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Bicycle – Theory 11 – Ms The Avengers Playing Cards

70 Reviews Write a review
  • UNIQUE PLAYING CARDS – Bicycle Playing Cards with a touch of luxury. Utilizing holographic and gold foils on the packaging, a beautiful card back, and specially designed court cards
  • FUN, PREMIUM DESIGN – This deck of Bicycle Playing Cards is a showstopper that will standout in your collection. Suitable for any card game or as a decorative piece in your home when not being used
  • TRUSTED SINCE 1885 – Bicycle Playing Cards have been the trusted brand for an exceptional playing card experience for over 135 years!


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GTIN: 850016557193

Bicycle – Theory 11 – Ms The Avengers Playing Cards

AVENGERS: Infinity Saga Playing Cards feature completely custom artwork in every aspect of the design, with the Aces, Jokers, box design, and court cards inspired directly by fan-favorite characters quintessential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Weight 0.098 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.75 × 9.22 cm

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Customers reviews

70 Reviews Write a review
  1. Kissfan


    These are awesome. Love the bright colors.

  2. Joy

    Best Gift Ever!

    If you know anyone who is a Marvel and game fan, this is the perfect gift!! They look amazing, I’m going to buy one for myself!

  3. Adrianna


    I love the details and texture of these cards. Have a lot of characters and a unique style. I love all the character cards (my favorites are Clint/Hawkeye , Wanda, Spider-Man, black panther and Natasha) If you like cards and are a marvel fan these are a must!

  4. Donna Wiles

    The Avengers cards rock!

    My grandson is a huge Marvel fan so these were the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!

  5. Renee

    Decent cards

    Bought these for our teenage son. He loves them. Wish the cards were black to match the box and that the number side of the cards was a little more fancy but overall good cards.

  6. Mac MerkMac Merk

    Mind blowing

    I expected them to look nice, but the way the feel makes them even better. These are perfect. I’m ordering a second deck.

  7. Kyle Hurley

    Excellent cards

    Love those cards. Gorgeously made.

  8. Tordenvaer RavenshieldTordenvaer Ravenshield

    Eye-catching and flashy

    Very handsome looking deck, would make a great gift for Marvel fans. Impressive artistry.Royalty cards as follows:CLUBS= Winter Soldier Star (Ace), Thor (King), Black Widow (Queen), Star-Lord (Jack).SPADES= Dr. Strange Symbols (Ace), Captain America (King), Shiri (?) (Queen), Hawkeye / Ronin (Jack).DIAMONDS= *a symbol I don’t recognize (Ace), Black Panther (King), Scarlett Witch (Queen), Gladiator Hulk (Jack).HEARTS= Thanos’ balanced blade (Ace), Iron Man (King), Captain Marvel (Queen), Spider-Man (Jack).

    12 people found this helpful

  9. Nicolas Landazuri

    Cool cards.

    Its a nice gift for a Marvel fan if they are into collectible items

  10. Bruna T.Bruna T.

    Love it!

    It’s beautiful and very detailedI would buy again

  11. W. Palmer

    Great Purchase!

    Super cute, great durability! Bought for a friend who loves both marvel and card games, she loves these! Highly recommend.

  12. Mary Rose Shadrick

    High Quality Playing Cards

    My stepson loved receiving these for Christmas. Super high quality cards. They’ll hold up well.

  13. Kayleigh Raciak

    Elite playing cards

    This deck of cards is a real head turner. Excellent texture, very durable, and overall *chef’s kiss*

  14. Monica Monica

    Impeccable details! Great gift for Marvel fans!

    Embossed and the details are amazing, nice quality, the faces are all avengers but I’m here for Loki, great collectible for Marvel fans

    One person found this helpful

  15. Damon

    Theory11 makes some beautiful card decks

    The cards are not cheaply made and look amazing. Sitting around and playing cards might be a bit out of fashion but you should always have a deck around just in case and these are beautiful. The only thing to think about with another brand would be campers looking for waterproof cards, these are not that.

