each card resembles each other too closely. Often I would find myself flipping the cards over trying to find the right side because from afar they look the same. Putting a more discernible logo on the backs to tell the front from back would be a lot more helpful for organizational purposes.Additionally, the material of this game is intended for adults only. The box clearly states 17+ and it means it. I wouldn’t play this game with anyone who isn’t in at least high school. Additionally, you’ll have to have a strong stomach and an evil sense of humor to enjoy this game. I wouldn’t play this with anyone too prudish.With all of this said, this game is incredibly fun with the right group of people, and the physical card flaws are minor and frankly don’t warrant a star taken away. The game is just too damn fun and you will have a great time with the right group of people.

    125 people found this helpful

  335. Benny A

    Starts off great and gets dull after a few rounds. Overall 3.5 stars.

    It has been over a month since getting these cards and I can say my friends and I have enjoyed them thoroughly. We have had many laughs but within a few weeks of playing the game it seems to get a bit dull. I have not purchased any expansion but I would imagine that after a few rounds the game will get dull again.For those of you who don’t know how this game is played: This game is as if madlibs, apples to apples and a urban dictionary were combined. One player who is deemed the judge draws a black card (which has a sentence like: “a romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without (___________) and players fill in the blanks with white cards with something like (Sprinkles the unicorn). The player who drew the black card then decides which answer (white cards) is funniest and that player (who threw the white card) gets a point (so on and so fourth).If I could give it a more accurate rating I would give it a 3.5 star instead of 4 mostly because of the novelty wearing off after a few rounds. I gave it a 4 because the first few rounds were actually pretty fun.Other reviewers have stated that it is an excellent party game (and it definitely is!) but if you find yourself playing with the same people the novelty wears out and laughs become more forced rather than genuine.In summary:Get this game if: You go to parties often and plan on playing with random people or new groups of people and want to make new friends.Pass on this game if: You have a tight knit group of friends and you don’t really hang out with new people often.

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  336. PlenaryEtalon

    Watch out for illegally sold copies

    This is the greatest party game ever! I won’t waste words rehashing all the great reviews you saw elsewhere. You want to know why I gave it one star.I gave it one star because, as my title implies, there are some illegal copies going around. Some are marketing and profiting off poorly made copies of this game in direct violation of the Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license. You can find the legalese by googling that term. The language is very clear. Making homemade copies and selling them for any reason is copyright violation, and completely illegal. Watch out for descriptions that try to sneak around the law by claiming you are paying for their work in printing and packaging. The creative commons license is clear. You cannot make copies for commercial reasons of any kind. You can download the .pdf, print, and package the cards for yourself. Unfortunately, I received a poorly made knock off of this game and had to find this out the hard way.Also, the expansion pack has been made available by the makers of Cards Against Humanity only by direct purchase. You are not allowed to make copies, and the pdf version has not been released. So, watch out for illegal copies of the expansion pack too.Please help keep Amazon honest and safe for buyers and sellers alike. Report anyone who sells you bootlegged, copied, illegal versions of Cards Against Humanity.

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  337. Jose Monsanto

    Great party game!

    The night I told my friends that the Cards came in, it was on! We all got together at the kitchen table and had a blast. Myself being the only one who had not played before was rolling on the floor after hearing the crazy and messed up combinations these people came up with… but I was not alone!Any who, why was one star knocked off for a game that brings so much laughter? Duplicates… there were so many duplicates; one round we had people lay down two of the same card while I was personally holding a copy in my hand (I wondered if anyone else had the same card in their hand). I love that it looks as though you are getting a whole bunch of original and Krazy cards in the box but the time I need to spend to sort out the duplicates is just annoying. I will post a pic of all the duplicate cards when I pick my deck back up (it’s currently on loan, bringing filth and good laughter to others). and if you have not yet, go PLAY this game! You learn a bit about how messed up your friends are and a lot about how your mind works as well.

