Bicycle – Theory 11 – Star Wars Asst Playing Cards

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  • THE BACK DESIGN | Across the Blue Back Design, Catch Countless Details from the Top of R2-D2 to the Rebel Alliance Symbol.
  • LIGHT SIDE DARK SIDE | You will receive a Light Side Deck in Blue and a Dark Side Deck in Red.
  • Color pick randomly


In stock

You will receive a deck of Star Wars Playing Cards random color, The Light Side or the Dark Side. Both Decks have the same Set of 12 Court Cards, with Iconic Light Side and Dark Side Characters. Each Card Features Detailed Depictions of the These Iconic Characters. On the Light Side: Rey, Leia Organa, Han Sol, Luke Skywalker and more.

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  1. Mariah


    After referring to their website, all the Series11 Star Wars playing card decks are the SAME SET of 12 court cards, with light side and dark side characters.The red deck, blue deck, black deck and silver deck have the same cards. The only thing different is the color theme.

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  2. sam weigel



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    sam weigel

  3. MichelleMichelle

    Excelentes cartas, me encanto el producto

    Están muy padres, las recomiendo.


  4. arturo rodriguez


    La textura está excelente, solo que me hubiera gustado más que hubiera tenido puro villano en ensayas cartas (son del lado oscuro).

    arturo rodriguez

  5. Chefo

    Quality and look

    Another fantastic, cool, amazing cards deck for my collection. It’s nice, cleverly designed and a really high quality product.


  6. Alfonso Rios

    Nada fuera de lo ordinario

    Compre la versión en blanco y la versión en negro esperando diferencias notables pero lo único que cambia es la parte de atrás de las cartas. Los diseños están padres pero tampoco se quebraron mucho la cabeza. La calidad está bien pero nada fuera de la ordinario. Siento que no valen lo que cuestan.

    Alfonso Rios

  7. alicia

    Buena calidad

    Buen producto, estaría mejor si los mazos tuvieran diversidad de personajes segun tipo de mazo. Realmente son los mismos personajes en cualquiera que compres solo cambia el color de atras


  8. WashingtonMama

    Awesome Details!

    These are beautiful cards! I even enjoyed the details on the box! The aces in every suit have special designs with great detail. A great gift!

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  9. redbeard

    Same cards as light side edition.

    Excellent, high quality cards but the exact same face cards as the light side edition.


  10. D

    Perfect gift’s

    Great for any Star Wars fan


  11. Daryl R Eckert Jr.

    The Force is With These Cards

    The cards themselves are the same. Different colored backsides, but the face cards and aces are all the same. The boxes that these come in are where the real joy of this purchase comes into play. Perfect for any star wars fan.

    Daryl R Eckert Jr.

  12. Mr. B

    Beautiful theme and quality.

    I bought these because of Star Wars and I have a desire to collect decks of cards for some reason even though I don’t really play cards enough to even warrant owning one deck. These cards a a great quality feel wise, print wise, and themed. I bought a couple of the SW variants and will be pasting this review for them all. The cards are I believe designed to be slick for use in a traditional casino on speed cloth material and are probably great for poker games but are actually difficult for solitaire due to them wanting to slide off each other if you have staggered stacks. The card quality and theme for the price are fantastic.

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    Mr. B

  13. Diego Villate

    Cartas de lujo

    Son de buen material, el diseño y acabado son de primera.

    Diego Villate

  14. Erick Delgadillo

    De muy buena calidad

    Muy bonitos diseños y de gran calidad, puede ser un gran regalo para un fan de Star Wars que ya lo tiene todo

    Erick Delgadillo

  15. jorge agudelo

    Excellent cards

    Great cards

    jorge agudelo

  16. Amazon Customer

    Must buy or gift

    Cool set of cards, has a full variety of the cast from og to sequels, well done. Will buy again

    Amazon Customer

  17. Michelle Aranda

    Awesome cards

    They look even more amazing in person, totally loved it!

    Michelle Aranda

  18. Ecem

    One of the best gift for my friend

    my friend loves starwars and I bought it for him. He loves it and I’m living in Italy and it came much more earlier than I expected. Definetly best gift for my friend


  19. Luis Cueva

    Calidad Premium

    Tienen un diseño muy bonito y son de un buen material.

    Luis Cueva

  20. R. Zielke

    Great cards

    Love them!

    R. Zielke

  21. Diego

    Me encantaron, muy buen regalo

    Compré un mazo de cada color para regalarlos a mi hermano que es fanático de Star Wars, el nivel de detalle en las cartas es muy bueno y el material de las cartas es de excelente calidad. Esperaba poder tener ilustraciones de más personajes, además de que hubiera más diferencias entre los mazos del lado oscuro rojo y negro o del lado luminoso blanco y azul, pero entre ellos no hay más diferencia que el color del dorso de las cartas. De todas formas los recomiendo totalmente.