  16. Pat Shay

    Great cards

    Love the theory 11 playing cards only wish the margins were smaller. Great art work, great playability

  17. Mercy RobertsMercy Roberts


    Guys! This is so beautiful and the cards are amazing! Perfect marvel gift! Also the Hawkeye one is super cool cause there is a little Ant-Man on the arrow. Definitely recommend. No damage and came on time

  18. Happy quilter

    Great gift

    Fun for card players that also love the Avengers

  19. Mary

    Great set

    Great set of cards

  20. Luis e navarrete Jr

    love the design

    Very good product

  21. Curtis Webster

    Decent quality

    These are awesome. Decent card quality. Like most cards I feel that if you use them a lot they get a bit worn down. But this is really great for a card collection or whatever. I would recommend them to any marvel lover.

  22. Consumer

    Bought as a Gift

    I bought these as a gift for someone I know is an Avengers fan. They say they are nice sturdy cards and they like them very much.

  23. India Murphy

    Absolutely Marvelous!

    I bought these as a gift for myself and I absolutely love them. The little details and easter eggs in the images are well worth the (very reasonable) price. I won’t post any pictures in the comments because I’d like to keep some of the surprises intact, but it was just delightful to look at the cards with an artistic eye. I was thinking about buying another set so I had one for practical use and another to display. 5 well-deserved stars!

    One person found this helpful

  24. Court

    So cool! Love the details

    These are so so cool. Cards can be a little hard to read during a fast paced card game… but that doesn’t matter to me. These are a great collectible!! Love the so much. The details on each character is INCREDIBLE!

  25. John Roze


    The sticker the box comes with makes the box design rub off but other than that amazing

  26. Michelle


    Great graphics perfect for the marvel fans

  27. Jose Mendez


    it’s nice

  28. Sam Manning

    Beautiful Art

    You can tell these are amazing quality with the most beautiful designs on the cards. A gift any marvel fan will love!!

  29. brightMerry


    These cards do not disappoint! They are definitely made of a high-end material. Each card has a smooth linen finish.The images on the cards are intricate and beautiful. I will be purchasing more of these as gifts.

    7 people found this helpful

  30. Ulvi

    Best play cards

    Best player cards

  31. Jose Manuel Soto

    Calidad PRO

    Muy buena calidad de material, súper PRO

  32. Diego

    Me encantaron

    Son excelentes, el diseño de las cartas y la caja de verdad me encantaron. Compre un mazo de cartas para mi y un par más para regalar, totalmente recomendable.

  33. Jordan olsen

    A Marvel Fans Delight

    Huge fan of Marvel and I don’t collect playing cards, but these are beyond dope. Such a nice talking piece to add to your display shelf. Especially how each suit, and face card has a reference to Marvel in it

  34. Tiolucas

    Para coleccion

    Me llego sin problemas la caja es igual que la foto pero no lo abrí porque son para colección así que nose como serán las carta.

  35. craig klamento


    Too nice for poker night

  36. Warren J.

    Very Cool!

    These are almost too nice to play with.

  37. Theophilus

    Great cards

    High quality cards. There are lots of little details in the pictures to enjoy. Friends who do card tricks have told me that this is the absolute best brand for card tricks, too.

    One person found this helpful

  38. laisamarilis rosado

    Great gift for Marvel fans.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Definitely giftable. Super cute for a marvel fan.

  39. Eileen Wenger

    Great Avenger fan gift

    Perfect for Gift bags and Advent Calendars.

  40. Anthony D Payne

    Awesome deck!

    Nice crisp cards. Beautiful design. Shuffle and deal great.

  41. Izzy

    Amazing aesthetic

    Can’t say enough good things about these cards. They look and feel amazing. The quality of the cards is astounding. They have an amazing aesthetic. Love them!

  42. Abby Woolard

    Cards were awesome!!

    the cards were in perfect condition and looked really awesome!! my favorite has to be the loki card but all the cards were awesome!!

    One person found this helpful

  43. Hashem Nassereddine

    My favorite deck of cards

    I absolutely love these cards. I am a huge Marvel fan and have had a few superhero-themed playing card decks in the past but they have always been flawed. This deck is perfect, the colors are amazing and the attention to detail is so cool. Plus, they are super easy to read and feel incredibly durable. This is now my go-to deck whenever anyone wants to play cards. The price is super cheap for the quality that you are getting, I definitely recommend these.

  44. Yackey, Kathleen


    This product was representative of the steam punk style and added to a larger gift beautifully.

  45. Gale Grindstaff

    Beautiful cards

    I bought some for myself and gave some as gifts. Perfect!!!