  338. Darby Shaw

    This game is entertaining for people who like to laugh at themselves

    Sometimes a rating of 5/5 stars isn’t enough. This game is entertaining for people who like to laugh at themselves, and are not sensitive to distasteful humor. How distasteful? Well, once while playing, the black card everyone had to answer to read “I got 99 problems but a ____________ ain’t one.” The winning card read “Opera crying into a Lean Cuisine.” While these particular cards are tame for this game, keep in mind that there are much more graphic cards. If you are unsure if this game is for you, read the instructions for the game prior to purchase; it can be found online. If the instruction manual seems too crass, you may be more satisfied with a rousing game of Apples To Apples.Aside from what type of person would enjoy this game, it should also be noted that these cards are on very heavy card stock. They are nearly liquid-proof, perhaps better described as liquid-tolerant. This game is usually enjoyed with adults beverages, and it seems that the manufacturers have taken this into consideration. The box in which these cards come in is also very compact, sturdy and durable, a perfect camping and travel companion! It is also a terribly entertaining game for what the manufacturers describe as “a party game for horrible people.”This game can be credited with showing who share a similar sense of humor in a friend group (or family). People who have a very particular sense of humor will continue to choose winning cards that are most similar to what they would say. If you already know their favorite type of humor, you can use this information advantageously and play cards that they may find hilarious, even if you only find it marginally funny. If you know you and your friends are terrible people, you all would enjoy a roaring game of Cards Against Humanity. Want to know if your family members are not as innocent as they seem? Get them Cards Against Humanity for the Holidays; maybe it will become a tradition to play it around the dinner table. If sarcasm is one of your most valued character traits I’m confident you will enjoy this product. With Cards Against Humanity, being a terrible person was never funnier, or more acceptable.

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  339. LesDunc

    So Much Fun!

    This game is always a good time. Always. It does suck that it sells out so quickly, and even suckier that there are so many people here on Amazon who exploit that fact and re-sell it for more than twice what they paid for it. If you go to […] you can sign up to be notified when it is back and stock and pay the actual reasonable price of $25 (or $40 when you buy with both expansion packs). I did this and I was notified about 6 weeks later, I bought it immediately. You can also download a PDF of all the cards for FREE and get it printed yourself at Kinko’s or something, they estimate it will cost $10. This game is fun, but I’m sorry, it’s not worth $80. Some of the cards can be offensive, so do not play with people who may be offended by terms such as “A big black d**k” or “Two midgets s***ing in a bucket.” But for fun people with a sense of humor, this game is an absolute blast. I have played several times and I’ve probably seen all the cards, but there are so many possible combinations it still hasn’t gotten old. It’s great for parties and the rules are simple. Get this game!!

  340. louEmerling

    It’s alright

    Eh it’s alright . I don’t think it’s all it’s hyped up to be. I like the absurd box better . But even that one isn’t all it’s hyped up to be

  341. Johannes Morgenstern

    Grow some balls/ovaries and get offensive. All in the name of fun!

    I doubt my review shall bring anything new to the table but here goes nothing.Cards Against Humanity is Apples to Apples for people with balls/ovaries as the content here is delightfully naughty and hardly proper for polite company which is what makes it so much fun. The game is simple enough with every player drawing seven cards, whoever pooped most recently being the first judge who draws a mad-libs type black card from that particular deck, and the other players lay down a white card to complete the phrase on the black card. The individual who placed down the black card then judges the player submitted white cards and decides which one is the best giving the chosen player 1 awesome point. The first person to 10 awesome points wins.Pros:The game is exceptionally easy to pick-up and play so much so that one must consume vast quantities of alcohol to find themselves unable to properly play.House rules are easy to make, suggested by the game’s guide book, and help keep the game fresh.Cons:No matter how many house rules you make the base game itself will eventually lose some of its comedic impact simply due to repetition.Some of the white cards obviously will not hold-up over time. For example cards like “Miley Cyrus at 55”, “Michelle Obama’s arms”, and “Lady Gaga” obviously have a very visible expiration date and though these types of cards are infrequent they are still worth mentioning.It goes without saying but some may feel this game goes too far into tasteless, black, or otherwise unsavory comedic territory.