  22. Robert

    Great gift, super cool.

    I bought a few of these they’re fun. Great for gifts. Qualityis excellent.


  23. Melanie

    Ideal para regalo

    Las cartas son como cartas normales, tienes todas sus partes, su cajita esta cerrada.con un plastico. Para niñ@s y adolescent seria ideal


  24. S. Howell

    Excellent product

    Excellent product

    S. Howell

  25. Nicholas

    Great product

    Great product


  26. Amazon Customer

    Perfectas para los trucos!

    Ideales para los trucos, cumplieron las expectativas.

    Amazon Customer

  27. Sadie Pendaz-Foster

    Nice cards.

    Very nice for the price.

    One person found this helpful

    Sadie Pendaz-Foster

  28. Chua Tiong Kheng

    Limited Edition Poker Playing Cards

    I like the Cards.

    Chua Tiong Kheng


    Great Artistic Creations! The Force Awakens!!!

    All of the face cards were uniquely and eloquently designed to portray many of the popular characters of the Star Wars Characters. The Aces were Artfully Designed As Well. Jokers Included! I got different colored decks for all occassions and will make wonderful gifts for the fans on my circle of family and friends! The Force Will Always Remain!


  30. José H.


    Si eres fan de Star wars, te va a encantar este producto, muy resistentes y muy detallado, hasta la caja…reina padme amidala

    José H.

  31. Liz Cabral

    Me encantó

    Las cartas y caja están divinas

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    Liz Cabral

  32. Lauren L

    Perfect gift for my boyfriend

    Bought these for my boyfriend as part of his birthday gifts and he loved them! When we first started dating we played cards together all the time, so I wanted to give him a thoughtful gift. He’s still on the fence about whether he will actually use them to play or frame them, he loves them so much. The art work on the cards and even the box is very beautiful and the cards are high quality. Would buy again.

    Lauren L

  33. craig klamento


    Really good quality cards.

    craig klamento

  34. Minsin


    Love the variety of colors. The playing cards are very well made. Design is great. Good gift for a Star Wars fan.


  35. Eric Rex Wolf

    Great cards, very smooth.

    I’ve purchased several high quality decks from different manufacturers and these are MY favorite. Very happy with my purchase.

    Eric Rex Wolf

  36. Nicolas HernandezNicolas Hernandez

    Love them

    I gave them to my brother for his birthday, he likes doing magic tricks and star wars.

    Nicolas HernandezNicolas Hernandez

  37. angela

    Great Details

    Love the details and colors of the cards great for someone who loves Star Wars


  38. John DePaola/Family Matter’s Counseling Center, In


    Honestly these are cool, but both decks (light and dark side) are identical! No need for two sets.

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    John DePaola/Family Matter’s Counseling Center, In

  39. Lyricc

    Great cards



  40. toniwells41


    Great gift for my son who loves Star Wars!



    Christmas gift

    Purchased the cards to go with star wars themed cribbage board. It was a hit! The face cards are all the characters! My friend loved it!


  42. pablito andrade

    Excelente producto

    Muy bonitas un diseño único y espectaculares para jugar.

    pablito andrade

  43. Raimundo

    nice product

    really nice cards kind of little in size but they are ok


  44. Eric and Sonya Camren

    Nice gift for my adult son.

    Nice, unique gift for my adult son, who loves Star Wars collectables.

    Eric and Sonya Camren

  45. Jayna

    Great Gift

    The art work is great and the whole thing is in amazing condition.

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  46. MaryAnne Fernandez

    Very good quality

    Stocking stuffer for my Star Wars fan son in law

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    MaryAnne Fernandez

  47. Lynethe Vargas


    Me encantó, vino exactamente como deseaba.

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    Lynethe Vargas

  48. JoanneJoanne

    The Dark Side is due to the dark packaging, not the characters contained within.

    The cards themselves seem pretty well made, not too flimsy or easy to tear.However, considering that only 4 out of the 12 characters within the pack have ever been on the Dark Side at some point in the Star Wars universe, I find it strange that each pack sold is marketed as *Light Side* or *Dark Side* on here.Each pack also seemingly contains the exact same cards (the same characters) in each pack with the only difference being the different coloured backing and the packaging they all originally come in. Numbers 2 through to 10 could belong to any other card pack and are nothing special or even Star Wars related beyond the backs of them sharing the same design that the box that they came in did.The picture I attached features only the ones that are explicitly Star Wars themed. I left the 10’s in so you could see the design that the 2’s through to 9’s also share without having to lay them out also. I don’t personally see the point in buying any other packs since they all contain the same characters anyway.


  49. Kirk

    Very Cool Cards

    These are awesome for Star Wars fans! Good quality and great artwork. The lettering and suit symbols are tough to read for older users sometimes.


  50. Kgamer


    Exactly like in the pics

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    Excelente artículo

    Muy bonitos diseños



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