  46. William H Devers III

    More of a keepsake than a playable deck

    Fantastic quality. Superb artwork. Numbers are thin and small…harder to read in low light.

  47. Lili

    Great picture quality

    Great set of cards.Great picture quality , beautifully done. Great gift for a Marvel fan !!!

  48. dana weed

    Cool fun thing to own if your a big Marvel fan

    No complaints, fun to play with and cool thing to collect if you like Marvel stuff

  49. Dylan WileDylan Wile

    A must-have for Marvel fans

    This deck of cards is one of my favorites, almost to the point where I hesitate to use them in order to keep them in good condition. They’re standard cards, nothing crazy with size or feel (a good thing, in my book)–but the most impressive attriubute is the level of detail and design. Face cards, aces, and jokers are outfitted with custom artwork depicting Marvel heroes in stylish portraits and deep-cut references. Some are even asynchronous, like my personal favorite of Hawkeye/Ronin. You can tell that these were made by people who love Marvel movies.If there’s anything to complain about, as others have mentioned, the number and letter font is difficult to read. In most games, this won’t affect anything, but I would recommend other cards if your games consist of fast-paced, read-and-slap-as-fast-as-possible competitions. Otherwise, this small detail isn’t enough to detract from an overall package that is well-crafted, shiny, and full of details.

    19 people found this helpful

  50. becky mitchell

    Great gift

    My husband loved it. He’s a big marvel fan. Now he has a card deck that’s not to childish he can play with the guys. It’s very adultish for marvel cards.

  51. Alex N.Alex N.

    Better quality than I thought!

    These cards aren’t just cheap prints, they feel really nice in the hand. They were printed well, look super clean and awesome, and just glide into each other. I’m really impressed!

  52. FL Sunshine

    Great find!

    I put these in my college daughters stocking!! She loved them!! Her and her roommate play cards!

  53. pablito andrade


    Son unas cartas muy bonitas y diferentes.

  54. tepperson3

    Fantastic Flourish deck

    Theory 11 delivers again. Great design. Looks great for flourishes.

  55. Erin Seay


    The artwork on these cards is gorgeous! It was a free eat gift and I love the characters on the face cards

  56. Nonny

    Good cards

    These were part of my grandsons 16th birthday gift. They feel just slightly thicker than the cards I own. That is not a bad thing. Because they are so slick and slippery he was able to do some fancy shuffling. That was a plus. Very nice looking, and easy to read

    One person found this helpful

  57. Julie

    So happy!

    A must have for avenger fans! You’ll be blown away by how quickly it arrives too! Great seller!

    8 people found this helpful

  58. Fernanda Coronado

    Great quality

    Beautiful and fun, not a lot of “faces” though

  59. Adam McAbee

    godd design

    good for marvel fans and good overall

  60. Kyle

    My friend liked their gift so I gib 5 starz you’re welcome

    friend approved

  61. Cisco G


    Great deck of cards! Bought them as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved them so much she didn’t want to use them. So I bought another deck. One for use and another to collect

  62. Nathan Kinto

    Great for Nerds & Poker Players Alike

    Really cool design, it almost feels like a credit card texture.

  63. Janelle

    Good find

    An impulse buy for my husband; he really likes them. We don’t play cards a lot but this is a cool set to have on hand. He loves all things marvel so he was happy with the quality of these. Even the box is pretty, metallic and embossed. I’d recommend them.

  64. Renaa

    The best deck of cards

    These are beautiful and high quality.My only issue is that I don’t want to play with them cause I’m afraid they’ll get damaged and I want them to stay as they are.

    7 people found this helpful

  65. beekeepers5

    Cute and worth it

    Not damaged, very cute for what it’s worth.

  66. Catherine C

    Wonderful product!

    These cards are absolutely stunning! I love them!

  67. John Windsor

    Great cards

    Great high quality playing cards

  68. Scott

    Great Deck of Cards

    I truly believe Theory11 makes the best playing cards out there. Your friends will ask where you got them from.

  69. Mr anthony j christensen

    Gorgeous pack of cars, almost dont want to play with them.

    Gorgeous pack of cars, almost dont want to play with them.

  70. adam

    Great for a Marvel and card collector!

    My son collects cards and loves Marvel-so he went crazy for these!

    2 people found this helpful

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