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  342. Barkingkitty

    More fun than horrible people should be allowed to have

    Sorry, infer what you will from this, but this game is hands-down the most fun I’ve ever had with a board or card game, bar none. I’ve found it more fun playing with people you know quite well, but it’s also a riot at parties where you may not know everyone as well; guaranteed you’ll have a much deeper understanding of them after busting this out. We laughed so hard, all night – the gut-busting, deep belly laughter that makes a fat girl like me realize the next day what stomach muscles really are ( and where they are – so sore in the belly and jaw the next day!) I’ve purchased all four expansion packs, as well as the bonus xmas edition from 2012, and cannot say enough good things about this game. My son and even his co-workers have asked to borrow this, it’s wicked good fun. Not for the faint of heart, this is for people who are not offended easily, but the title should express that well enough. If you’ve clicked on the link based on the title, you’re halfway to being the kind of person this was designed for. If you’ve read the reviews and are even considering the purchase? Do it, do it now. RIght now. You will NOT be sorry. Also, the guys who print this game are really, really effing cool – read a little about Cards Against Humanity LLC and you’ll see what I mean. ( For instance, donating the entire profit from the xmas edition in 2012 – I mean, what companies DO that in this day and age? They also make this free to print for anyone that wants to and has the capability. Again, who would DO that in this day and age?) Winners in my book all the way around – I’ll purchase every flipping extension pack they offer.***** EDIT ***** OK, folks – 8228 reviews, and only 178 that have three stars or fewer. Do the math, people; more than 97% of reviewers gave this 4 or 5 stars. These are excellent odds. I suspect the lower ratings are from people that really didn’t know what they were getting into, then found the game offensive. The descriptions states it’s a card game for horrible people, so everyone is warned. Buy this, you will not regret it.

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  343. Zaid Kamousi

    Great party game

    Love this game! It is the perfect party game and there are plenty of expansions to add. Plenty of laughs and humor.

  344. Angel

    Super fun game for adults

    So much fun.

  345. Donna

    Fun game but too many words to look up

    This game was all the buzz and I have played it a couple times at parties and I finally decided to buy my very own box of Cards Against Humanity. The game is messed up but it is absolutely hilarious. Although I think the game is kind of hit and miss because not everyone really gets into it and not because its inappropriate or anything but sometimes it kind of gets boring surprisingly enough but mostly because there are a lot of words that are not in people’s regular vocabulary so when someone plays a card that know one knows a words definition, it kind of puts a damper on things…Overall I do like the game but you’ve got to get right crowd of people to play to make it fun and interesting. I have played it with people where would just laugh the whole time and played it with people where it was just a couple laughs here and there. I like the game but I don’t like how I have to pull out my dictionary app to try and understand the cards I have and if it is a funny card, it doesn’t get chosen because people don’t immediately know what the word means but I usually have people switch out cards if they come across something they don’t know the definition of.Guess I should extend my vocabulary or something.

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  346. Martin Alejandro Hernández Alfonso

    Funny Game for horrible adults

    Funny game for horrible adults

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  347. Antonio Rodriguez

    Super fun!

    Super fun and funny to play. Even with 3 players. Buy it if you want lots of good laughs and a fun time

  348. Beth Hetterick

    Great game!


  349. leiacooks

    simple and very fun

    Lost one star because cards were bent but otherwise in good condition.Fun game, even better with larger groups. I absolutely recommend getting the expansion packs if you find yourself playing this a lot, as it will get repetitive.If you do find yourself wanting to play this game with only one other person with you, my boyfriend and I found this to be pretty fun:1) both players get 8 cards2) the person who is not judging cards picks 4 cards they think are the best in response to the black card being played3) they then rate each of the 4 cards. RATING: 7, being the most likely option the person judging will choose, 4, 2, and 1 being the least likely4) the person judging picks the best and whatever point was assigned to that card is the number of points you get. (Keep a white board or paper to keep track)You can mix it up as a drinking game as well, if the card that has only one point gets chosen drink.It’s really a simple game and you can have fun mixing up the rules and being creative.

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  350. Roby

    This game sells itself after the first round…..

    My Husband and I joined a group playing this at a friends 2013 Christmas party and had a blast…we laughed so hard. I purchased it as a stocking stuffer for my Husband. We since have played it while over at the neighbors and while playing the game they purchased it via their smartphone (we had not even got half way through the game!), then we played it with another set of good friends and they went on line to purchase it. This game sells itself everytime you take it to a party or have a group over. I understand that this game is out of stock at the monment, but I really do recommend buying at least 1 or 2 expansion packs, because you won’t be able to stop playing….As others have said it is worth down loading and printing the game, while waiting for it to come back in stock. We played with some friends who had done this and we had the same amount of fun….warning though words like Smegma become part of your vocabulary and you look forward to pulling cards like “2 midgets s***ting into a bucket”, so you can lay it down and see your friends burst out laughing even before it is read out loud.I will end with a warning: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR THOSE THAT GET EASILY OFFENDED!

