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132 Pieces LED Magic Tracks

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Kids know that Magic Tracks are the amazingly cool racetrack that glows in the dark. Now not only does it glow in the dark, but it can also light up all by itself!

This 132 Pieces LED Magic Tracks set features the same curvy and flexible track that everyone loves, but now with built-in LED light for an even more incredible light show as you play!. Change the design of your track into any pattern using the serpentine technology. Watch your track bend, flex, and grow as you continue to build and add more pieces. Then watch the race car zip around while it shines its own bright LED lights, 5 in total!. Turn off the lights and watch it all light-up like magic.

This 132-piece Magic Tracks Set great for everyone aged 3 and up! Each set includes 1 LED light-up car, 1 LED power base, 48 LED track pieces, and 80 glowing classic track pieces.

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132 Pieces LED Magic Tracks
132 Pieces LED Magic Tracks $29.99 $25.49
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Amazing Tracks That Bend, Flex & Glow!

The Magic Is Serpentine Technology!

Introducing Magic Tracks the amazing racetrack that can bend, flex and glow! You can change the design of your track into any pattern, the magic is serpentine technology! Just snap any track pieces together and in seconds you’ve got a customized speedway! The neon tracks glow in the dark! Each race car has 5 built-in LED lights that glow as they speed around the track. Turn off the lights and Wow! …It Glows Like Magic!

  • Bend It!
  • Flex It!
  • Take It to the Max!

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