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  351. THood

    Great Adult Party Game with the Simplest of Rules

    Where to even start with a review on Cards Against Humanity? This game is hilarity and insanity rolled into the perfect party game. Not only this, but it could not be simpler to play. All you need is a group of friends (or brave family members) to deal a deck of cards and pick the raunchiest or most disgusting/silly answer they can find in their hand to play towards the dealers “fill in the blank” sentence. The most accurate way I can describe Cards Against Humanity is that it is like an adult’s version of Mad Libs or Apples to Apples. I can honestly play this game for hours with friends over and it never loses its humor on me. However, games can slow down a bit if only the base deck is purchased, as there will eventually be repetition with the finite number of answers to play. This is not a bad thing however, as Cards Against Humanity has several expansion sets to further explore “unit” answer possibilities. As such, you can have new games and situations to last quite a while with these options. Highly recommended for anyone who likes to laugh at rude sometimes juvenile humor.

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  352. Stephanie

    It’s not safe for work, but get it anyways.

    This game’s permanent home is in my backpack. Why? Because I bring it to school every day – no joke. I’m in dental school where sometimes you get a little downtime between patients or rotations. This game is how we pass the time, and it’s been a very inclusive game because you can play it with just a few people or a huge crowd.Like others, I’d probably describe it as a dirty version of Apples-to-Apples. Honestly, it’s like Apples-to-Apples had a baby with Urban Dictionary and this was the result. Heck, I’ve even played it with my parents and family before and even that is a hilarious experience despite it’s moments of awkward pauses. But then again, my family consists of three brothers (all in their twenties), my parents (in their early fifties), and myself, so that might explain how we can play a ridiculous game like this with no shame. But as you can see, it’s great for adults of all ages who have a sense of humor (this game WILL be crude, guaranteed) and even parties. I plan on breaking it out on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since there’s no person under the age of 19 anymore in my extended family.If you want a preview of the types of topics / cards in the game, go to the manufacturer’s website. There’s a PDF you can download and determine for yourself if this is a game that’s kosher or worth investing in (and it is).

  353. Mike

    Love it

    Just buy it. Expansion packs are a little lacking but it’s a great game… If you’re drunk…lol. I am completely kidding. Have fun

  354. LizCarper

    Hilarious! Entertainment at parties. Have people standing in line to borrow it!!!

    Discovered this game through my 19 year old daughter who had played it with her sorority sisters. She raved about it and wanted me to get it at Christmas, but they were sold out. Do not be taken by those reselling it for a higher price on Amazon. This game should cost $25 and the two expansions cost $10/ea. Got myself on the waiting list and was pleased when they contacted me around the 1st week in February to say that it was restocked for purchase! It came just before we went to a dinner party with friends and I took it. The game was a huge hit with everyone and we laughed all night!First of all, this is not a game for children. This is an adult game for the slightly warped mind (luckily almost all of my friends and family fit in that category). Have played this with my adult children, (19 and 23 years old), as well. Lots of laughs and thought provoking conversation. Have had so many people ask to borrow it!!! About 2 weeks ago I tried to order the first expansion, but it was sold out, again, as well as the game. Got myself on the waiting list again to buy the first expansion and discovered the second expansion was available. Emailed friends and family to tell them to get on the waiting list as well. Looking forward to getting the first expansion once it’s available again!

  355. Heather

    Terribly fun game for adults who don’t take themselves too seriously

    I just love this game. As a bit of background, I am liberal in my political stance but pretty conservative in my everyday life, especially in the words I choose to use around my kids and in public. I rarely curse, ever, even with very mild words. But this game – when played with the right group of people – has given me the ability to let loose a bit and relax. I’ve played with couples of mixed races and gender combinations, as well as on a weekend girls’ trip and it was an equally big hit. I DO feel like a terrible person sometimes when I give certain answers, but as long as everyone in the group understands that it’s all in jest, this can be easily overlooked. Do NOT play this game with people who lack a sense of humor or who are ultra-conservative, politically or religiously.I have friends who play this with their adult parents or teenage kids, but I can’t imagine myself doing so with either. And if you’re a conservative parent, keep this out of your kids’ reach; we attempted to play Pictionary with our neighbors one night with these cards (harder than it seems) and my 7-year-old walked in and picked up a black card, then started giggling, hard. I panicked before I saw what it said: “My ex-wife”, which is about as mild as any of the words on these cards get. We now keep them far out of reach and sight.

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  356. Justin Brought

    Just fine

    Cards against humanity. Don’t let the young ones play

  357. Mike Prasad

    The original, and still the best!

    I’ve played this infamous game with friends and finally had to get my own copy, and when I saw it in stick, I grabbed it. The company is very sporadic with printings so sometimes you can only find the expansions and not the original.The original set is awesome and is what made the game so successful. It’s worth noting that the full game is shared free under the creative commons license and can be downloaded and printed from That said, this retail set is REALLY well done. The cards are high-end playing card stock, coated and have a great texture. The box is nice as well. In my opinion, it’s worth purchasing versus printing them at home.I actually own all the expansions, and to be honest, the original is still the best set of cards. The game runs off of cards with set answers to be applied similar to madlibs. The better (or more twisted) the answer cards are, the more fune the game is. This first set seems to have the most original, playable and funny cards. The other expansions are great but I feel each gets slightly less great, with the 3rd expansion just being “ok”. I’d almost say that even for the person who loves the game, the other expansions are unnecessary. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the original!

  358. Guy Man

    Hilarious game

    Great to play with friends

  359. Sheena Hamm

    Love this game

    Bought as a gift. She loves it.

  360. alexisj3

    Best the first time, too many duplicate cards

    The first time I played this game I laughed until my ribs hurt. I think the funniest part is the “shock factor” of many of the cards. After that the game is still entertaining, but it’s never like the first time you played. I really like the “pick two” cards because the combinations become more unique and unpredictable.If you think this game may offend you, it probably will. It’s not something that should be played in the presence of children or with your church group. The game is racist, sexist, and vulgar. But, it is more about the players than the cards. For example, during one of our games “the blood of Jesus Christ” was played on “Good to the last drop”. Separately those cards aren’t offensive but, when a player decided to lay them together they became incredibly offensive. So, carefully choose who you play this game with as some people will definitely find it offensive. Part of the fun of the game is discovering who the most horrible person is (you may be surprised)!My biggest complaint about the game is the massive amount of duplicates in the box. I really don’t think the game should contain any duplicate cards. This becomes especially annoying when the same card is laid by two players in the same hand. If it weren’t for this I would have rated this a 5 star product.I hear that adding the expansion packs and taking out some of the cards you don’t find funny or the duplicates really makes this game great. So, that’s what I’m planning on doing. We already threw out the black card that read “What is the most emo?” because we thought it was stupid.Overall, It’s a good game and I will continue to play!

  361. Jason

    Cool fun game

    Cool fun game

  362. Ebase

    Leave home you who and your offense mechanism. It’s a brutal game guaranteed to be very offensive.

    I love it. It’s mean, cruel and offensive. And I loved how it makes people laugh as their inner jerk cannot help but sneak out.’not enough does that.

  363. JK

    Its like Apples to Apples, but with only hilarious cards

    Price: 25 bucks for the original version. Don’t pay a penny more. You can even order it direct from the manufacturer at the same price.Audience: Adults only. Don’t bring this to Thanksgiving dinner or work. You cant find this at Target, because they don’t want people to mistake this for a kids game. If you don’t like racy humor, you probably will not want to get this, but if you do… you have struck gold!The game itself: Priceless. I had never played this before and brought it over to a good friends house. After a few beers we unsealed the game and took it for a spin. Its ridiculous in so many ways. All the cards are somewhere between hilarious, absurd, crude, sexy and “what just happened”. The value in hearing your friends read some of the cards out loud is worth every penny. We were laughing so hard we were crying almost every round.Longevity: You’re not going to play this every weekend, but if you break it out every few months: its an absolute riot. I plan to order the next expansion pack. I just wish it came with a bigger box to store all the cards together.Like I said, It plays just like Apples to Apples, but all the cards are winners. So: If you like crude jokes and you’re over 18, Buy it! Just don’t play it with your mom (unless your mom is more fun than you are, in which case, have at it) BUT if you don’t like that kind of humor, you really should NOT get this. And don’t buy this for your kids.

  364. Fae713

    The only game that is ALWAYS played at every party

    I purchased this game for my husband’s birthday just on the small off chance that friends we visit with don’t have it. I think there are only two couples I know that don’t have it. Why would that be? Well, this is by far the most hilarious and side bursting game we have ever played. There is only one warning – if you or anyone you plan to play with is easily offended by sex, Hitler/holocaust, human bodily functions, or political jokes or swearing DO NOT GET THIS GAME. If you look at that list and wonder what the big deal is then GET THIS GAME.Game play is simple. You are playing the most adult version of Apples to Apples that you can try to imagine. There are prompt cards that give you a scenario to answer. You have cards in your hand that you get to play as the response to the prompt. The person that played the prompt card gets to choose the best response. Whoever played that response gets a point. If you bother with keeping track of points.I have played it for hours both sober and drunk and have found it to be a blast either way. However, if someone is not old enough to be drinking legally they may not be ready for this game. Heck, if you don’t know what tentacle porn is you may not be old enough for this game.

  365. Tek


    This is NOT a game for your parents!!!!!! But with the right group of people, it is a RIOT to play! Games can go on endlessly for hours and there is never a dull moment.We’re writing our own cards for all kinds of politically incorrect content.Keep an eye out on Amazon. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $25 FOR THIS GAME!!! There are several marketplace sellers who gouge $80 – $100 for the game, but if you just keep an eye out for the actual OEM-supplied, fulfilled by amazon, $25 set, you will find it eventually. Expansion sets are $10. You can usually find the base set plus 2 expansions for $45. Just be patient and you’ll see it.In the spirit of the open license of the game, here’s an alternate set of rules that I am developing to keep the endless play down to a shorter period of time and for bragging rights:Use standard poker chips, or other playing chips. You can use all chips as 1 point each, or for parties of large number of people, use the chips in 1/5/10 denominations in order to have enough chips to go around. All chips/points are paid to and from the bank, there is no central “pot”. (unless noted player-to-player payments)1. Each player starts out with 10 points2. Play the version of the game where the top 3 funny/best cards are chosen. a. The best card gets 3 points b. second best gets 2 points c. third best gets 1 point.w3. The game ends with the first person to reach 50 points (or for smaller groups or longer games, increase the winning point requirement).4. If a player wants to change in their entire hand for new cards, they must pay 5 chips.5. If a player wants to swap their hand with a hand from another player, pay 5 chips to the player they swapped with. This can be done at any time.6. If a player writes in a custom white card and it’s chosen as the winner, all players must pay 1 chip to the winning player because they were too lame to think of it themselves. If that card is chosen as the lame card, that player must pay all other players 1 chip in shame.alt funny rules:1. The player with the worst white card has to pay the black card reader 1 chip for the annoyance of having to read the lame white card.If we playtest any other rules that work, I’ll add them in. Good luck all! See what you come up with!

  366. shelly


    Good fun

  367. Dang Tran

    Good for Friends Gathering

    One of my top 5 favorites round table games. My friends and I always play then when we have a gathering.

  368. B. Mueller Jr.

    Dirty, Adult-oriented, Awesome

    I purchased CAH for my girlfriend for Christmas. Also the two expansions and the holiday expansion, because I’m all about being a completionist.We arranged to play with 3 friends a couple days before the end of 2012 and we played until we ran out of black cards (135 plus however many are in the holiday expansion so I’m guessing 145-150).We played for 7-8 hours, stopping only for bathroom breaks. I didn’t win, I actually ended up last, but I didn’t care because I seriously laughed so much that I believe I gave myself a headache from lack of oxygen. A couple times I laughed until I cried.I love apples to apples but it’s too vanilla for me. CAH takes that game to the next level. There were a couple things that were misheard that I ended up immediately putting on the blank white cards (there are several black and white blanks included, again just like apples to apples) which just added to the game.We were drinking and I’d recommend that because it eases tension but everyone was enjoying their drinks in moderation (I had stopped drinking early because I had to drive, though).The real key to enjoying the game are the people that can read those cards and know that it’s a joke, not to be taken seriously. “Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling cum”, one of the white cards, was never meant to be taken seriously.

  369. Chris


    If you are a horrible person and you have horrible people as friends you will love this. If you are easily triggered, you will probably have a coronary and should avoid.

  370. L. Marie

    This is a fun game. Warning

    This is a fun game. Warning, if you are easily embarrassed or conservative in any way, this game is not for you.Listening to you parents, siblings, friends, or other relatives say “Panda Sex” or “Doin’ it in the butt” can be hilarious for some,but not so much for others. By the way, those are far from the worst things you will hear. I kept it nice here. Figure out which kind of person you are. If that seems like something you would want to hear, then buy the game. If you do not want to hear grandma or someone else say such things, then stick to Apples to Apples.We used to cross out and write our own Apples to Apples cards to make it more depraved. Then this game came out. Well that just made me sad, I could have been rich. Damn it! Well I am sure I am not the only one who did it, but don’t have to do it anymore. Our friends at Cards Against Humanity LLC took care of it and continue to put out more and more, sicker and sicker cards for your gaming pleasure.

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  371. teresa

    For warped personalities!

    Had a friend who had this game, what a hoot! Never laughed so hard! As soon as I got home I got on Amazon and ordered it plus the Ass pack! Please be advised that this is not for children!! It also not politically correct, so if you are easily offended do not order or play this game!

  372. Masterskrain

    It really is a party game for horrible people!

    First played CAH some years ago and finally decided I had to get my own set. Yes, it can be rude, crude and socially unacceptable, but that’s half the fun!

  373. natty

    we ain’t gonna talk about the shipping

    the game is great but it was shipped in the plastic wrap. they just slapped a label on it which caused the box to get damaged. besides that i’m glad i got this game

  374. Divalalake

    Non-stop laughter and groans… Simple fun for a gathering of the right (or wrong) people.

    I’ve been hearing so much about this game, and I love opportunities to do things together with a good group of people. So, I finally decided to buy this game. It was everything I hoped and more! The rules are fairly simple, and it didn’t take long for the group of us to understand the premise of the game and then to truly embrace it. The game doesn’t tell you when a person has, “won” so we decided after playing for over an hour that we should stop when someone reached 10 points. We had a small group this time, just four of us. And because it was our first time, we didn’t use any of the recommended variations to the game. And I don’t currently have any of the many expansion packs. The rules are simple, find the best (or worst possible) words to fill in the blank for a phrase, or to answer a question. The power to decide who provided the best answer is in the hands of one person and it rotates each turn. There are lots of possible answers, and a decent amount of “questions” which is where I think all of the expansion decks must come in handy. The cards are the same stock as a good set of playing cards. So, that makes shuffling them fairly easy to do. In all, it was definitely worth the money and I can’t wait to play again. We even had a laugh over the inspection tag that was located in the box. It’s NOT your standard tag. I’m already planning a get together so I can get friends together to play. I paid full price for this game, and did not receive any discount. These are my unbiased opinions.

    60 people found this helpful

  375. Liz R.

    25% Obscene

    The millennials I played with thought it was hilarious. I’m a boomer and I thought it was a fun game, but a bit cringey. Has a few too many sexually obscene cards IMHO.The photo shows the cards we played last night with the obscene ones stacked to the right (roughly 25%). I suppose, if someone wanted to play with others as delicate as myself, they could pull some of them out of the deck first. Or just play Apples to Apples.

  376. saxytechman

    Great game, but, for the right ages.

    Like Apples to Apples, only 10x worse/funnier/holy crap it’s awesome. This game is what makes innocent souls see the “dark” side, and gives the already-dirty minds something even more to laugh about (even if it’s almost sinful to laugh at). Cards Against Humanity ranges from just putting in a card because you gotta get rid of it to one that fits the bill so perfectly everyone will cry from laughter.I don’t really know what else to say about this game. It’s fun, horrible, crazy, kinda disgusting and much more all wrapped into one. If you love Apples to Apples, you’ll really love this game (unless you wanna keep your innocence and clean mind). I’d also recommend playing this game with at least 5 or 6 other people. I played with almost 15 people a couple days ago, and you get so much more variety in answers (obviously) and way more laughs. I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 17 or mayyybe 16 playing this game, mostly because (1) they won’t understand half of what the answer cards say and (2) they don’t need to fill their minds with what this game has at such an early age.

  377. johnnyo

    Who Pooped Last?

    Who Pooped Last? That’s how this hilarious game starts out. You have to start each game with a discussion about the last time everyone took a dump, and the one who pooped most recently goes first. It goes thankfully-downhill from there. This is a rude, crude, can’t believe you actually said that out loud game, which is basically an ADULT version of the much-heralded Apples to Apples game. You have black cards and white cards. The black cards are questions, and the white cards are possible answers that you offer to match.No one likes to keep score, so here’s how we play it. When someone wins a round, they get to keep the black card in front of them. That way, every player knows their own score. We also found that using the box cover is a great way to capture all the submitted answers each round. The reader then pulls the cards out of the cover and shuffles ’em up. (You do have to improvise a bit when a 2- or 3-part answer is required).We’ve had several long rounds of laughter playing this game. People often start laughing just to themselves after reading the latest card they drew. You WILL hear someone say, “I just drew a card that was perfect for that last question!”There is a small drawback, though – but there’s a solution. The drawback is that you go through a LOT of cards, and part of the fun is the novelty of the answers. There are several expansion sets, but even better would be to have everyone create a few new cards each time you play. The cards against humanity website offers a really L-O-N-G box ($15) to hold all the cards you can create. You can also print out the free sets that are out there (so what if the cards aren’t all the same size!). Just mark one end of the box as DRAW HERE so you cycle through them all.Get ready to laugh, with adults, of course.

    One person found this helpful

  378. Kevin Nguyen

    Great game

    This game is great for game night and will tell you a little more about your friends based on what their replies are.

  379. Ryan

    A fantastic game hindered by a few junk cards.

    I absolutely adore Cards Against Humanity, and since my initial review, I’ve played it about two dozen or more times. It never gets old and is utterly superior (and vastly naughtier) to Apples To Apples, that other “fill in the blank” type party game.You get ten white cards (nouns, and officially, it’s ten cards, but you can house rule whatever you like), and one person, the Card Czar, starts by drawing a black card (usually a fill-in-the-blank, or a statement, or a question) and reads it aloud. Normally everyone submits one white card. Then the Czar reads the results, filling in the blanks or whatever with the white cards’ answers. The winner gets an “Awesome Point” (we keep track of this by giving the black card to the victor) and becomes the Czar for the next round as everyone (including the Czar) but the original Czar draws a new card.Sometimes you’ll be asked to submit 2-3 cards instead, but there aren’t many of these types. We tend to submit the first card to be read on the bottom of a facedown stack, down to the last one to be read. In those cases you’ll just draw back up to ten again. We pretty much play to 5-10 Awesome Points depending on the crowd size.There are included house rule suggestions, like an invisible player who submits the top of the white card’s draw pile as a card, or voting as an entire group instead of a Czar, so on. It’s also suggested that you can expend an Awesome Point to turn in an extra answer to double your chances of winning (you’ll get your original point and the new one back if you win with either card).The only real downside to the game is there’s about 70 white cards (examples: Genghis Khan, Skeletor, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS, etc), that are just simply either not funny depending on your group, historical events/figures, or geek/pop culture references. These cards you will have players asking other players what they are (there’s a house rule to take advantage and make fun of their ignorance, as well), so we instigated a “Discard and Redraw” House Rule).After a few games the cards that constantly got discarded were just removed from the main deck as I got expansions (which have the same problems). All the cards we use fit in the main box, but the cards we don’t care for are in expansion boxes. Now that all the blank cards are used up, we use the “Junk Cards” to use marker to scratch off their stuff and insert new homemade cards into the original set. It works great!The default box is also beginning to fall apart. The company has suggested they may make a “Super Box” for everything at some point, I have heard, but for now the box works fine and you can also use store bought card boxes for the game just as well.The only other downside is this is definitely not a game for “prissy” people because it is very crass at times. I’d say there’s roughly 1 mindblowingly “WTF?!” crass card to every 20 or so regular or semi-crass cards.

    2 people found this helpful

  380. Paul Gomez

    This game is just f***ing great!

    Ever wondered what a grown-up version of Apples to Apples would look like? Well, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect response to that desire.If you’ve never played Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, let me fill you in on how CAH works. There are Black Cards and there are White Cards. At the start of each round, one chosen player (The Judge) will select a Black Card from the stack. On these cards will be a phrase or question that needs to be answered/completed. This is where white cards come in. Players have 10 White Cards, which they use to complete the Black Card’s question(s)/blank(s). After each player (besides The Judge) has chosen the best White Card in their hand to go with the Black Card, all players turn their White Cards in to The Judge. From here, The Judge reviews the White Cards and decides his/her favorite pairing of the White and Black Cards. The player who played the Judge’s chosen White Card gets a point (if that matters to your group) and the gameplay starts all over.Let me give you an example with word-for-word examples of what you’ll find on the Black and White cards.1. The Judge plays a Black Card that says: “Life for the Native Americans was forever changed after the white man introduced them to ____________.”2. All players (exc. the Judge) choose a White Card.3. After everyone has chosen their White Card, the Judge reviews the responses: “Smallpox Blankets”, “Drinking Alone”, “A Can of Whoop-Ass”, and “Take-Backsies”(Before you read these and think I’m an awful person, these are actual White Cards that I have seen played on the aforementioned Black Card)4. The Judge chooses “Drinking Alone” and the player who picked this White Card wins the round.This game is great fun, but keep in mind that there are some edgy/racy/raunchy/explicit/graphic/vulgar White and Black cards. In fact, that’s the point.If you don’t have the right sense of humor to laugh at a card combination like “Lifetime presents: __Pretending to Care__, the story of __Not Giving a S*** about the Third World__”, then this is not a game that I would recommend for you.This is not a children’s game, and this is not a game to play with Grandma (unless Grandma has a really effed up and awesome sense of humor). But if you and your friends enjoy laughing at the darker side of life, art, and pop culture… This is the perfect game for your next party.

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